Friday, March 9, 2007


Announce New Album "We Know You Know" out April 10th on Alien 8 * Visit the States for SXSW, Winter Music Conference, and more!

"This Montreal quartet—Bernie Bankrupt (synths), Fruity Frankie (vocals), Jackie the Jackhammer (drums), Véronique Mystique (bass)—invades dance-floor jeans-creaming pelvis punch and tricks it out in more lesbian-friendly references and allusions than in an entire season of Facts of Life." - Baltimore City Paper

"An impressive maelstrom of dark, distorted techno, glitchy pop, and electropunk that subverts and perverts a slew of dyke classics." - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Using samples galore, keyboards, and a mix of electronic beats and live drums, they plunder the lyrical obsessions of a hundred dykes reimagining the Michigan Women's Music Festival as a blend of hard techno, electro punk, and pop. Best of all they make you want to dance, even to their Cuisinart cutup of k.d. lang's toxic "Constant Craving" (the dyke "I Will Always Love You") turning it into an anti-consumerist rant that you can dance on the grave of." - The Portland Mercury

"Sexy, with a better climax than phone sex." - The Austin Chronicle

"A mixture of hardcore breakbeat and house party music inspired from lesbian artists like kd lang and the Indigo Girls. " -

Following two years of touring and general party-starting Lesbians on Ecstasy’s much-anticipated sophomore release is set to drop in early spring 2007. They’re back and surfing the giant third wave of wimmin’s lib, but amongst the optimistic slogans and hopes for a liberated future, corporate interests and inequality reign, turning feminist dreams to stone and casting dark clouds over the Land. Lesbian Dystopia… L.O.E. have retaliated with a collection of songs that hearken back to activist hope – seems like wishful thinking in this day and age.

We Know You Know touches on similar themes to the band’s debut but delves deeper into some of the clichés and tropes of iconic lesbian music. This time around they blend much more melodic elements and hooks that might remind the listener of campfire sing-a-longs at some mythical womyn’s event in the 70’s, with several tracks featuring a chorus backing. However at the same time they have also managed to maintain the heavy beat aspect of their debut. The result is a danceable album that is at moments uplifting and at other moments very dark, but all with the sense of humor and fun that makes Lesbians On Ecstasy unique.

The sophomore effort shows growth in all areas and is most notable on gems like “Sisters (in the struggle)” where the Lezzies utilize a choir to deliver a wonderful chorus, backed with very tight percussion and an array of sampled sounds. “Sedition” opens up with a quote from Burzum’s Varg Vikerness “Why should I regret seeing the light?” Here vocalist Fruity Frankie bounces back from clean melodic vocals and darker whispered vocals, urging the listener to “Play me backwards… play me backwards”.

Lesbians On Ecstasy are a sound force that bridges the gap between electro/techno with punk rock and occasional flirtations with the clamor and thud of industrial music. The band’s varied musical influences are mirrored by the diverse crowds packing their live shows, a melting pot of disco queens, party goers, indie rockers and even punks and metal heads if you happen to catch them in Hamburg. The band’s live set-up consists of sample-based sounds traditionally heard on dance floors everywhere, but in L.O.E.'s case the sounds are performed live with electronic drum pads, live bass, synthesizers and a bevy of effects and pedals.

For this upcoming year, the Lezzies plan to keep the love going. They’ve toured California in February, are coming to England in March, and then will perform a rock opera at the International Contemporary Art Biennale in Montreal in May 2007. The band will also be appearing at this year's SXSW Festival in Austin, and Winter Music Conference in Miami.

Also available from the Lesbians on Ecstasy is their self-titled debut as well as their remix album which includes contributions by Le Tigre, Scream Club, 1-Speed Bike, Kids on TV and Tracy and the Plastics.

"We Know You Know" Tracklisting:
1. Sisters in the Struggle
2. Sedition
3. The Cold Touch of Leather
4. Victoria's Secret
5. We Won't Give it Back
6. Party Time ( a womyn's luv)
7. Is this the way? * (CD Only)
8. Alone in Madness
9. It's Practically Freedom
10. Mortified

Lesbians on Ecstasy Live!
March 17 @ Exodus SXSW Showcase Austin, Texas w/ Junior Senior, Les Prototypes and Andrew WK
March 18 GayBiGayGay in Hazy's backyard, yo Austin, TX
March 31 Dirty Red Ball The Bloomsbury Ballroom London, England
April 5 at Studio B New York City, NY w/ Telepathe and No Bra
April 6 at Sonar Baltimore, MD w/ Professor Murder
* Montreal Album Launch Friday April 13 w/ guests The Ballet from New York
DJs - Kandis C and Leila P and Jordan Dare Montreal, QC Club Lambi
April 19 Quebec City, QC w/ Kickers at Rouje
April 20 at the Black Sheep Inn Wakefield, ON w/ Linday Fergusen
April 21 at Barrymores Ottawa, ON part of Scène Québec w/ Plaster, Ghislen Poirier and Stephen Beaupre

April 26 venue TBA Toronto, ON
May 11 Montreal Biennale Contemporary Art Festival w/ Les Georges Leningrad and more @ SAT

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