Tuesday, February 6, 2007

CLOUDS Release "Legendary Demo" * Tour the UK w/ Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum!

*** CLOUDS ***

Release "Legendary Demo" Today * Tour the UK w/ STEPHEN BRODSKY'S OCTAVE MUSEUM!


"Imagine the sleaziest juke joint in America, the kind where prostitutes gamble on live cock fights. Fill it with smoke from all sorts of illicit substances, a couple big burly dudes riding their Harleys across the bar, then dump about two inches of the cheapest beer you could all over the floor. Clouds is about that rock." - Aversion.com

"These dudes can seriously shred." - Absolutepunk.net

They say you can take the kid out of the rock, but you can’t take the rock out
of the kid…or some shit like that. This is especially difficult when “the kid” in
question is Cave In’s Adam McGrath, fearless leader and vocalist/guitarist of
Clouds, an outfit that delivers unbridled action-rock harking back to the
mid/late-’90s Man’s Ruin garage onslaught—which, in turn, owes its
collective hearing loss to the likes of the Wipers, the Bad Brains, the Stooges,
and the MC5. So you can see what kind of lineage we’re talking about here.
But wait—that’s not all these Boston gents have to offer: From nasty psych
and Southern power grooves to (believe it or not) “Party Grunge” and
sax’d-out dub, Legendary Demo has it all. Unlike anything else in Hydra
Head’s vast back catalogue, this is truly a revelation.

Clouds defines band incest like no other! Their ranks feature current and/or
former members of Cave In, Kid Kilowatt, 27, Miltown, Suicide File, Hope
Conspiracy, The A-Team, Righteous Jams (for two shows), Panic, Green
Island (ska band), Permanent Damage, Piebald’s touring band, Zozobra’s
upcoming touring band, and even a former Cast Iron Hike roadie! How’s that
for a “selling point”?

Though they wear their influences on their sleeves proudly, Clouds stand
apart from their progenitors because the melting pot sounds unique. They
lock and stock their way through a full length’s worth of manic tracks that
meld (seriously, folks) ZZ Top, the Stooges, Karp, Sun Ra, and the Bad
Brains. Backed by in-the-pocket rhythm chops and fronted by dual vocals,
Legendary demo amalgamates tight riffs with moodier passages.

They’re hitting the UK in February with Stephen Brodsky, and if we pray
hard enough will follow up with a US tour this spring.


Feb 18 2007 Peel Kingston
Feb 19 2007 Fenton Leeds
Feb 20 2007 King Tuts Glasgow, Scotland
Feb 21 2007 Head Of Steam Newcstle
Feb 22 2007 Joiners Southhampton
Feb 23 2007 Barfly Cardiff, Wales
Feb 24 2007 Monsta London, London

Tracklist for "Legendary Demo"
1. New Amnesia
2. Pressure
3. Live It For Now
4. Party Grunge
5. Mountain Jim
6. Guardian's Eyes
7. Magic Hater
8. Quartulli Dub

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