Friday, October 10, 2008

Revolver Magazine Reviews An Albatross' "Family Album!"

huge thanks to Brad Angle, Brandon Geist, and the entire Revolver Magazine staff!

An Albatross
the An Albatross Family Album
(Eyeball Records)

Pennsylvania art-noise spazzos An Albatross’ fourth release is an appropriately bizarre and complex effort. With a narrative concerning desert dwellers, space travel, and the recipe for world peace, this psych-psycho record spins like an ADHD kid’s acid trip. Throughout, the cranked-up sixpiece cycles through circus organ, sax, strings, yelps, and mucho guitar slashing.

An Albatross reportedly spent over 300 studio hours sorting out arrangements. That’s believable by the time you reach the beautiful finale, “3,000 Light years by Way of the Spacehawk,” and realize that Family’s warring elements have just combined to create a cohesive whole. BRAD ANGLE