Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ocrilim (Mick Barr) Announces Hydra Head Debut!

Announces New Album"ANNWN," out February 5th on Hydra Head!

Technically stunning, compositionally deep, and the sum of its parts. - Pitchfork Media

This isn't metal proper; it's metallic art-rock--beautiful and more emotionally
engaging - Alternative Press

Lightspeed guitar soloing, with rapid bouts of shredding interrupted repeatedly by
controlled and constrained bursts of feedback. - Dusted Magazine

Ocrilim's Anoint plays as if guitarist Mick Barr collected the crests of metal's greatest solos and arranged these fragments until he composed a masterpiece. - The Stranger

Metallic pieces of awesome speed and complexity. - Time Out New York

There’s a man that goes by the name Mick Barr - he's a man of many talents and many masks, and a master of them all. Mr. Barr has performed in a number of groups, as well as as a solo artist under such banners as Orthrelm, Octis, Crom Tech, The Flying Luttenbachers, Zach Hill & Mick Barr, and most pertinently Ocrilim. The Wikipedia entry on Mr. Barr marks him as an "american avant-garde metal guitarist", and while this may not be entirely accurate, it's probably as close as anyone will come to paraphrasing the genre defying compositions made by Barr and his occasional collaborators.

It can be said without hesitation that the content of "ANNWN" (comprised entirely of pieces for multiple electric guitars), is his crowning achievement, and a considerable achievement in the larger scope of modern music. Though Mr. Barr may be in some way categorized as a metal guitarist, this album has as much to do with modern classical composition as it does with anything associated with the term "heavy metal". Daunting as that may sound to some, "ANNWN" is an album that will appeal to anyone with ears and a true sense of musical adventure.

Mick Barr’s list of prolific recordings have seen the light of day on a laundry list of prolific labels such as Ipecac, Troubleman Unlimited, 5RC, Tzadik, Gravity, Peterbilt and a host of others. Now he can add Hydra Head to the very top of his list.

It may seem strange that Hydra Head and Mick have never before teamed up for an official release (aside from an Orthrelm contribution to the "Where is my Robotic Boot" Vol. I compilation), especially considering the mutual territory of interest shared by both entities, but as we like to say (often in response to a question about a long delayed vinyl version of something or other), better late than never.

ANNWN Tracklist
1. Part 1 (13:05)
2. Part 2 (15:22)
3. Part 3 (8:59)
4. Part 4 (10:18)
5. Part 5 (13:05)
6. Part 6 (11:25)
7. Part 7 (7:23)

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