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Volcom's BIRDS OF AVALON and TOTIMOSHI Extend US Tours!

Volcom Recording Artists BIRDS OF AVALON and TOTIMOSHI Announce extended US Tourdates! Details Below:

Announce New Album "Bazaar, Bazaar" out May 22nd * US Tour w/ Fucking Champs, Red Fang, and more!

“Led by a pair of guitarists who seem, by sheer force, to be powering their amplifiers rather than the other way around, Birds of Avalon make thunderous, precise rock with enough proggy smarts to keep you on your toes.” Steve Haruch for the Nashville Scene

"North Carolina's Birds of Avalon mine from decades-past ghosts. Psyche, arena, glam—it's all in there. But Birds of Avalon expertly traverse all this information, picking up what they like and adding it to a sound that's simultaneously familiar and new." The Portland Mercury

After a 7-year stint in a prison van with the double drum, frenetic rock n’ roll assault known as The Cherry Valence, guitarists Cheetie Kumar and Paul Siler, felt a growing desire to move on. In a final whirlwind year that saw The Cherry Valence touring Europe multiple times, the couple, Kumar and Siler, got married and made the difficult decision to divorce their band.

Returning home hitched and band-less, they began late night clandestine meetings with neighbor and local crooner Craig Tilley (The Weather), where they hatched a plan to form Birds of Avalon and laid the foundation for what was to become the first batch of Birds Of Avalon songs. Still needing to round out their line up they snared their favorite area drummer Scott Nurkin (Dynamite Brothers) and soon added multi-instrumentalist and fanatical 4 tracker, David Mueller on bass.

With the release of their debut full length, Bazaar, Bazaar, Birds Of Avalon have developed a unique psychedelic meets progressive sound that yields feelings that transcend the conventions of both. Skillfully channeling elements of a time in Rock since past, while maintaining their place in the lineage of North Carolinian independent rock heritage. Easily traversing an area between raw blues rock and atmospheric pysch-pop. Birds Of Avalon “can tear it up in a three-minute barn-burner or lure you into an extended psychedelic journey, wandering schizophrenically like a Brian May guitar solo,” so says Jens Lekman of Cincinnati City Beat.

Bazaar, Bazaar is set for release on May 22nd on Volcom Entertainment and was recorded and produced by Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Let’s Active, Wilco), Greg Elkins and Brian Quast.

Watch Birds of Avalon shred HERE


Birds Of Avalon headlining dates:
4/21/2007 @ Blackout Fest - Athens, OH
4/22/2007 @ Nite Owl - Dayton, OH
4/23/2007 @ Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL
4/24/2007 @ First Avenue / 7th St. Entry - Minneapolis, MN
4/26/2007 @ The Loft - Missoula, MT
4/27/2007 @ Sunset Tavern - Seattle, WA
4/28/2007 @ Towne Lounge - Portland, OR
4/29/2007 @ The Alibi - Arcata, CA
4/30/2007 @ 12 Galaxies - San Francisco, CA
5/01/2007 @ Spaceland - Los Angeles, CA
5/02/2007 @ Casbah - San Diego, CA
5/03/2007 @ Plush - Tucson, AZ
5/04/2007 @ Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge - Flagstaff, AZ
5/07/2007 @ Emo's - Austin, TX
5/08/2007 @ Rudyards - Houston, TX
5/09/2007 @ One Eyed Jacks - New Orleans, LA
5/10/2007 @ Jubilee Lounge - Oxford, MS
5/11/2007 @ The Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN
5/23/2007 @ Caledonia Lounge - Athens, GA

Birds Of Avalon w/The Fucking Champs, Red Fang:
5/24/2007 @ The EARL - East Atlanta, GA
5/25/2007 @ Bottletree Cafe - Birmingham, AL
5/26/2007 @ Hi Tone - Memphis, TN
5/27/2007 @ The Duck Room - St. Louis, MO
5/28/2007 @ The Picador - Iowa City, IA
5/29/2007 @ Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL
5/30/2007 @ Magic Stick - Detroit, MI
5/31/2007 @ Sneaky Dee's - Toronto, ON
6/01/2007 @ La Sala Rosa - Montreal, QC
6/02/2007 @ Wallingford American Legion Hall - Wallingford, CT
6/03/2007 @ Great Scotts - Allston, MA
6/04/2007 @ The Mercury Lounge - New York, NY
6/05/2007 @ Studio B - Brooklyn, NY
6/06/2007 @ Ottobar - Baltimore, MD
6/07/2007 @ Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA
6/08/2007 @ Satellite Ballroom - Charlottesville, VA

"Bazaar, Bazaar" Tracklist:
1. Bicentennial Baby
2. Horse Called Dust
3. Instant Coma
4. Set You Free
5. Wanderlust
6. Taking Trains
7. Superpower
8. Where's My Jetpack
9. Turn Gold
10. Think
11. Lost Pages From the Robot Repair Manual

For more information, visit:

Announce U.S. Tourdates w/ RTX!

"Totimoshi’s fourth CD has the syncopated looseness of early Sabbath and the howl-and-hammer rumble of late-Eighties grunge… the rugged, garagey production (courtesy of Helmet’s Page Hamilton) lends a genuine authenticity to the Oakland-based trio’s retro-sounding sludge. Though more civilized than High on Fire and less dramatic than Neurosis, Totimoshi prove capable of delivering equally devastating music.” REVOLVER MAGAZINE

“Totimoshi, however much they can and likely will appear to stoner rockers and even indie folks, are simply a great metal band..” – DECIBEL MAGAZINE

“Run bongwater-soaked '70s hard rock through Melvins and Sleep, sprinkle touches of blues and pop on top, and you have Totimoshi. This Oakland, CA trio does the stoner Sabbath thing as well as any band, but stands out with tones ranging from acoustic to twangy to fuzztones at 11. The group has a fearsome live reputation, and the nicely natural production (by Helmet's Page Hamilton) hints at that.” – STYLUSMAGAZINE.COM

Just off a West Coast tour w/ rock legends HELMET, Oakland, CA’s sludge-grunge-alt-hell-rock trio TOTIMOSHI are back w/ the follow-up to 2003’s “Monoli” and 2005’s re-issue of Mysterioso? to bring we mortals one of the heaviest and doom-ridden masterpieces the world of heavy rock has seen in way too long (no wonder bands like Helmet, Mastodon, Fu-Manchu, Kylesa, High on Fire, and the Melvins have tapped the band to tour and perform alongside on more than one occasion).

Bringing to mind some of history’s heaviest hitters (see Blue Cheer, Tool, Nirvana, Oxbow, Helmet), “Ladron’s” sludge-heavy guitar riffs, hugely-powerful bass-lines, and pummeling drums take their listener on a pseudo-psychedelic journey through space and time, and leave them wallowing in the depths of hell.

A Brief History:
Totimoshi was formed by singer/guitarist Tony Aguilar and bassist Meg Castellanos in Nov. 97'. After a slew of drummers-some lasting longer than others, Chris Irizarry joined the band in late '06. Totimoshi have recorded with acclaimed producers Billy Anderson, Alex Newport, and most recently Page Hamilton who worked on the upcoming "Ladrón". Past releases have included 1999's self titled, Mysterioso? (Crucial Blast 2002, enhanced re-issue 2005) and Monolí (This Dark Reign 2003).

Touring constantly across the US, they've gained a strong loyal following due to their innovative approach to heavy music. Highlights have included being handpicked by the Melvins, Mastodon, Fu Manchu, and Helmet to open for their respective tours, and headlining the Emissions and Stoner Hands of Doom Fests. A live performance in Dallas, TX for Budweiser's True Music can be seen on HD TV and now their myspace site. All 3 releases have seen high praise and their music has reached the airwaves in Europe, Australia, Brazil, Cuba, and the US. Totimoshi continues to carve out it's own path with it's explosive performances, dark emotive lyrics and hypnotic sound... truly a force and new direction for music made by musicians who follow no trend but thier own.

Band Members:
Tony Aguilar - singer/songwriter/guitarist
Meg Castellanos - bassist
Chris Irizarry – drums

Tracklist for Ladron:
1. Ladron
2. In Virgo
3. The Dance Of Snakes
4. God Of Earth
5. Viva Zapata
6. A Weighted Line
7. To The Fire
8. The Hide
9. These Meanings
10. The Drunken Sun Forever Watching
11. The Shame

Totimoshi w/RTX (features Jennifer Herrema ex-Royal Trux)
5/01/2007 @ Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO
5/02/2007 @ Duffy's Tavern - Lincoln, NE
5/03/2007 @ Record Bar - Kansas City, MO
5/04/2007 @ Jackpot Saloon - Lawrence, KS
5/05/2007 @ First Avenue / 7th St. Entry - Minneapolis, MN
5/07/2007 @ Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL
5/08/2007 @ Uncle Pleasant's - Louisville, KY
5/09/2007 @ Mac's Bar - Lansing, MI
5/10/2007 @ Small's - Hamtramck, MI
5/11/2007 @ Ravari Room - Columbus, OH
5/12/2007 @ 31st Street Pub - Pittsburgh, PA
5/13/2007 @ 123 Pleasant - Morgantown, WV
5/18/2007 @ O'Brian's Pub - Allston, MA
5/19/2007 @ Luna Lounge - Brooklyn, NY
5/20/2007 @ Ottobar - Baltimore, MD

For more information, visit:

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Blue Cheer / An Albatross / Stephen Brodsky in NYC

Saturday, April 7th, 2007 8pm
@ REBEL in NYC (251 West 30th St., btwn 7th & 8th Avenues)

Rocks Off, Solid PR, Revolver Magazine, Wonder Booking, and Steaz Energy Drink Presents:

Division East Presents: SHAPE and TAME ONE

Division East Records Presents:
New Albums from Hip-Hop elite TAME ONE and Undisputed Rookie of the Year, SHAPE! * Read, Listen, and Prepare to Sh*t Pants

"Raised Near The Powerlines"
(June 5th 2007)

Introducing one of the most exciting and groundbreaking emcees and producers in the latest wave of constantly forward thinking hip-hop community, SHAPE.

Raised in West Orange and currently residing in the Journal Square section of Jersey City, New Jersey's SHAPE (who recently turned 24 on Valentine's Day) began writing and rhyming in High School at the age of 15, shortly afterwards purchasing his first MPC 2000, and began waiting tables to put together his own studio at the age of 16.

SHAPE's mind-bogglingly talented, at times goose-bump-inducing, debut album "Raised Near the Power Lines," is a completely self-produced album and speaks worlds of this young artists potential to transfix his listener and transform many aspects of the current state of hip-hop. Recalling and inspired by the likes of Nas, Rakim, Public Enemy, Rick Rubin, The Bomb Squad, The Dust Brothers, George Martin and RZA, track by undeniably ridiculous track, "Raised Near the Powerlines" plays like an "everyone else can eat a d*ck" schooling on what great hip-hop and producing could sound like, not so much in it's attitude but rather in the skill level on display.

Album opener, "Introduction to Powerlines" is one of the handful of beautiful instrumentals which loops and leads into the slow jam "Darkside of the Sillohuete," greatly and instantly displaying SHAPE's writing and rhyming abilities. The song also features a sick sample of Val Kilmer in "Masked and Anonymous" who asks and explains the question "why is man here?" - pretty amazing. Track 3's "Every Step Forward (Two Steps Back)" is an apocolyptic dedication to Jam Master Jay, "Stereo Gun Unplugged" is the jumpoff first single from the record (video coming soon), a hilarious and ripping track which ends w/ some classic Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes. "Rock Like This," featuring Atbash Cipher, is what happens when whatever's on tv creeps into your dream and shakes you awake, and is another crazy display of Shape's rhyming abilities (also hugely single worthy). "Empeecee2k" is ill, Track 11's Early Mourning (interlude)'s sample is trivia worthy, Track 12 features fellow Ax-Thrower Tame One, a dizzying onslaught of some of the best rhyming over a laid back three minute beat and leads into jumpoff number two Wu-Tang-style Gary Oldman and features Jersey's talented underground up and coming MCs of the scene including Bullymouth, C-Minus, GDP, Atbash Cipher, and DefDom. Take a sneak peek at NJ's underground, these MCs can constantly be seen rockin various small clubs around Jersey and Brooklyn (most recently, especially Shape, w/ the likes of Pumpkinhead, C-Rayz Walz, Juggaknots, Mr. Len, and more). GDP's Del-tha-funky-Homosapian inspired mind fuckery takeover on OMG (I'm Going Crazy) drops "oh shits" on faces, Super Heroes feat. Bill Hicks is a serious / not-too-serious look at today's on-going world issues and Fox News, which flips out in the end like Shape got lost in this shit, a major stand-out / hidden gem on the record. Track 17, The 7th Hour, is evil, depressing, and heavy, its instrumental couterpart is spaced the fuck out, frightening, and meditative, and prepares us for the album's closing track "Heart Beats" where SHAPE provides a grooving sound of a heart beating (you can hear it) using live drums and sax, growing faster to catch up w/ Shape's flow about life, love, loss, death, and blessings.


Mar 30 2007 Hidden Cities New Brunswick, New Jersey w/ GDP, Fun, beer, basements, rowdiness
Apr 4 2007 Galapagos Art Space (.com) Brooklyn, NY w/ GDP, Prolifik, headliner tba

"The Grudge - Fuck The Industry" Mixtape

(Produced by Shape and Tame One, out now through Fatbeats, digitally available June 5th)

"Tame One displays pure lyrical skill" -

After the untimely demise of the legendary New Jersey rap group The Artifacts (1992.-1997), 1980’s graffiti icon turned hip hop legend has again risen from the ashes like the fabled phoenix .

After his contract with Atlantic Records subdivision BigBeatRecords was up, Tame One reappeared a few years later for a short stint on Eastern Conference Records- the then home of supergroup The High n Mighty aka DJ Mighty Mi and Mr. Eon, The Weathermen's founder Cage Kennylz, YakBallz, and super producer Camu Tao (circa 1999-2006) After appearing on numerous Eastern Conference Records projects (i.e.- "EASTERN CONFERENCE RECORDS ALL STARS" volumes 2, 3, 4 and 5, The Weathermen's album "THE CONSPIRACY", Cage's "WEATHERPROOF" EP (The first debut of our collaboration as "LEAK BROS.") Camu Tao and Cage's collaborative concept album "NIGHTHAWKS", YakBallz's Definitive Jux debut "MY CLAIM" , Cannibal Ox’s Vast Aire and DJ Mighty Mi's "BEST DAMNED RAP SHOW" album. High & Mighty’s "THE 12TH MAN" as well as two solo albums(the critically acclaimed "WHEN RAPPERS ATTACK" and the purposely underground effort "O.G. BOBBY JOHNSON") both featuring the stellar production of Boom Skwad's DJ Porno and Camu Tao, J-Zone, DJ Mighty Mi and RJD2.

As the terms of Tame One's E.C. RECS contract came to a close, Cage Kennylz defected and changed labels, moving on to Definitive Jux, but before leaving, collaborated together under the alias Leak Brothers and dropped the underground cult classic album "WATERWORLD."

After a brief hiatus, Tame One returned joining forces with NJ Hip Hop band The Dusted Don’s (emcees C-Chan and Govone along with DJ Mel-Ski) to form an entirely different entity now known as Slow Suicide Stimulus. The SSS full length dropped within a month of Tame One’s highly praised, intentionally progressive solo LP “SPAZMATIC” on Ahead Recordings. (Produced solely by Xing n’ Fox) But before any of this had even occurred, the "pre-signed" Tame One created his own musical group, formed from childhood friends and co-collaborators THE BOOM SKWAD (established in 1992.) Among the deep, deep ranks of the multi-talented hip-hop veterans, the inner-circle consisting of DJ Rhino CMZ, (Hidden Descent) DJ Porno, MCs Jay Burnz Jaya, Kool Melo Max165, SA'D (Parliament/Funkadelic), New Jersey graffiti legend Jero NRG, and the former art director of Source Magazine Merge 1, have banded together out of the collective to continue the evolution of representing every aspect of the hip-hop culture "in-house" and independently (beginning with the limited edition 12' release ("BOOM SKWAD'S ON ATTACK" produced by GRUFFRYNO CMZ). Tame One is revered for his extensive catalogue and multiplicity of labels and artists he works and has worked with. Bringing us to his latest release “The Grudge” available now on Division East Records. ( The saga shall and does continue.

About Divison East Records:

Division East began as a skater owned and operated, grassroots skateboard shop in February of 2000. David Dowd single handedly ran Division East Skateshop day in and day out from 11am-8pm, Monday through Sunday offering a variety of skateboards, accessories, sneakers, clothing, apparell, videos, and an in-store half pipe. Companies ranged from big sellers (DC Shoes, Nike, Clarks, Puma, Etnies, Vans, and others) to lesser-known, “underground” companies (5 Boro, LeRoy Jenkins, LRG, 10 Deep, etc).

Dowd ventured into Division East t-shirts, hoodies, bags, pants, stickers, and skateboards in the years to come (designed by graffiti artists Bigfoot, Stay High 151, Tame One, Rime, Chip 7, Kemos, Navy 8, Detox “The Ghetto,”and others), as well as releasing 2 skate shop videos “Daggers” and the New Jersey cult classic “The Final Countdown” which featured east coast legends Andy Bautista, German Nieves, Joe Tookmanian, Kevin Hayden and many more. Division East’s 3rd, highly anticipated skate shop movie is currently in the works by’s own Justin White. Dave Dowd relocated Division East in early-2005 to a much larger, better situated location on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, NJ, where it is still revered as the only skateboarder owned and operated shop in New Jersey.

As a life long fan and enthusiast of hip hop and hip hop culture, Dowd began selling spray paint, markers, black books, graffiti magazines, books, toys, movies, and caps out of the store. He collaborated with writers such as Cope 2, Rime, Tame One, Detox the Ghetto, Stay High 187, Chip7, and Kemos on various Division East products, as well as showcasing and sponsoring graffiti-related art shows.

With the help and advice of some close friends, Dave Dowd began getting his feet wet in the hip hop music circuit. He released a Division East hooded sweat shirt and t-shirt designed by Tame One, and followed shortly after with the “Division East Summer Mixtape” hosted by Tame One, which featured unreleased music from Tame One, Scienz of Life, GDP, Shape, G. Wallace, Cymarshall Law, and many more. Division East began sponsoring and promoting various hip shows predominantly throughout the North East and even down the East Coast with acts ranging from Tame One, Pace Won (Outsidaz), Juggaknots, C-Rayz Walz, Killah Priest, OC, and many more. Division East Records was officially established with the addition of GDP, Shape, G. Wallace, and Bullymouth to the roster. The Division East Winter Mixtape, mixed and hosted by the legendary Mr. Len of Company Flow fame which included music from El-P, Count Bass D, Tame One, Pace Won, GDP, G. Wallace, Shape, Pumpkinhead, Bullymouth, and more. Division East in affiliation with Mr. Len’s own Smacks Records released Bullymouth’s long-awaited “Back to School” LP in late 2006 and is extremely excited to be releasing Tame One’s “The Grudge” street album, Shape’s full length “Raised Near the Power Lines” and GDP’s “Involvement” EP this spring and summer 2007. Division East has become so many things to so many different people that it is no longer just a store, a clothing company, a record label, a show promoter, or a skateboard company; it is a movement. A refreshingly genuine movement, composed of friends helping friends, that is gaining momentum by the day, with a recently launched online store, monthly hip hop showcases throughout the Tri-State Area, and plans for the future that you will have to see to believe. And you will.

For more information, visit: (Tame One) (Shape)

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DAUGHTERS Kickoff US Tour w/ The Locust and Cattle Decapitation!

Kickoff US Tour w/ The Locust and Cattle Decapitation TONIGHT!

Providence masters of discomfort, DAUGHTERS, will be kicking off their US Tour w/ metal-grind-madness contemporaries The Locust and Cattle Decapitation TONIGHT, obliterating faces nation-wide in support of their debut full-length "Hell Songs" out August 8th 2006 on Hydra Head!

"Galaxies heavier than its predecessor" - CMJ

"The band manages to express musically in a short timespan what many bands of this genre don't in their entire career." - Lambgoat

"Daughters split the difference between Hella and the Locust into tiny little pieces before eating the pieces, barfing them up and then eating them again." -

"Led by monstrous drums, metal vocals, and a general vibe of unrelenting chaos, the quintet of Alexis Marshall (vocals), Brent Frattini (guitar), Jon Syverson (drums), Nicholas Andrew Sadler (guitar), and Samuel Moorehouse Walker (bass), unleash the fury on their latest album, Hell Songs." -

"The quintet plays less grind and more plodding doom-core (read: an amphetamine-charged Arab on Radar). They still sound like Daughters, but even more chaotic." - Decibel Magazine

Providence, RI’s DAUGHTERS, are back w/ the follow-up to their “Canada Songs” album Robotic Empire, 2003) entitled “Hell Songs,”, an entirely new approach to music in general. After their last US tour w/ epic instrumental-rock masters, Red Sparowes and Pelican and giving new meaning to the word brutal, DAUGHTERS have expanded their minds and abilities, introducing unholy and outrageous new elements to their sound, leaving behind whatever could be considered typical within their genre, and fitting in perfectly to the monstrous Hydra Head roster. At times sounding like label-mates Oxbow or cult-legends Arab-on-Radar (on steroids), “Hell Songs” hits like a Mac Truck, pummeling its listener in a way that is, to-date, unmatched.

"What the fuck you guys? The vocals: What happened to them?”
- A fan posting on Daughters’ MySpace page

After staking out a reasonably comfortable bus-stop bench near the same wretched intersection where Lightning Bolt, the Locust, Oxbow and the Dillinger Escape Plan work their filthy corners, Providence, Rhode Island’s Daughters slowly unzipped and whipped out 2003’s Canada Songs (Robotic Empire). The art-school kids shit themselves; Some Girls, Melt Banana and Doomriders went on tour with them, and the dudes over at Three One G asked them to cover a Birthday Party song (”Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)”) for a tribute compilation (Release the Bats). Last but not least, the pimps at Hydra Head came calling for sloppy seconds. They brought a bottle of Cristal, a pile of limited-edition colored vinyl and some Astroglide; pants were charmed down to at least knee-level, and nine months later, a misshapen fetus called Hell Songs was delivered by Andrew Schneider (Scissorfight, Blue Man Group, Cave In, Keelhaul).

Within seconds, it began sucking greedily at the teat of mass dissemination. It was an ugly little bastard, with an encephalitic head, and it looked suspiciously like the mailman. It shit its pants a lot, just like those goddamn art school kids, and it would not fucking shut up. So, like the socially responsible parents they are, Daughters sent it out into the world to become a twitchy, axe murderer/chronic masturbator type with a veritable laundry list of physical and mental deficiencies. Nobody hires fidgety miscreants like this anymore (not even Catholic schools), so Hell Songs returned to that wretched intersection, looking vaguely familiar to the locals, only sweatier and more viciously deranged.

Sometimes that bus stop becomes too much to withstand; sometimes he/she drinks too much and puts the lotion in the basket. Sometimes he/she forgets to take his/her medication. But that’s okay; there are some things modern medicine will never cure. He/she is looking at you right now, as a matter of fact, and he/she thinks youíre kind of cute.

DAUGHTERS US Tour w/ The Locust and Cattle Decapitation!
Mar 23 2007 Epicentre San Diego, California
Mar 24 2007 Chain Reaction Anaheim, California
Mar 26 2007 the Boardwalk Orangevale, California
Mar 27 2007 Jerry's Pizza Bakersfield, California
Mar 28 2007 Knitting Factory Hollywood, California
Mar 29 2007 Slim's San Francisco, California
Mar 30 2007 Gilman Street Berkeley, California
Mar 31 2007 Hawthorne Theatre Portland, Oregon
Apr 1 2007 Neumo's Seattle, Washington
Apr 2 2007 the Venue Boise, Idaho
Apr 3 2007 Club Sound Salt Lake City, Utah
Apr 4 2007 the Marquis Theatre Denver, Colorado
Apr 5 2007 The Rock Omaha, Nebraska
Apr 6 2007 Triple Rock Social Minneapolis, Minnesota
Apr 7 2007 Logan Square Auditorium Chicago, Illinois
Apr 8 2007 Magic Stick Detroit, Michigan
Apr 9 2007 Grog Shop Cleveland, Ohio
Apr 10 2007 Club Stratus Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Apr 12 2007 Roxy Underground Boston, Massachusetts
Apr 13 2007 Rebel NYC New York City, New York
Apr 14 2007 Europa Brooklyn, New York
Apr 15 2007 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 16 2007 the Black Cat washington dc, Washington DC
Apr 18 2007 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, South Carolina
Apr 19 2007 the Masquerade (downstairs) Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 20 2007 the State Theatre St. Petersburg, Florida
Apr 21 2007 Respectable Street West Palm, Florida
Apr 22 2007 the Social Orlando, Florida
Apr 24 2007 the High Ground Metairie, Louisiana
Apr 25 2007 the White Rabbit San Antonio, Texas
Apr 26 2007 Emos Austin, Texas
Apr 27 2007 House of Rock and Roll El Paso, Texas
Apr 28 2007 The Sets Tempe, Arizona
Apr 30 2007 the Black Sheep Colorado Springs, Colorado
May 1 2007 the Waiting Room Omaha, Nebraska
May 2 2007 Otto's in Dekalb Dekalb, Illinois
May 3 2007 Frankies Toledo, Ohio
May 5 2007 the Championship Lemoyne, Ohio
May 6 2007 SMOG Bard University Annondale on Hudson, New York

For more information on DAUGHTERS, visit these fine websites:

JESU Announces 2nd (Secret) Chicago Show TONIGHT!

JESU Announces 2nd Chicago Show TOMORROW NIGHT * Break Into Billboard's 'Heatseeker' Charts * Own America, One City At A Time

"With droning guitars and jagged lyrics and melodies, Jesu's music is aggressive without being overbearing, metallic and heavy without being metal. The songs sigh and swell in movements, some changes occurring in a slip of a note and others growling to a halt or a breathtaking crescendo. It's chaotic but, at its core, cathartic." - Billboard Magazine

"Jesu, led by Justin Broadrick of the British industrial-metal pioneers Godflesh, soars on clouds of rumbling guitar noise that inevitably turn turbulent." - NY Times

"Conqueror casts 16-bpm doom through a psychedelic-pop lens, resulting in some of the most tuneful, heart wrenching, and - dare we say it - beautiful music of Broadrick's career." - Revolver Magazine

“4.5 out of 5- The First Essential Album of 2007” - Alternative Press

"Dripping heavy, cascading walls of sound, U.K. shoegazing trio Jesu -- helmed by Justin Broadrick, with Diarmuid Dalton and Ted Parsons in tow -- churn out static-edged mini-epics." -

"As has come to be expected from Jesu, Conqueror obliterates everything in its path." -

Upon the release of 'Conqueror', and for the first time ever, JESU has arrived in the US, touring the span of the country w/ the monsterous ISIS!

After missing the first two and a half weeks due to visa and passport issues, Justin Broadrick and JESU arrived in the US on March 14th, decending on New York City's Irving Plaza, to annhilate and mesmorize it's first American crowd ever, w/ the help of friends ISIS. Following their stellar debut performance (*note - 3 musicians playing new material together for the first time ever, on some random equipment bought in NYC @ Guitar Center), the band put sleep aside and boarded a plane to Austin's annual SXSW Marathon, where, w/ the help of labelmates Pelican, Big Business, Daughters, Oxbow, Steve Brodsky, and Hydra Head Records, JESU brought their glorious majesty to fans from all corners of the globe.

Now, after finishing their first week on the road, the band is headed for the capital of the mid-west, better known as Chicago, as part of their US tour w/ ISIS on Thursday March 22nd @ The Metro...

BUT WAIT! More Breaking News!

It has just been announced that JESU WILL BE PERFORMING A SECOND SHOW IN CHICAGO on FRIDAY MARCH 23rd @ The Subterranean (show starts @ 9pm) w/ These Arms Are Snakes, Zozobra, and MGR!

it's true! see the flier below:

More on Conqueror:
Justin K. Broadrick triumphantly returns with his second Jesu full-length (the follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed Silver EP), Conqueror. Out February 20th, courtesy of Hydra Head, and packed with eight gorgeously hypnotic tracks in just over an hour, Conqueror exhales a dreamlike mist of weighty celestial ambience, underwater phantasms and slow-rolling nebulae, fomenting the kind of kaleidoscopic rapture—brimming with lush electronics, dulcet guitar textures, massive riffs, and lavish atmospheric hues—that makes us swear we’re on drugs.

^ big ups ^

Also, CLICK HERE and read BILLBOARD MAGAZINE's interview w/ Justin Broadrick after Jesu debuts as #24 on Billboard's 'Heatseeker' Charts!

JESU Tour w/ ISIS:
3/22- Metro Chicago IL *
JUST ADDED ==> 3/23 - Subterranen Chicago, IL w/ THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES, ZOZOBRA, MGR
3/25- Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis MN *
3/26- The Picador Iowa City IA *
3/27- Granada Theatre Lawrence KS *
3/28- Marquis Theater Denver CO *
3/30- In The Venue Salt Lake City UT *
4/1- The Big Easy Boise ID *
4/2- The Big Easy Spokane WA *
4/3- Neumo’s Crystal Ball Reading Room Seattle WA *
4/4- Hawthorne Theatre Portland OR *
4/6- Bimbo’s 365 Club San Francisco CA *
4/7 - Downtown Brew San Luis Obispo, CA *
4/8- Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles CA *
* = w/ Zozobra

Come take part in something truly rare and exceptional.

for more inspiration, visit:

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OXBOW's Eugene Robinson Describes SXSW Riot

thanks to CMJ's Kory Grow, the full story is revealed, click the photo to read further:

photo courtesy of Steve Hopson

DRAWING VOICES Releases Self-Titled Debut

Release their Self-Titled, Debut Album TODAY on Double H Noise (a division of Hydra Head Industries)

The 20th Century painter Francis Bacon is continuously cited for his remark, "Painting is the projection on canvas of one's own nervous system.” The project Drawing Voices attempts to expose the nervous system through audio, video and meta-technologies. It was founded by Craig Dongoski in 1999. The underlying aim is to use technology to exploit the hidden sound of mark-making. Through the amplification of marks being made while drawing (or writing), experiments are set up to reveal the potential of these sounds to communicate. This CD includes sounds from various Drawing Voices sessions used in collaboration with musician/artist Aaron Turner.

Honestly, can a music concept get more interesting than Drawing Voices? We doubt it. But beyond its theoretical aims, the music contained is also awesome: as organic as it is electronic; mellow and minimal at times; with moments of obvious volumepush abrasiveness.

This self-titled release is an appropriate stepping stone for the Double H Noise family. And since it's a new year-and we at Hydra Head Industries enjoy congratulating ourselves-let's say that said imprint is already responsible for groundbreaking releases by SUNN 0))), Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Merzbow, Everlovely Lightning Heart, Phanthomsmasher and many more.

Of course, if that’s not enough to lure in the rabid fan base, the contributions of Aaron Turner to the disc’s sonic explorations ought to do the trick. His treated guitar textures might remind listeners of his guitarist-as-Magellan travels with House of Low Culture and The Lotus Eaters.

Accolades on Aaron Turner:
(on tour now w/ ISIS, click here for dates!)

“Aaron Turner remains not only one of metal's great thinking men, but one who speaks to the greater good of experimental music.” – CMJ

“Turner and Isis have slowly but surely carved a solid niche for themselves in the ecosystem of underground heaviness.” – Revolver Magazine

“Turner’s responsibilities in Isis are themselves hydra-headed—lyricist, vocalist, guitarist, visual artist—which makes his progression all the more compelling.” –
Decibel Magazine

Track Listing:
1. Being Born Broken (2:29)
2. Mask (8:37)
3. Scattered Shavings (7:43)
4. The Shrine of Wreckless Illumination (10:05)
5. Being Born Broken II (2:14)
6. A Choir Speaks (11:45)

For more information, visit:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Solid PR SXSW Schedule

It's that time of year again. Pack your shorts and sun-tan lotion cuz we're goin to Texas! Let the BBQ begin.

Below is the SXSW Schedule for Solid PR Artists, we hope to see you @ one or more of these wonderful events:

Wednesday March 14th
FUCKED UP @ Lamar Pedestrian Bridge

Thursday March 15th

@ Emo’s w/ Pelican, Jesu, Big Business, Daughters, Oxbow, Stephen Brodsky
@ Jackalope w/ Totimoshi, Birds of Avalon, and more (2 – 5pm)
@ Habana Café (12am Leafy Green Showcase)
@ The Scoot Inn (Noon)
@ Lamberts – Jade Tree Showcase (12am)
A Silent City Event @ 2nd and Lavaca w/ Texas Rollergirls! (5:30pm)

Friday March 16th
@ Redrum (Eyeball Records Showcase, 12am)
@ Vice Saves Texas (Across from Longbranch Inn, 2:45pm)
@ Trophy’s (6pm, Woopsy Magazine Party)
@ Vice Saves Texas
@ Exodus - Time Out NY Showcase w/ Peaches
@ Vice Saves Texas – 5:45pm Scion Outdoor Stage (Across from the Longbranch Inn 1133 E. 11th St)
@ The Trailer Space (2421 E. Cesar Chavez, 8pm)
@ Red 7 Volcom / No Idea Showcase w/ J Church, The Draft, and more(9pm)

Saturday March 17th
@ Lovejoy’s (4pm)
@ Sound on Sound (3pm)
@ Red 7 – Chunklet / Mess w/ Texas Party (3:15pm)
@ Exodus
@ Creekside Lounge (606 E 7th) 5pm – close w/ Daughters, Clockcleaner, Totimoshi, Birds of Avalon, Ad Astra Per Aspera, A Northern Chorus, Autonym, Poisson D’Avril, + 2 very special secret guest headliners!
@ FuckByFuckYou (Typewriter Museum 1306 E. 6th St. 3:15pm)

Sunday March 18th
@ GayBiGayGay (4604 kitty ave.) 3pm –night-time

Monday, March 12, 2007


Boston's balls-out, whisky-con-Jager-fueled heavy hitters, CLOUDS, announce their first ever U.S. Tour (taking along LA's politically charged, technical-spazz-punks, AUTONYM) in support of the band's debut full-length, "Legendary Demo," out February 6th on Hydra Head!

more information:

"Legendary Demo's songs could make any connoisseur of bong-rock put down their Kyuss and Alabama Thunderpussy CDs long enough to give a bona fide discerning listen." -

"These dudes can seriously shred." -

"This album is good - really good." -

Stream "Legendary Demo" HERE!

They say you can take the kid out of the rock, but you can’t take the rock out
of the kid…or some shit like that. This is especially difficult when “the kid” in
question is Cave In’s Adam McGrath, fearless leader and vocalist/guitarist of Clouds, an outfit that delivers unbridled action-rock harking back to the mid/late-’90s Man’s Ruin garage onslaught—which, in turn, owes its
collective hearing loss to the likes of the Wipers, the Bad Brains, the Stooges, and the MC5. So you can see what kind of lineage we’re talking about here.

But wait—that’s not all these Boston gents have to offer: From nasty psych and Southern power grooves to (believe it or not) “Party Grunge” and sax’d-out dub, Legendary Demo has it all. Unlike anything else in Hydra Head’s vast back catalogue, this is truly a revelation.

Clouds defines band incest like no other! Their ranks feature current and/orformer members of Cave In, Kid Kilowatt, 27, Miltown, Suicide File, Hope Conspiracy, The A-Team, Righteous Jams (for two shows), Panic, Green Island (ska band), Permanent Damage, Piebald’s touring band, Zozobra’s
upcoming touring band, and even a former Cast Iron Hike roadie!
How’s that
for a “selling point”?

Though they wear their influences on their sleeves proudly, Clouds stand apart from their progenitors because the melting pot sounds unique. They lock and stock their way through a full length’s worth of manic tracks that meld (seriously, folks) ZZ Top, the Stooges, Karp, Sun Ra, and the Bad Brains. Backed by in-the-pocket rhythm chops and fronted by dual vocals, Legendary Demo amalgamates tight riffs with moodier passages.

Just off a UK tour with Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum, Clouds are ready to take their pummeling live show to the streets of the US for the first time since their inception.

"Legendary Demo" Tracklist:

1. New Amnesia
2. Pressure
3. Live It For Now
4. Party Grunge
5. Mountain Jim
6. Guardian's Eyes
7. Magic Hater
8. Quartulli Dub

For more information, visit:


“If Autonym continues on in the direction of this album, their noisy hardcore may just lead them to the promise land.” –

“Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration? bombards the listener from start to finish with songs acting as short bursts of speed and intensity that evoke an urgency and sense of purpose welcome in the hardcore genre.” –

"Discordant assaults, lovingly put to tape by Pete Lyman of another searing L.A. squad, Year Future." -

AUTONYM are the LA by way of Philadelphia based discordant punk attack brought to you by some soon to be heroes in the scene.

Produced and engineered by Year Future bassist Pete Lyman (see also Neon Blonde and The Locust) at Infrasonic Sound (The Mars Volta, VSS) in Los Angeles, CA, “Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?” documents an underground hardcore-punk revival last heard to be this amazing by championed legends Swing Kids and Yaphet Kotto and more recently, citing influences by the likes of The #12 Looks Like You, Fear Before the March of Flames, The Red Chord, and more.

The band has also recently brought some controversy their way after vocalist Will Angelos (also self-proclaimed author releasing an internet-only novel later in 2007) posted some commentary on religion in the punk rock community (the entire article can be read on the band’s myspace blog: which, after a successful US tour with Secret Lives of The Freemasons and Across Five Aprils, brought fans and foes alike responding to the band’s stance on the issue (Angelos has also been defending his opinion to the likes of who’s fans have had their share of reaction, as did the manager of christian-core heroes, Underoath)

Vocalist Will Angelos comments on the band’s debut album:

“Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration? is the debut full length from Autonym. The band set out to create a sound that redefined both the hardcore and punk genres and create a concept album more far reaching and genuine than the many others that have flooded the music scene as of late. With the help of Producer/Engineer Pete Lyman (Neon Blonde, The Locust, Bassist of Year Future), Autonym created a new sound that pushes the boundaries of hardcore. With innovative guitar work, inventive time signatures ex. 23/7 on The Sinner and His Patient Wife, landmark drum work, and groundbreaking vocals and lyrical content, Autonym has put together a debut full length that is both original and sincere.

With a 200-page novel and video accompanying the entire album, (now w/ new distribution through Red-Eye Distribution) Autonym has found a way to return to the traditional values and earnest sound of early punk while creating music arranged intricately in both style and concept. The upcoming debut album and accompanying novel, along with constant touring, has caused a stir in independent music as Autonym makes its grand entrance asking Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?”

"Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?" Tracklisting:
1. The First Dinner
2. The Luminary
3. Boundless Accord
4. Battered Wife Syndrome
5. Home
6. Visitor
7. The Dalits
8. Says I
9. The Pliant
10. Evacuationg
11. The Sinner and His Patient Wife

For more information, visit:

Apr 11 2007 Mountain Bar Los Angeles, California
Apr 12 2007 Scolari's Office San Diego, California
Apr 13 2007 The Phix Phoenix, Arizona
Apr 15 2007 Emo's Austin, Texas
Apr 16 2007 the Vortex Beaumont, Texas
Apr 17 2007 Rubber Gloves Denton, Texas
Apr 18 2007 the Conservatory Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Apr 19 2007 Vino's Little Rock, Arkansas
Apr 21 2007 Rooster's Auburn, Alabama
Apr 22 2007 Greene Street Club Greensboro, North Carolina
Apr 23 2007 First Unitarian Church Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 24 2007 DC9 WASHINGTON, Washington DC
Apr 25 2007 Europa Night Club Brooklyn, New York
Apr 26 2007 the Baseball Tavern Boston, Massachusetts

Friday, March 9, 2007


Announce New Album "We Know You Know" out April 10th on Alien 8 * Visit the States for SXSW, Winter Music Conference, and more!

"This Montreal quartet—Bernie Bankrupt (synths), Fruity Frankie (vocals), Jackie the Jackhammer (drums), Véronique Mystique (bass)—invades dance-floor jeans-creaming pelvis punch and tricks it out in more lesbian-friendly references and allusions than in an entire season of Facts of Life." - Baltimore City Paper

"An impressive maelstrom of dark, distorted techno, glitchy pop, and electropunk that subverts and perverts a slew of dyke classics." - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Using samples galore, keyboards, and a mix of electronic beats and live drums, they plunder the lyrical obsessions of a hundred dykes reimagining the Michigan Women's Music Festival as a blend of hard techno, electro punk, and pop. Best of all they make you want to dance, even to their Cuisinart cutup of k.d. lang's toxic "Constant Craving" (the dyke "I Will Always Love You") turning it into an anti-consumerist rant that you can dance on the grave of." - The Portland Mercury

"Sexy, with a better climax than phone sex." - The Austin Chronicle

"A mixture of hardcore breakbeat and house party music inspired from lesbian artists like kd lang and the Indigo Girls. " -

Following two years of touring and general party-starting Lesbians on Ecstasy’s much-anticipated sophomore release is set to drop in early spring 2007. They’re back and surfing the giant third wave of wimmin’s lib, but amongst the optimistic slogans and hopes for a liberated future, corporate interests and inequality reign, turning feminist dreams to stone and casting dark clouds over the Land. Lesbian Dystopia… L.O.E. have retaliated with a collection of songs that hearken back to activist hope – seems like wishful thinking in this day and age.

We Know You Know touches on similar themes to the band’s debut but delves deeper into some of the clichés and tropes of iconic lesbian music. This time around they blend much more melodic elements and hooks that might remind the listener of campfire sing-a-longs at some mythical womyn’s event in the 70’s, with several tracks featuring a chorus backing. However at the same time they have also managed to maintain the heavy beat aspect of their debut. The result is a danceable album that is at moments uplifting and at other moments very dark, but all with the sense of humor and fun that makes Lesbians On Ecstasy unique.

The sophomore effort shows growth in all areas and is most notable on gems like “Sisters (in the struggle)” where the Lezzies utilize a choir to deliver a wonderful chorus, backed with very tight percussion and an array of sampled sounds. “Sedition” opens up with a quote from Burzum’s Varg Vikerness “Why should I regret seeing the light?” Here vocalist Fruity Frankie bounces back from clean melodic vocals and darker whispered vocals, urging the listener to “Play me backwards… play me backwards”.

Lesbians On Ecstasy are a sound force that bridges the gap between electro/techno with punk rock and occasional flirtations with the clamor and thud of industrial music. The band’s varied musical influences are mirrored by the diverse crowds packing their live shows, a melting pot of disco queens, party goers, indie rockers and even punks and metal heads if you happen to catch them in Hamburg. The band’s live set-up consists of sample-based sounds traditionally heard on dance floors everywhere, but in L.O.E.'s case the sounds are performed live with electronic drum pads, live bass, synthesizers and a bevy of effects and pedals.

For this upcoming year, the Lezzies plan to keep the love going. They’ve toured California in February, are coming to England in March, and then will perform a rock opera at the International Contemporary Art Biennale in Montreal in May 2007. The band will also be appearing at this year's SXSW Festival in Austin, and Winter Music Conference in Miami.

Also available from the Lesbians on Ecstasy is their self-titled debut as well as their remix album which includes contributions by Le Tigre, Scream Club, 1-Speed Bike, Kids on TV and Tracy and the Plastics.

"We Know You Know" Tracklisting:
1. Sisters in the Struggle
2. Sedition
3. The Cold Touch of Leather
4. Victoria's Secret
5. We Won't Give it Back
6. Party Time ( a womyn's luv)
7. Is this the way? * (CD Only)
8. Alone in Madness
9. It's Practically Freedom
10. Mortified

Lesbians on Ecstasy Live!
March 17 @ Exodus SXSW Showcase Austin, Texas w/ Junior Senior, Les Prototypes and Andrew WK
March 18 GayBiGayGay in Hazy's backyard, yo Austin, TX
March 31 Dirty Red Ball The Bloomsbury Ballroom London, England
April 5 at Studio B New York City, NY w/ Telepathe and No Bra
April 6 at Sonar Baltimore, MD w/ Professor Murder
* Montreal Album Launch Friday April 13 w/ guests The Ballet from New York
DJs - Kandis C and Leila P and Jordan Dare Montreal, QC Club Lambi
April 19 Quebec City, QC w/ Kickers at Rouje
April 20 at the Black Sheep Inn Wakefield, ON w/ Linday Fergusen
April 21 at Barrymores Ottawa, ON part of Scène Québec w/ Plaster, Ghislen Poirier and Stephen Beaupre

April 26 venue TBA Toronto, ON
May 11 Montreal Biennale Contemporary Art Festival w/ Les Georges Leningrad and more @ SAT

For more information, visit: