Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Announce CMJ Appearances in Support of Upcoming Album "Quantum Fucking" out October 16th on French Kiss!

"Disjointed blues riffs wrap themselves neatly around foot-tapping (yet anarchic) drum beats, with the screaming of our pubescent superstar layered on top, combined to form an Extra Value Meal of blues-punks-who-used-to-like-indie-rock-but-got-bored-with-it-by-grade-ten." - VICE MAGAZINE

"And the Fatal Flying Guilloteens? Well, Chunklet's had a big ol' boner for those Houstonians for years now. Their new album is due in the late spring on Frenchkiss Records and is a kinetic interpretation of The Jesus Lizard discography crammed thru a kaleidoscope of dark 90's spazz rockers like the VSS. And again, their live shows are quite galvanizing and have only improved in all the times I've seen them. And hell, Tim Kerr adores them! That should be enough for anybody." - CHUNKLET

"Call me ridiculous, but Houston's Fatal Flyin' Guilloteens just may be the only credible musical descendants of renegade Houstonian bluesmen like Amos Milburn and Lightnin' Hopkins. Listen and marvel at the way they contort the blues into a rusty, tangled mass of over-amplified six-string wreckage. With lots of runaway slide guitar and gnarled riffs strewn about, these are some of the most demented hooks you've heard since discovering your former flower-child parents' collection of Country Joe and the Fish albums. Hell, Houston is the most polluted city in the country, so why shouldn't it render equally toxic bands?" - PITCHFORK

"Angular guitars jut out like broken appendages, and the rhythm section threatens to destroy everything in sight... a smart, stop-start garage-punk album mixing its prescriptions with its libations and hammering multiple emotions through its amps at once." - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

Quantum Fucking, the new album from Houston's FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS, is a lesson in, well, fucking; fucking your ears, fucking your mind, and fucking your insides (especially in the live setting). Formed in the late 90's, the Guilloteens have been causing a severe ruckus in the dark and septic underground over the past few years, thanks to non-stop touring w/ incredible bands, allowing the world to witness and be owned by a living case of what-the-fuck-is-this-ness, while simultaniously releasing a seminal back catalogue which has created a now cult-like following.

Often misdiagnosed at the hands of reviewers and listener alike, the reference is never the same. Compared to everything from Pere Ubu to Gang Of Four to the Stooges, the otherwise straight line has been blurred. Point A to point B is lost in the translation and what occurs in between is signature in its delivery. With floor show swagger and fire on the teeth, FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS have abandoned the verse chorus verse devices of "once was" and have created the upright working model of "what will be"

Quantum Fucking: a fictitious true life account of young love in the streets, was commissioned by Frenchkiss Records of NYC and is the highly anticipated third full length release of Houston's Fatal Flying Guilloteens. Following their split ep with Clevelands This Moment In Black History for the GSL label, Quantum Fucking not only assumes clever asterisk placing for the more reputable publishing houses, but that listeners from the previously inducted to the previously unaware follow suit in short order. From the standing room only unhinged humid throws of Texas haunts and dives to sharing larger stages with the likes of Sonic Youth, The Fall, Blonde Redhead, and other established types, the illicit sound once uttered amongst the lips of those belonging to the 4th largest city in the lower 48 is growing as the Guilloteens become increasingly well traveled.

Suggestions for alternate phrasing of Quantum Fucking for aforementioned reputable publishers listed as the following:

Quantum Copulation
Quantum Sexual act without intent to procreate
Quantum Humping
Quantum Boning
Quantum F*****g
Quantum Third Base

These 5 young men return as J. Adams(drums/guitar) S. Adolph (guitar/vocal) M. Bonilla (drums/vocal) R. Mata (bass) B. Mcmanus (guitar/vocal) respectively.
They plan to visit your town in the fall/winter 2007-2008.

Listen to the track "Reveal The Rats" HERE!

"Quantum Fucking" Tracklist:

1. The First Act of Violence
2. Hello, Boss!!!
3. Charts
4. Reveal the Rats
5. Illegal Weapons Party
6. The Siren
7. Great Apes
8. Tiger vs. Gator
9. Long Distance Reach Around
10. Fantasy Licks with Platinum Ceiling
11. Non-Original Talent
12. Legion of Serpents

"Quantum Fucking" (French Kiss)
"split w/ This Moment In Black History" CD/12" (GSL)
"Get Knifed" CD only (Estrus)
"Now Hustle For New Diaboliks" LP/CD (Estrus)
"split/Scared Of Chaka" 7" (Dirtnap of Seattle)
"Ask Marie Antoinette" 7" (estrus records)
"Danger West" (peek-a-boo industries) -press kit version
"Danger West" 7" (peek-a-boo industries) -websiteversion-
"New Iron Fist" 7" (twistworthy records)
Tape: (Grey Ghost Recordings limited)

Fatal Flying Guilloteens Live!

Oct 17 2007 Soundfix Records (CMJ) Brooklyn, NY w/ The Big Sleep
Oct 18 2007 Pianos (CMJ) New York City, NY w/ The Big Sleep and Cut Off Your Hands
Oct 19 2007 R Bar (CMJ) Brooklyn, NY w/ Islands, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Black Kids, and Other Passengers
Oct 19 2007 Galapagos (CMJ) Brooklyn, NY w/ Jay Reatard, Foreign Born, A Place To Bury Strangers, Holy Hail and more
Oct 31 2007 The Proletariat Houston, Texas Record Release Show!

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