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Pastepunk reviews Jesu's "Lifeline" EP

thanks to Jason Bergman and the Pastepunk staff:

JESU "Lifeline" (Hydra Head Records)
Review by Jason Bergman

I guess it’s true that one mellows with age. In the case of Justin K. Broadrick, he went from absolutely insane heaviness with GODFLESH and millions of other projects, to slowing things down with JESU. Although earlier JESU material crawled at a tortoise’s pace, it still featured some absolutely monster guitar work that felt like an amplifier was falling on top of you, repeatedly. With the new Lifeline EP, dreamy, shoegaze-inspired guitars swirl around Broadrick’s airy vocals, creating a wall of sound that you can almost visualize wrapping around your brain if you close your eyes. The second track, “You Wear Their Masks” picks up where this years Conqueror left off. The song meanders in, slowly adding more elements to the cacophony of guitars and drums, while Broadrick takes his time with vocals. The occasional ominous, heavy riff pokes through the dense buildup, showing that he hasn’t completely lost his edge yet. Jarboe, of SWANS, adds her gorgeous vocals onto “Storm Comin’ On”, and her melodramatic voice fits in perfectly with the tense atmosphere created by Broadrick. Lifeline continues JESU’s slow trek into more relaxed territory and demonstrates that the best is simply yet to come.

ASG Announces New Album "Win Us Over" out January '08 on Volcom!

Announces New Album "Win Us Over" out January 22nd on Volcom!

"Far more pummeling than anything on the last Queens of the Stone Age album—or Iron Maiden album, for that matter. It’s big rock guitars for those who like big rock guitars, all day and all night. Count me in." - Decibel Magazine

"Pure hard rock heaven" -

So far in the 21st century there haven’t been too many bands with an album cover that sums up their sound, but then again, most, or, none of them, are ASG (short for Amplification of Self Gratification).

The Wrightsville Beach, N.C. quartet’s newest album, Win Us Over, is a vivid, psychedelic, and panoramic thrust that is just as much for the ears as it is for the aura; an experience in a colorful and dense cloth of abrasiveness.

Big beefy guitar riffs and melodic foreboding are soaked in Southern roadhouse whiskey, that just might be laced with psilocybin, and are hazed out through a kaleidoscopic squall that packs a walloping sonic punch.

While the ingredients of stoner rock, psychedelic metal, and angst-ridden punk rock are transparent, ASG doesn’t fit under any particular category. Be you a fan of plain ol’ rock and roll and don sleeveless flannels while sucking down 22 ouncers and gettin’ rowdy – or enjoy waxin’ deep on the bong, Win Us Over lives up to it’s namesake and ensures that come January 22nd 2008, ASG won’t be knocking on any doors; they’ll be knocking them down.

Win Us Over is available now digitally and is set for physical release (CD & 2XLP) on January 22, 2008.


Formed in the North Carolina coastline community of Wrightsville Beach in 2001, the riff-fueled, distortion-driven rock of ASG that can be found on their latest effort has actually been at the band's core since its inception.

Initially forming as a three-piece instrumental project, due to the lack of a dedicated vocalist, ASG were intensely focusing on devising tight, driving guitar riffs, locking guitarist Jason Shi in with the rhythm section of bassist Andy Ellis and drummer Scott Key.

But as time passed and no vocalist was found, Shi was eventually forced to step up to the mic.

With Shi becoming more comfortable as a frontman, the group found themselves connecting with Volcom Entertainment, who signed the band and put them in the studio in 2003, to record their debut album, The Amplification of Self Gratification.

In 2005 ASG found themselves in a proper studio with proper producers, Matt Hyde and Phil Caivano, recording their sophomore album, Feeling Good Is Good Enough, an album that summoned all the band’s potential and spawned a thunderous hard rock creation that equaled what the band had been working towards for the past 3 years.

Shortly after completing Feeling Good Is Good Enough, second guitarist, Jonah Citty, was added to help recreate the album’s sounds live, which was none too soon as the band quickly found themselves on the road with the likes of The Sword, Torche, Dwarves, and CKY.

In June 2007 ASG returned to Los Angeles to record their fourth album, entitled Win Us Over, with Matt Hyde, which is set for physical release (CD & 2XLP) on January 22, 2008.

"Win Us Over" Tracklist:
01 Right Death Before
02 Dream Song
03 Low End Insight
04 Glow
05 Coffee Depression Sunshine
06 The Dull Blade
07 Ballad Of Richard K
08 Taking Me Over
09 A Number To Murder To
10 Gallop Song
11 Palm Springs (features guest vocals by Blag Dahlia)
12 Win Us Over
13 Bombs Away

ASG Live!

(click above to witness live shredding)

Nov 8 2007 Soapbox Wilmington, North Carolina w/ HELMET
Dec 13 2007 Breaker’s Halewai, Hawaii w/ Year Long Disaster
Dec 14 2007 Anna Bannana’s Honolulu, Hawaii w/ Year Long Disaster
Dec 15 2007 Boardriders Kailua, Hawaii w/ Year Long Disaster

For more information, visit:

Paperthinwalls Listening Session w/ ZS!

yes! thanks to Chris Weingarten and the PTW staff!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

THE NUMBER 12 LOOKS LIKE YOU Kickoff US Tour w/ Drop Dead, Gorgeous Tonight!

Kickoff US Tour w/ Drop Dead Gorgeous and Alesana Tonight!

"The prolific maestros of chaotic metal are back with another aptly titled disc with 10 tracks that pull from death metal, hardcore and... Jazz?. Yes, jazz.." - Alternative Press

“On their latest record, Mongrel (Eyeball), New Jersey’s the Number 12 Looks Like You combine elements of mathcore, hardcore, jazz, and pretty much whatever else pops into their heads—with explosive results.” – Revolver Magazine

“Mongrel fits its name – it’s a dirty, vicious, mixed up beast of a project - quite spectacular” – Decibel Magazine

“It's pretty intimidating to think how much practice and woodshedding they must have endured to get these complicated math formula-esque compositions sounding just right....Both intense and complex, there's very little room for error on Mongrel." - All Music

*** (September 2007) Three months and countless dates on Sounds of The Underground Tour since the release of their latest album Mongrel, The Number Twelve Looks Like You has plans to once again leave home to spread their genre-defying-rock across the country. Easily the fastest selling record in Eyeball Record’s history, Mongrel debuted at #19 on the Billboard New Artist Chart and was the #3 most added record to CMJ Loud Rock. ***

A product of harried miscegenation, a foaming mix-breed halved and re-halved by the pitifully obvious and the suddenly homicidal, Mongrel is a collusion of conflicting desires and uncontrollable urges, a heart-eating hellion seesawing wildly between the need for stasis and an unflinching commitment to violence. It’s also the third full-length from New Jersey six-piece The Number Twelve Looks Like You. “It’s most definitely a concept album,” vocalist Jesse “Jase” Korman explains. “When we started writing the songs, not one sounded like another—or any of our old songs—and none of them as a whole sound like anything out there. It’s like a schizophrenic person, or a mongrel.”

Despite the fact that the album’s lyrics were written by Korman and fellow Number 12 vocalist Justin Pedrick, the songs themselves represent the erratic viewpoints of one character, the titular Mongrel Album opener “Imagine Nation Express” is “about a friend who just turned into a bastard,” Korman explains. “The whole thing is an imaginary scenario about his body being tied to two different trains that rip him apart and then me dancing on the remains.”

Sonically, Mongrel is a dizzying rhythmic vortex propelled by angular shredding, algebraic drum work, paint-peeling screams/shrieks/grunts, torrential bass moves, dicey time signatures and the occasional flamenco guitar break. And then, suddenly—as on “Jay Walking Backwards”—it’s something else entirely: A melodic jazz-grind triumph, a wink and a nod to post-rock enthusiasts and fret-obsessed math commandos alike. Flawlessly executed and crisply recorded (with producer Casey Bates in Seattle, Washington), we might add.

The Number 12 dudes have been slogging across North America with bands as disparate and diverse as Thursday, Minus The Bear, Every Time I Die, Shadows Fall, Ed Gein, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Darkest Hour and GWAR.

The Number 12 Looks Like You LIVE!

w/ Drop Dead Gorgeous and Alesana!
Oct 30 2007 Picador Iowa City, Iowa
Nov 1 2007 The Mad Hatter Covington, Kentucky
Nov 2 2007 Crocodile Rock Allentown, Pennsylvania
Nov 3 2007 Asbury Park Convention Hall Asbury Park, New Jersey
Nov 4 2007 Living Room Providence, Rhode Island
Nov 5 2007 New Renaissance Theatre- Syracuse, New York
Nov 6 2007 Le National Montreal, Quebec
Nov 7 2007 Babylon Ottawa, Ontario
Nov 8 2007 The Casbah Hamilton, Ontario
Nov 9 2007 Skelletones Grand Rapids, Michigan
Nov 10 2007 The Basement Columbus, Ohio
Nov 11 2007 Alley Katz Richmond, Virginia
Nov 12 2007 The Brewery Raleigh, N. Carolina
Nov 13 2007 Greene Street Greensboro, N. Carolina
Nov 14 2007 New Brookland Tavern Columbus, S. Carolina
Nov 16 2007 State Theatre St. Petersburg, Florida
Nov 17 2007 Culture Room Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Nov 18 2007 Jack Rabbits Jacksonville, Florida
Nov 19 2007 First Avenue Birmingham, Alabama
Nov 20 2007 The Dregs Memphis, Tennessee
Nov 21 2007 Vino’s Little Rock, Arkansas
Nov 23 2007 The Foundry Music Theatre Joplin , Missouri
Nov 24 2007 Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack Lewisville, Texas
Nov 25 2007 Emo’s Alternative Lounging Austin, Texas
Nov 26 2007 Lonestar Event Center Lubbock, Texas
Nov 27 2007 Chic’s Bar & Billiards El Paso, Texas
Nov 28, 2007 The Rock Tucson, Arizona
Nov 29 2007 Soma San Diego, California
Nov 30 2007 Jerry’s Pizza & Pub Bakersfield, California
Dec 1 2007 The Boardwalk Orangevale, California

For more information visit:

Stylus gives new Black Swans "Change!" A-rating!

The Black Swans
(La Societe Expeditionnaire) 2007


There should be a pat means of conveying why the Black Swans matter. Something like: “Dylan’s oblique, carpented melodies sung in Fred Neil’s voice while Leonard Cohen plays fiddle.” Something that could go on a CD wrapper, if anyone used those any more. But clearly glibness will not suffice to bend your ear to a band you’ve (likely) never heard of; we will have to do better, knowing we will probably fail.

Change! is only the second full-length album by the Black Swans, following on the delightfully priapic and correctly-titled Sex Brain EP. By rights, it is too soon to expect them to have perfected the choked swoon of the earlier works—the progression from Who Will Walk In The Darkness With You? meditations on mortality to Sex Brain were like a shuttered antique store full of miniatures of the corsetted deceased, turning unexpectedly pornographic behind the counter. And if not premature, it would be perverse to suggest that a record about metamorphosis and the pruning of dried limbs could be perfective in any but the smallest sense. Let us then abjure the finality of superlatives and lose ourselves in the pangs and aches of aspiration: the falling of leaves and the shedding of skin.

Alas, the Black Swans will likely never command the following they deserve, at once too strange and too stationary to bend the ear of anyone not already beguiled by the warp and weft of Jerry DeCiccia’s voice and Noel Sayre’s fiddle. On Change!, DeCiccia still doesn’t sing, precisely; he moans and whispers, mostly, the microphone tightening the strictures of lust, grief, fear and (eventually) hope. The close-miking is perhaps the only way DeCiccia can match the dire desire of Sayre’s violin, whose multiple strings sound like a breaking voice, swooping abruptly low in incipient, unwelcome adulthood, then cracking plaintively high, a range entirely foreign to DeCiccia rendered in kissing cousin tones.

The Swans marshal the florid themes of their miniatures and cameos with formal strictures. “3 Chord Song,” which closes the album with a robust, resolute stride, touts its harmonic simplicity, but most of these songs seem to have been composed with a bare minimum of chords. The cumulative effect is both a stolid progression through the album’s sanguine and sweet moods and, as in a cameo, a pendulous weight in even the smallest detail.

The quality of color to be rung from such austere ingredients shames both the gimmick artists and those who seek drama in sheer thickness of sound. Thus, while “Coats” gives full rein to the Swans’ taste for purloined folk melodies, “Hope Island” is stripped to scarcely more than a chipped gilt setting for a sonorously spare fiddle solo. Marooned, DeCiccia mumbles to himself in the doubtful atonality of internal monologue: “There are no fish / No one to love / My good friends left me.” Then mysteriously, like sudden sun on a submerged swimmer, his baritone burblings are picked out in filigreed feminine harmony, breaking the illusion of unmelody.

But these are songs of allusion as much as illusion; hence “Blue Moon #9,” which trades the furrowed brow for a wan falsetto set about with reverb, like a wishful memory of a carnival. But where previous Swans albums have luxuriated in dim, doomed human ecstasies, Change! is, as the title suggests, a manifesto of sorts. The revolution will not be straightforward, however; DeCiccia believes in recidivism and human weakness at least as much as he aspires to growth. Thus the acute tension between the averting gloom of “Slide On Down” and the measured jubilance of the title track, in which DeCiccia admonishes himself: “Gonna pick up the pieces / Buy a bottle of glue / Gonna count all his blessings / My blessings used to be you.”

The guitar solo that follows is terse and minor, like a latter-day Knopfler motif, presaging the wordless, harmonized coda that closes the song, and effectively the album, on a note of such qualified optimism it scarcely counts as such. It’s not that the sentiment rings hollow, not exactly; but DeCiccia’s albums and his trembling voice are so beautifully immured in solitude that, whether the subject is fucking or forgetting, his attempts to touch anyone else are friable, lit by a dubious, flawed hope. The songs are as conflicted and lovely as only people’s graspings for each other are and, if in this sense only, perfect.

Reviewed by: Andrew Iliff

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YAKUZA Kicksoff US Dates w/ Jesu * Canadian Tourdates Announced!

Kickoff Dates w/ Jesu This Weekend * Canadian Tour Announced!

"It's a fair assumption that Transmutation will make its way onto many Top 10 albums of 2007 lists." - Jambase

"Yakuza’s the extreme music equivalent of a fleet-fingered DJ with a bottomless crate of Decibel-approved 7-inches––ones that soothe and sear, massage and mutilate." - Decibel Magazine

"Dreary art-sludge - instrumental stoner funk - reverb and acid-glurp - weirdly sparse. These guys also sound like death metal sometimes. 8/10" -

"Though the group has a vocalist, Bruce Lamont, who doubles on reeds, and though it has the clout to snag legendary free-jazz percussionists Hamid Drake and Michael Zerang, it still loads Transmutations with atmospheres that are neither jazz nor psychedelia nor Neurosis-esque post-metal, but a cataclysmic collision of all three." - The Onion AV Club

"An exploration of extremes -hypnotic, sax-led grooves juxtaposed with raging apocalyptic grind." - Chord Magazine

"Listening to a Yakuza album with full attention is likely to take you places other albums rarely go." -

"An inspired, diverse, invigorating piece of work that will leave listeners wondering just what this highly talented band is capable of accomplishing next." -

With high praise from the metal press, local and national newspapers, and highbrow publications alike, Chicago’s YAKUZA has succeeded in garnering attention of all kinds, all the while not compromising the band’s free-flowing and spontaneous musical integrity. Regardless, YAKUZA remains independent, maintaining an almost indescribable sound that picks and plucks from a wealth of influences and inspirations.

Staying deeply rooted in a genre all its own, YAKUZA’s existence lies on a metal base with progressive flair, while somehow also incorporating elements of jazz, world beat, and post-rock ambience. Picture (if you can) a mixture of King Crimson, all periods of John Coltrane’s career, Tortoise, and Napalm Death. The end result is captivating, a sound that Rolling Stone, Revolver, Alternative Press, the Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Tribune, All That Jazz and countless others all agree is refreshingly original, technically proficient, all the while still staying very metal.

Continuing the band’s genre-defying sound with Transmutations, the follow-up to 2006’s critically acclaimed record, Samsara, the album sees YAKUZA again pushing the aural boundaries further albeit in a different way, incorporating more psychedelic elements alongside stretching, doomy movements and the band’s trademark jazz-influences, while also incorporating breakneck grind riffs and grooves at the same time.

"Exploration, experimentation, riding the line between the familiar and the foreign; the essential elements for YAKUZA have already been established,” frontman Bruce Lamont says. “We are not interested in creating music that’s not easily definable. Our roots are firmly planted in metal - yes, but like life, the sounds here are not cut and dry. At times this record can be uplifting, cruel, celebratory and just downright fuckin’ mean."

Utilizing producer and established multi-instrumentalist Sanford Parker (Rwake, Pelican, Minsk) for the recording of Transmutations, YAKUZA couldn’t be happier with the album’s end sound. “Sanford was great to work with,” Lamont says. “We really feel he has refined his craft over the past half a dozen recordings he's done. He’s known the band for a long time and helped with our last release, so he is already aware of our studio tendencies. With him the process felt almost effortless.”

With an album that continues the YAKUZA sound while – somehow - also expanding upon the band’s already established enigmatic concepts and forward-thinking approach to metal, Transmutations continues to push the envelope, carving a niche in the metal genre, while still continuing the band’s originality that has garnered so much attention in the underground – metal, mainstream or otherwise.

"Transmutations" Tracklist:

1. meat curtains
2. egocide
3. congestive art-failure
4. praying for asteroids
5. raus
6. steal the fire
7. the blinding
8. existence into oblivion
9. perception management
10. black market liver
11. zombies

Yakuza Live!
Oct 28 2007 THE PICADOR Iowa City, Iowa w/ Jesu and Torche
Oct 29 2007 POP’S Saguet, Illinois w/ Jesu and Torche
Oct 30 2007 THE BOTTLENECK Lawrence, Kansas w/ Jesu and Torche
Oct 31 2007 MARQUIS THEATRE Denver, Colorado w/ Jesu and Torche
Nov 22 2007 ABSINTHE Hamilton, ON
Nov 23 2007 FUN HAUS Toronto, ON
Nov 24 2007 TBA
Nov 25 2007 st catherines @ L-3 St Catherine's w/ arise and ruin
Nov 27 2007 TBA
Nov 28 2007 TIME TO LAUGH Kingston
Nov 29 2007 UNDERDOG Peterbourgh ON
Nov 30 2007 ROCK CAFE Trois-Rivieres, Quebec w/ See You Next Tuesday
Dec 1 2007 TBA Montreal
+ European dates to follow!

For more information, visit:

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NEW ATLANTIC Myspace Featured Video for "Cold-Hearted Town" * US Tour w/ The Spill Canvas and Meg & Dia!


Cold-Hearted Town

Add to My Profile | More Videos

New Atlantic Live!

w/ The Spill Canvas and Meg & Dia!
Nov 18 2007 The Parrish New Orleans, Louisiana
Nov 20 2007 Emo’s Austin, Texas
Nov 21 2007 The Door Dallas, Texas
Nov 23 2007 Juanita’s Little Rock, Arkansas
Nov 24 2007 Skatepark of Memphis Memphis, Tennessee
Nov 25 2007 The Foundry Joplin, Missouri
Nov 26 2007 The Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas
Nov 27 2007 Creepy Crawl St. Louis, Missouri
Nov 29 2007 St. Andrew’s Hall Detroit, Michigan
Nov 30 2007 Turner Hall Milwaukee, Wisconsin

w/ Between the Trees
Dec 1 2007 The Warehouse Lacrosse, Wisconsin
Dec 2 2007 Beat Kitchen Chicago, Illinois
Dec 5 2007 Rocketown Nashville, Tennessee
Dec 15 2007 Jaggard UMC Altoona, Pennsylvania
Dec 16 2007 The Knitting Factory NYC

For more information, visit:

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The NY Times previewed O'Death and Jesu @ CMJ!

so nice!

JESU (Saturday) Led by Justin Broadrick of the British industrial-metal pioneers Godflesh, Jesu soars on clouds of rumbling guitar noise that inevitably turn turbulent.

O’DEATH (Friday) Raw and ragged, O’Death draws from the starkness and spiritual purity of Appalachian folk, the menace of punk and the rowdy theatricality of Tom Waits, jumbling sacred and profane.

PET GENIUS (feat Steve Brodsky) Releases Debut Full Length TODAY on Hydra Head!

(Featuring Stephen Brodsky of Cave In / Octave Museum)
Releases Self-Titled Debut TODAY on Hydra Head!

“Spectacular” – DECIBEL MAGAZINE

“Brodsky's astonishing. Eclectic and prolific” – PUNKNEWS.ORG

“Solid gold.” – ABSOLUTEPUNK.NET

“What happens when a man more closely aligned with metal goes the power-pop route? Stephen Brodsky answers that question and the result is more than satisfactory.” – SCENE POINT BLANK

Well, it happened again: Our close personal friend, confidant, Bartitsu stick-fighting champion and all around life-lover Stovetop Bredsky caught a case of the sniffles back in Boston, sneezed mightily (and wetly) and—we can only assume a breach in the space-time continuum here—a CD entitled Pet Genius landed on our antique Pembroke nightstand in Los Angeles with a card attached that said, “Please remit.” Because it was from our old pal Stevie B, we placed it in our hot pink Hello Kitty boombox—the one with the Carcass stickers on it—and upon reflection, during which it became apparent that Pet Genius excel at both pop-rock delights AND monster power grooves (sometimes within the same song), we decided that we would, in fact, remit. So we did. Remit that is. And you will too when you hear our main man Steev Brawdsky’s glorious guitarmanship and soothing vocal melodies rubbing up against the silky smooth bass stylings of Johnny Coolbreeze (a.k.a. Johnny Northrup) and the expert drummery of J.R. John Junior (a.k.a. J. R. Conners). In case you’re just waking up or not feeling so hot or just aren’t particularly detail-oriented, this basically means that half of Cave In, two-thirds of the Octave Museum (which, sadly, closed back in June) and one quarter of Doomriders are all up in this motherfucker. So what we’re saying is this: Please send us money (again).

Hydra Head - that means MANY heads. We like to flatter ourselves by looking at our back catalogue and getting a big ego boost at how diverse it is. And truthfully, we couldn’t help but feel like no artist is more multi-headed that Mr. Stephen Brodsky. Cave In, New Idea Society, Octave Museum and now - Pet Genius?

For Pet Genius, Brodsky has reunited with original Cave In basher JR and Octave Museum bassist Johnny Northup. Expect monster grooves, psychedelic abandon, and sublime pop melodies - because Stephen Brodsky can basically write any kind of song—make that a GREAT song—and find the
right partners in crime to let it bloom to life. While sadly we’ll miss the Octave Museum, it’s kind of a dream to see JR and Brodsky playing together again. And to see them actually ROCK is that much more special. Pet Genius is playing shows, so we’re banking on an actual tour at some point, too!

Pet Genius Tracklisting:

1. Doomsday [3:28]
2. The Visiting Dynamiter [2:20]
3. Walls of Etiquette [2:12]
4. Man of the Mountain [3:46]
5. Float My Boat [2:14]
6. Emit Fo Deeps Eht Esare [1:13]
7. Erase the Speed of Time [3:20]
8. Cosmic Erosion [3:24]
9. Trash Heap Swing [1:25]
10. Chromatic Blues [2:20]
11. Scrapyard King [4:08]

Pet Genius Live Dates Coming Soon!

For more information, visit

Pitchfork captures Jesu in Philly!

thanks to Marc Hogan and the Pitchfork staff for the sweet video:

Jesu (excerpt) Live @ The First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia, PA [10.19.07] from Mike on Vimeo.

JESU Releases "Lifeline" EP Today!

Releases "Lifeline" EP Today!

Dripping heavy, cascading walls of sound, U.K. shoegazing trio Jesu -- helmed by Justin Broadrick, with Diarmuid Dalton and Ted Parsons in tow -- churn out static-edged mini-epics – SPIN

Broadrick’s music comes over the stereo like its own weather pattern, an experience with more layers and detail than even 10 or 20 listens can trace out.” – PITCHFORK

The world's leading expert on distorting the living s**t out of an electric guitar. Heavier and more screwed-up than depleted uranium. Winner. – THE BBC

Count your lucky stars, fans of Justin Broadrick and Jesu. The man responsible for some of the most beautifully despondent, morose, funereal, and other synonyms for “sad” and “depressed” music of our generation has staved off suicide for yet another handful of months to grace us with a collection of melodically mournful and emotionally elegiac songs that could quite possibly give those already living on the edge a reason to find the highest viaduct in town. – DECIBEL

Arguably the most influential single figure in extreme music over the last two decades. – POPMATTERS

Could we possibly be serious? Four brand new jams from our favorite pot-addled limey genius, Justin K. Broadrick? One of which features a guest shot from ex-Swans vocalist Jarboe? Yeah, we’re totally serious—and wait ’til you hear our man’s latest clutch of dream rock gems. Like his previous EP, Silver, Lifeline is upper-atmosphere music that works just as well (if not better) down here on earth. We’d tell you more, but we’re too busy floating through the cirrus over Kangchenjunga right now, looking down at all those little specks that are really houses and cars and people and marveling at how insignificant we all are in the grand scheme of things and how the
universe will continue long after we’ve all shed our mortal coils or whatever and - uh - shit - we just lost our train of thought there for a second. But look: It’s fucking Jesu, so we figure it’s already on everyone’s Top 10 list this year. For those of you keeping score, that actually makes TWO Jesu records on everyone’s Top 10 list this year. Which only leaves eight other spots for all the other awesome we put out.

Alright, it’s official: JESU conquered 2007. We know the year ain’t over; we can just tell. Critically lauded second full length selling like hot cakes? Yes. A massively successful spring tour of the U.S. with ISIS and Zozobra? Yes. And wait, three more EPs since?!? Yes. Lifeline is the third, and it contains four of JESU’s most refined tracks of shoegazed metallic abandon, one of which features Swans diva of doom, Jarboe. JESU’s records are so consistently dope that fans will know what to expect with Lifeline: serene ambient beauty, heavy bombast, and that totally signature melancholy and optimism that courses through each release. Of course, if you’ve been paying any attention then you also know that no JESU release treads old ground – it always sounds fresh -- something Senor Broadrick can’t help but do, I guess, since he also founded Godflesh, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, etc. ad infinitum!

This EP will mark JESU’s return to our shores for their first headlining tour of the US. Expect that triumphant return to also feature a variety of great bands including other HH artists that Justin is hand-picking to provide support.

Lifeline Tracklist
1. Lifeline [5.17]
2. You Wear Their Masks [6.18]
3. Storm Comin' On [5.58]
4. End of the Road [5.34]

JESU Live!

North America
Oct 23 2007 The Middle East - Downstairs Cambridge, Massachusetts w/ Torche and Fog
Oct 24 2007 La Sala Rossa Montreal, Quebec w/ Torche and Tim Hecker
Oct 25 2007 Lees Palace Toronto, Ontario w/ Torche and Tim Hecker
Oct 26 2007 Showplace Theatre Buffalo, New York w/ Torche, Fog
Oct 27 2007 Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois w/ Torche, Fog
Oct 28 2007 The Picador Iowa City, Iowa w/ Torche and Fog
Oct 29 2007 Pops Sauget, Illinois w/ Torche, Fog and Yakuza
Oct 30 2007 Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas w/ Torche, Fog and Yakuza
Oct 31 2007 Marquis Theater Denver, Colorado w/ Yakuza
Nov 2 2007 Neumo’s Crystal Ball Seattle, Washington w/ SunnO))) and Eluvium
Nov 3 2007 Hawthorne Theatre Portland w/ SunnO))) and Eluvium
Nov 5 2007 Harlow’s Sacramento, California w/ These Arms are Snakes, Oxbow
Nov 6 2007 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, California w/ These Arms are Snakes, Oxbow
Nov 9 2007 Ex Plex Los Angeles, California w/ These Arms are Snakes, Oxbow

Nov 15 2007 Corporation Sheffield
Nov 16 2007 Oran Mor Glasgow, Scotland
Nov 17 2007 Cockpit Leeds
Nov 18 2007 Medicine Bar Birmingham
Nov 19 2007 Cooler Bristol
Nov 20 2007 Scala London

Nov 25 2007 Shibuya Club Quattro Tokyo
Nov 27 2007 Nagoya Club Quattro Nagoya
Nov 28 2007 Shinsaibashi Club Quattro Osaka

Europe w/ Fear Falls Burning
Dec 8 2007 B DRESDEN
Dec 10 2007 ARENA VIENNA
Dec 16 2007 La Cartonnerie REIMS

For more information, visit:

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Spinner talks O'Death / Pixies Tribue and Man Man / Modest Mouse tour!

big thanks to Benjy Eisen for the in-depth field reports! click photos for stories:

O'Death covers the Pixies!

Man Man tours w/ Modest Mouse... again!

Pitchfork previews Yakuza / Justin Broadrick remix!


Scissorfight frontman IRONLUNG Announces Weekend Art Show - Dead Whale Debut!

Announces New England Art Show This Saturday * Upcoming Dead Whale Debut!

Cape Cod recluse and Scissorfight front-man Ironlung will be debuting selective paintings from his 15 years of experimenting with visual art.

Samples of his work will be featured in a group exhibition called Circus Maximus, an art show spotlighting seven outsider artists of Cape Cod, MA.

Besides Ironlung, other artists include Mat Millet, Ethan Manach, Mike Koehler, Kris Smith, Scott Bruns, Shawn Morris, and Dave Wessinger. Live music by Squidda.

Ironlung's ltd debut shirt design will be available soon exclusively for

Ironlung is also working on his solo musical project Dead Whale. He is currently recording in the hills of Los Angeles and dunes of Cape Cod. The album will be available in 2008 on Tortuga Recordings.

Circus Maximus Group Show
Saturday, October 20th 7PM
@ Vixen
336 Commercial
Provincetown, MA

Contact info- Mat Millet (508)237-5151
e-mail -

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Brooklynvegan says: Go see Fatal Flying Guilloteens!

BrooklynVegan Mike explains:

FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS Release "Quantum Fucking" Today on Frenchkiss!

Release "Quantum Fucking" TODAY on Frenchkiss!

"A punk-as-fuck groove for more than 30 minutes, with enough yelping and yanking to get a room of Jesus Lizard fans grinning." - DECIBEL MAGAZINE

"Aggressive, raw, cutthroat and chaotic is what best describes the Houston, Texas five piece Fatal Flying Guilloteens. In these days of modern, punk bands, with their "guyliner" and manufactured angst, one would think that the band's name is sort of symbolic. It's like coming out of nowhere and beheading the industry with their abrasive sound." - URB MAGAZINE

"This is exactly the right time for Fatal Flying Guilloteens to unleash their spastic, dissonant, and vile punk rock mess Quantum Fucking upon unwitting ears. The Houston band has been churning out a bastardized version of garage rock for nearly a decade now, yet on their first album on Frenchkiss Records, and their third full-length overall, FFG have the right amount of polish to let their oily blemishes glisten amongst the ooze from which they emerged." - TREBLE MAGAZINE

"A shifty, grooving and frenetic listen, all wrapped up in a tight half-hour." - PUNK NEWS

Quantum Fucking, the new album from Houston's FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS, is a lesson in, well, fucking; fucking your ears, fucking your mind, and fucking your insides (especially in the live setting). Formed in the late 90's, the Guilloteens have been causing a severe ruckus in the dark and septic underground over the past few years, thanks to non-stop touring w/ incredible bands, allowing the world to witness and be owned by a living case of what-the-fuck-is-this-ness, while simultaniously releasing a seminal back catalogue which has created a now cult-like following.

Often misdiagnosed at the hands of reviewers and listener alike, the reference is never the same. Compared to everything from The Stooges to Jesus Lizard to Drive Like Jehu, the otherwise straight line has been blurred. Point A to point B is lost in the translation and what occurs in between is signature in its delivery. With floor show swagger and fire on the teeth, FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS have abandoned the verse chorus verse devices of "once was" and have created the upright working model of "what will be"

Quantum Fucking: a fictitious true life account of young love in the streets, was commissioned by Frenchkiss Records of NYC and is the highly anticipated third full length release of Houston's Fatal Flying Guilloteens. Following their split ep with Clevelands This Moment In Black History for the GSL label, Quantum Fucking not only assumes clever asterisk placing for the more reputable publishing houses, but that listeners from the previously inducted to the previously unaware follow suit in short order. From the standing room only unhinged humid throws of Texas haunts and dives to sharing larger stages with the likes of Sonic Youth, The Fall, Blonde Redhead, and other established types, the illicit sound once uttered amongst the lips of those belonging to the 4th largest city in the lower 48 is growing as the Guilloteens become increasingly well traveled.

Suggestions for alternate phrasing of Quantum Fucking for aforementioned reputable publishers listed as the following:

Quantum Copulation
Quantum Sexual act without intent to procreate
Quantum Humping
Quantum Boning
Quantum F*****g
Quantum Third Base

These 5 young men return as John. Adams(drums/guitar) Shawn Adolph (guitar/vocal) Mike Bonilla (drums/vocal) Roy Mata (bass) Erik Bogle (guitar/vocal) respectively.
They plan to visit your town in the fall/winter 2007-2008.

Listen to the track "Reveal The Rats" HERE!

"Quantum Fucking" Tracklist:

1. The First Act of Violence
2. Hello, Boss!!!
3. Charts
4. Reveal the Rats
5. Illegal Weapons Party
6. The Siren
7. Great Apes
8. Tiger vs. Gator
9. Long Distance Reach Around
10. Fantasy Licks with Platinum Ceiling
11. Non-Original Talent
12. Legion of Serpents

"Quantum Fucking" (French Kiss)
"split w/ This Moment In Black History" CD/12" (GSL)
"Get Knifed" CD only (Estrus)
"Now Hustle For New Diaboliks" LP/CD (Estrus)
"split/Scared Of Chaka" 7" (Dirtnap of Seattle)
"Ask Marie Antoinette" 7" (estrus records)
"Danger West" (peek-a-boo industries) -press kit version
"Danger West" 7" (peek-a-boo industries) -websiteversion-
"New Iron Fist" 7" (twistworthy records)
Tape: (Grey Ghost Recordings limited)

Fatal Flying Guilloteens Live!

Oct 17 2007 Soundfix Records (CMJ) Brooklyn, NY w/ The Big Sleep
Oct 18 2007 Pianos (CMJ) New York City, NY w/ The Big Sleep and Cut Off Your Hands
Oct 19 2007 R Bar (CMJ) Brooklyn, NY w/ Islands, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Black Kids, and Other Passengers
Oct 19 2007 Galapagos (CMJ) Brooklyn, NY w/ Jay Reatard, Foreign Born, A Place To Bury Strangers, Holy Hail and more
Oct 31 2007 The Proletariat Houston, Texas Record Release Show!

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