Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pegasuses-XL Announce Ernest Jenning Debut * US Tour w/ Bomb The Music Industry!

Announce Debut Album, The Antiphon, out February 26th on Ernest Jenning * US Dates w/ Bomb The Music Industry!

"Truly awesome" - Athens Flagpole

"I pre-ordered mine." -

"My mother often tells me about when my uncle purchased the first DEVO
record and wouldn't take it off the record player for a month. Now I
know how he felt.." - Woodgrain Fonts

Pegasuses XL just might be the band to make history, as the first collective of artists who's sound precisely taps the middle ground between music made for those who like to wax deep with intricately mellow headphone music, and jaunty tunes for moments when all inhibitions are thrown to the wind (inducing a deep hankering to tear a hole in the floor).

Composed of jumpy hooks and caffeinated vocal flows, PXL takes the seriousness of 70's Krautrock ala Vangelis and Tangerine Dream and throws it into a smarmy albeit cinematic punk hodgepodge that'll get the rocks off for fans of Har Mar Superstar and Ghostland Obervatory. Even if you're not a seasoned listener of the above mentioned bands, PXL's aura, which oozes like a deluge of molten glitter, hits the mind, body, and ears with its rapid firing blasts of clunky trip hop and bastardized art rock with a frugal kitchen sink approach.

More about Pegasuses-XL (BY Pegasuses-XL):

Ok people, we have a band. What is the point of a band, really? Our band,
Pegasuses-XL, is Mark and Joel, and Jeff and Jeff, who played in a bunch of other bands and decided to make a band based on their mutual admiration of "bikes, coffee, and books." Most of our band practices happen at a coffee shop where we sit and talk about what we could do conceptually, rather than
going home and actually practicing it. We play a lot of Scrabble, read a lot of books about dystopia, World War II, and politics circa 1968. We've spent a good amount of time contemplating our place in the Universe, and to be fair, some of that is due to drugs.

The band has typically been a bunch of synths and a drummer. Lately we've
gotten a little bored with the synths only thing, mostly because we all have
been living in Athens for a few years now, where everything musical and
artistic sort of blurs together. Mark Dale of "Disband" , Jeff Tobias of "We Versus the Shark" and "Dark Meat," Joel Hatstat of "Cinemechanica" and Jeff Rosenstock of "the Arrogant Sons of Bitches" and "Bomb the Music Industry!" have come together as "Pegasuses-XL" and made a new record, entitled "the Antiphon," where we made whatever music with whatever instruments we felt were appropriate, which is pretty much what you get when you mix those bands together anyway. It's still mostly keyboards. It follows 3 EP's, and is our first full length, and we are very pumped about it.

Really, we're friends who want the same thing from life, to understand "what
we are doing, and why?" The Antiphon is our response to ourselves,
questioning ourselves. The music is everything we've ever done in our lives
crumpled up into 38 minutes, and documented on disc with the hopes that our
dynamic elements and our personalities will perhaps carry on in the work of

For fans of....

Vangelis? Brainiac, D-Plan????

Tracklisting for The Antiphon
1. Drugs For Change
2. Gold Power
3. Special Times with Sandwiches in Lumicolourland
4. Marathon Mansion
5. Serious Feelings
6. Atmospheric Skull
7. Walking Life
8. Pegasuses, Enjoying Some Mid Afternoon Target Practice
9. I Have No Idea, None.
10. Intermurals
11. The Big Haunt
12. Antiphon.

Pegasuses-XL Live!

1.25.08 Athens, GA Go Bar

w/ Bomb The Music Industry!
2.18.08 Tallahassee, FL The Shed w/ Safety
2.19.08 Orlando, FL TBA
2.20.08 Miami, FL TBA
2.21.08 Naples, FL TBA
2.22.08 Tampa, FL Transitions Art Gallery w/ Safety
2.23.08 Gainesville, FL 1982
2.24.08 Pensacola, FL Sluggo's
2.26.08 New Orleans, LA TBA
2.27.08 Houston, TX The White Swan
2.28.08 Austin, TX Emo's
2.29.08 Ft. Worth, TX 1919 Hemphill w/ O' Pioneers
3.1.08 Shreveport, LA TBA
3.2.08 Jackson, MS TBA
3.3.08 Birmingham, AL TBA

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