Monday, January 7, 2008

Pastepunk reviews Jettie's "Kites For Charity!"

huge thanks to Corey Schmidt and the entire Pastepunk staff!

JETTIE "Kites For Charity" (Eyeball)
Review by Corey Schmidt

The last time Eyeball Records ventured into dreamy indie pop from Sweden was when they released In The Pyramid by ARIEL KIL HIM. Looking back, that band really did nothing here in the States despite writing an okay record. A few years later and they've grabbed yet another Swedish group by the name of JETTIE looking to make an impression here with Kites For Charity.

I'd like to describe this quaint duo as one that writes really enthralling songs. Their songs are far from mathy or technical, far from being overtly original, and far from containing lots of energy; however, they are damn captivating. From beginning to end, JETTIE combines the lightest of rhythms with twinkling guitars, loads of room-filling programming, and hushed vocals to create a supremely dreamy record. The catch here is that the songs often contain a number of hooks, bringing the listener in even further. "Ticking" is probably the best songs here with its light keyboard notes accentuating the upbeat rhythm, but other suchs as "Sophia," "The Sky Over Santa Rosa," "#3 The Nest And The Wind," and "At Certain Hours" are all quality tracks as well with just as much to offer.

I think it would be safe to assume that Kites For Charity won't make much of a dent in the US market, but it sure does offer some quality sounds to start off the new year of music. If you're into indie pop that puts you amongst the stars, JETTIE is far from the worst you could do.