Thursday, October 16, 2008

Headbangers Blog Talks To Brian Cook from These Arms Are Snakes and Russian Circles!

huge thanks to Jon Weiderhorn and the entire Headbangers Blog staff!

Guest Blog: These Arms Are Snakes Frontman Brian Cook Shouts ‘We’re Not the Kids in America’

On their MySpace, These Arms are Snakes write, “People call us a lot of things. most of them are inaccurate.” At the risk of being wrong, we won’t call them one of the most exciting post-hardcore bands since Fugazi, or say their combination or terse, scratchy guitars, unsettling rhythmic undulations and emphatic vocal deliveries are as exciting as they are harrowing. And we won’t praise their mathematical tempos, electronic embellishments or dynamic sense of disdain. We’ll just ask you to pick up their new album Tail Swallower and Dove, which came out October 7. And we’ll suggest you read the following guest blog from frontman Brian Cook, who calls it like he sees it every time:

“I hate the kids.”

Thanks, Rick Froburg. I’m glad somebody had the balls to say it. While the Descendents didn’t want to grow up and Minor Threat were minors at heart. Hot Snakes had the balls to own up to adulthood.

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