Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RCRD LBL Leaks New An Albatross mp3!

huge thanks to Elliot Aronow and the entire staff!

EXCLUSIVE NEW DOWNLOAD: An Albatross - ...And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim + Floodgates Released

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the second definition of “albatross,” (the first being a large-footed bird) is “a constant, worrisome burden.” I bet if Wilkes-Barre, PA’s An Albatross shacked up on your mother’s living room floor, she would probably feel much the same. That’s not fair—I’m sure they’re nice boys, she would say—but if the band’s annihilating mélange of spazcore rhythms and chalkboard-shattering six-strings is anything to go by, these guys are probably out of their goddamn minds. “Floodgates Released” is the best D-Beat hardcore song with an organ in it ever. It sounds like the Birthday Party if they’d magically discovered the Hot Snakes discography. “…And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim” is an even less hard to pin down, posing as saxified post-punk one minute before winding around itself like a hyperkinetic tetherball. The An Albatross Family Album—the band's new long-player—drops next Tuesday through Eyeball.

Sounds like: Hot Snakes, Melt Banana, Fuck Buttons

Exclusive Download: An Albatross - ...And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim

Download: An Albatross - Floodgates Released