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THE BLACK SWANS Announce East Coast Dates * Making of Limited Vinyl!

thanks to Pitchfork for the nice bit of news!

Watch the making of The Black Swans limited vinyl album covers:

This video features members of Arc North Workshop in the process of painting album jackets for Change! by The Black Swans. Arc North is a sheltered art workshop, a branch of Franklin County Board of MRDD. They provide services for 300 adults with developmental challenges and recognize their talents by offering an environment that reinforces their confidence and self expression.

The limited edition vinyl version (LSE 007.5) features original, one of a kind artwork by workshop members who applied their expression to 500 blank album jackets.

The original album cover painting, Untitled, is by Debbie Porchetti, a member of Arc North Workshop.

Stream "Change!" out November 6th on La Société Expéditionnaire HERE!

The Black Swans Live!

Sep 29 2007 Grimey’s Fall Par-tay! Nashville, Tennessee
Oct 16 2007 Red and Black Bar Washington DC w/ Brandon L. Butler and John Bustine
Oct 17 2007 La Societe Expeditionnaire CMJ Showcase at Union Pool Brooklyn, New York w/ Moon + Moon, Lewis & Clarke, Strand of Oaks, Dragon Turtle
Oct 18 2007 Sound Fix Record Store FREE Brooklyn, New York w/ O'Death and Lewis & Clarke
Oct 19 2007 Pete’s CAndy Store Brooklyn, NY
Oct 20 2007 Test Pattern Scranton, Pennsylvania w/ Lewis & Clarke
Oct 25 2007 Schubas Chicago, Illinois w/ His Name is Alive
Oct 26 2007 Daytrotter recording session Rock Island, Illinois
Oct 26 2007 Surly Girl Cd Release Columbus, Ohio w/ Bird and Flower
Nov 2 2007 Yeah, Me Too Coffee LP jackets/ARC art opening Columbus, Ohio
Nov 14 2007 JD gives Bob Dylan lecture at Ohio State Columbus, Ohio
Nov 16 2007 Unitarian Church Chapel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ Lewis & Clarke
Nov 18 2007 Cake Shop Brooklyn, New York w/ Michael Hurley

For more information, visit:

Pitchfork reviews The Austerity Program's "Black Madonna!"

fuck yeah!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

RONEN KAUFFMAN Featured Myspace Blogger!

It's true! Author, teacher, and podcasting-trailblazer Ronen Kauffman, lends his words to the masses as he appears this week as Myspace's featured blogger, in celebration of his new book, "New Brunswick, NJ, Goodbye" out now on Hopeless / Sub City!

click to read!

JESU Announces "Lifeline" EP * World Tour!

Announces "Lifeline" EP out October 9th on Hydra Head * Massive World Tour!

Dripping heavy, cascading walls of sound, U.K. shoegazing trio Jesu -- helmed by Justin Broadrick, with Diarmuid Dalton and Ted Parsons in tow -- churn out static-edged mini-epics – SPIN

Broadrick’s music comes over the stereo like its own weather pattern, an experience with more layers and detail than even 10 or 20 listens can trace out.” – PITCHFORK

The world's leading expert on distorting the living s**t out of an electric guitar. Heavier and more screwed-up than depleted uranium. Winner. – THE BBC

Count your lucky stars, fans of Justin Broadrick and Jesu. The man responsible for some of the most beautifully despondent, morose, funereal, and other synonyms for “sad” and “depressed” music of our generation has staved off suicide for yet another handful of months to grace us with a collection of melodically mournful and emotionally elegiac songs that could quite possibly give those already living on the edge a reason to find the highest viaduct in town. – DECIBEL

Arguably the most influential single figure in extreme music over the last two decades. – POPMATTERS

Could we possibly be serious? Four brand new jams from our favorite pot-addled limey genius, Justin K. Broadrick? One of which features a guest shot from ex-Swans vocalist Jarboe? Yeah, we’re totally serious—and wait ’til you hear our man’s latest clutch of dream rock gems. Like his previous EP, Silver, Lifeline is upper-atmosphere music that works just as well (if not better) down here on earth. We’d tell you more, but we’re too busy floating through the cirrus over Kangchenjunga right now, looking down at all those little specks that are really houses and cars and people and marveling at how insignificant we all are in the grand scheme of things and how the
universe will continue long after we’ve all shed our mortal coils or whatever and - uh - shit - we just lost our train of thought there for a second. But look: It’s fucking Jesu, so we figure it’s already on everyone’s Top 10 list this year. For those of you keeping score, that actually makes TWO Jesu records on everyone’s Top 10 list this year. Which only leaves eight other spots for all the other awesome we put out

Alright, it’s official: JESU conquered 2007. I know the year ain’t over; we can just tell. Critically lauded second full length selling like hot cakes? Yes. A massively successful spring tour of the U.S. with ISIS and Zozobra? Yes. And wait, three more EPs since?!? Yes. Lifeline is the third, and it contains four of JESU’s most refined tracks of shoegazed metallic abandon, one of which features Swans diva of doom, Jarboe. JESU’s records are so consistently dope that fans will know what to expect with Lifeline: serene ambient beauty, heavy bombast, and that totally signature melancholy and optimism that courses through each release. Of course, if you’ve been paying any attention then you also know that no JESU release treads old ground – it always sounds fresh -- something Senor Broadrick can’t help but do, I guess, since he also founded Godflesh, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, etc. ad infinitum!

This EP will mark JESU’s return to our shores for their first headlining tour of the US. Expect that triumphant return to also feature a variety of great bands including other HH artists that Justin is hand-picking to provide support.

Lifeline Tracklist
1. Lifeline [5.17]
2. You Wear Their Masks [6.18]
3. Storm Comin' On [5.58]
4. End of the Road [5.34]

JESU Live!

North America
Oct 4 2007 Casbah San Diego, California w/ Earthless, Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 5 2007 Amoeba In-Store Los Angeles, California
Oct 6 2007 The Sets Tempe, Arizona w/ Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 7 2007 Launchpad Albuquerque, New Mexico w/ Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 9 2007 Hailey’s Denton, Texas w/ USSA, Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 10 2007 The Mohawk Austin, Texas w/ USSA, Weedeater, Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 11 2007 Walters Houston, Texas w/ Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 12 2007 Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, Louisiana w/ Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 13 2007 Club Downunder Tallahassee, Florida w/ Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 15 2007 The Social Orlando, Florida w/ Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 16 2007 The Earl Atlanta, Georgia w/ Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 17 2007 Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, North Carolina w/ Fog, Wolves in the Throne Room
Oct 18 2007 Black Cat Washington, Washington DC w/ Torche and Fog
Oct 19 2007 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ Torche and Fog
Oct 20 2007 Grammercy Theatre New York, New York w/ Torche and Fog
Oct 21 2007 The Polish Club Poughkeepsie, New York w/ Torche and Fog
Oct 22 2007 Trinity On Main New Britain, Connecticut w/ Torche and Fog
Oct 23 2007 The Middle East - Downstairs Cambridge, Massachusetts w/ Torche and Fog
Oct 24 2007 La Sala Rossa Montreal, Quebec w/ Torche and Tim Hecker
Oct 25 2007 Lees Palace Toronto, Ontario w/ Torche and Tim Hecker
Oct 26 2007 Showplace Theatre Buffalo, New York w/ Torche, Fog
Oct 27 2007 Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois w/ Torche, Fog
Oct 28 2007 The Picador Iowa City, Iowa w/ Torche and Fog
Oct 29 2007 Pops Sauget, Illinois w/ Torche, Fog and Yakuza
Oct 30 2007 Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas w/ Torche, Fog and Yakuza
Oct 31 2007 Marquis Theater Denver, Colorado w/ Yakuza
Nov 2 2007 Neumo’s Crystal Ball Seattle, Washington w/ SunnO))) and Eluvium
Nov 3 2007 Hawthorne Theatre Portland w/ SunnO))) and Eluvium
Nov 5 2007 Harlow’s Sacramento, California w/ These Arms are Snakes, Oxbow
Nov 6 2007 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, California w/ These Arms are Snakes, Oxbow
Nov 9 2007 Ex Plex Los Angeles, California w/ These Arms are Snakes, Oxbow

Nov 15 2007 Corporation Sheffield
Nov 16 2007 Oran Mor Glasgow, Scotland
Nov 17 2007 Cockpit Leeds
Nov 18 2007 Medicine Bar Birmingham
Nov 19 2007 Cooler Bristol
Nov 20 2007 Scala London

Nov 25 2007 Shibuya Club Quattro Tokyo
Nov 27 2007 Nagoya Club Quattro Nagoya
Nov 28 2007 Shinsaibashi Club Quattro Osaka

Europe w/ Fear Falls Burning
Dec 8 2007 B DRESDEN
Dec 10 2007 ARENA VIENNA
Dec 16 2007 La Cartonnerie REIMS

For more information, visit:

Friday, September 21, 2007

WORLD/INFERNO on Fearless TV Saturday Night!

if you live in the NYC area, don't miss THE WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY Live on Fearless TV this Saturday Night on Fox 5! click below for more information:

help a bro

our boy Jason Bergman (contributor to Pitchfork, Pastepunk, Spin, etc) got robbed of some pretty hefty gear this week.

if you see these things on ebay or craigslist, hit him up or call the cops (like they'd give a shit, but J Bergs will run up on those fools and teach 'em a lesson)

click HERE for the list of stolen goods

Jambase talks to O'Death!

big-ups to our buddy Chris Pacifico and the Jambase crew!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

THE NUMBER 12 LOOKS LIKE YOU Announces US Tour w/ Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Announces US Tour w/ Drop Dead Gorgeous and Alesana!

"The prolific maestros of chaotic metal are back with another aptly titled disc with 10 tracks that pull from death metal, hardcore and... Jazz?. Yes, jazz.." - Alternative Press

“On their latest record, Mongrel (Eyeball), New Jersey’s the Number 12 Looks Like You combine elements of mathcore, hardcore, jazz, and pretty much whatever else pops into their heads—with explosive results.” – Revolver Magazine

“Mongrel fits its name – it’s a dirty, vicious, mixed up beast of a project - quite spectacular” – Decibel Magazine

“It's pretty intimidating to think how much practice and woodshedding they must have endured to get these complicated math formula-esque compositions sounding just right....Both intense and complex, there's very little room for error on Mongrel." - All Music

*** (September 2007) Three months and countless dates on Sounds of The Underground Tour since the release of their latest album Mongrel, The Number Twelve Looks Like You has plans to once again leave home to spread their genre-defying-rock across the country. Easily the fastest selling record in Eyeball Record’s history, Mongrel debuted at #19 on the Billboard New Artist Chart and was the #3 most added record to CMJ Loud Rock. ***

A product of harried miscegenation, a foaming mix-breed halved and re-halved by the pitifully obvious and the suddenly homicidal, Mongrel is a collusion of conflicting desires and uncontrollable urges, a heart-eating hellion seesawing wildly between the need for stasis and an unflinching commitment to violence. It’s also the third full-length from New Jersey six-piece The Number Twelve Looks Like You. “It’s most definitely a concept album,” vocalist Jesse “Jase” Korman explains. “When we started writing the songs, not one sounded like another—or any of our old songs—and none of them as a whole sound like anything out there. It’s like a schizophrenic person, or a mongrel.”

Despite the fact that the album’s lyrics were written by Korman and fellow Number 12 vocalist Justin Pedrick, the songs themselves represent the erratic viewpoints of one character, the titular Mongrel Album opener “Imagine Nation Express” is “about a friend who just turned into a bastard,” Korman explains. “The whole thing is an imaginary scenario about his body being tied to two different trains that rip him apart and then me dancing on the remains.”

Sonically, Mongrel is a dizzying rhythmic vortex propelled by angular shredding, algebraic drum work, paint-peeling screams/shrieks/grunts, torrential bass moves, dicey time signatures and the occasional flamenco guitar break. And then, suddenly—as on “Jay Walking Backwards”—it’s something else entirely: A melodic jazz-grind triumph, a wink and a nod to post-rock enthusiasts and fret-obsessed math commandos alike. Flawlessly executed and crisply recorded (with producer Casey Bates in Seattle, Washington), we might add.

The Number 12 dudes have been slogging across North America with bands as disparate and diverse as Thursday, Minus The Bear, Every Time I Die, Shadows Fall, Ed Gein, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Darkest Hour and GWAR.

The Number 12 Looks Like You LIVE!

w/ See You Next Tuesday, At The Throne of Judgment, and I Hate Sally
Sep 28 2007 Backstage Enterprises Kingston, Pennsylvania
Sep 29 2007 Harmony Grange Wilmington, Delaware
Sep 30 2007 The Ottobar - EARLY SHOW 3PM Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 2 2007 Lawerenceville Moose Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Oct 3 2007 Hayloft Liquor Stand Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Oct 4 2007 Creepy Crawl St. Louis, Missouri
Oct 5 2007 The Rockbox Rockford, Illinois
Oct 8 2007 The Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
Oct 9 2007 Sector 7G Augusta, Georgia
Oct 10 2007 The Soapbox Laundrolounge Wilmington, North Carolina
Oct 11 2007 The Casbah @ The Tremont Music Hall Charlotte, North Carolina
Oct 13 2007 Championship Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
Oct 14 2007 Xtreme Wheels Buffalo, New York
Oct 16 2007 ICC Performance Hall Allston, Massachusetts
Oct 18 2007 American Legion Post 79 Manchester, New Hampshire
Oct 19 2007 The Station Portland, Maine
Oct 20 2007 The Sherman Theatre - WAIDESTOCK! Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania w/ It Dies Today, the Ataris, Big D and The Kid's Table and more!

w/ Drop Dead Gorgeous and Alesana!
Oct 30 2007 Picador Iowa City, Iowa
Nov 1 2007 The Mad Hatter Covington, Kentucky
Nov 2 2007 Crocodile Rock Allentown, Pennsylvania
Nov 3 2007 Asbury Park Convention Hall Asbury Park, New Jersey
Nov 4 2007 Living Room Providence, Rhode Island
Nov 5 2007 New Renaissance Theatre- Syracuse, New York
Nov 6 2007 Le National Montreal, Quebec
Nov 7 2007 Babylon Ottawa, Ontario
Nov 8 2007 The Casbah Hamilton, Ontario
Nov 9 2007 Skelletones Grand Rapids, Michigan
Nov 10 2007 The Basement Columbus, Ohio
Nov 11 2007 Alley Katz Richmond, Virginia
Nov 12 2007 The Brewery Raleigh, N. Carolina
Nov 13 2007 Greene Street Greensboro, N. Carolina
Nov 14 2007 New Brookland Tavern Columbus, S. Carolina
Nov 16 2007 State Theatre St. Petersburg, Florida
Nov 17 2007 Culture Room Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Nov 18 2007 Jack Rabbits Jacksonville, Florida
Nov 19 2007 First Avenue Birmingham, Alabama
Nov 20 2007 The Dregs Memphis, Tennessee
Nov 21 2007 Vino’s Little Rock, Arkansas
Nov 23 2007 The Foundry Music Theatre Joplin , Missouri
Nov 24 2007 Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack Lewisville, Texas
Nov 25 2007 Emo’s Alternative Lounging Austin, Texas
Nov 26 2007 Lonestar Event Center Lubbock, Texas
Nov 27 2007 Chic’s Bar & Billiards El Paso, Texas
Nov 28, 2007 The Rock Tucson, Arizona
Nov 29 2007 Soma San Diego, California
Nov 30 2007 Jerry’s Pizza & Pub Bakersfield, California
Dec 1 2007 The Boardwalk Orangevale, California

For more information visit:

MAN MAN Tours w/ Modest Mouse * Appears on "Weeds" and in Nike commercial?!

Man Man Nike commercial!

Catch Man Man October 1st on "Weeds" (Showtime) as they perform the theme song "Little Boxes"

Man Man Live!

09-20 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church w/ The Wrens and A-Sides
10-02 New York, NY - Webster Hall w/ Celebration and Pissed Jeans
10-03 Burlington, VT - Club Metronome
10-04 Montreal, Quebec - La Sala Rossa (Pop Montreal)
10-05 Northampton, MA - Pearl Street
10-06 Clinton, NY - Hamilton College Annex w/ Grizzly Bear
10-07 Buffalo, NY - Tralf Music Hall
10-08 Cleveland Heights, OH - Beachland Ballroom w/ Ted Leo

w/ The Extraordinaries

10-09 Athens, OH - The Union
10-11 Newport, KY - Southgate House
10-12 Urbana, IL - Illini Union Courtyard Cafe
10-13 Lexington, KY - The Dame
10-14 Fulton County, GA - Bouckaert Farm (Echo Project)
10-15 Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone
10-16 Birmingham, AL - Bottletree Cafe
10-17 New Orleans, LA - Republic
10-18 Houston, TX - Proletariat
10-19 Dallas, TX - The Loft at the Palladium
10-20 Austin, TX - Emo's

Support tba
10-22 Phoenix, AZ - The Rhythm Room
10-23 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
10-25 San Francisco, CA - Slim's
10-26 Sacramento, CA - Blue Lamp
10-27 Santa Cruz, CA - The Crepe Place
10-28 Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre
10-29 Kennewick, WA - The Red Room Coffee and Concert House
10-30 Seattle, WA – Neumos

w/ Modest Mouse!
10-31 Spokane, WA - Big Easy Concert House
11-01 Spokane, WA - Big Easy Concert House
11-02 Calgary, Alberta - MacEwan Ballroom
11-03 Edmonton, Alberta - Edmonton Events Centre
11-05 Regina, Saskatchewan - Conexus Arts Centre
11-06 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Oden Event Centre
11-07 Winnipeg, Manitoba - Burton Cummings Theater
11-09 Des Moines, IA - Val-Air Ballroom
11-10 Madison, WI - Orpheum Theatre
11-11 Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom
11-12 Indianapolis, IN - Murat Egyptian Room
11-14 St. Louis, MO - The Pageant

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LostAtSea interviews Lewis and Clarke!

big thanks to Jennifer Kelly!

The NY Times reviews Fucked Up "Year of the Pig"

‘Year of the Pig’


That’s the name of a monstrous new 18-minute song by a neo-hardcore band from Toronto. And the name of the band? Well, suffice it to say that if newspaper coverage were a priority, the members might have called themselves Messed Up instead. You can find “Year of the Pig” on iTunes and elsewhere. The 1980s Portland, Ore., band Poison Idea is an obvious influence, although Poison Idea wasn’t known for composing multipart epics about sexism and serial killing and the meat industry. In any case, this is an unreasonably stubborn song, building momentum slowly as the guest singer Jennifer Castle murmurs the lyrics (“Pigs at the trough show no fear”) and Pink Eye, the band’s lead singer, roars them (“Pigs at the trough getting fat!”). The band trudges slowly along for six minutes, then builds momentum, then lurches forward, riding a relatively sleek groove as Pink Eye declaims the words (“Ashamed of the pig in our head/Ashamed, so we kill ’em instead”) as the band stretches up and surges forward and, finally, collapses in a heap. This is the second installment in a series inspired by the Chinese zodiac; with any luck, “Year of the Rat” is up next.

Shows of the week: Man Man, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, O'Death and more!


Monday, September 17th - BIRDS OF AVALON @ the Triple Rock in Minneapolis, MN w/ The Fucking Champs!
If you're familiar w/ Raleigh's BIRDS OF AVALON, odds are you're a fan of their psychedelic sonic rip-rock ala Blue Cheer / Sir Lord Baltimore and odds are you're as stoked as we are for the endless touring, taking them around the country w/ the likes of the Fucking Champs, Ted Leo, Riverboat Gamblers, and starting next week, the one and only, Flaming Lips. This week, pack yourself a monster bowl and head for the Triple Rock for a large dose of the heavy!

Tuesday, September 18th - BIG BUSINESS @ the Showbox in Seattle w/ The Melvins!
Not much needs to be said about this ridiculous tour, excpet to point out that BIG BUSINESS are headed back to their home-town of Seattle to blow minds one more time. Will they get heckled for moving to LA, or heralded for their non-stop rock attack that's been garnering them world-wide success unlike any they've seen before? For entertainment's sake, let's hope it's a healthy mix of both.

Wednesday, September 19th - O'DEATH @ The Rickshaw Shop in San Francisco w/ Rock Plaza Central!
The West Coast is about to be blessed w/ some of the best home-grown appalachian-punk the world of rock has possibly ever seen. Supporting the re-release of their debut album "Head Home" - Brooklyn's O'DEATH play some of the most heartfelt and boot stompin' rock this side of the Mississippi. If you're in SF or LA, definitely make it a point not to miss what will undoubtedly be one of the standout shows of the year.

Thursday, September 20th - MAN MAN @ The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia w/ The Wrens and The A-Sides
Attention Philadelphia: On this day, local Philadelphia musicians mourn the loss and celebrate the life of Trevor Butler. Vinyl copies of the new Coyote record, one of Butler's bands, will be given away to all who attend, and proceeds for this show will go to Butler's family. If you can not attend and would like to make a donation, you can visit this website .

Thursday, September 20th - THE AUSTERITY PROGRAM @ Europa in Brooklyn w/ Ulver!
Get ready for a night of machine-gun brutality as Astoria's AUSTERITY PROGRAM grace us w/ a rare performance supporting their latest release "Black Madonna," out now on Hydra Head, and talk about their sales war w/ Coalesce. Ulver also brings some surprises this night as they celebrate their new album on The End Records.

Friday, September 21st - FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS @ Williamsburg Music Hall (formerly North Six) w/ Les Savy Fav!
Hell yeah! What better way to spend a Friday night then to witness a rare appearance from underground spazz-rock legends, the FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS, as they open for the critically acclaimed Les Savy Fav. Listen to the Guilloteens sing about "Quantum Fucking" and wile the f*ck out! FFG are easily one of the sickest live bands you'll ever see (w/ your pants off. what?)

Friday, September 21st - THE BLACK SWANS @ Cafe Bourbon St in Columbus, OH
Following up their acclaimed and uncomfortable Sex Brain EP, The Black Swans remove tongue from cheek and pour forth the reconciliation and reconstruction of spirit. Raw and contrary, Change! is a slow-burner that slips through the fingers, taking a left turn to Twin Peaks. Dark and sweet...Appalachian and learned in its sweep.

Saturday, September 22nd - YAKUZA @ The Empty Bottle in Chicago w/ Zoroaster and Withered!
For the past few years, YAKUZA has been receieving critical acclaim across the board from the likes of metal, jazz, and mainstream-music publications world-wide, ackowledging the band's groundbreaking diversity. YAKUZA incorporates the sounds of heavy-metal, avant-jazz, and psyche-rock, creating a sound that rivals just about anything being recorded in the modern day heavy music scene. Catch this special one-off show before the band takes off w/ Justin Broadrick's Jesu late this Fall.

Sunday, September 23rd - LEWIS & CLARKE @ Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia w/ Bat For Lashes!
Currently laying down some of the most precious songs put to wax, PA's LEWIS & CLARKE prepare to kickoff the first proper US tour in support of their latest release, "Blasts of Holy Birth," this Sunday, as they travel New England, Canada and the Midwest w/ friends and fellow saviors of music, BAT FOR LASHES. Come take part in what many consider a spiritually uplifting experience, and witness some of the most talented and talked about song-crafters pioneering today's modern, orchestral, "post-folk neo-baroque" movement.

Sunday, September 23rd - WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY @ The Knitting Factory in NYC w/ The Subhumans!
This Sunday, THE WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY join fores w/ one of punk rock's living legends, the almighty SUBHUMANS, to give the youngins a quick history lesson. Currently on the road supporting their latest release "Addicted To Bad Ideas," (Chunksaah) The Inferno are about to blow minds around the country as their endless tour schedule sees them on the road first w/ The Subhumans, then w/ the Bouncing Souls and Modern Life is War, and ending the year w/ a nation-wide jaunt w/ Against Me!

Also this week:

Thu Sep 20 2007 Beerland Austin, Texas
Fri Sep 21 2007 Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar San Antonio, Texas
Sat Sep 22 2007 Soundpony Tulsa, Oklahoma

w/ The Melvins
Tue Sep 18 2007 The Showbox Seattle, Washington
Wed Sep 19 2007 Wonder Ballroom Portland, Oregon
Fri Sep 21 2007 Aggie Theater Ft. Collins, Colorado
Sat Sep 22 2007 Gothic Theatre Denver, Colorado
Sun Sep 23 2007 The Black Sheep Colorado Springs, Colorado

w/ The Fucking Champs
Mon Sep 17 2007 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, Minnesota
Tue Sep 18 2007 Waiting Room Omaha, Nebraska
Wed Sep 19 2007 Record Bar Kansas City, Missouri
Thu Sep 20 2007 Larimer Lounge Denver, Colorado
Fri Sep 21 2007 Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, Utah

Wed Sep 19 2007 Barfly -UK Birmingham
Thu Sep 20 2007 Wedgewood Rooms - UK Portsmouth
Fri Sep 21 2007 Cornerhouse - UK Middlesborough
Sat Sep 22 2007 Zodiac - UK Oxford
Sun Sep 23 2007 Academy 3 - UK Manchester

Thu Sep 20 2007 Circle of Hope Philadelphia, PA
Sun Sep 23 2007 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia, PA w/ Bat For Lashes

w/ Rock Plaza Central
Tue Sep 18 2007 Lobot Gallery Oakland, California
Wed Sep 19 2007 Rickshaw Shop San Francisco, California
Thu Sep 20 2007 The Echo Los Angeles, California
Sat Sep 22 2007 Pomona College--- Dom’s Lounge Claremont, California
Sun Sep 23 2007 Rhythm Room Phoenix, Arizona

Thu Sep 20 2007 Casa Cantina (JD solo show) Athens, Ohio
Fri Sep 21 2007 Cafe Bourbon St. Columbus, Ohio

w/ The Subhumans
Mon Sep 17 2007 Map Room Charleston, South Carolina
Tue Sep 18 2007 Asheville Arts Center Asheville, North Carolina
Wed Sep 19 2007 20th Century Theater Cincinnati, Ohio
Thu Sep 20 2007 Mr Smalls Millvale (pittsburgh), Pennsylvania
Fri Sep 21 2007 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sat Sep 22 2007 Otto Bar Baltimore, Maryland
Sun Sep 23 2007 Knitting Factory New York, New York

Sun Sep 23 2007 Fleischer Art Memorial Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ Christian Wolff
Sun Sep 23 2007 Bowerbird Concert Series Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Friday, September 14, 2007

BIG BUSINESS Kickoff US Tour w/ The Melvins!

Big Business w/ The Melvins!

Sep 15 2007 Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, California
Sep 16 2007 Harlow’s Night Club Sacramento, California
Sep 18 2007 The Showbox Seattle, Washington
Sep 19 2007 Wonder Ballroom Portland, Oregon
Sep 21 2007 Aggie Theater Ft. Collins, Colorado
Sep 22 2007 Gothic Theatre Denver, Colorado
Sep 23 2007 The Black Sheep Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sep 25 2007 The Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas
Sep 26 2007 Pop’s Sauget, Illinois
Sep 27 2007 Double Door Chicago, Illinois
Sep 28 2007 Small’s Detroit, Michigan
Sep 29 2007 Peabody’s Cleveland, Ohio
Oct 1 2007 The Fillmore at TLA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Oct 2 2007 Ottobar Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 4 2007 Toad’s Place New Haven, Connecticut
Oct 5 2007 The Fillmore at Irving Plaza New York, New York
Oct 6 2007 The Luna Lounge Brooklyn, New York
Oct 7 2007 The Black Cat Washington DC, Washington DC
Oct 9 2007 Ground Zero Spartanburg, South Carolina
Oct 10 2007 40 Watt Club Athens, Georgia
Oct 11 2007 Bottle Tree Birmingham, Alabama
Oct 12 2007 Blue Cats Knoxville, Tennessee
Oct 13 2007 Exit/In Nashville, Tennessee
Oct 15 2007 One Eyed Jack’s New Orleans, Louisiana
Oct 16 2007 Red Room at Meridian Houston, Texas
Oct 17 2007 Emo’s Austin, Texas
Oct 18 2007 Granada Theatre Dallas, Texas
Oct 22 2007 The Clubhouse Tempe, Arizona

TEAM ROBESPIERRE w/ Japanther Tonight!

Punknews reviews "New Brunswick, NJ, Goodbye"

"Ronen has crafted a story that proudly sits on my bookshelf alongside Cometbus, Burn Collector, Doris and other classic representations of the "underground scene"


Thursday, September 13, 2007

BIRDS OF AVALON Add Dates w/ Ted Leo, Don Cab, and more!


w/ Fucking Champs!
Sep 13 2007 Starlite Room Edmonton, Alberta
Sep 14 2007 The Lazy Owl Regina, Saskatchewan
Sep 15 2007 Royal Albert Hall Winnipeg, Manitoba
9/16/2007 Aquarium Fargo, ND
9/17/2007 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, MN
9/18/2007 Waiting Room Omaha, NE
9/19/2007 Record Bar Kansas City, MO
9/20/2007 Larimer Lounge Denver, CO
9/21/2007 Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, UT

w/ The Flaming Lips!
9/24 Lonestar Pavilion @ Sunset Station San Antonio, TX
9/25 La Zona Rosa Austin, TX
9/28 The Pageant St. Louis, MO
9/30 Agora Theater Cleveland, OH
10/1 Clutch Cargos Detroit, MI
10/3 Amos Southend Charlotte, NC

w/ Ted Leo etc!
11/1 The Bottletree Birmingham, ALw/ Scout Niblett
11/2 Blue Money Monroe, LA
11/3 Hailey's Denton, TX w/ Ted Leo
11/4 Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin w/ Ted Leo
11/5 Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, LA w/ Don Cab
11/6 Juanita's Cantina Little Rock, AR w/ Ted Leo
11/7 Hi Tone Memphis, TN w/ Ted Leo
11/8 5 Spot Nashville, TN

MuzzleOfBees interviews Lewis & Clarke!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007