Friday, October 31, 2008

Pitchfork Interviews Lustmord for Halloween Installment of "Show No Mercy!"

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Column: Show No Mercy

Dark ambient progenitor and Crow and Underworld soundtracker Brian Williams, aka Lustmord, released [ O T H E R ] on Hydra Head a couple months ago, but its creepy twists and turns are a more fitting autumn listen, so I decided to ask the Los Angeles-based Welshman a few questions about its 80 minutes of eerie haunted house creaks and drones.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trash Talk on!

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CMJ's Hottest Bands: 10 Buzz-Worthy Breakouts

Trash Talk
Playing three shows at three venues in one night, Sacramento punk powerhouse Trash Talk lived up to the short, fast and intense spirit that of their debut album — a self-titled blink-and-you-miss-it blur fueled by early, spazzy Black Flag and later, sludgy Black Flag. At the first show at Brooklyn's Europa, lead singer Lee Spielman gave his all, flailing around in the audience, doing somersaults and generally egging on the 50-or-so kids diving on each other's shoulders. On whether they could actually pull off doing three shows in one night, Spielman said, "I?ll probably be dead. There's drink tickets at all these shows." CHRISTOPHER R. WEINGARTEN

Monday, October 27, 2008

Punknews Streams Akimbo's "Jersey Shores!"

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Streams: Akimbo: "Jersey Shores"

More streaming action for you today, this one is the new record from Seattle, WA's Akimbo. The record is titled Jersey Shores and is due out October 28, 2008. The acclaimed band fuses sounds like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and The Who with Black Flag,The Jesus Lizard and The Melvins. The new record is the follow up to Navigating the Bronze which was released in 2007.

Check out "Jersey Shores" on their Punknews profile.

Let Me Run Announces Debut Album on XOXO Records!

Announces Debut Album, Meet Me At The Bottom, out January 20th on XOXO Records * Dates w/ Bouncing Souls, Gaslight Anthem, and More!

Let Me Run combines passionate vocals, bouncy rhythms, and anthemic choruses to permeate a sound that would make their New Jersey brethren proud. Every song on Meet Me At The Bottom sends the listener in a different direction, yet echoes a familiar vibe, cementing Let Me Run's success in generating a style of their own. -

Formed in the summer of 2007, LET ME RUN has captured a sound and a feeling that has struck a chord with a large audience in a short amount of time. Hailing from New Brunswick, NJ, members Travis, Corey, Louis, and Trevor make up a hard-working-hard-rocking band who keep it simple. Drawing influences from bands such as Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker, LET ME RUN has a lot on their plate but show no signs of backing down. The band built a solid relationship with XOXO Records and entered the studio for their debut release entitled Meet Me At The Bottom, a collection of honest, eclectic sounds that stays true to their punk rock roots.

With a love for rock and roll, LET ME RUN offers a fresh sound to anxious listeners. Chances are you'll be seeing these boys for yourself in the very near future.

Meet Me At The Bottom Tracklist
1. The Count Of Monte Fisto
2. We Bring The Booze
3. Like A Fish
4. Live Grenades
5. Here's My Destroyer
6. Oh My Levees
7. I Never Said I Could Sing
8. Shane
9. Bastard Sons Of Mayhem
10. I Don't Stomp, I Battle
11. The Body And The Slow-Burner

Let Me Run Live!

Oct 31 2008 Death City New Brunswick, New Jersey w/ Torchbearer
Nov 22 2008 Tommy’s Tavern Greenpoint, New York
Nov 26 2008 The Court Tavern New Brunswick, New Jersey
Dec 3 2008 Asbury Lanes Asbury, New Jersey
Dec 13 2008 Maxwells Hoboken, New Jersey XOXO Records Holiday Show!
Dec 28 2008 The Stone Pony Asbury Park, New Jersey w/ THE BOUNCING SOULS + THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM
Jan 31 2010 Narnia Sporting Arena Narnia, New Jersey

* Watch the video for "I Don't Stomp, I Battle" here!

For more information, visit:

Pop Matters Features Akimbo and An Albatross Live @ CMJ!

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Notes from the Road: CMJ 2008 w/ Akimbo and An Albatross

Akimbo * An Albatross

Friday, October 24, 2008 Interviews Akimbo!

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Crustcake Interviews Akimbo

Monday night I went down to check out Akimbo at Fontana's, playing with Trash Talk and The Bronx. Akimbo's set consisted entirely of their new album Jersey Shores, which is a step in a new direction for the band. There is more texture and space, beautifully framed by a hypnotic bass line. But fear not, they are still the same band that brought out all the rock, metal, and sludge on last years Navigating The Bronze, so while Akimbo choose to work in more build ups, the ass kicking element is still there.

After soaking up their set, I caught up with Jon Weisnewski (Bass, Vocals) and Nat Damm (Drums) to talk new records, old records, guitarists, sisters, bums, and flasks.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Clouds Announce Dates w/ Boris and Growing * Kickoff US Tour w/ Torche and Coliseum Tomorrow!

Clouds Live!
Oct 23 2008 the Milestone Club Charlotte, North Carolina

w/ Torche and Coliseum
Oct 24 2008 Caladonia Athens, Georgia
Oct 25 2008 Hi Tone Cafe Memphis, Tennessee
Oct 26 2008 the Bluebird St. Louis, Missouri
Oct 27 2008 Jackpot Music Hall Lawrence, Kansas
Oct 28 2008 Larimer Lounge Denver, Colorado
Oct 29 2008 Burt’s Tiki Lounge Salt Lake City, Utah
Oct 30 2008 Neurolux Boise, Idaho
Oct 31 2008 El Corazon Seattle, Washington
Nov 1 2008 Satyricon Portland, Oregon
Nov 3 2008 Slim’s San Francisco, California
Nov 4 2008 Safari Sam’s Los Angeles, California * no Torche
Nov 7 2008 924 Gilman Berkeley, California * no Torche or Boris
Nov 8 2008 MLK Center Redding, California * no Torche or Boris
Nov 10 2008 the Scene w/ the Was Glendale, California * no Torche or Boris
Nov 12 2008 the Pharaohs Den Riverside, California w/ Alpha & Omega and Trash Talk

w/ Torche and Black Cobra
Nov 14 2008 Casbah San Diego, California
Nov 15 2008 Spaceland Los Angeles, California
Nov 16 2008 the Phix Gallery Phoenix, Arizona
Nov 17 2008 the Rock(AZ) Tucson, Arizona
Nov 19 2008 Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar San Antonio, Texas
Nov 20 2008 Red 7 Austin, Texas
Nov 21 2008 the Lounge on Elm St. Dallas, Texas
Nov 22 2008 Walters on Washington Houston, Texas
Nov 23 2008 Dragon’s Den New Orleans, Louisiana
Nov 24 2008 the Atlantic Gainesville, Florida
Nov 25 2008 the Backbooth Orlando, Florida
Nov 28 2008 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nov 29 2008 Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois * no Torche
Nov 30 2008 Magic Stick Detroit, Michigan * no Torche
Dec 1 2008 Soundlab Buffalo, New York * no Torche

w/ Boris and Growing
Dec 3 2008 Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York
Dec 4 2008 Otto Bar Baltimore, Maryland
Dec 5 2008 Heirloom Arts Theatre Danbury, Connecticut
Dec 6 2008 the Living Room Providence, Rhode Island

Revolver, Metal Sucks, and Pastepunk Review These Arms Are Snakes' "Tail Swallower & Dove!"

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Revolver * Metal Sucks * Pastepunk

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BrooklynVegan Picks Solid PR Showcase To Attend @ CMJ!

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OCT 21st

* PICK: CMJ Solid PR & 1000 Knives Presents: The Bronx, Trash Talk, Akimbo at Fontana's. One crew of bad mother-punkers kick ass with the sickening hardcore of Trash Talk and the beer-soaked Akimbo. Akimbo is also playing The Brooklyn Vegan party at Knitting Factory on Sat Oct 25th (and a lot of other times).

* Trash Talk, Black Anvil, Alpha & Omega, Flesh Temple @ Europa. Yes, Trash Talk is that busy but they pretty much own you and in this go around, they bring along tourmates Alpha & Omega and local badasses Black Anvil.

Alarm Press Talks to Trash Talk About Being a DIY Punk Band

huge thanks to Jamie Ludwig and the entire Alarm Magazine staff (look out for a full interview coming in the magazine edition soon!)

Q&A: Trash Talk On Starting Their Own Label and Life On The Road

While many bands clamor to get attention from record labels, Sacramento’s Trash Talk decided they were better off on their own. After recording with Steve Albini earlier this year, this fall found the hardcore quartet releasing their stark, magnificently abrasive self-titled second album on their own Trash Talk Collective label.

How did you decide to release the new record on your own?

We came to the realization that we wanted to do this record on our own because of the way things were going with our label. The final product, in this case Plagues… should represent the creative vision of the artist and not the label. So when we had to fight to get our creative input heard by the owners of the label the gears started turning in our heads. Why not do the next one ourselves? It can’t be that hard, can it? It was difficult, but it came out relatively on time and we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

Luckily we were able to lasso distribution through Revelation Records gaining us equal distribution to that of our former label. So in the end our efforts paid off and we didn’t have to compromise anything in the process.

How do you feel the new album differs from your previous material? It certainly sounds more brutal, is this Albini’s influence?

The new album is a huge step in a more progressive direction. The heaviness threw some people for a loop when they compared this release to our second [EP], Walking Disease, but if they were able to stand the two albums side by side without discernable difference then we didn’t do our job. We pride ourselves on recreating our sound and in essence transforming our overall dynamic on each record.

Some of the “brutality” of this record can be attributed to the fact that many of the riffs and lyrics were written mid-tour in the midst of an East Coast winter. We’re not used to that kind of cold being from California and I think that the climate had a little influence over the general feel of this record.

This record was also recorded straight to tape, that is to say that it didn’t go digital until after we were completely done with recording and mixing. Steve Albini is an amazing producer and the sound that you hear on the record is exactly how we sounded in the studio. He does a great job of recording instruments as they are and that was a huge factor in choosing in him to take on the project.

While many bands clamor to get attention from record labels, Sacramento’s Trash Talk decided they were better off on their own. After recording with Steve Albini earlier this year, this fall found the hardcore quartet releasing their stark, magnificently abrasive self-titled second album on their own Trash Talk Collective label.

You guys tour pretty constantly. How much time do you typically spend on the road each year? What are some of the pros and cons of this lifestyle?

Honestly? I don’t know. An easier question would be to ask how much time we spend at home to which the answer would be: Not much at all. We’re living this life by choice so the cons are few and far between. Eating off of the dollar menu once a day sucks, but if that’s what it’s going to take to keep playing every night, so be it.

I personally enjoy the feeling of being on the road. Tour almost feels like being aboard an asteroid hurtling towards earth with a whole lotta alcohol and weed thrown on board landing in every city that houses a club and a few kids.

This Town Needs Guns Unveil Debut Album on Sargent House!

Announce Debut Album, "Animals," out Early 2009 on Sargent House * UK Dates w/ Built To Spill and more!

Animals‚ sees the Oxford-based indie kids take care of the wizardry, combining math-rock time signatures, intricate guitar / bass tapestries and a rip-roaring vocal that swoops above the virtuoso sonics like a musical trapeze artists. The tracks themselves retain a fine balance between the intellectual and emotional, the cerebral and the visceral. - Rock Sound

Opening Song ‘Chinchilla’ is an intricate Foals-gone-emo sigh of a rocker. ‘Baboon’ brings the math-rock virtuoso further to the fore, pushing it and ‘Badger’ atmospherically in the realm of Mogwai or Dirty Projectors. Showing they can do nice choruses when they want is ‘Lemur’, which is like a brainy Snow Patrol. – NME

When This Town Needs Gun hit their mark they sound stylish, sussed and like reformed mathcore men Minus The Bear covering seminal Mancunian miserablists The Smiths. Good, in other words Remember the name This Town Needs Guns‚. Although in fairness, it‚s hard to forget. - Kerrang

Forget Radiohead; Oxford is soon to be remembered as the city where this precocious young act began its rise to success. – Drowned In Sound

Oxford is home to the oldest University in the English-speaking world, but more recently, has been acknowledged as a musical hotbed with a habit of producing some of the most vital bands around today (Radiohead and Foals, to name a few). Their latest export is This Town Needs Guns, a group hailed as the darling buds of the thriving UK indie scene. The band have toured across Europe with the likes of Rolo Tomassi, Maps & Atlases and more, and the release of 2007's split EP with Cats And Cats And Cats garnered critical acclaim from fans and press alike.

This Town Needs Guns entered the studio in April 2008, setting out to find an intricate balance between indie rock, catchy pop and technical prowess, all while ignoring the lure of special effects and studio wizardry. Through this process, their debut full-length Animals was born; a collection of songs that bring to light the band’s pure, clever and earnest song writing ability. Tim Collis' guitar sounds as though it's being caressed by 6 hands as his brother, Chris, flings his sticks around the drum kit not wanting to leave any tiny patch un-touched. Bassist Dan Adams completes the rhythm section with his dancey, jazz influenced bass lines while Stuart Smith's vocals dip and soar, taking this record from thought provoking depths to sky-scraping triumphs.

* Animals Will be released in the US on Sargent House in Early 2009

Tracklist for Animals
01: Chinchilla
02: Baboon

03: Lemur
04: Badger
05: Quetzel
06: Panda
07: Elk
08: Pig
09: Gibbon
10: Dog
11: Crocodile
12: Rabbit
13: Zebra

This Town Needs Guns Live!

Oct 29 2008 Start the Bus, Broadmead, Bristol
Oct 30 2008 The Good Ship, Kilburn, London
Nov 6 2008 The Zodiac, Oxford w/ Built To Spill
Nov 29 2008 Bazart, Den Haag, Netherlands
Nov 30 2008 NBI, Berlin, Germany

For more information, visit:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Solid PR Announces CMJ Marathon Schedule!

Solid PR Announces CMJ Marathon Schedule!

Tuesday, October 21st

TRASH TALK @ Europa in Brooklyn (8pm)

TRASH TALK @ 538 Johnson in Brooklyn (9:30pm)

@ Fontana's (10:30pm)

TEAM ROBESPIERRE @ Blvd on Bowery (10:30pm)

Wednesday, October 22nd

TEAM ROBESPIERRE @ the Bottom of the Williamsburg Bridge/Todd P and Entertainment4Every1 Party (4pm)

TAKKA TAKKA @ Cake-Shop / Terrorbird Party (4:20pm)

TAKKA TAKKA @ Pianos / Earfarm/CMJ Party (5:45pm)

TAKKA TAKKA @ Le Royale BlackBook / Music in Motion Party (8pm)

PEGASUSES-XL @ the Bowery Poetry Club / Hello Sir Records Showcase (8pm)

GOOD OLD WAR @ Lakeside Lounge (9:30pm)

TAKKA TAKKA @ 40 Thompson Paste/KCRW Artist Lounge (10pm)

TEAM ROBESPIERRE @ Piano's / Chief Magazine Party (11pm)

Thursday, October 23rd

Nick Thorburn of Human Highway DJ Set @ Solas / Medium Rotation Party (7pm)


Suicide Squeeze, Merge, Barsuk, Sub Pop, Touch & Go and Ready Made Magazine After Party @ The High Fi (12am - 4am)

Friday, October 24th

sBACH @ Fontana's / Pirate Promotion Day Party (3pm)

THE ALBERTANS @ The Bell House Brooklyn / Gothamist Showcase (3pm)

AN ALBATROSS, AKIMBO, SHELLSHAG @ Panache Showcase @ the Knitting Factory (8pm)

TEAM ROBESPIERRE @ Alphabeta Space / Bikes in The Kitchen (8pm)

TAKKA TAKKA @ Cake Shop / New York Noise Showcase (10pm)

THE GIRAFFES @ Le Poisson Rouge / Onisuka Tiger Showcase (10pm)

sBACH @ Piano's / Suicide Squeeze Records, Sub Pop & Hardly Art Showcase (10:45pm)

TEAM ROBESPIERRE @ Cake Shop / My Open Bar Party (1am)

Saturday, October 25th

TAKKA TAKKA @ The Knitting Factory / BrooklynVegan (tba afternoon)

THE ALBERTANS @ The Annex / Big Noyse Showcase (4pm)


TEAM ROBESPIERRE @ Music Hall of Williamsburg / IHEARTCOMIX Party (11pm)

For more information, visit:

An Albatross Releases "The An Albatross Family Album" * Performs @ This Week's CMJ Marathon in New York!

An Albatross Live!

10.21.08 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Ad Lib w/Yip Yip
10.22.08 Wed Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Cafe Metropolis w/ Yip Yip and DMBQ
10.23.08 Thu Baltimore, Maryland. Sonar w/ Yip Yip
10.24.08 Fri New York City, New York. Knitting Factory (Panache Booking CMJ Showcase) w/ MONOTONIX, AIDS WOLF, YIP YIP, THE MAE SHI, THE APES, AKIMBO, PANTHER, FIASCO, Aa, CATCALL, Shellshag DMBQ, SOLE AND THE SKYRIDER BAND

Oct 31 : Folkestone, UK @ Leas Cliff Hall w/Enter Shikari
Nov 01 : London, UK @ Old Blue Last w/Trencher
Nov 02 : London, UK @ Mean Fiddler w/Enter Shikari
Nov 03 : London, UK @ Mean Fiddler w/Enter Shikari
Nov 04 : London, UK @ Mean Fiddler w/Enter Shikari
Nov 6 : St Ouen-Paris, France @ Mains d'Oeuvres w/Yip Yip
Nov 8 : Poligny, France @ Moulin de Brainans w/Yip Yip
Nov 9 : Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachthof w/ Yip Yip
Nov 10 : Vienna, Austria @ Arena w/ Yip Yip
Nov 11 : Dresden, Germany @ AZ Conni w/ Yip Yip
Nov 12 : Nurnberg, Germany@ K4 w/ Yip Yip
Nov 13 : Esslingen, Germany @ Koma w/ Yip Yip
Nov 15 : Neuchatel, Switzerland @ Case à Chocs w/ Yip Yip
Nov 19 : Prague, Czech Republic @ 007 w/ Yip Yip
Nov 20 : Munster, Germany @ Gleiss 22 w/ Yip Yip
Nov 21 : Dortmund, Germany @ FZW w/ Yip Yip
Nov 22 : Antwerp, Belgium @ Scheldapen w/ Yip Yip

* Check out An Albatross on the cover of Northeast PA's Weekender here!

For more information, visit:

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Giraffes Announce New Album, "Prime Motivator," out November 11th on Crustacean Records!

The Giraffes
Announce New Album, "Prime Motivator," out November 11th on Crustacean Records!

Metallica and Black Sabbath are the obvious touchstones, but the rhythm section clearly owns a copy of The Who's Greatest Hits as well. Drug addiction and soccer riots provide fodder for the lyrics, while the flammable guitar work could have only come from someone that's walked some of life's hard roads. -

They combine the raw weight of Black Sabbath's riffs with the cocksure swagger of Robert Plant, but seem to take themselves about as seriously as The Butthole Surfers... like Soundgarden might've sounded if all their songs were about wanting to f*ck you. - Stereogum

The group's much-anticipated new album, out next month, boasts the kind of yowling vocals, screaming guitars and barreling drum volleys that inspired many a bong hit and fist-pump. - The NY Daily News

Prime Motivator, the fourth full-length from Brooklyn, NY punk-metal masters The Giraffes, is hands down the band's crowning achievement to date. Having made their name with the twisted riff rock of both Helping You Help Yourself (2002) and The Giraffes (2005), alongside the more theatrical and evocative strains of A Gentleman Never Tells (2003), the band unflinchingly unites the two styles on Prime Motivator.

Prime Motivator finds The Giraffes at the peak of their powers, as the quartet performs at new levels of precision, aggression, abandon and exuberance. Lyrically, Prime Motivator - particularly the title track - was inspired by lead singer Aaron Lazar's multiple brushes with death in 2005 and 2008 (Lazar has a mysterious heart condition that causes him to literally drop dead without warning and has been outfitted with an implanted defibrillator as a precaution). The resulting record is an epic one; at turns urgent, belligerent, harrowing, oversexed, sardonic and sly, with the band's characteristic swagger - and arsenal of memorable riffs - always in full effect.

About The Giraffes:

The Giraffes were formed in 1998 in Brooklyn, New York by founding and present band members Damien Paris (guitar) and Andrew Totolos (drums). The current line-up was completed by vocalist and ringmaster Aaron Lazar who joined the band in 2000 and bassist Jens Carstensen who was conscripted in 2007. Throughout the ten year history of The Giraffes, they have remained a genre defying mix of punk, heavy metal, classic rock and roll, surf guitar rock with echoes of Eastern European and Middle Eastern traditional music surfacing in their riffs. Prolific as they are destructive, these boys from Brooklyn have already released three full-length albums and two EPs as well as having toured with the likes of Eagles of Death Metal, Local H, The Means, The Vacation, Skeleton Key and others.

* Prime Motivator was recorded at the legendary Rancho De La Luna studios in Joshua Tree, CA (Desert Sessions) by Dave Catching; engineered by Ed Monsef; and features guest vocals from Jessie "The Devil" Hughes and Melissa Auf Der Mar (Hole / Smashing Pumpkins). Prime Motivator was mixed by Joel Hamilton at Studio G in Brooklyn (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello) and mastered by Enoch Jensen at Eastlake Recording in Boston MA.

Prime Motivator tracklist
1. Prime Motivator
2. Done

3. The Power of Fatherhood
4. Diskowarts
5. Allergic to Magnets
6. Medicaid Benefit Applique
7. Honest Men
8. Smoke Machine
9. Clever Girls
10. Sickness (this is)
11. Clever Boy
12. Louis Guthrie Wants to Kill Me
13. E.S.F.

The Giraffes Live!
Oct 24 2008 CMJ Show @ Le Poisson Rouge New York, New York
Oct 25 2008 CMJ EARLY Show @ Club Europa Brooklyn NY w/ US Christmas and Akimbo
Nov 5 2008 Now That’s Class Cleveland, Ohio
Nov 6 2008 Liar’s Club Chicago, Illinois
Nov 7 2008 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, Iowa
Nov 8 2008 Larimer Lounge Denver, Colorado
Nov 9 2008 The Parlor Bar Laramie, Wyoming
Nov 10 2008 Czar Bar Kansas City, Missouri
Nov 11 2008 Big V’s St. Paul, Minnesota
Nov 12 2008 The Frequency Madison, Wisconsin
Nov 13 2008 The Summit Columbus, Ohio

For more information, visit:

Friday, October 17, 2008 Leaks Debut mp3 From Past Lives!

huge thanks to Caryn Ganz and the entire staff!

Where Are the Blood Brothers Now? Download Past Lives' "Strange Symmetry"

Three former members of Seattle screamers Blood Brothers (Jordan Blilie, Morgan Henderson and Mark Gajadhar) plus Devin Welch (who was with the group briefly) recently unveiled their new project, Past Lives. The band's debut EP Strange Symmetry is due November 4th (Suicide Squeeze), and its title track has a dance-punk groove with a David Bowie-esque swagger. Check it out for free right here:

"Strange Symmetry" [right click and select "save as"]

Poison The Well Announce European Tour w/ 36 Crazyfists * Play Soundwave Festival in Australia!

Poison the Well Live!

Oct 23 2008 Churchills Miami, Florida

AUSTRALIA / Soundwave Festival
Feb 21 2009 Brisbane - RNA Showgrounds SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Brisbane, Queensland
Feb 22 2009 Venue TBC SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Sydney, New South Wales
Feb 27 2009 Melbourne Showgrounds - SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Melbourne, Victoria
Feb 28 2009 Bonython Park - SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Adelaide, South Australia
Mar 2 2009 Steel Blue Oval - SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Perth, South Australia

EUROPE w/ 36 Crazyfists!
Mar 6 2009 Zodiac Oxford, London and South East
Mar 7 2009 Arts Centre Colchester, East
Mar 8 2009 Waterfront Norwich, East
Mar 9 2009 Wolfrun Hall Wolves, Midlands
Mar 10 2009 Academy 2 Manchester, Northwest
Mar 11 2009 Garage Glasgow, Scotland
Mar 13 2009 LA2 London, London and South East
Mar 14 2009 Heling Utrecht, Utrecht
Mar 15 2009 Atack Enschede, Overijssel
Mar 16 2009 Live Music Hall Koln, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Mar 17 2009 Grunspan Hamburg, Hamburg
Mar 18 2009 Kato Berlin, Berlin
Mar 20 2009 AJZ Chemnitz, Sachsen
Mar 21 2009 Backstage Werk Munich, Bayern
Mar 22 2009 Substage Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg
Mar 23 2009 Colos Saal Aschaffenburg, Bayern
Mar 24 2009 Matrix Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Mar 26 2009 Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Hovedstaden
Mar 27 2009 KB Malmo, Skåne län
Mar 28 2009 Brewhouse Gothenburg, Gotlands län
Mar 29 2009 John Dee Oslo, Oslo
Mar 30 2009 Debaser Medis Stokholm, Stockholms län

Takka Takka Announce CMJ Schedule!

Takka Takka Live!
Oct 17 2008 The Bell House - Obamarama Brooklyn, New York w/ Anti-Pop Consortium, Dirty On Purpose, Dragons of Zynth

CMJ Marathon 2008!
Oct 20 2008 KEXP Live @ CMJ, KEXP.ORG
Oct 22 2008 4:20pm Cake Shop - Terrorbird Media
Oct 22 2008 5:45pm Pianos - Earfarm
Oct 22 2008 8:00pm Le Royale - BlackBook / Music In Motion
Oct 22 2008 10:0pm 40 Thompson - Paste/KCRW Artist Lounge
Oct 24 2008 10:00pm Cake Shop - New York Noise CMJ Showcase
Oct 25 2008 Knitting Factory - Brooklyn Vegan CMJ Afternoon Party - Time TBD

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Headbangers Blog Talks To Brian Cook from These Arms Are Snakes and Russian Circles!

huge thanks to Jon Weiderhorn and the entire Headbangers Blog staff!

Guest Blog: These Arms Are Snakes Frontman Brian Cook Shouts ‘We’re Not the Kids in America’

On their MySpace, These Arms are Snakes write, “People call us a lot of things. most of them are inaccurate.” At the risk of being wrong, we won’t call them one of the most exciting post-hardcore bands since Fugazi, or say their combination or terse, scratchy guitars, unsettling rhythmic undulations and emphatic vocal deliveries are as exciting as they are harrowing. And we won’t praise their mathematical tempos, electronic embellishments or dynamic sense of disdain. We’ll just ask you to pick up their new album Tail Swallower and Dove, which came out October 7. And we’ll suggest you read the following guest blog from frontman Brian Cook, who calls it like he sees it every time:

“I hate the kids.”

Thanks, Rick Froburg. I’m glad somebody had the balls to say it. While the Descendents didn’t want to grow up and Minor Threat were minors at heart. Hot Snakes had the balls to own up to adulthood.

(((Click to read the entire article here!)))

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RCRD LBL Leaks New An Albatross mp3!

huge thanks to Elliot Aronow and the entire staff!

EXCLUSIVE NEW DOWNLOAD: An Albatross - ...And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim + Floodgates Released

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the second definition of “albatross,” (the first being a large-footed bird) is “a constant, worrisome burden.” I bet if Wilkes-Barre, PA’s An Albatross shacked up on your mother’s living room floor, she would probably feel much the same. That’s not fair—I’m sure they’re nice boys, she would say—but if the band’s annihilating mélange of spazcore rhythms and chalkboard-shattering six-strings is anything to go by, these guys are probably out of their goddamn minds. “Floodgates Released” is the best D-Beat hardcore song with an organ in it ever. It sounds like the Birthday Party if they’d magically discovered the Hot Snakes discography. “…And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim” is an even less hard to pin down, posing as saxified post-punk one minute before winding around itself like a hyperkinetic tetherball. The An Albatross Family Album—the band's new long-player—drops next Tuesday through Eyeball.

Sounds like: Hot Snakes, Melt Banana, Fuck Buttons

Exclusive Download: An Albatross - ...And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim

Download: An Albatross - Floodgates Released

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thrasher Magazine Interviews Trash Talk!

huge thanks to Hillary Pollack and the entire Thrasher Magazine staff! SICK!

Revolver Magazine Reviews An Albatross' "Family Album!"

huge thanks to Brad Angle, Brandon Geist, and the entire Revolver Magazine staff!

An Albatross
the An Albatross Family Album
(Eyeball Records)

Pennsylvania art-noise spazzos An Albatross’ fourth release is an appropriately bizarre and complex effort. With a narrative concerning desert dwellers, space travel, and the recipe for world peace, this psych-psycho record spins like an ADHD kid’s acid trip. Throughout, the cranked-up sixpiece cycles through circus organ, sax, strings, yelps, and mucho guitar slashing.

An Albatross reportedly spent over 300 studio hours sorting out arrangements. That’s believable by the time you reach the beautiful finale, “3,000 Light years by Way of the Spacehawk,” and realize that Family’s warring elements have just combined to create a cohesive whole. BRAD ANGLE