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108 Releases New Album on Deathwish TODAY!

Releases "A New Beat From A Dead Heart" TODAY on Deathwish!

If you look up the number 108 on Wikipedia, you'll learn the following: One hundred [and] eight is an abundant number and a semiperfect number. It is a tetranacci number. 108 is a number that is divisible by the value of its φ function, which is 36. 108 is also divisible by the total number of its divisors (12), hence it is a refactorable number. In normal space, the interior angles of an equilateral pentagon measure 108 degrees each.

In Dharmic traditions Hindu deities have 108 names. Recital of these names, often accompanied by counting of 108-beaded Mala, is considered sacred and often done during religious ceremonies. The recital is called namajapa. Siva Nataraja dances his cosmic dance in 108 poses. The number of sins in Tibetan Buddhism is 108. Chinese astrology and Tao philosophy holds that there are 108 sacred stars.

However, if reading carefully, one would notice that 108 is also a California based Hare Krishna, hardcore punk band.

108 makes no mistake about the significance of their namesake. Frontman and lyricist Robert Fish/Rasaraja Dasa was practicing straight edge, vegetariansim and Gaudiya Vaisnavism while skating to punk and hardcore shows in NYC at the age of 13. Guitarist and mighty axe-thrower Vic Dicara (also formerly of legendary hardcore bands Beyond w/ Tom Capone of Bold and Quicksand, and Inside Out fronted by Zach De La Rocha now of Rage Against The Machine) actively practices Hinduism, as does earth-shaking bassist Trivikrama dasa (Tim Cohen), and newest member to the band, Tom Hogan, practices the art of pounding the hell out of his drumkit to round out the true tour de force that is 108.

108 formed in 1992 as a result of the legendary local New York City punk and hardcore scene of the 80’s and early 90’s, and have themselves become legends in their own right. Thanks to a collection of groundbreaking releases, most notably 1995’s “Songs of Separation” (an album whose sheer brutality and technical song-writing and musicianship, especially for it’s time, laid the groundwork for some of the heaviest and most technical bands soon to follow). The album’s landmark song “Deathbed” is still touted by many as one of the greatest hardcore anthems of our time.

Now, after a not so brief hiatus (1996 – 2005), the band is back with their first studio album in over a decade (Equal Vision Records recently issued a 37 song discography of the band’s history to this point), and it sounds like they haven’t missed a beat. "A New Beat From A Dead Heart" was recorded and engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at Godcity Studios. With the opening bass line of "Declarations On A Grave", 108 transports listeners to a new aural plane with it's jarring grit and intensity. Standout track "Three Hundred Liars" is as musically infectious as they come, pulsing and writhing through it's many sonic twists and turns. And elsewhere on the album "Angel Strike Man" soars with a Bad Brains-esque white hot anger while "The Sad Truth" cuts deep with repetition and poignant poetic vocal styling. These, along with the other songs on the album, are all sonically unique and spiritually invigorating. Redefining "heavy" with their controlled chaos, drive to enlighten, and will to inspire through sound, all of these qualities make "A New Beat From A Dead Heart" the kind of rare artistic achievement that few bands could ever attain.

108 will be performing in a city near you as they prepare for a full tour of the United States, but not before they destroy our lucky friends in Europe first (see full tour schedule below).

Stream 108 Player HERE!

Tracklist for "A New Beat From A Dead Heart"
1. Declarations on a Grave
2. Guilt
3. Angel Strike Man
4. Three Hundred Liars
5. Resurrect to Destroy
6. Martyr Complex
7. The Sad Truth
8. My Redemption
9. Bibles + Guns = The American Dream?
10. (IL)logical End
11. We Walk Through Walls
12. Our Kind
13. Repeat

108 Live!

Jun 29 2007 Significant Fest @ 688 Clearwater, Florida
Jun 30 2007 Worcester Youth Center Worcester, Massachusetts
Jul 1 2007 538 Johnson Ave (Brooklyn, NY) Brooklyn, New York

Jul 3 2007 BeiChezHeinz Hanover
Jul 4 2007 Jubez Karlsruhe
Jul 5 2007 Wolfsburg, Germany @ Jugendhaus Ost Wolfsburg
Jul 6 2007 Leisnig, Germany Leisnig
Jul 7 2007 Muggefug Cottbus
Jul 8 2007 Matrix Bochum
Jul 9 2007 The Engine Room Brighton
Jul 10 2007 Music Box (Jilly's Rock World) Manchester
Jul 11 2007 The Electric Ballroom London
Jul 12 2007 Batofar Paris
Jul 13 2007 Winston Amsetrdam
Jul 14 2007 Dour Fest Dour
Jul 14 2007 Rock Herkfestival Herk-de-Stad
Jul 15 2007 La salle des fetes Imphy/Nevers
Jul 16 2007 Feierwerk, Sunny Red München
Jul 17 2007 Austria TBA Austria TBA
Jul 18 2007 Wein Arena Wein Arena
Jul 19 2007 Poland TBA Poland TBA
Jul 20 2007 Fluff Fest Plzen
Jul 21 2007 Italy TBA Italy TBA

Jul 28 2007 The Alpine (www.myspace.com/soundandfuryfestival) Ventura, California
w/ Blacklisted, Cold World, Iron Age, Mind Eraser, and more!

+ US Tour TBA soon!

For more information, visit:

Monday, June 25, 2007

Shows this week: 108 * Man Man * Ronen Kauffman and more!

This week we have three extremely rare, very exciting shows to highlight, including a visit from one of hardcore music's most influential bands, the reunion of two of the area's most important punk rock bands of the 90's, and a massive show from a local favorite. Once again, if you're living in NYC, this is your lucky week.


Saturday, June 30th - Ronen Kauffman Book Release (featuring the reunion of the Degenerics and Rock,star - w/ Gaslight Anthem) @ the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ
On July 10th, Ronen Kauffman will release his debut book, "New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye - Bands, Dirty Basements, and the Search for Self" via Hopeless Records. To celebrate this groundbreaking achievement, Kauffman will be hosting a party (selling and signing his new book) featuring performances from two of New Jersey's (and the East Coast's) most loved punk bands, THE DEGENERICS and ROCK,STAR (featuring members of Worthless United / The Ratchets / River City Rebels / Stormshadow). The two legends in their own right will be joined by another of Jersey's most recent up and comers, GASLIGHT ANTHEM (you can catch them on the road later this summer w/ Against Me!).

Sunday, July 1 - Man Man @ McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn (2pm - FREE!)
That's right! Philly's most loved band of beautiful humans are bringing their show to the masses for an amazing free show @ Brooklyn's McCarren Park Pool this Sunday. After their recent US tour w/ Modest Mouse, and w/ some huge surprises around the corner, now is the chance to see Man Man at a truly climactic point of their career. Always an amazing emotional and entertaining experience, this critically acclaimed crew bring their "gypsy-art-punk" to one of the area's most exciting venues, w/ special guests Dengue Fever and Illinois!
www.myspace.com/wearemanman * www.thepoolparties.com

Sunday, July 1st - 108 @ The Knitting Factory in NYC (6:30pm)
After seeing a free Man Man show, what could possibly be better than witnessing one of the most influential and important bands in hardcore and heavy music. 108 has meant a lot of things to a lot of people over the past 14 years, but the initial announcement of the band’s arrival on the punk scene in the fall of 1992 remains the most apt description of its guiding spirit. In the 4 years following its formation, 108 constantly toured the US and Europe, releasing 3 extremely popular studio LP's, an EP, a live LP, and various songs on different compilations. When the guitar player decided to intensify his studies in Hinduism in 1996, 108 disbanded. After reuniting in 2005 for one-off special appearances, the band emerges once again to release their heaviest album to date, out tomorrow courtesy of Deathwish Records, entitled "A New Beat From A Dead Heart." Bear witness to the sick mosh and one of the craziest live shows you'll ever be a part of.

also this week!


Fri Jun 29 2007 Significant Fest @ 688 (Clearwater, FL) Clearwater, Florida
Sat Jun 30 2007 Roller Kingdom (Hudson, MA) Hudson, Massachusetts
Sun Jul 1 2007 The Knitting Factory New York, New York


Tue Jun 26 2007 Xcel Energy Center St. Paul, Minnesota
Wed Jun 27 2007 Sears Center Chicago, Illinois
Fri Jun 29 2007 US Bank Arena Cincinnati, Ohio
Sun Jul 1 2007 Chevrolet Centre Youngstown, Ohio

DALEK (Europe)

Wed Jun 27 2007 La Cartonnerie Reims
Thu Jun 28 2007 L'astrolab Orleans
Fri Jun 29 2007 Eurockeennes Belfort
Sat Jun 30 2007 Furia Sound Festival Cergy


Mon June 25 New Orleans Louisiana @ McWilliams Hall in Tulane
Tue June 26 Austin Texas @ Emos
Wed June 27 Las Cruces New Mexico @ The Farm 500 Belen
Thu June 28 Phoenix Arizona @ The Phix 1113 NW Grand Ave. 85007 w/ THINK FAST
Fri June 29 Los Angeles California @ 1269 E 6th
Sat June 30 Berkely California @ 924 Gilman
Sun July 1 Long Beach tba


Mon Jun 25 2007 Headliners Columbia, South Carolina
Tue Jun 26 2007 The BackBooth Orlando, Florida w/ Elf Power
Wed Jun 27 2007 Studio A Miami, Florida w/ Elf Power
Thu Jun 28 2007 Orpheum Tampa, Florida w/ Elf Power
Fri Jun 29 2007 40 Watt Club Athens, Georgia
Sun Jul 1 2007 McCarren Park Pool Party! Brooklyn, New York w/ Illinois and Dengue Fever

O'DEATH (Europe)

Tue Jun 26 2007 Barfly Cardiff, Wales
Wed Jun 27 2007 Barfly London, England
Thu Jun 28 2007 Accelerator Festival Göteborg, Sweden
Fri Jun 29 2007 Accelerator Festival Stochholm, Sweden
Sat Jun 30 2007 Spasibar Oslo, Norway

THE FLESH (Europe)

Mon Jun 25 2007 Le Flech D'Or Paris
Tue Jun 26 2007 VK w/ The Gossip Bruxelles
Wed Jun 27 2007 Melkweg w/ The Gossip Amsterdam

Friday, June 22, 2007

This Weekend

Two sweet shows.

Please note, the FUCKED UP show tonight has been moved to Europa Nightclub in Brooklyn


Tonight, Friday June 22nd @ Europa Bar in BK - 6:30pm

Sunday, June 24th @ Union Pool in BK - 8pm
SHOCK CINEMA (members of Trail of Dead, Rogers Sisters, Dragons of Zynth)
+ special guests

see you in the pit!

O'DEATH Kickoff European Tour This Weekend!

Kickoff European Tour This Weekend * Upcoming US Appearances w/ Man Man, Deerhunter, Les Savy Fav, and more!

Photo by Jacob Blickenstaff

"The New York band O'Death drawes from the bluntness and spiritual purify of Appalachian folk, the menace of punk and the rowdy theatricaliy of Tom Waits, jumbling sacred adn profane." - The New York Times

"This is the sound of the Pogues madly slurping mothers' milk and brothers' blood at Gettysburg -- banjo and fiddle ballads turned berserker by Greg Jamie's bullfrog bleat." - Spin.com

The O'death live experience is halfway between a hootenanny and a punk show. Rusty Appalachian stomps collide with Pixies-esque moments of minor mayhem. It's a good fucking time. - TheSimpleMission.com

As great as everyone says. - Brooklynvegan.com

Watch O'DEATH Live HERE!

Five guys, maybe three shirts between them, take to the stage. There’s a banjo, a fiddle, a drum set littered with gas cans, chains, and broken cymbals. Then they all start howling, stomping; it’s an anachronistic jug band party in a junkyard with sing-along hooks and weathered vocals from another time. Their fans, an ever-expanding congregation, sing along and follow the band with an almost religious fervor, and as vocalist Greg Jamie’s eyes roll back into his head there’s a sense that something almost sinisterly spiritual has overtaken everyone in the room. This is the world of O’Death.

Originally formed in 2003 while the members attended SUNY Purchase, the band – with Jamie on guitar and vocals, Gabe Darling on banjo, David Rogers-Berry on drums, Jesse Newman on bass, and Bob Pycior on fiddle – self-released their first album in 2004. They quickly took to the task of stirring up a wholly original scene of NY musicians with their reverently twisted take on Americana filtered through a wealth of musical influences as divergent as Bill Monroe, Prince, Dock Boggs, Neil Young, The Microphones, and The Misfits via a series of the shows the now defunct Apocalypse Lounge

As they gathered the songs for their second LP, Head Home, the band perfected their mesmerizing and riotous stage presence and took to turning their share of heads across the country, playing over 100 shows in 2006, and gracing the stage alongside acts including Battles, Dr. Dog, Art Brut, The Big Sleep, Langhorne Slim, and Old Time Relijun.

With the re-release of Head Home (out now on Ernest Jenning Records), the critically acclaimed NY act has created a perfect companion to their spellbinding live show. Part southern gothic spiritual, part moonshine fueled hoedown, these recordings, now presented with new mixes done by the band and Billy Pavone are a timeless addition to the canon of weird old America.

O’Death will be heading out this summer and fall to promote the record in the US and Europe (with City Slang handling the European release). It’s an infectious sound coming your way; unique and wonderfully raw, but with the ability to drop the jaws of even the most jaded music fanatic and leave them testifying to it’s unique power.

"The live O'Death show is where it's at." - Pitchforkmedia.com

O'Death Live!

Jun 12 2007 Maxwell's Hoboken, New Jersey
Jun 15 2007 Luna Lounge-- CD release show Brooklyn, New York
Jun 17 2007 The Fire Philadelphia, PA
Jul 10 2007 The Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia w/ Man Man and Deerhunter
Jul 14 2007 Citysol Festival: Solar 1 @ Stuyvesant Cove in NYC w/ Dragons of Zynth and Besnard Lakes
Aug 29 2007 @ The Spiegeltent in NYC w/ Death Vessel

6.23.07 Waterville, Ireland - Fitz Hochzeit
6.24.07 Dublin, Ireland - Whelans
6.26.07 Cardiff, Whales - Barfly
6.27.07 London, UK - Barfly
6.28.07 Göteborg, Sweden - Accelerator Festival
6.29.07 Stockholm, Sweden - Accelerator Festival w/ Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, Danielson, and more!
6.30.07 Oslo, Norway -Spasibar
7.2.07 Hamburg, Germany - Westwerk
7.4.07 Berlin, Germany- Festsaal Kreuzberg w/ Menomena & Beach House
7.6.07 Paris, France - Fleche D'or w/ Menomena & Dirt Projectors

* click here to check out the new Ernest Jenning site, offering "All The World" for download!

"Head Home" Tracklist
1. Down to Rest
2. Adelita
3. Allie Mae Reynolds
4. The Crab Apple Switch
5. O Lee O
6. Busted Old Church
7. Travelin Man
8. Face Mask
9. Only Daughter
10. Ground Stump
11. Rickey Fence Teeth
12. All The World
13. Jesus Look Down
14. Nathaniel
15. Gas Can Row

For more information, visit:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

CLOAK/DAGGER Announce New Album "We Are" on Jade Tree!

Announce New Album "We Are" out September 11th, 2007 on Jade Tree Records.

Three of the four members of Richmond, VA's Cloak/Dagger did not initially start playing music together. Before they were a band, they were vandals, wasting the humid Richmond hours away by smashing windows at an abandoned warehouse. But the misplaced aggression would eventually find a home. Caught between the sincerity of crowded basement shows and a hail storm of falsified melodrama from the music industry, the collective members of the band joined forces to create a sound that, according to the band, "Recognized the spirit of the music we wanted to play without repeating the devices bands before us have used." It was jagged, energetic and simple; an anti-approach to perfection and presentation. It was Cloak/Dagger.

Following a demo and a 4-song 7" for Grave Mistake Records, Cloak/Dagger signed to Jade Tree in the summer of 2006. In between song writing and live stints alongside the likes of The Loved Ones, Fucked Up, Big Business, The Vicious, Fifth Hour Hero, New Mexican Disaster Squad and Lifetime, the band, comprised of Colin Kimble, Jason Mazzola and brothers Aaron and Colin Barth, released Pinata Breaks, Demo Takes, on Jade Tree. The release, spanning the band's two and a half year history, combined tracks from their original 4-song 7" release together with their original demo tracks. Taking hints from a variety of influences between both hardcore and punk, Pinata Breaks, Demo Takes combined the jagged aggression of bands like Swiz and Black Flag with the spastic urgency of Drive Like Jehu. Shortly after the release of Pinata Breaks, Demo Takes in the summer of 2007, Cloak/Dagger traveled to Louisville, KY to record 'We Are.'

On their debut full length LP for Jade Tree, Cloak/Dagger keep it fast and simple. No looking back, no regrets. Produced and recorded at Headbanging Kill Your Mama Music Studios by Chris Owens (Lords), 'We Are' is a bombastic, rough around the edges approach to minimalist hardcore. No track reaches the three-minute mark and no sentiment is overloaded in detail. The 14-track, 25-minute debut embraces a lyrically raw directness that transcends the false conceptions and misgivings of modern punk, offering up honest commentary on the balance between life both with and without excess. In the end, We Are Cloak/Dagger embraces the long lost art of disposability, steering away from the culture of celebratory fake aggression, into a new era of raw, incendiary punk music. A chaotic mess of a "Fuck you," if you will.

And though Cloak/Dagger fails to underestimate the poignancy of playing a dirty basement show in their hometown, the band will be touring both the U.S. and Europe following the release of We Are. Look for the trail of smashed windows, leave your cliches at the door and listen for the call of Cloak/Dagger.

Cloak/Dagger is:

Vocals: Jason Mazzola
Guitar: Colin Barth
Bass: Aaron Barth
Drums: Colin Kimble

Stream "We Are" HERE!

"We Are" Track listing:
1. Bended Knee
2. Sunburnt Mess
3. Runways
4. Kamikazes
5. New Years Resolution
6. Walk the Block
7. J.C. Pays the Bills
8. Hollywood Hills
9. Generato
10. Red Hair
11. Set the Alarm
12. Last Call
13. Quit Life

Cloak/Dagger Live!
Jun 23 2007 NO WAY RECORDS FEST!!! Alley Katz w/ CAREER SUICIDE, Direct Control, Wasted Time and much much more Richmond, VA
Jul 18 2007 Parking lot of Warehouse Next Door w/ FUCKED UP! and Government Warning DWashington DC
Jul 21 2007 Cafe Alfishway in DC w/ Criminal Damage! Washington DC

For more information, visit:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

LEWIS & CLARKE Announce Record Release Shows in Brooklyn and PA!

Announce New York and PA record release shows for new album "Blasts of Holy Birth," released on artist based label co-op La Société Expéditionnaire, July 20th @ Sound Fix Records in Brooklyn, July 21st @ Test Pattern, Scranton, PA

"Eight tracks of delicate beauty" - Pitchforkmedia.com

"The melodies are exquisite, as delivered by an impressive array of strings, percussion, and Rogai’s own direct, unforced vocals...This is a band that more than deserves its growing acclaim." - Pop Matters

"Rogai has a gift for speaking plainly while tonguing poetry, and his meditations on life cycles and pastoral philosophy blossom and collapse with organic grace...Contributions from Man Man, Rachel's and Hella might draw people in to Holy Birth, but Rogai's cloudless crystalline vision will keep them." - A.V. Club (The Onion)

The songs of Lewis & Clarke are medicinal, meditative, and trance-inducing. They wind along lengthy lines of chamber folk, full of bows and bells, aphorisms and dreamy dreams. Both literally and figuratively, Blasts of Holy Birth is about being born and re-born.

Conducting the folds of nylon-string guitar, harp, keyboard, horns, strings, and drums, is Lou Rogai, the voice and vision, with arms of friends draped in the name Lewis & Clarke.

Rogai is a pastoralist, a rat-race expatriate, an old-soul musician who chose to live more deliberately with his family under the eaves of mountain trees in Pennsylvania's Delaware Water Gap. It is a community distant to the big city's pace, but close enough for gigs and recording sessions with his city-folk colleagues. Among them are Russell Higbee (harp, keys) of Man Man and Eve Miller of Rachel's (cello) who, too, embrace the exploration of sinewy eastern melody and unaffected compassion called Lewis & Clarke.

"A profound work of earthy, orchestrated new-folk, Blasts Of Holy Birth raises the bar for both listeners and players in search of evolution in roots-oriented music. Meshing gorgeously hushed melodies and plucked guitars with baroque string arrangements and ethereal pulses and surges, Lewis & Clarke ( a.k.a. Del. Water Gap's Lou Rogai) has crafted a transcendent work of epic proportions. Themed around the birthing experience, the album moves in tidal breaths through meditative and hazy soundscapes, delicate minimalism, and goose bump inducing chamber sections. An expose of grace, beauty, peril, triumph, and the interconnectivity of all things - musically and lyrically, it's really that good." -
Impose Magazine

In Delaware Water Gap, one can tune in to vibrations that only exist in certain areas. It is here that Rogai, with his family, took to nest in an antiquated dwelling within earshot of an historic jazz landmark: tuned in, turned on, and just far enough away from the rattle of the rest of the world.

Blasts of Holy Birth was written not with the usual pen-in-hand love-lost scribbles that song scribes commonly sing; here are celebrations, hand-in-hand, of life's travails and joys!

Lewis & Clarke songs are long and unhurried life lessons, believed and still unveiling truths, to himself and his son, who was months away from LIFE: Day One while this album was being composed. The only piece here not written by Rogai, "Comfort Inn", is by his friend, Aaron Ross, the CA mountain dweller and singer of Hella. Ross was awaiting the birth of his daughter during same time that Rogai expected his son, and so it only fit that they share in each other's song.

Over the last few years, Lewis & Clarke have toured and performed with Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian), Blur, Robyn Hitchcock, Joan of Arc, Okkervil River, Mi & L'au, The Black Swans and other contemporaries.

And as is the case with good artists and smart adults, it is through big change and artistic redemption that we re-learn who we really are. And as the meat of life is inseparable from the weight of song, Lewis & Clarke's heavy-duty beauty, Blasts of Holy Birth, is born.

More praise:

"Lewis & Clarke has carved out its own niche thanks to the lush arrangements of its debut, 2005's "Bare Bones and Branches." - Billboard Magazine

"A whisper of an album, lovely without being precious, moody without being beleaguering." - No Depression

"Lou Rogai, who records under the name Lewis & Clarke, artfully mixes his multi-layered vocal tracks with finger-picked acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, Rhodes piano, and lap steel." - Acoustic Guitar World

"A gifted newcomer" - Magnet

"The mystical side of (Lewis and Clarke) is heightening...thoughtful, lightly philosophical, exploratory folk with a rustic, natural-world mood." - Erasing Clouds

"Elements of eastern instrumentation blend with acoustic plucking, sounding at once exotic and accessible, ala Macha on morphine" - Stereogum

"A set of melodies that achieve a haunting beauty, perhaps most defined by its cohesiveness; it is more than a collection of songs, each listen unearths a new layer." - Lost At Sea

"This is an album you simply must own." - Smother.net

"A pure music experience that whispers half-remembered truths to the soul, as Rogai easily soars above so-called "acid folk"/"freak folk" conventions by exhibiting amazing clarity and a sense of spaciousness in his songs... striking in its authenticity and ability to convey empathy and even inspiration. It is gentle and wild, an abundant feast of simple fare that nourishes the heart." - The Morning Call

"Full of gentle drones of bowed cello(courtesy of Rachels member Eve Miller), ripples of plucked harp strings (by Russell Higbee of Man Man), slow-motion cascades of horns and synths, and existential rhythms of tabla and trap-kit snare, all tied together in patient, sophisticated arrangements that highlight Rogai's spiritually inquisitive lyrics and quietly demonstrative vocals." - Athens Flagpole

"Kaleidoscopic layering over sophisticated lines, the rosy folk songs within are tasteful, only bordering on sentimental, and graciously free of pretense...reverent, almost hymnal in quality." - The Aquarian Weekly

"An intelligent revelatory light into the heart of life and love" - Detroit Metro Times

Lewis & Clarke Live!
Friday, July 20th @ SoundFix Records in Brooklyn (Free Show! 110 Bedford Ave in Williamsburg) w/ Strand of Oaks and Matt Bauer
Saturday, July 21 @ Test Pattern in Scranton, PA

Stream "Blasts" HERE!

"Blasts of Holy Birth" Tracklist:

1. Secret Of The Golden Flower
2. Blasts Of Holy Birth
3. Comfort Inn
4. Before It Breaks You
5. Black Dove
6. Crimson Carpets
7. We Think We Have Eyes
8. Be The Air We Breathe

For more information, visit:

FUCKED UP and 108 shows moved (NYC)

FUCKED UP and 108 Shows in NYC moved to new locations!

These shows, originally scheduled to happen @ 538 Johnson Ave in Brooklyn have recently moved due to the venue being closed down. New information is as follows:

New Location: Europa Nightclub (98 Meserole - Brooklyn), 6:30 pm

New Location: The Knitting Factory (74 Leonard St. NYC) 6:30pm
Look Back and Laugh
Forced Forward
Mother Night

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pitchfork Reports: Making of new MAN MAN Record!

Read Pitchfork's exclusive behind the scenes look @ the making of the new Man Man record!


STAMEN & PISTILS Release "Towns" Today!

Release New Album "Towns" TODAY!

“... richly textured and consistently inventive.-- Washington Post

“...a bizarre group, altogether unconventional and jarring to the ears. But that’s exactly why they’re so interesting. If Animal Collective were remixed or Hood played up the quirk factor a little more, it would sound something like this.”—Treblezine.com

“...With an impressive indie warbling leading the guitar and electronic beats through their journeys, it is in the balance between the beats and more traditional music that Stamen & Pistils find their triumph...”-- Exclaim!

The second record from Stamen & Pistils is a diagonal step into new sonic terrain. On 2005’s End of The Sweet Parade, the band built a sound-scape that was largely reliant upon density for texture, with lyrical themes focused on the follies of youth, as well as passionate reactions to love and loss. But now, the band’s follow-up, Towns, sees them stripping that sonic and lyrical method down to the barest elements. The sound is refined, yet gritty, while maintaining a sparse, but textured, space throughout. Their expanded lineup now includes drummer/percussionist John Masters, whose contributions add to the organic presence in the music’s dialogue between man and machine.

At times, Towns approaches a dark, broken, Southern Gothic aesthetic, but without explicitly pursuing that specific sound. This is reflected more in the moods and lyrical content, albeit in a non-traditional form. This new sound is comprised of beat-up, vintage reedy wind instruments, keys, guitars, and vocals, all recorded and played through futuristic tools. The record time-travels through inhabited spaces — both actual and imagined — exploring an emotional relationship between the metropolis and the more private realms of rural expanses in a unique fashion.

Hailing from Washington D.C., Stamen & Pistils have built a sound atypical of what is commonly expected from this city. Acoustic based folk-pop, filled out with programmed beats and synths form a sort of controlled chaos. Influenced as much by the future as by anachronism, Stamen & Pistils aim to create something new and sincerely their own: a highly textured sonic pallet of fuzzy deconstructed pop. Towns features beautiful backing vocals by Carol Bui and Mikal Evans (Gypsy Eyes, Revival); additional production and mixdown by T.J. Lipple (Aloha); and mastered by Devin Ocampo (Mary Timony, Medications) for Silver Sonya Studios. Including members of Metropolitan, Person, and Radel Esca, the band has shared the stage with such notable acts as The Dirty Projectors, Telepathe, Asobi Seksu, The Blow, and more.

Animal Collective, Neutral Milk Hotel, Smog, Karl Blau, Microphones, Why?

“Towns” Tracklisting:
1. Second Hand Valise
2. To That What We Might Belong
3. Quiet County
4. A Death in Ronkonkoma
5. An Elegy for Thee
6. Walk On
7. Hands Washing Water
8. Possessive Nouns
9. At Home Amongst Your

Stamen & Pistils LIVE!
Jul 2 2007 DC9 - w/ A Sunny Day In Glasgow, My Teenage Stride and Fimfarum Washington, Washington

For more information, visit:

Monday, June 18, 2007


Announce US Tour w/ TOOL!!!!!!!

"Warren and Willis' thunder-prog has never sounded so fully formed and abrasive, and Warren's voice never so triumphant." - Spin Magazine

It's true, America's heaviest-hitting monster duo, BIG BUSINESS, has just announced they will be hitting the road w/ one of planet Earth's greatest bands, TOOL!

Prepare to witness the face-pummeling awesomeness of Big Business as they melt the minds of prog-metal legends, and their fans, in the cities listed below. Congratulations guys (and thanks for the stop in Jersey!)

Big Business is bigger and better than ever, with better hair, bigger hits, and the kind of overwhelming Norman Schwarzkopf-style force that rolls like thunder, stings like a missile, and - above all - takes no shit.

On Here Come the Waterworks, their second full-length, bassist/vocalist Jared Warren and drummer Coady Willis (both of whom also happen to be the newest members of underground super-legends the Melvins) unfurl all the mammoth riffs, furious vocals and blazing drum work you've come to expect - nay, DEMAND - from LA's answer to Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. No, wait, make that Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs. Either way, there's a new sheriff in town - two of 'em, actually.

This is the new Big Business album, and it's better than their first: harder, faster, and catchier. But since that first long player was so damn good, we're left with no choice but to already proclaim Here Come the Waterworks as one of the top releases of 2007.

Putting on Here Come the Waterworks induces instant first pumping. Its ethos is triumph and absolute PMA -- Positive Mental Attitude. In fact, you're likely to find your mind wandering back to the best scenes in Vision Quest, and that closing moment of greatness in Over the Top when Stallone turns his ball cap around and pummels the competition.

Big Business always tour the shit out of their records because they're rock machines. I mean, they even record tour EPs! Plan to catch them in your town and at festivals this summer laying waste to the competition.


Willis has become one of the most inventive percussionists currently making heavy music. Watching him play alongside Warren is a thing of astounding beauty and power. This time around, Big Biz have again tapped producer Phil Ek (Shins, Built To Spill), and it sounds incredible. - Transworld Skateboarding

Bass player Jarred Warren (formerly of Karp and Tight Bros. from Way Back When) is an incredible vocal force, the kind that budding rock singers can only dream about. - Alarm Press

Big Business could perhaps one day rival Mastodon's sea-shanty sludgefests. - Decibel Magazine

Some of the most relentless, unyielding, and profound music in heavy metal today. - Thrasher Magazine

These guys manage to deconstruct, reinvent, and then rebuild the typical noise rock formula. - Chord Magazine

Big Business drowns CCR and prog in the tar pits, coming off like an undead Uriah Heep. - PaperThinWalls.com

Two guys doing the work of 20 - Orange County Weekly

Stream "Here Come the Waterworks" HERE!

"The band, on Waterworks, went a different production route and signed up, of all people, Phil Ek, indie-rock super-producer. Waterworks, as a result, sounds gigantic, vast, and also sparklingly clean." - Pitchforkmedia.com

Tracklist for Here Come the Waterworks:
1. Just as the Day was Dawning
2. Hands Up
3. Shields
4. Grounds for Divorce
5. Another Fourth of July ... Ruined
6. Start Your Digging
7. I'll Give You Something to Cry About
8. Another Beautiful Day in the Pacific Northwest

Big Business Live!

Jun 18 2007 The Middle East Cafe--Upstairs Boston, Massachusetts
Jun 19 2007 The Knitting Factory New York, New York w/ Panthers
Jun 20 2007 Black Cat Washington DC, Washington DC w/ Panthers
Jun 21 2007 North Star Bar Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ Panthers
Jun 22 2007 The Ottobar Baltimore, Maryland w/ Panthers

Dates w/ TOOL! *
Jun 24 2007 Copps Coliseum Hamilton, Ontario
Jun 26 2007 Xcel Energy Center St. Paul, Minnesota
Jun 27 2007 Sears Center Chicago, Illinois
Jun 29 2007 US Bank Arena Cincinnati, Ohio
Jul 1 2007 Chevrolet Centre Youngstown, Ohio
Jul 3 2007 DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston, Michigan
Jul 5 2007 Van Andel Arena Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jul 7 2007 Big Sandy Superstore Arena Huntington, West Virginia
Jul 10 2007 Bell Centre Montreal, Quebec
Jul 12 2007 Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts Mansfield, Massachusetts
Jul 13 2007 Cumberland County Civic Center Portland, Maine
Jul 14 2007 Times Union Center Albany, New York
Jul 16 2007 Soverign Center Reading, Pennsylvania
Jul 18 2007 PNC Bank Arts center Holmdel, New Jersey

* All cancelled headlining dates will be rescheduled @ a later date

For more information, visit:

Shows this week: Fucked Up * Big Business * Man Man and more!

Welcome to this week's list of Solid PR bands performing around the world. This week, we've highlighted two shows in particular that are absolutely mindblowing. If you live in or around NYC, this is your lucky day:


Tuesday, June 19th - BIG BUSINESS @ The Knitting Factory in NYC (w/ Panthers)
Big Business has just had to cancel (and reschedule) a nice bulk of dates after Friday's show in Baltimore. Why? Because they've been hand-picked to open a f*ck-load of US and Canadian dates w/ almighty psych-rock legends, TOOL! You heard right kids, Big Business will be touring w/ mother-fucking TOOL! holy shit. And the last show of the tour is in Jersey, how stoked am I? A proper announcement about these sure-to-be unforgettable appearances will be made this week. If you live on the East Coast and have a chance to catch the band on the last handful of headlining dates, don't fuck up, you can tell your kids you saw them when. Congratulations Big Business. Hard work and being awesome really does pay off.

Friday, June 22nd - FUCKED UP @ 538 Johnson Ave in Brooklyn (w/ Dust Heads)
FUCKED UP haven't been to the NYC area in way too long. Last time, their Mercury Lounge appearance w/ ca-USE co-MOTION left this fan w/ a split lip and two chipped teeth, and a beautiful smile to accompany the entire experience. If you're ready to take part in what punk rock and hardcore music is REALLY about, come to this show. To witness FUCKED UP live is the equivalent of saying 'fuck the system' after a full week of work. The FUCKED UP live show is an unparalleled experience. Some go to mosh hard, some take it as a spiritual experience, either way, it's one of the most beautiful spectacles music has seen in many years. Remember the first time you felt like music was important and could make you feel something real? FUCKED UP is what you were talking about.

Also this week:


Mon Jun 18 2007 The Middle East Cafe--Upstairs Boston, Massachusetts
Tue Jun 19 2007 The Knitting Factory New York, New York
Wed Jun 20 2007 Black Cat Washington DC, Washington DC
Thu Jun 21 2007 North Star Bar Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fri Jun 22 2007 The Ottobar Baltimore, Maryland
Sun Jun 24 2007 Copps Coliseum Hamilton, Ontario w/ TOOL!

DALEK (Europe)

Fri Jun 22 Paris, France - Théâtre des Amandiers
Sat Jun 23 Lucerne, Switzerland - Boa
Sun Jun 24 Geneva, Switzerland - L'usine


Wed June 20 Cleveland Ohio @ Now Thats Class 11213 Detroit Ave (at W. 112th)
Thu June 21 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania @ Lawrenceville Moose 150 51st St
Fri June 22 Brooklyn New York @ 538 Johnson Ave
Sat June 23 Richmond Virginia @ Citizens Against Crime Warehouse 3410 West Leigh St. 23221
Sun June 24 Nashville Tennesee @ The Muse


Sun Jun 24 2007 Satellite Ballroom Charlottesville, Virginia

O'DEATH (Europe)

Sat Jun 23 2007 Fitz Hochzeit Waterville, Ireland
Sun Jun 24 2007 Whelans Dublin, Ireland

OXBOW (Europe)

Tue Jun 19 2007 Firlej Wroclaw
Wed Jun 20 2007 Progresia Warsaw
Fri Jun 22 2007 Palace Akropolis Prague


Sun Jun 24 2007 Union Pool Williamsburg, New York


Fri Jun 22 Record Release Show @ The Masonic Temple 240 W 52nd Street (Between 8th and Broadway)
w/ GDP, G Wallace, Bullymouth, and more!

THE FLESH (Europe)

Tue Jun 19 2007 Molotow w/ Ted Leo Hamburg
Wed Jun 20 2007 Gleis 22 w/ Ted Leo Münster
Thu Jun 21 2007 Muk w/ Blood Brothers Giessen
Sun Jun 24 2007 Kleiner Club Garage w/ Ted Leo Saarbrücken