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Shooting Spires Announce US Tour!

Announce US Tour in Support of Debut, Self-Titled Record, Out Now on Cardboard Records!

A great solo debut. - Dusted Magazine

The results are addictive - Pitchfork

A consummate bedroom production, the record fizzes and shivers with atmospheric pop that theorizes a lo-fi, catastrophically stoned TV On The Radio. - The Onion AV Club

Addictively noisy but ultimately listenable, Shooting Spires is another quality release from Warshaw’s head. - XLR8R

Shooting Spires is the bedroom art-pop project of BJ Warshaw, bassist and vocalist for Parts & Labor. Retreating from the Brooklyn stalwarts and their extroverted noise-punk, his self-titled debut album is an agoraphobic mix of soaring choruses and tormented electronics, fueled on Brian Eno, Boredoms and Peter Gabriel. Warshaw showcases his ability to harness drone, noise, tweaked electronics and singed circuits: the violent hum of Sunroof! juxtaposed against hooks catchy enough for fans of TV On The Radio.

Warshaw fuses off-kilter electronic beats, oscillator blips, glitchy loops, toy keyboards, distorted guitars, saxophone, drums and found percussion. All of this is the therapeutic underscore to lyrics about failed relationships ("Embers"), redemption in the face of seemingly inescapable cycles ("Quarantine"), the persistent threat of personal and global catastrophe ("Alive And Well") and finding solace in decay ("Right").

Despite the lush sound and emotional breadth of Shooting Spires, all 10 tracks were written, recorded and performed by Warshaw in a windowless, ventilation-deficient bedroom during a two and a half month self-imposed retreat during the winter of 2007. Since then, Shooting Spires has an expanded into a four piece band to tour the United States in February 2008.

"Shooting Spires" tracklist:
1. Right
2. Embers
3. Quarantine
4. Alive And Well
5. A Million Drops
6. Hollow Yell
7. Sky For A Sea
8. Silent Alarms
9. Anachronism
10. At Last At Least

Shooting Spires Live!
Feb 12 2008 Bard College Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
Feb 13 2008 Bug Jar Rochester
Feb 14 2008 Bourbon St. Columbus, Ohio
Feb 15 2008 MoCA Cleveland, Ohio
Feb 16 2008 Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois w/ A Tundra
Feb 17 2008 Mix Tapes East Moline, Illinois
Feb 18 2008 Bilken Club St. Louis, Missouri w/ HEALTH
Feb 19 2008 Cinemat Bloomington, Indiana w/ Gravitas, Mouth Breather
Feb 20 2008 Void Skateshop Lexington, Kentucky
Feb 21 2008 Pilot Light Knoxville, Tennessee
Feb 22 2008 Werehouse Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Feb 23 2008 Spazzitorium Greenville, North Carolina
Feb 24 2008 The Camel Richmond, Virginia w/ Bermuda Triangles
Feb 25 2008 Velvet Lounge Washington DC, Washington DC
Feb 26 2008 Talking Head Baltimore, Maryland w/ WZT Hearts, Video Hippos
Feb 27 2008 Danger Danger Gallery Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For more information, visit:

Punknews Talks to Paint it Black's Dan Yemin (again!)

huge thanks to Ben, Brian, Aubin, and the entire Punknews staff!

You're the lucky reader of the 27th edition of the Vinyl File. This column aims to keep you informed with upcoming releases as well as spotlighting interesting releases, your favorite bands' own collections and labels with a history of vinyl releases worth talking about. As always, Vinyl File is brought to you by Ben Conoley.

This week's Vinyl File is the first of a two-part interview with two members of Paint it Black, who have a new album, New Lexicon ,dropping in early February. This week we talk to vocalist Dan Yemin. Next week we talk with Andy Nelson, the group's bass player.


Are you enjoying some time off before you start pushing The New Lexicon?

This is time on. It's more time off when I am touring. I can only play about six weeks a year. We play weekends and stuff, but by American standards I take a shit load of time off. We will go out the weekend after the record comes out we will play Friday, Saturday and Sunday, go back to work, go play some shows with Strike Anywhere, go home.

I saw you play with Municipal Waste at The Fest and it was a pretty wild show.

The Fest has become a no miss thing for me, I make sure I go every year.

The New Lexicon is coming up pretty fast. You recently had some record release shows for it and gave everyone who went a free 7", which is something people seemed to get excited about. You've also done it with other projects, is it something you make an effort to do?

Part of it was, I think it's cool to do stuff like that and as a special thing to do for people for shows. Andy wanted to create a situation that encourages people to trade records from one scene to another, say someone in California couldn't make it so they had to connect with someone in Philly and make it happen. That's what's special about punk and hardcore, it's a subculture with little things like records and building bridges and connecting people. Real collectors, it's like there's a real honor about it. If you do right , people will do right by you. Andy has some great stories about randomly starting to trade with people in Japan. I have never been an obsessive collector or trader. I used to mail order, but I just love vinyl. I don't obsessively collect anything in particular.

As far as I know, nearly everything you've released in any of your bands has been available on vinyl. How important is that to you?

I would never do something that didn't come out on vinyl. I love vinyl and I still think it's the ideal format in music. Anyone that can be real honest with themselves and has a good set of ears on them knows that it has a dynamic range and is definitely superior to CDS. If you have a good turntable and a good stereo, vinyl just sound better. I'm an old schooler, so it's still a normal format. The art’s all shrunk down on CD - it’s like a mini cover. Although I do own a lot of CDs, had to succumb to that. The turntable in my car skips and I do most of my music while commuting, so I have a lot of CDs but I still think of CDs as the exception rather than the rule and they are going to die out. Tower and a whole bunch of similar stores have died out. It's kind of ironic because people have allegedly been singing the death nail for vinyl for a long time, but look what is going on. CD sales have been declining dramatically.

One of the reasons we are doing vinyl through Rivalry is that Jade Tree is not really invested in doing vinyl. It's where they've been losing money, but it seems like vinyl is becoming even more of a stable thing to sell. I mean I understand why they are moving away, because for them it means making a commitment to keep it in print indefinitely. They always made 2,000 and sold them, and then it slows down but you can't press less than 500, so then you're committed to keeping it in print. You don't get terms at the vinyl pressing plant. At the CD plant you get six months to pay, but with vinyl you pay up front. They pay three grand up front to press it and at some point it sells really slowly and then they are taking on this pretty large financial burden to do something.

It seems that Jade Tree hasn't kept Kid Dynamite or Lifetime stuff in print, though That's interesting. At some point I had a whole box of Hello Bastards that I was just trying to donate to people who were having flea markets that were benefits and I couldn't get rid of them. For a few years I had a whole box of them.

Do you still collect records personally?

Yeah. I got a huge pile of records last week. I actually buy vinyl faster than I can keep up with listening to it. What did I just buy? The hip-hop record store in town is going out of business and they are having a 50% off sale. I got an Ultimate Force record, a Ghostface 12." I got the second Organized Confusion record, an MC from Staten Island that was kind of with Wu Tang when they first came out, I got his album. What else did I get? I found the Deep Wounds full length, which was the hardcore band that the Dinosaur Jr. guys were in '83, but it's probably a bootleg. I love old girl groups, like Motown stuff. I am always just looking in record stores, flea markets and shows. I have been buying records since the '70s.

Some of the hardcore stuff I have got recently is the drummer from Government Warning does No Way Records and his stuff is consistently awesome. They had a 12" from a group called Double Negative, which is fucking, amazing. Destroy LA is another one that I got recently that is really good. There's a lot of stuff that I got lately that I never had a chance to listen to. I pulled out my Ink and Dagger 7"s the other day. When my wife moved in two years ago - she's an old punk - our record collection got about 90% cooler. She had all the riot girl stuff that I didn't have and garage stuff and every version of everything Los Crudos ever did. I haven't even looked at everything she brought to the house.

Can you tell us what is in store for Paint it Black or your other bands as far as vinyl goes?

My game plan for Paint it Black is to just do 7"s from here on out. I love doing albums and I take myself seriously as a songwriter, maybe too seriously. I was always saving my really good songs for the next album. But now I am like, "we're a hardcore band and we have done three full-lengths. How many hardcore bands have done three good records?" 7"s are great and are the ideal format for hardcore. There are a lot of record labels that I have talked to that would be into it. I would like to do three 7"s with three different labels.

On the No Idea website, they have Lifetime's self-titled album as slated for a 2008 release. Are they re-releasing it on vinyl?

Yeah, we wanted to license it to them. The label that did that record, I think they could give a shit about vinyl. Once we kind of realized that, I was pretty unhappy with the way that came out the first time. It was late and didn't have an insert and we were furious. We said, "we need to do an insert and it has to get mailed to all the people that ordered it online," but that didn't happen. No Idea are my friends, they do the Fest every year, they are a great label that really cares about vinyl. The vinyl would be really at home on No Idea and we were really pushing Var to make it happen.

Yeah, I remember when that came out. It was supposed to come out at midnight, but it was hours late and they had only 250 red copies that sold out in minutes.

They only did 1,000 of them, which is crazy, but it's like repress it or license it to someone that will. They just wanted to worry about selling CDs. I was like, alright, I see where this is going. I don't want to talk shit, but I don't see why you can’t sell CDs and keep vinyl in print

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Torche Announces Hydra Head Debut * SXSW Appearances!

Announces Hydra Head Debut * SXSW Appearances

Torche's second full-length, Meanderthal, is set for an April 8th release through Hydra Head imprint (vinyl to be released on Robotic Empire)

Recorded throughout November 2007 at God City Studios, the 13 track album is Torche's first with Kurt Ballou (Converge, Genghis Tron, Disfear) at the helm.

"Having built a unique sound with their self-titled debut and followup “In Return” EP, Torche fully realize their potential with their most infectious recordings to date. No amount of heaviness is compromised on “Meanderthal”, an album that should fuel fans heavy fix as well as their undeniable need for catchyness. - Andy Low (Robotic Empire, completely biased supporter of Torche)

More news including tracklist, album art, and downloadable audio, coming soon.

For now, catch the band as they head to SXSW:

Torche Live w/ Harvey Milk:
March 9 @ Common Grounds, Gainesville FL
March 12 @ Downtown Music, Little Rock AR
March 13 @ Andy's Bar, Denton TX
March 14th @ HHR Show at SXSW (also w/ Kayo Dot, Clouds, Everlovely Lightingheart, and more)

For more information, visit:

PaperThinWalls talks to Paint It Black!

huge thanks to Chris Weingarten and the entire PaperThinWalls staff!

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Pitchfork Premiers Team Robespierre Video!

huge thanks to Mark Richardson and the entire Pitchfork staff!

Video Premiere: Team Robespierre: "88th Precinct"
Team Robespierre have a rep for insane live shows, and that carries over not just to their video but also the story of its making. Directed by Allen Cordell (Dan Deacon, Future Islands, Jimmy Joe Roche), the clip for these synth-toting Brooklyn punks' "88th Precinct", from Everything's Perfect, uses crowd shots taken during a party at the Chicken Hut, a loft space in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant area. New York's finest came and shut the throwdown down after Team Robespierre finished their set, leaving billmates Japanther with no option but to sneak their performance sometime in the morning's increasingly not-so-wee hours.

The crowd do seem to be having a frenzied time the footage here from Team Robespierre's gig-- is that Deacon's trippy green skull in the house?-- but this offbeat, exuberant video does more than just document the band's live performances. Opening and closing with not quite fully explained scenes of caped figures running around on subway trains, the clip also shows the band spazzing out amid kaleidoscopic, swirling colors and images of totem-like animals. "Everyone get down", the band members shout, enthusiasm frothing over into cliché before the song suddenly turns into a droning acoustic guitar meditation at the outro. If Team Robespierre had been playing that part when the cops showed up, maybe Japanther's fans could've still been home by bedtime.

Feb 1: OFFICIAL RELEASE PARTY, Death By Audio, Brooklyn
Feb 9: AS220, Providence, RI
Feb 15: WEIRD DINER, Bloomfield, CT
w/ Aa
March 8: SECRET SQUIRREL, Athens, GA
March 12-16: AT SxSW
March 26: MERCURY LOUNGE, New York, NY
March 29: SUNY PURCHASE, Purchase, NY

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Team Robespierre's "Everything's Perfect" - #1 on eMusic for Second Day!


Pitchfork reviews Zs' "Arms!"

huge thanks to Robbie Mackey and the entire Pitchfork staff!

[Planaria; 2007]

Rating: 7.8

Without paying close attention, it's easy to assume Brooklyn avant-chamber crew Zs spends Arms opener "B Is for Burning" playing the waiting game: Two saxes and a lone guitar peel through six minutes of revisionist phrasing, while lines double back over themselves, making only the tinniest alterations at each pass, merely filling two fixed points with errant squirts and wild squibs. Depending on taste, the defiant strains of "Burning" either hang in the air like a big ball of exhilaration or a knot of frustration. Complicating matters (for those on the fence, at least) is the tauntingly spare drumming of Ian Antonio, who supports the staccato playing with only the most reserved sort of aggression, letting a feigned backbeat or an oddly-placed tom flutter suggest an entire dimension to the song that only half-exists. Sure, for a few blissful seconds, Zs are a rock band. But anyone aching for 60 minutes of that stuff, or hoping to find out where those backbeats and tom flutters might, you know, go, oughta look elsewhere. After all, Zs offer no illusions of conventional rockness. They stare through reams and reams of sheet music when they play live, and, taken as a whole, Arms is a lot more ephedrine Earle Brown or Mark Feldman than, say, Mick Barr or Don Cab.

Remember: This is the kind of band that takes the buckshot vocal melody of "Nobody Wants to be Had" and commands its instruments to follow, tit for tat. In choral music, unison voicing spreads a single melody wide, creating a singular, massive voice. Here, Zs use unison to achieve the opposite effect, hammering identical (or rigidly contrapuntal) melodies out on strings, reeds, and skins, all delivered with a fervor that splinters and sharpens the phrases into razor-y points. Tracks like the 11-minute "I Can't Concentrate" aren't one massive voice-- they're a scary-sharp mouth of fangs.

But, counter intuitively, it's when the band reins things in that its at its most compelling. In the last minute of "Concentrate", Zs-as-rock-band hit their stride when the collection of stair-step sax passes suddenly turn into a squealing, skronking Luttenbacher jam, complemented by the album's only conventional drum beat. Then Antonio's rolling tom figures extend Charlie Looker's guitar part underneath the hissing brass, and usher in the record's quietly rewarding homestretch. There, the bubbling brass micro-rhythms of "Except When You Don't Because Sometimes You Won't" resemble the lassoed moments of Storm and Stress, before uneventfully disappearing into the wind chimes of "Z Is for Zone". It's this smartly placed reserve, a beautifully smooth valley after a harsh peek, that makes a decent case for Arms.

-Robbie Mackey, January 25, 2008

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CMJ reviews Team Robespierre's "Everything's Perfect!"

huge thanks to Eric Davidson and the entire CMJ staff!

TEAM ROBESPIERRE: Everything's Perfect
By Eric Davidson

There is little doubt that this Brooklyn band makes for a fine, sweaty night out at your local DIY venue. Electric energy and noggin-conked execution pops out of every tune. But the personality needed to sustain all that ga-ga past the initial inspiration may be hard to pin down, even for the band itself. What can you do when a genre—here it's spazzy post-post-Gang Of Fugazi demi-dance punk—starts to spill over its rim? One shouldn't blame a band for the band-a-minute era it lives in.

Luckily, there is force in Team Robespierre's sound. "Laika" leaps forward on the requisite, but still skuzzy, analog synths and gang chants. The Dr. Dre keys on "Gasoline," cowbell on "Ha Ha Ha," not to mention all the vigorous, mostly snare-only drumming throughout, means they're already beyond the usual angular art-punk postulates. And these guys wear brevity (10 songs, 18 minutes) as well as a suave, skeezy Frenchman in Speedos.

But it would behoove acts like this to investigate where Gang Of Four got their name from and at least attempt lyrical intent. They do seem to have something against pitbulls in "88th Precinct." And in "Ha Ha Ha" singer Rex's chop-chant brazenly declares, "every politician is a liar" while simultaneously admitting, "I just want to be a heartthrob," though each of those statements contains the surprise quotient of the announcement of a new C-list celebrity reality show on VH1. If Team Robespierre is playing your town the night such a show premieres, DVR that bitch.

Tracklist For Everything's Perfect:
01. Laika
02. Black Rainbow
03. 88th Precinct
04. Ha Ha Ha
05. Mal De Mer
06. Solid Gold
07. Death Smells
08. Gasoline
09. Big Deal
10. Plutonium Pigs

Pegasuses-XL Announce Ernest Jenning Debut * US Tour w/ Bomb The Music Industry!

Announce Debut Album, The Antiphon, out February 26th on Ernest Jenning * US Dates w/ Bomb The Music Industry!

"Truly awesome" - Athens Flagpole

"I pre-ordered mine." -

"My mother often tells me about when my uncle purchased the first DEVO
record and wouldn't take it off the record player for a month. Now I
know how he felt.." - Woodgrain Fonts

Pegasuses XL just might be the band to make history, as the first collective of artists who's sound precisely taps the middle ground between music made for those who like to wax deep with intricately mellow headphone music, and jaunty tunes for moments when all inhibitions are thrown to the wind (inducing a deep hankering to tear a hole in the floor).

Composed of jumpy hooks and caffeinated vocal flows, PXL takes the seriousness of 70's Krautrock ala Vangelis and Tangerine Dream and throws it into a smarmy albeit cinematic punk hodgepodge that'll get the rocks off for fans of Har Mar Superstar and Ghostland Obervatory. Even if you're not a seasoned listener of the above mentioned bands, PXL's aura, which oozes like a deluge of molten glitter, hits the mind, body, and ears with its rapid firing blasts of clunky trip hop and bastardized art rock with a frugal kitchen sink approach.

More about Pegasuses-XL (BY Pegasuses-XL):

Ok people, we have a band. What is the point of a band, really? Our band,
Pegasuses-XL, is Mark and Joel, and Jeff and Jeff, who played in a bunch of other bands and decided to make a band based on their mutual admiration of "bikes, coffee, and books." Most of our band practices happen at a coffee shop where we sit and talk about what we could do conceptually, rather than
going home and actually practicing it. We play a lot of Scrabble, read a lot of books about dystopia, World War II, and politics circa 1968. We've spent a good amount of time contemplating our place in the Universe, and to be fair, some of that is due to drugs.

The band has typically been a bunch of synths and a drummer. Lately we've
gotten a little bored with the synths only thing, mostly because we all have
been living in Athens for a few years now, where everything musical and
artistic sort of blurs together. Mark Dale of "Disband" , Jeff Tobias of "We Versus the Shark" and "Dark Meat," Joel Hatstat of "Cinemechanica" and Jeff Rosenstock of "the Arrogant Sons of Bitches" and "Bomb the Music Industry!" have come together as "Pegasuses-XL" and made a new record, entitled "the Antiphon," where we made whatever music with whatever instruments we felt were appropriate, which is pretty much what you get when you mix those bands together anyway. It's still mostly keyboards. It follows 3 EP's, and is our first full length, and we are very pumped about it.

Really, we're friends who want the same thing from life, to understand "what
we are doing, and why?" The Antiphon is our response to ourselves,
questioning ourselves. The music is everything we've ever done in our lives
crumpled up into 38 minutes, and documented on disc with the hopes that our
dynamic elements and our personalities will perhaps carry on in the work of

For fans of....

Vangelis? Brainiac, D-Plan????

Tracklisting for The Antiphon
1. Drugs For Change
2. Gold Power
3. Special Times with Sandwiches in Lumicolourland
4. Marathon Mansion
5. Serious Feelings
6. Atmospheric Skull
7. Walking Life
8. Pegasuses, Enjoying Some Mid Afternoon Target Practice
9. I Have No Idea, None.
10. Intermurals
11. The Big Haunt
12. Antiphon.

Pegasuses-XL Live!

1.25.08 Athens, GA Go Bar

w/ Bomb The Music Industry!
2.18.08 Tallahassee, FL The Shed w/ Safety
2.19.08 Orlando, FL TBA
2.20.08 Miami, FL TBA
2.21.08 Naples, FL TBA
2.22.08 Tampa, FL Transitions Art Gallery w/ Safety
2.23.08 Gainesville, FL 1982
2.24.08 Pensacola, FL Sluggo's
2.26.08 New Orleans, LA TBA
2.27.08 Houston, TX The White Swan
2.28.08 Austin, TX Emo's
2.29.08 Ft. Worth, TX 1919 Hemphill w/ O' Pioneers
3.1.08 Shreveport, LA TBA
3.2.08 Jackson, MS TBA
3.3.08 Birmingham, AL TBA

For more information, visit

Punknews documents Dan Yemin of Paint it Black's vinyl catalogue!

what an awesome piece!

Dan Yemin of Paint it Black is also in the bands Lifetime and Armalite, and used perform in the now defunct Kid Dynamite. Since that time, this punk-rock icon has released some of the greatest sounding, and LOOKING, vinyl. Here, Punknews gives us a quick history lesson. Love it:

You're the lucky reader of the 26th edition of the Vinyl File. This column aims to keep you informed with upcoming releases as well as spotlighting interesting releases, your favorite bands' own collections and labels with an history of vinyl releases worth talking about. As always, Vinyl File is brought to you by Ben Conoley.

This week Vinyl File takes a tour through Dan Yemin's vinyl history, including detailed discographies of Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Paint it Black and Armalite. We've also got news of upcoming vinyl releases from a whole bunch of bands you'll want to know about.


With all the buzz surrounding Paint it Black's upcoming album The New Lexicon, Vinyl Collective thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at the band's vinyl discography. While we were at it, we thought, "Hey, why not throw in everything Dan Yemin related?" With no good reason not to do it, here we go. Special thanks to Christopher Michon, Adam Bender and Frank Müllenhoff for their collection photos.


Lifetime's first release was a self-titled 7" on New Age Records back in 1991. It contained four songs including 'Dwell,' 'Find,' Souvenir' and 'Gone.' The album was only pressed on black vinyl. The songs of the 7" were later featured in Jade Tree's Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey release.

Break Even Point Records released the Ghost 12" in 1992. The album features ten songs and had only one pressing on black vinyl limited to 1,000. Available only in Europe, it was followed up by a return to New Age Records with Background in 1993 which featured the same songs as Ghost and was featured in a remixed and remastered form on the second disc of Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey.

Glue Records released the band's second 7", in 1994. It had one pressing on black vinyl, but those who pre-ordered the record received photocopied sleeves rather than the printed ones.

In 1995 Lifetime made their debut on Jade Tree Records with Hello Bastards. The 12 song LP has become one of the bands most praised albums. Jade Tree ran a number of pressings including black vinyl /1000, purple vinyl /500 and white vinyl /550. It's long since out of print, but black copies can sometimes be found for good prices.

The Boys No Good was released as a 7" on Jade Tree in 1996. The label printed 500 copies of it on clear, 500 on solid red/pink and an unknown large quantity on black vinyl, which are still fairly easy to come by. The title track would appear on Jersey's Best Dancers while the b-side would serve as the title track for Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey.

Lifetime's second full-length for Jade Tree was 1997's Jersey's Best Dancers. Jade Tree pressed 1400 copies on black vinyl, 500 on clear red and 500 on grey marble vinyl. Like their other Jade Tree releases, it is out of print.

Lifetime didn't release any records until they got back together in 2006 to record their self-titled album. However that release was preceedeed by the Two Songs 7" on Decaydance Records. It featured the songs 'Hair Cuts and Tee-Shirts' and 'All Night Long.' 800 black vinyl copies (still in print) were made as well as 300 clear blue and 30 clear yellow copies. It was shortly followed by Lifetime later that year. The band's latest full-length, Lifetime was also made available on colored vinyl with 250 printed on clear red vinyl and the remaining 850 on black vinyl. It is set to be re-pressed on No Idea Records

Kid Dynamite

Kid Dynamite made their debut with 1998's self-titled LP on Jade Tree. The limited release featured 500 copies on clear red, 500 on solid red and an undisclosed number on black. The following year they released a split 10" with 88 Fingers Louie on both clear red and black vinyl through Sub-City Records. They also released a three-way split with Sunday Evening Dinner Club and Elliott, with an issue of the zine, I Stand Alone. It was released on black vinyl. The band's last release was Shorter, Faster, Louder through Jade Tree in 2000. 500 were pressed on clear green, 500 on solid green and more on black vinyl.

Paint it Black

Paint it Black's first album was CVA. Released through Jade Tree in 2003, there was a total of 1,300 albums printed on a mix of transparent and solid blue vinyl. Although out of print, they can usually be found for a reasonable price if you dig around.

Until recently, Paint it Black's only non-LP appearance was on a 10" titled The Philadelphia Sound which also featured The Curse, Knives Out and Go! For the Throat. It was pressed on clear vinyl.

The band had a lot of fun with their second album, 2005's Paradise. In addition to the 1,000 transparent green copies, there were 250 on lime green marbled colored vinyl with hand numbered silk screen jackets. There were also 25 lime green marbled colored vinyl with hand-numbered sleeves and spray-painted jackets and another 203 solid green European tour copies with screened covers.

A few weeks ago Paint it Black gave those who attended their record release show a free copy of Golliath, which featured just the one song with the b-side etched with artwork. All 500 copies were on clear vinyl and were hand-numbered. Rivalry Records also put up a pre-order for The New Lexicon which should see at least two color variations as well as some special edition covers.


Armalite's only release this far is a self-titled album put out by No Idea Records. The first pressing was of 500 on yellow vinyl and came with gatefold jackets. A second pressing, which is still available was of 525 on white vinyl, although with a regular jacket.

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CMJ reviews Foxy Shazam @ The Knitting Factory!

huge thanks to Jason Glastetter and the entire staff!

Foxy Shazam @ The Knitting Factory
January 22nd, 2008

Posted by Jason Glastetter

Channeling Queen, Andrew WK, and a host of others, Foxy Shazam broke onto the Knitting Factory’s Tap Bar last night. While still on the downlow, there was a certain sense of excitement in the room last night that hints Foxy Shazam might be huge soon. Every song seemed to burst from the short stage with the band’s wild presence. The 25-minute set culminated with the lead singer hanging upside-down from the ceiling. Yeah, it was that kind of show.

Foxy Shazam on tour:
01.23.08 @ Balcony Bar/The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
01.24.08 @ ICC Performance Halls – Allston, MA
01.25.08 @ The Camel – Richmond, VA
01.26.08 @ VFW Post 623 – Harrisonburg, VA
01.27.08 @ The Soapbox Laundrolounge – Wilmington, NC
01.29.08 @ Studio A – Miami, FL
01.30.08 @ The Orpheum – Ybor City, FL
01.31.08 @ Big Daddy’s – Tallahassee, FL
02.01.08 @ The High Ground – Metairie, LA
02.02.08 @ Java Jazz – Houston, TX
02.04.08 @ Red 7 – Austin, TX
02.05.08 @ The Compound – Corpus Christi, TX
02.06.08 @ Rock Bottom Bar – San Antonio, TX
02.08.08 @ The One Place – Phoenix, AZ
02.09.08 @ Jerry’s Pizza & Pub – Bakersfield, CA
02.10.08 @ Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
02.12.08 @ The Whisky – West Hollywood, CA
02.13.08 @ Blakes on Telegraph – Berkeley, CA
02.14.08 @ Stoney’s – Reno, NV
02.15.08 @ The Venue – Boise, ID
02.16.08 @ Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
02.17.08 @ Rock N Roll Pizza – Portland, OR
02.19.08 @ Club NVO - Logan, UT
02.21.08 @ Red Raven Espresso Parlor – Fargo, ND
02.22.08 @ Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
02.23.08 @ Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
02.24.08 @ The House Cafe – DeKalb, IL
02.25.08 @ The SPEC - Decatur, IL
02.26.08 @ 2 Cents Plain – St. Louis, MO
02.28.08 @ Frankies – Toledo, OH
02.29.08 @ Peabody’s Down Under – Cleveland, OH
03.02.08 @ Kathedral – Toronto, ON
03.05.08 @ Living Room – Providence, RI
03.07.08 @ Crocodile Rock – Allentown, PA
03.08.08 @ Cue Club II - Delran, NJ
03.10.08 @ Monkey Bar – Huntington, WV
03.11.08 @ The Muse – Nashville, TN
03.12.08 @ Vinos – Little Rock, AR

E For Explosion Announces Signing to Eyeball Records

(ex Jamison Parker) Announces Eyeball Debut * US Tour

E For Explosion, aka Jamison Covington, has just announced his debut release for Eyeball Records.

Tracklisting and album title to follow, E For Explosion’s brand of mountainous post-shoegaze recalls the sounds of Seam, Silversun Pickups, or Sea Wolf, and serves as an appropriate progression from Covington's previous ventures.

After his departure from Interscope Records and the demise of his band Jamison Parker (who saw huge commercial success and US tours w/ the likes of Straylight Run, Plain White T's, Motion City Soundtrack, and Coheed and Cambria), Covington returned to Los Angeles, where, with the help of producer Dave Trumfio (Earlimart, Grandaddy, Billy Bragg & Wilco, My Morning Jacket, and more), began recording for the debut full-length release of his new project.

E For Explosion Live
Jan 27 2008 The Well Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Jan 28 2008 The Record Bar Kansas City, Missouri
Jan 29 2008 The Tree Tulsa, Oklahoma
Jan 30 2008 Convergence Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jan 31 2008 Quixote’s Denver, Colorado
Feb 2 2008 The Unity Center Roswell, New Mexico
Feb 4 2008 Kilby Court Salt Lake City, Utah
Feb 7 2008 Studio 7 Seattle, Washington
Feb 8 2008 Washington State University Pullman, Washington
Feb 9 2008 Viaduct Tacoma, Washington
Feb 10 2008 Rock N Roll Pizza Portland, Oregon
Feb 13 2008 Satellite Lounge Reno, Nevada
Feb 17 2008 The Belly Up Tavern San Diego, California

For more information, visit:

Pitchfork reviews Fatal Flying Guilloteens' "Quantum Fucking!"

huge thanks to Stuart Berman and the entire Pitchfork staff!

Fatal Flying Guilloteens
Quantum Fucking
[Frenchkiss; 2007]
Rating: 7.5

When Fatal Flying Guilloteens first oozed out of the Houston underground back at the turn of the decade, they were but one of a new breed of American indie rock bands taking on a simple but noble mission: to make the records that the Jesus Lizard, Butthole Surfers, and Drive Like Jehu had ceased to. But now with their contemporaries having gone prog (...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead), broken up (the Blood Brothers), become more huggable (Les Savy Fav), or withered on the major-label vine (Rye Coalition), the Fatal Flying Guilloteens must feel a lot like Will Smith in I Am Legend: The last of the post-millennial pig-fuckers. In this sense, the mock cowboy get-ups that marked the band's early performances seem less a cheeky nod to their Texan roots and more a prescient signifier of the band's outlaw status.

But it's not as if this state of affairs has sullied their spirit. Quantum Fucking is the Guilloteens' first full-length in four years, but they've hardly spent this extended absence rethinking or refining their aesthetic. The Guilloteens still sound every bit as greasy and gruesome as they did back on 2001's Now Hustle for New Diaboliks, and, at this point in the game, it's safe to say this band is genetically incapable of writing a linear, palatable melody that'll pique A&R interest. But what makes them a band worth embracing is that they take a genre not exactly known for its crowd-pleasing approachability-- post-hardcore math-rock-- and make it feel like the most natural choice of party music.

So between the bruising basslines, the bee-swarm guitar discord, epileptic drum spasms and bastardized blues riffs (you can take the boys out of Texas), you hear the sound of joy: the revved-up Rocket From the Crypt chorus of "Hello, Boss!!!", the excitable holler-and-response between vocalists Mike and Shawn Guilloteen (the former playing David Yow to the latter's Rick Froberg) on "Chart", the contorted Led Zep crunge-funk of "Great Apes", not to mention perhaps the best Yes joke ("Long Distance Reacharound") since The Germs butchered the intro to "Roundabout" on No God. Quantum Fucking's 12 songs convulse through enough abrupt structural shifts and false stops to make the track designations seem almost arbitrary, the between-song gaps feeling more like necessary breathers than markers distinguishing two separate compositions. But it's all part of an ideology where brevity increases the severity-- by confining their missives to brief two-minute bursts, the Fatal Flying Guilloteens ensure that your ass is sufficiently kicked before their heads go too far up their own.

-Stuart Berman

Treble reviews Jettie's "Kites For Charity!"

huge thanks to Terrance Terich and the entire Treble staff!

Kites For Charity
Eyeball Records

The first thing I noticed about Jettie's sophomore album, Kites for Charity, is that they impress right out of the gate. I later came to realize that the Swedish duo then continued to impress with song after song. You've probably never heard of Jettie. I sure hadn't. And seeing that the album is released on Eyeball, you might think them to share similar traits with Eyeball alums My Chemical Romance or Thursday, but that turns out to be far from the mark. In reality, Jettie creates anthemic British-style pop, you know, the kind that was really popular in the early part of this century.

Clas Bohman and Anders Gransmark team up to deliver track after track of soaring, gravelly voiced pulse pounders, the likes of which have only been found with particular singles rather than entire albums. I've been captivated in the past by music like this, and thanks to Jettie, could easily be again. Remember the days when Coldplay were relevant? (Though that might change with a heavily touted fourth album helmed by Brian Eno, so I may have spoken too soon) Remember when Doves' "Caught by the River," Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know" and Embrace's "Ashes" were the songs that everyone loved to sing along with? Well, that's what it's like with Jettie, except that each song is a potential single.

"Start / Stop" opens up the floodgates with a Coldplay-like dramatic keyboard white noise and delicate guitar, then, as would be both expected and necessary, explodes in a wash of the musical equivalent of the sensation of flying. "Epic City Parade" continues in much the same fashion, with more than a little nod to U2. "Ticking" is one of the real standouts, achieving the kind of emotional highs of a Snow Patrol song, yet somehow without the pretentious angst. "Carraria Via" tends to veer more toward the type of whispery minimalism found in songs by Sigur R�s, and in doing so, succeeds. "The Sky Over Santa Rosa" brings us back to early '00s grandiose pop, the kind that you just can't help to sing along with. The genius of Jettie, as well as the other bands mentioned in this review, is that they somehow find that magical formula that keeps particular keyboard riffs playing over and over in your head.

Some would say that Jettie has arrived a little late to the anthemic rock party, but with a band that's this good, it's better late than never. There's always room for more catchy, well-written pop in the world, especially if songs are as captivating as the ones on Kites for Charity. They also managed to pick the perfect album title, as listening to Jettie can manage to give you that feeling of weightlessness, as if carried up by a strong breeze, tied to the earth only by the hands of a child.

Similar Albums:
Embrace- Out of Nothing
Doves- The Last Broadcast
I Am Kloot- I Am Kloot

Absolutepunk reviews Foxy Shazam's "Introducing!"

huge thanks to Blake Solomon and the entire Absolutepunk staff!

Foxy Shazam – Introducing
Record Label: New Weathermen / Ferret Records
Release Date: January 22, 2008

Upon first receiving Introducing, I felt compelled to write a review immediately. Mind you, this was way back in November. My life coach thought it would be a good idea to wait a few months, so as to ensure people wouldn’t be forgetting about this record when the time came to open their duct tape wallets and buy this little gem. And since she’s more like a life dictator, I obliged. (Ms. Kathleen, you better hope this works!)

Just one time I would like to turn the review format on its head and ask you all what you want to read about. I want to do this for two reasons: 1.) It makes my job way easier and B.) It makes my job way easier. No takers? Alright, I’ll give it a shot: I don’t think I’ve ever paid much attention to which label releases what album, but Ferret seems to have certain expectations from the everyday-underground-leather-clad youth. I mean, come on, their logo is a gun! As if their roster didn’t pigeonhole them enough. But don’t expect another metal/gut-punching/but still cute-clone band. Foxy Shazam frontman (Foxyman™) Eric Nally leads the group like a crazed ringmaster (now without the cabbage smell!). His voice is grating, convincing and melodic. He’s a star in the making. As he counts the group down on “Rocketeer,” try to keep quiet. You’ll be screaming “Blast Off!” at the top of your lungs every time. However, my favorite dimension of Foxy Shazam comes in the form of Sky White’s piano playing. He channels burlesque shows of old, even when a stomping breakdown is taking place in “Ghost Animals.” The end of “Ghost Animals” is pure joy. It's only January, but I already know it will stand as one of my favorite musical moments of 2008. “Red Cape Diver” finds White canoodling like a jazz prodigy, even as Nally is crazily spewing lines like, “I don’t wanna die!” The styles of each member seems to always find a cozy nook and/or cranny to reside.

I’ve seen a lot of musical theater (Starlight Express: how do you do it?). But I need to see Introducing up on the stage. “The Science Of Love” would be the first full-cast number. Playful keyboards and an odd chorus with ghastly wailing needs the Broadway Treatment. Guitarist Loren Turner doesn’t slack one bit, either. He goes retro (“Cool”); he goes heavy (“Its Hair Smelled Like Bonfire”); he goes mathy (“Ghost Animals”). And all the while, as genres are discarded like last week's T-Pain song, Foxy Shazam keep things cohesive. The ride is a whirlwind, but not like a tornado, more like this ride at the State Fair. You’re always tethered and you’re always ready for another go-round.

It’s quite simple, really. There isn’t a bad song on Introducing. And you don’t have to be crazed or afraid of hardcore (Scary!) like me to enjoy this. Heck, you could even put As Tall As Lions on your “Favorite Artists” list and dig Foxy Shazam. But be prepared to take some shots for it, pussy. Nobody listened to piano-punk and got away with it! Use Foxy as a springboard, though, and find yourself some full, bustling, hard-as-diamonds music. And please, don’t forget to tip your usher.

Recommended If You Like: Gogel Bordello wearing Dunks, The Blood Brothers dressed as pirates, smelly cheese, Man Man with a chip on their shoulder, smelly cheese

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Out Today! ASG * Foxy Shazam * Team Robespierre * Eugene Robinson and more!

New Release Tuesday!

Today we're happy to announce the release of a few new and amazing records, brought to you by some of our favorite artists and record labels. Go through the list and enjoy!

"Win Us Over"

ASG have stumbled upon a goosebump-raising formula that combines the sludgiest swamps and sunniest sunshine. - Revolver Magazine
ASG are the brutal balls-out four-piece from North Carolina whose furious blend of stoner rock is reminiscent to the monstrous guitar-rock of Queens of the Stone Age, Helmet, High on Fire, and others. Already receiving a ton of critical acclaim, these dudes have just announced a massive US tour w/ Fu Manchu. Sick!
Myspace // Volcom Artist Page

(Ferret / New Weathermen)

A soulful Foxy Shazam is gaining notoriety for their eclectic jumble of stacked rock and roll. Their 2008 up-and-comer Introducing Foxy Shazam (New Weathermen/Ferret) promises something that doesn't follow the standard path. Need to see for yourself? Go see a hotcake Foxy performance; the rafters are their jungle gym, instruments their seesaws, and the stage their innovative sandbox - this band gives the playground a whole new reputation. - Absolute Punk
Another amazing release set for mountainous heaps of press support is from a band who has been destroying faces coast to coast thanks to their endless touring and beyond-energetic live show. Here's a taste of what you can expect live. Foxy Shazam are going to be larger than life, just wait to hear some of the fun news they'll be announcing soon ;)
Full album stream
user: introducing / pass: F0XYC1NC1

“Fight: Or, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking” 2xCD
*Audio version of the book released November 2007 on Harper Collins

(Hydra Head)

In November, legendary book publishers Harper Collins released a book by our friend Eugene Robinson, front-man of the tortured jazz-rock ensemble and "best art-rock band in the world" (Vice Magazine), OXBOW. What is this book about? Fighting. Eugene Robinson, aside from being one of the greatest and most intimidating singers of our generation, is also an established and professional ultimate fighter. That's right, he's huge like that for a reason, and that reason is, he enjoys kicking people's asses. Man that's awesome. For Eugene it all started at the age of 17 w/ a few simple words. "What the fuck are you looking at?" - he was then attacked by three men w/ wrenches which left Robinson bloodied and hospitalized. Following a few years of mixed martial arts training, a 265 pound animal emerged. Stories of fighting two-and three-dudes at once, choking people out, stomping on heads, being begged to stop, getting the cops called on him, and countless other amazing stories, lead us through Robinson's training history and countless adventures (Fight Club?!) of becoming a professional fighter. Genius.
Jan 22 2008 Beat Book & Co Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jan 24 2008 Modified Arts Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 11 2008 12 Galaxies San Francisco, California
Website // Decibel interviews Eugene Robinson

"Everything's Perfect"

On Everything's Perfect, thrashing electric riffs and shouty vocals chase buzzing synth beats for a riotous dance-punk hybrid. With only two of ten songs clocking in past the two-minute mark, Team Robespierre churn out brash anthems potent enough to inject any party atmosphere with plenty of adrenaline, even if the album only lasts for a raucous 18 minutes. -
Team Robespierre are the party-punk outfit from Brooklyn who’s recent 2007 shows w/ Yeasayer, Japanther, VHS or Beta, Dan Deacon, Mates of State, and more, made the kids GO OFF! The band’s debut release, “Everything’s Perfect” explodes w/ party atmosphere debauchery and punk rock anthems for the L train punx to go nuts to.
Myspace // Team Robespierre Live

"Kites For Charity"

This Swedish duo are an act in touch with both their anthemic and atmospheric sides, but hold up on the slaying, for Jettie’s second album is more than just throwaway effect-sodden soft-rock, there’s an undeniable charm that comes packaged with it. - Drowned in Sound
Jettie hail from Sweden and create soaring, atmospheric, and epic rock reminiscent to Mineral and early R.E.M. Absolutely breath-taking and gorgeously powerful. Lookout for a trip to the states coming soon!
Myspace // Full album stream

Also out today!

"Wicked Wanderer"
(Hot Dog City)

The five men of Mtn. High are taking back the streets with their wickedly awesome double drumming; this sometimes turns to triple drumming, quad-guitars, multi-bass, vocals, keys, they got it all. These dudes are punk rock and don't give a fuck about anything. Wild, untamed savagery. Try and check 'em on the live tip, they don't care, but they will most definitely crush a slice of pizza if you offer.

THE RED DEATH "Godmakers"
(Siege of Amida / Ferret)

The Breathing Processs are the first in a set of bands ready to launch a flank attack from left field on the world of loud music. Composed of a rabid hybrid of guttural growls mixed in with icy synth vapors, these New England lads have finally discovered a secret recipe which sees to it that power metal isn't just for wusses anymore. The Red Death is bracing for their sophomore release Godmakers (January 22nd) following much buzz among critics in 2007. With the dual riff goblin spawned by guitarists Aaron Conti and Mark Kelley placed alongside the fire-breathing voice of singer Paul Hamblin, The Red Death have created what is quite possibly the most powerful beast sired from a brutal tryst of speed metal and serrated hardcore.
Full album stream
The Breathing Process: user: soarindustry pass: F091S1EGEO8
The Red Death user: soarindustry pass: F092AM1DAO8

Breathing Process Myspace // Red Death Myspace

Ocrilim (Mick Barr) Announces Hydra Head Debut!

Announces New Album"ANNWN," out February 5th on Hydra Head!

Technically stunning, compositionally deep, and the sum of its parts. - Pitchfork Media

This isn't metal proper; it's metallic art-rock--beautiful and more emotionally
engaging - Alternative Press

Lightspeed guitar soloing, with rapid bouts of shredding interrupted repeatedly by
controlled and constrained bursts of feedback. - Dusted Magazine

Ocrilim's Anoint plays as if guitarist Mick Barr collected the crests of metal's greatest solos and arranged these fragments until he composed a masterpiece. - The Stranger

Metallic pieces of awesome speed and complexity. - Time Out New York

There’s a man that goes by the name Mick Barr - he's a man of many talents and many masks, and a master of them all. Mr. Barr has performed in a number of groups, as well as as a solo artist under such banners as Orthrelm, Octis, Crom Tech, The Flying Luttenbachers, Zach Hill & Mick Barr, and most pertinently Ocrilim. The Wikipedia entry on Mr. Barr marks him as an "american avant-garde metal guitarist", and while this may not be entirely accurate, it's probably as close as anyone will come to paraphrasing the genre defying compositions made by Barr and his occasional collaborators.

It can be said without hesitation that the content of "ANNWN" (comprised entirely of pieces for multiple electric guitars), is his crowning achievement, and a considerable achievement in the larger scope of modern music. Though Mr. Barr may be in some way categorized as a metal guitarist, this album has as much to do with modern classical composition as it does with anything associated with the term "heavy metal". Daunting as that may sound to some, "ANNWN" is an album that will appeal to anyone with ears and a true sense of musical adventure.

Mick Barr’s list of prolific recordings have seen the light of day on a laundry list of prolific labels such as Ipecac, Troubleman Unlimited, 5RC, Tzadik, Gravity, Peterbilt and a host of others. Now he can add Hydra Head to the very top of his list.

It may seem strange that Hydra Head and Mick have never before teamed up for an official release (aside from an Orthrelm contribution to the "Where is my Robotic Boot" Vol. I compilation), especially considering the mutual territory of interest shared by both entities, but as we like to say (often in response to a question about a long delayed vinyl version of something or other), better late than never.

ANNWN Tracklist
1. Part 1 (13:05)
2. Part 2 (15:22)
3. Part 3 (8:59)
4. Part 4 (10:18)
5. Part 5 (13:05)
6. Part 6 (11:25)
7. Part 7 (7:23)

For more information, visit:

Monday, January 21, 2008

Graveface Records Announce New Albums from Experimental Aircraft and Power Pill Fist!

Graveface Announces New Albums from Power Pill Fist and Experimental Aircraft out February 26th * Black Moth Super Rainbow Announce US Tour!

Power Pill Fist

When Ken Fec isn’t collaborating with his other outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow where he’s helping to create some of the glossiest and narcotic induced drizzling sunshine pop kookiness, he’s serving as the brainchild of Power Pill Fist, an entity at the helm of some chunky ass, psychotropic, skewed bliss.

Rest assured Fec isn’t just some fly-by-night knob twiddler but instead a visionary with a true penchant for manipulating the Atari 2600 tossed into the mix with a mind-boggling night where Ennio Morricone, Kraftwerk, and Black Dice paint the town red. Still going strong as the resident DJ for Graveface Records where he puts on sets sans spinning the records between the live sets of the artists from the labels roster, Fec’s second release, Kongmanivong, under the Power Pill Fist moniker perches him atop the summit of modern day experimental music.

Kongmanivong is a hearty collage of hazy dub resonance and sticky funk with the abrasiveness of early industrial paladins such as Nitzer Ebb and Frontline Assembly. Even though the most seasoned of noise rock fans will dig it, Kongmanivong keeps the squalls of fuzz abundant but simmers them down into a disturbing procession of skronky techno and globs upon globs of post-modern meets neo-Krautrock all underlined with a seedy pop underbelly that is enigmatically and simultaneously jarring and soothing. Never have the terms “bi-polar” “haywire” and “ambient” been able to be tossed around freely in a single summation of music as they are when mentioning Kongmanivong.

Stream Kongmanivong here!

"Kongmanivong" Tracklist
YFF, Lou Pappans
Fisticus 2:36
Man Ribbon
Honey, Stroke My Neck Beard
Chuckanut Drive
Contours Gaining Shape
Bland Hand Stand
Rychlo Never
The Meat Tree
Power Out

Power Pill Fist Live!
March 15th - SXSW Graveface Records Showcase Austin, TX

Black Moth Super Rainbow US Tour!

12-Mar Norman, OK @ Opolis
15-Mar Austin, TX @ Thirsty Nickel for Graveface
Records SXSW showcase w/ Kid Dakota, Experimental
Aircraft, Power Pill Fist, Dreamend, Laura Gibson
18-Mar Los Angeles, CA @ Knitting Factory
19-Mar San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill
21-Mar Portland, OR @ Holocene
22-Mar Seattle, WA @ Neumo's
25-Mar Denver, CO @ Orientel Theater
28-Mar Madison, WI @ U of M.
29-Mar Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle

For more information, visit:

Experimental Aircraft
Third Transmission

Experimental Aircraft could be 2008’s version of The Pixies if they were slowed down to a crawling halt and layered in atmospheric dust. Or, at times, they sound like a more pummeling version of The Cure (how can this be?). If the band’s upcoming album “Third Transmission” were released in 1991, there is no question it would be among the most popular releases of its time. A forward thinking album for shoegaze fans everywhere, “Third Transmission” brings us back to some of the greatest bands making music in the nineties ie The Jesus and Mary Chain, All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors, Antarctica, or Stereolab (which is to say, “Third Transmission” could have legendary status). Although their sound reminds us of an era since gone by, there is no question that their music is still more than relevant today (what’s that? My Bloody Valentine has reunited? Yes!).

Hailing from Austin, TX, Experimental Aircraft are among the latest signings to the Graveface Records imprint, that fine Chicago-based label who recently brought you new hits from Black Moth Super Rainbow, Appleseed Cast, The Octopus Project, and more, so you know this is legit, and if you really know this label, odds are you know it’s probably going to blow your mind. Already being heralded by URB’s Next 100, Experimental Aircraft can be described with words such as “lush,” “ethereal,” “soothing” and “beautiful,” thanks to front-woman / guitarist Rachel Staggs’ gorgeous, breathy-yet-apocalyptic vocals and heavily distorted instrument. When TJ O’Leary takes over front-man duties, his sound is desperate and tortured, recalling Robert Smith’s shout-cry that made his band so timeless and important. O’Leary’s duties also lie in distorted guitar which adds to the heavily layered sound currently blowing out your speakers.

Innovative and impressive, Experimental Aircraft prove they can stand the test of time and reign supreme in a genre that desperately needed a new face to the name.

Stream Third Transmission here!

"Third Transmission" Tracklist
Upper East Side
Kali Yuga
With a Gun
Sit Still
It Won't be Long
Paintings in the Attic
Start all Over Again
So Simple
LoFi vs the Sea
Walk Away
Agent 23
Meet Me on Echo Echo Terrace

Experimental Aircraft Live!
March 15th - SXSW Graveface Records Showcase Austin, TX

US Tour in April!

For more information, visit: