Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Out Today! ASG * Foxy Shazam * Team Robespierre * Eugene Robinson and more!

New Release Tuesday!

Today we're happy to announce the release of a few new and amazing records, brought to you by some of our favorite artists and record labels. Go through the list and enjoy!

"Win Us Over"

ASG have stumbled upon a goosebump-raising formula that combines the sludgiest swamps and sunniest sunshine. - Revolver Magazine
ASG are the brutal balls-out four-piece from North Carolina whose furious blend of stoner rock is reminiscent to the monstrous guitar-rock of Queens of the Stone Age, Helmet, High on Fire, and others. Already receiving a ton of critical acclaim, these dudes have just announced a massive US tour w/ Fu Manchu. Sick!
Myspace // Volcom Artist Page

(Ferret / New Weathermen)

A soulful Foxy Shazam is gaining notoriety for their eclectic jumble of stacked rock and roll. Their 2008 up-and-comer Introducing Foxy Shazam (New Weathermen/Ferret) promises something that doesn't follow the standard path. Need to see for yourself? Go see a hotcake Foxy performance; the rafters are their jungle gym, instruments their seesaws, and the stage their innovative sandbox - this band gives the playground a whole new reputation. - Absolute Punk
Another amazing release set for mountainous heaps of press support is from a band who has been destroying faces coast to coast thanks to their endless touring and beyond-energetic live show. Here's a taste of what you can expect live. Foxy Shazam are going to be larger than life, just wait to hear some of the fun news they'll be announcing soon ;)
Full album stream
user: introducing / pass: F0XYC1NC1

“Fight: Or, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking” 2xCD
*Audio version of the book released November 2007 on Harper Collins

(Hydra Head)

In November, legendary book publishers Harper Collins released a book by our friend Eugene Robinson, front-man of the tortured jazz-rock ensemble and "best art-rock band in the world" (Vice Magazine), OXBOW. What is this book about? Fighting. Eugene Robinson, aside from being one of the greatest and most intimidating singers of our generation, is also an established and professional ultimate fighter. That's right, he's huge like that for a reason, and that reason is, he enjoys kicking people's asses. Man that's awesome. For Eugene it all started at the age of 17 w/ a few simple words. "What the fuck are you looking at?" - he was then attacked by three men w/ wrenches which left Robinson bloodied and hospitalized. Following a few years of mixed martial arts training, a 265 pound animal emerged. Stories of fighting two-and three-dudes at once, choking people out, stomping on heads, being begged to stop, getting the cops called on him, and countless other amazing stories, lead us through Robinson's training history and countless adventures (Fight Club?!) of becoming a professional fighter. Genius.
Jan 22 2008 Beat Book & Co Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jan 24 2008 Modified Arts Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 11 2008 12 Galaxies San Francisco, California
Website // Decibel interviews Eugene Robinson

"Everything's Perfect"

On Everything's Perfect, thrashing electric riffs and shouty vocals chase buzzing synth beats for a riotous dance-punk hybrid. With only two of ten songs clocking in past the two-minute mark, Team Robespierre churn out brash anthems potent enough to inject any party atmosphere with plenty of adrenaline, even if the album only lasts for a raucous 18 minutes. - Spin.com
Team Robespierre are the party-punk outfit from Brooklyn who’s recent 2007 shows w/ Yeasayer, Japanther, VHS or Beta, Dan Deacon, Mates of State, and more, made the kids GO OFF! The band’s debut release, “Everything’s Perfect” explodes w/ party atmosphere debauchery and punk rock anthems for the L train punx to go nuts to.
Myspace // Team Robespierre Live

"Kites For Charity"

This Swedish duo are an act in touch with both their anthemic and atmospheric sides, but hold up on the slaying, for Jettie’s second album is more than just throwaway effect-sodden soft-rock, there’s an undeniable charm that comes packaged with it. - Drowned in Sound
Jettie hail from Sweden and create soaring, atmospheric, and epic rock reminiscent to Mineral and early R.E.M. Absolutely breath-taking and gorgeously powerful. Lookout for a trip to the states coming soon!
Myspace // Full album stream

Also out today!

"Wicked Wanderer"
(Hot Dog City)

The five men of Mtn. High are taking back the streets with their wickedly awesome double drumming; this sometimes turns to triple drumming, quad-guitars, multi-bass, vocals, keys, they got it all. These dudes are punk rock and don't give a fuck about anything. Wild, untamed savagery. Try and check 'em on the live tip, they don't care, but they will most definitely crush a slice of pizza if you offer.

THE RED DEATH "Godmakers"
(Siege of Amida / Ferret)

The Breathing Processs are the first in a set of bands ready to launch a flank attack from left field on the world of loud music. Composed of a rabid hybrid of guttural growls mixed in with icy synth vapors, these New England lads have finally discovered a secret recipe which sees to it that power metal isn't just for wusses anymore. The Red Death is bracing for their sophomore release Godmakers (January 22nd) following much buzz among critics in 2007. With the dual riff goblin spawned by guitarists Aaron Conti and Mark Kelley placed alongside the fire-breathing voice of singer Paul Hamblin, The Red Death have created what is quite possibly the most powerful beast sired from a brutal tryst of speed metal and serrated hardcore.
Full album stream
The Breathing Process: user: soarindustry pass: F091S1EGEO8
The Red Death user: soarindustry pass: F092AM1DAO8

Breathing Process Myspace // Red Death Myspace