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This week (as usual) we have some beautiful shows to highlight, only this time we finally give some love to some other cities not in the Northeast! Told you we love you.


Tuesday, July 31st - FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS @ The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta w/ Clouds and Pelican!
One of music's most confrontational and earth-shattering bands are back to kick you in the ass (replace "kick" w/ a profane term for making love, it may be more appropriate in this case). Houston's FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS are possibly the best thing to happen to the rock n'roll underground in a long, long time. Fueled by a seemingly animalistic, pornographic, and other-worldly rage, the Guilloteens are preparing the release of October's "Quantum Fucking," the band's debut on New York's acclaimed French Kiss Records. And to slowly ease us in (as any caring lover might do before they rip a new one), they're heading to America's Southeast for a handful of shows w/ rock monsters Pelican and Clouds! Miss this and you may find yourself praying for an ass-something-or-other to take your mind off it.

Thursday, August 2nd - SHOCK CINEMA w/ ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead @ Luna Lounge in Brooklyn
This Thursday, the all-star band New Yorkers are foaming over, SHOCK CINEMA, will be opening for the band who's nice enough to share one of their members, Texas' balls-out post-rock-with-tough-ass-name-bros, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead. Sharing members w/ other critically acclaimed bands The Rogers Sisters and Dragons of Zynth, SHOCK CINEMA's brand of gothic-sex-punk (ala X-Ray Spex / The Vanishing) will be sure to seduce and wow the crowd until the monster sounds of Trail of Dead blow the roof off. This show has already sold-out but if you'd like to attend, act fast!

Friday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 4th - RONEN KAUFFMAN @ Warped Tour
(Tweeter Center, Philadelphia and Nassau Coliseum, NYC respectively)

Author, teacher, journalist, and all around great guy, RONEN KAUFFMAN, will be appearing on four local (Northeast) dates on this year's Warped Tour, promoting, signing, and reading from his debut book "New Brunswick, NJ, Goodbye" (out now on Hopeless Records). Between watching punk rock icons Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, and MXPX, recent rockstars Coheed and Cambria and Circa Survive, and metal-core heroes Killswitch Engage and Throwdown, RONEN KAUFFMAN will be entertaining the kids w/ stories from his book and other enlightening conversations. Ask him behind the scenes questions about your favorite punk rock bands and check out his recent interview w/ Geoff Rickly from Thursday and Jim Testa of Jersey Beat Magazine, on the latest episode of his monthly podcast - Issue Oriented. So good.

Friday, August 3rd - BIG BUSINESS @ Spaceland in LA
As they conclude a massive US tour filled w/ headlining appearances and opening spots with the legendary Tool, BIG BUSINESS return to their new home for a very special appearance at Silverlake's Spaceland. Prepare to be bombarded by pummeling drums and face-melting bass before these dudes take a short rest in preparation for their October world tour (did i say that? i wonder who they'll be hitting the road with! Just kidding, i know the answer). Get to this show and ask them yourselves! Or just wait for the press release ;)

Monday, July 30 2007 The Larimer Lounge Denver, Colorado
Wednesday, Aug 1 2007 Liquid Joe's Salt Lake City, Utah
Friday, Aug 3 2007 Spaceland Los Angeles (Silver Lake), California

Thursday, Aug 2 2007 Slim's Raleigh, North Carolina
Saturday, Aug 4 2007 The Comet Cincinnati, Ohio w/ Ted Leo

Tuesday, July 31 2007 Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, GA w/ Pelican and Clouds
Wednesday, Aug 1 2007 40 Watt Club Athens, GA w/ Pelican and Clouds
Friday, Aug 3 2007 Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, LA w/ Pelican and Clouds
Saturday, Aug 4 2007 Emo's Austin, TX w/ Pelican and Clouds

Monday, July 30 2007 Old Baldy Los Angeles, California
Thursday, Aug 2 2007 Rhinoceropolis Denver, Colorado w/ Attractive & Popular
Friday, Aug 3 2007 Haunted Kitchen Lawrence, Kansas
Saturday, Aug 4 2007 House Party Bloomington, Indiana

Tuesday, July 31 2007 Transmutations Listening Party @ Liar's Club Chicago, Illinois

FUCKED UP Stream "Year of the Pig" on Pitchfork!


In 2007, the good become superior and the bad become worse. The enlightened continue on their path to understanding and contentment. Take a stand, speak your mind during this Pig year."

The theme for Year of the Pig is exploitation and violence against women, using prostitution as a main symbol. We recorded this while the Robert Pickton trial is picking up here in Canada - Pickton is a farmer from British Columbia who has been charged with the murder of 26 prostitutes from one of the poorest districts in Canada. We feel that violence against women, represented here by the issue of prostitutes rights in particular, is an issue that is still taboo, and rights for sex workers is an issue that people are still afraid to look at head on, and deal with in a meaningfull way. Sexism exists everywhere and as we've seen in the Pickton case, it can far too easily manifest as abuse, rape and murder shut out from the public eye. This violence is more easily accomodated when working prostitutes aren't protected by the full scope of the law in their workplaces, and when their role exists outside of the purview of our collective morality. In this way, we also view violence against prostitutes as symtomatic of our society's tendency to try and launder our collective guilt and shame through a third party, in this case prostitutes. They exist as a special part of our culture where we can lash out at them, of our own shame and guilt with sexual issues of shame and possesion, and blame and exploit them, instead of dealing with those issues ourselves. Sexism and violence agaisnt women exist, and as long as there are classes of society that we keep beneath our collective moral societal obligations, those classes will bear the full brunt of the hatred and fear we can dish out. We also with to state that "Year of the Pig" is not the attempt to condemn Robert Pickton, or any other individual specifically for any specific crime - the scope of these issues are broader than isolated incidents. The habitual compartmentalization of these sorts of crimes is part of the problem - we wish to state that sexism and violence persist not simply due to the actions of a few deviant criminals, but because as a whole we refuse to properly deal with these issues.

We wrote "Year of the Pig" according to the spacial and spiritual rules laid out in the Chinese Zodiac. We do this once a year – last year was "Year of the God", next year is "Year of the Rat". It is a special process we only bring out for these yearly rousing recording sessions. It is a 60 year cycle, so accordingly there will be 60 of these 12"'s, by us or by the bands we pass it down to. The combination element for this year was gold, so (as usual), we tried to surround ourselves with as much gold as possible in the studio – a few people came up who had fronts in their mouths, and we all had to borrow our parents jewelry. The lights from the studio were cascading off all the pieces in the room. The Heaven element for this year was fire, so we also managed to put up a huge fire in the middle of the floor. We did the drum tracks only with the fire, because we had to move the set-up onto the roof of the building. For us recording is all about balance basically – we usually try now to have certain people come in to lay down the area in a way we don't really understand – we just sit there and eat handfuls of salvia while these dowsers come in and point to what instruments are ready, you've got these geosophists pointing us in certain directions, sigils are going up all over the place, it can get pretty real in the year of the fourth trine.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ronen Kauffman interviews Thursday's Geoff Rickly and Jersey Beat's Jim Testa for

Our good friend and author of the new book "New Brunswick, NJ, Goodbye - Bands, Dirty Basements, and the Search for Self," interviews Thursday vocalist Geoff Rickly, and Jersey Beat Magazine editor Jim Testa, for his monthly podcast, Issue Oriented!

click below to listen!

FUCKED UP covers Justice's "Stress"


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pitchfork and CMJ declare DALEK's "Deadverse Massive Vol. 1" Reviews of the Day

Pitchfork and declare DALEK's new album "Deadverse Massive Vol. 1" Reviews of the Day!

OXBOW interviewed on
BIG BUSINESS Billboard Tour Diary

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

DALEK Releases "Deadverse Massive Vol.1" Today on Hydra Head!

Releases "Deadverse Massive Vol. 1: Dälek Rarities 1999-2006" Today on Hydra Head!

“While many MCs are hacking up congestion labeled as ‘hip-hop,’ Newark’s mic fiend Dälek and producer Oktopus are the genre’s Robitussin: viscous, bracing, wary and woozy.” – URB Magazine

“There's no respite for the listener, either, whipped into shock by lyrical fury,
abrasive beats, or looped samples that sound like bleating animals being led to
slaughter.” – XLR8R Magazine

“[Dälek are] one of modern hip-hop's greatest crews.” – Pitchforkmedia

“Too brutal to be hip-hop, too beat-orientated to be labeled rap-metal, and they
use enough layered white noise to earn comparisons to My Bloody Valentine.
their music is a statement, as foreboding as any ever made, and whether you nod
in approval or sneer in derision is irrelevant.” – Drowned in Sound

Ex-ter-mi-nate! On the heels of their latest full-length, Abandoned Language,
MC Dälek and beat-master Oktopus unfurl a collection of dream-like instrumentals, ten-ton remixes (including Enon’s unforgettable “In This City”) and scarce gems from the last seven years. Deadverse Massive Volume 1 is no odds n’ sods collection, but rather an addendum to a body of work that already rests comfortably atop underground hip-hop’s proverbial heap. Over the ominous grind of metallic friction and industrial-strength beats, MC Dälek flows like silk on glass, foregoing all the usual hip-hop lyrical conventions for something darker, more textural, and infinitely memorable. Did we mention that this is Hydra Head’s first hip-hop release? Well, it is. Then again, our man Oktopus has already appeared twice in the Hydra Head Remix series, reinterpreting the work of both Isis and Knut with exceptional results. So when you think about it, these dudes were pretty much part of the family all along.

With a slew of critic-praised albums under their belts (including their most
recent full length for Ipecac, Abandoned Language), MC Dälek and beat-master
Oktopus are prime runners in keeping hip hop vitalized, hungry, and forward thinking. Deadverse Massive Volume 1 is an outstanding compilation of rare tracks, engaging instrumentals, and remixes — a body of work that embodies an atmosphere, lyrical flow, and vision all their own.

Hydra Head does it all: one-man black metal symphonies, instro-metal, shoegazing sludge, two-manned Big Black worship, and now progressive, underground, and memorable hip hop. All their bands sound different. But what’s the tie that binds? They’re some of the best at what they do. And their little family is incestuous, to boot! Dälek have toured with Isis and Knut, as well as remixed both those metal heavyweights.

"Deadverse Massive Volume 1" Tracklist

1. Megaton (Deadverse Remix)
From TechnoAnimal vs. Dälek split 12". Originally released on Matador Records in 2000. Recorded and mixed at Sweetwood Sound.
2. Angst
Previously unreleased. Recorded in 1999 at Mayan Ruins. Mixed at Sweetwood Sound.
3. Ruin It, Ruin Them, Ruin Yourself, Then Ruin Me (Deadverse Remix)
From Kid606 vs. Dälek split 12"/CD. Originally released on Tigerbeat6 Records in 2002. Recorded and Mixed at Sweetwood Sound.
4. Vague Recollection
From Kid606 vs. Dälek split 12"/CD. Originally released on Tigerbeat6 Records in 2002. Recorded at Mayan Ruins. Mixed at Sweetwood Sound.
5. Desolate Peasants
From Dälek vs. Velma split 12". Originally released on Namskeio Records in 2002. Recorded at Mayan Ruins, Sweetwood Sound, Dublab, and 1010 Woodland. Mixed at Trax East.
6. Rouge (Deadverse Remix)
From Dälek vs. Velma split 12". Originally released on Namskeio Records in 2002. Recorded at Mayan Ruins and Sweetwood Sound. Mixed at Trax East.
7. 3:46
From Dälek vs Dalek 7". Originally released on Man Vs Ape Records in 2002. Recorded and mixed at Sweetwood Sound.
8. In This City (Deadverse Remix)
From Enon's In This City Remix EP. Originally released on Touch and Go Records in 2003. Recorded and mixed at Sweetwood Sound.
9. Music for ASM
Previously unreleased. Recorded and mixed in 2003 at Sweetwood Sound.
10. Streets All Amped
From Streets All Amped 12". Originally released on Ad Noiseum Records in 2006. Recorded at Mayan Ruins. Mixed at Sweetwood Sound.
11. Ascention
From Streets All Amped 12". Originally released on Ad Noiseum Records in 2006. Recorded at Mayan Ruins. Mixed at Sweetwood Sound.
12. Maintain
From Streets All Amped 12". Originally released on Ad Noiseum Records in 2006. Recorded at Mayan Ruins. Mixed at Sweetwood Sound.
13. Back to Burn
From Streets All Amped 12". Originally released on Ad Noiseum Records
in 2006. Recorded at 9 Kaiserstrasse. Mixed at Sweetwood Sound.

Dälek Live!
July 28, 2007 Afisha Picnic Festival Moscow w/ Múm, Clinic, Junior Boys, and more!

For more information, visit:

Absolutepunk interviews Ronen Kauffman!


Monday, July 23, 2007

Shows this week: LEWIS & CLARKE * WORLD/INFERNO * 108 and more!

This week, Hoboken, Coney Island, and LA are home to our very special shows of the week... do not miss this!


Tonight, Monday, July 23rd - LEWIS & CLARKE @ Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ w/ Bat For Lashes
Delaware Water Gap's LEWIS & CLARKE spent their weekend celebrating the release of their latest album, "Blasts of Holy Birth," inspiring fans in Brooklyn, Scranton, and New Haven w/ their magical and beautiful brand of neo-baroque chamber folk. Tonight, the weekend culminates w/ an incredibly special, one off appearance @ Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ, performing w/ who may be one of our generation's most exquisite and important musical groups, known as Bat For Lashes. This evening is sure to be one of the most memorable and gorgeous nights of music we've witnessed in quite some time. Prepare to be moved.

Saturday, July 28th - WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY @ Cha Cha's on the Coney Island Boardwalk
The mighty WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY gear up for the release of their new album "Addicted to Bad Ideas - Peter Lorre's Twentieth Century" out this Septmeber on Chunksaah, as they take their punk-rock carnival to Coney Island's Cha Cha's! If you've not yet witnessed one of the world's greatest bands, do not miss them perform some of the newest "movements" off their forthcoming album, which, yes, contains a full orchestra accompanying the band's already diverse musical lineup. Complete w/ fire-breathers and pits that would make the hardest hard-core bands blush, WORLD/INFERNO is quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to music in, well, forever.

Saturday, July 28th - 108 @ The Sound and Fury Festival in Ventura, CA
This weekend, bear witness to one of the country's greatest gatherings of punk-rock, thrash, and hard-core from around the world, as the legendary 108 headline the one and only Sound and Fury Festival in Ventura, California. Joining the band as they celebrate their latest album "A New Beat From A Dead Heart" (out now on Deathwish Records) includes the the terrifyingly brutal sounds of Blacklisted, Iron Age, Cold World, Mind Eraser and more! Rip the sleeves off your favorite DropDead shirt and throw yourself in the pit to get an education in the best and brightest in the current hard-core movement.

also this week:

Saturday, July 28 The Hurricane Kansas City, Missouri

Tuesday, July 24 Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Thursday, July 26 Juanita's Cantina Little Rock, Arkansas
Friday, July 27 The Conservatory Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Saturday, July 28 the Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas

Saturday, July 28th Afisha Picnic Festival Moscow

Friday, July 27 The Lime Spider Akron, Ohio
Saturday, July 28 Wicker Park Summer Fest Chicago, Illinois w/ The Thermals

Monday, July 23 The Palace Missoula, Montana w/ Archaeopteryx
Tuesday, July 24 Jake's OLYMPIA, Washington
Wednesday, July 25 The Funhouse Seattle, Washington
Thursday, July 26 Branx Portland, Oregon w/ Attractive and Popular
Friday, July 27 The Bus Oakland, California
Saturday, July 28 Thrillhouse San Francisco, California

BIG BUSINESS Kickoff Rescheduled Dates!

Kickoff Rescheduled and Additional Headlining Dates!

"Warren and Willis' thunder-prog has never sounded so fully formed and abrasive, and Warren's voice never so triumphant." - Spin Magazine

After their weeks of touring and performing w/ the one and only TOOL, America's heaviest-hitting monster duo, BIG BUSINESS, are kicking off their string of rescheduled headlining appearances, and have added some additional performances to the list!

Read the band's latest tour diary entry w/ Billboard Magazine HERE!

Big Business is bigger and better than ever, with better hair, bigger hits, and the kind of overwhelming Norman Schwarzkopf-style force that rolls like thunder, stings like a missile, and - above all - takes no shit.

On Here Come the Waterworks, their second full-length, bassist/vocalist Jared Warren and drummer Coady Willis (both of whom also happen to be the newest members of underground super-legends the Melvins) unfurl all the mammoth riffs, furious vocals and blazing drum work you've come to expect - nay, DEMAND - from LA's answer to Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. No, wait, make that Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs. Either way, there's a new sheriff in town - two of 'em, actually.

This is the new Big Business album, and it's better than their first: harder, faster, and catchier. But since that first long player was so damn good, we're left with no choice but to already proclaim Here Come the Waterworks as one of the top releases of 2007.

Putting on Here Come the Waterworks induces instant first pumping. Its ethos is triumph and absolute PMA -- Positive Mental Attitude. In fact, you're likely to find your mind wandering back to the best scenes in Vision Quest, and that closing moment of greatness in Over the Top when Stallone turns his ball cap around and pummels the competition.

Big Business always tour the shit out of their records because they're rock machines. I mean, they even record tour EPs! Plan to catch them in your town and at festivals this summer laying waste to the competition.


Willis has become one of the most inventive percussionists currently making heavy music. Watching him play alongside Warren is a thing of astounding beauty and power. This time around, Big Biz have again tapped producer Phil Ek (Shins, Built To Spill), and it sounds incredible. - Transworld Skateboarding

Bass player Jarred Warren (formerly of Karp and Tight Bros. from Way Back When) is an incredible vocal force, the kind that budding rock singers can only dream about. - Alarm Press

Big Business could perhaps one day rival Mastodon's sea-shanty sludgefests. - Decibel Magazine

Some of the most relentless, unyielding, and profound music in heavy metal today. - Thrasher Magazine

These guys manage to deconstruct, reinvent, and then rebuild the typical noise rock formula. - Chord Magazine

Big Business drowns CCR and prog in the tar pits, coming off like an undead Uriah Heep. -

Two guys doing the work of 20 - Orange County Weekly

Stream "Here Come the Waterworks" HERE!

"The band, on Waterworks, went a different production route and signed up, of all people, Phil Ek, indie-rock super-producer. Waterworks, as a result, sounds gigantic, vast, and also sparklingly clean." -

Tracklist for Here Come the Waterworks:
1. Just as the Day was Dawning
2. Hands Up
3. Shields
4. Grounds for Divorce
5. Another Fourth of July ... Ruined
6. Start Your Digging
7. I'll Give You Something to Cry About
8. Another Beautiful Day in the Pacific Northwest

Big Business Live!

Jul 20 2007 The Milestone Charlotte, North Carolina
Jul 21 2007 The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, Georgia
Jul 22 2007 Cat's Cradle Carrboro
Jul 24 2007 Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jul 26 2007 Juanita's Cantina Little Rock, Arkansas
Jul 27 2007 The Conservatory Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jul 28 2007 the Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas
Jul 30 2007 The Larimer Lounge Denver, Colorado
Aug 1 2007 Liquid Joe's Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 3 2007 Spaceland Los Angeles (Silver Lake), California
Aug 5 2007 12 Galaxies San Francisco, California

For more information, visit:

FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS Announce New Album on French Kiss!

Announce New Album "Quantum Fucking" out October 16th on French Kiss!

"Disjointed blues riffs wrap themselves neatly around foot-tapping (yet anarchic) drum beats, with the screaming of our pubescent superstar layered on top, combined to form an Extra Value Meal of blues-punks-who-used-to-like-indie-rock-but-got-bored-with-it-by-grade-ten." - VICE MAGAZINE

"And the Fatal Flying Guilloteens? Well, Chunklet's had a big ol' boner for those Houstonians for years now. Their new album is due in the late spring on Frenchkiss Records and is a kinetic interpretation of The Jesus Lizard discography crammed thru a kaleidoscope of dark 90's spazz rockers like the VSS. And again, their live shows are quite galvanizing and have only improved in all the times I've seen them. And hell, Tim Kerr adores them! That should be enough for anybody." - CHUNKLET

"Call me ridiculous, but Houston's Fatal Flyin' Guilloteens just may be the only credible musical descendants of renegade Houstonian bluesmen like Amos Milburn and Lightnin' Hopkins. Listen and marvel at the way they contort the blues into a rusty, tangled mass of over-amplified six-string wreckage. With lots of runaway slide guitar and gnarled riffs strewn about, these are some of the most demented hooks you've heard since discovering your former flower-child parents' collection of Country Joe and the Fish albums. Hell, Houston is the most polluted city in the country, so why shouldn't it render equally toxic bands?" - PITCHFORK

"Angular guitars jut out like broken appendages, and the rhythm section threatens to destroy everything in sight... a smart, stop-start garage-punk album mixing its prescriptions with its libations and hammering multiple emotions through its amps at once." - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

Quantum Fucking, the new album from Houston's FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS, is a lesson in, well, fucking; fucking your ears, fucking your mind, and fucking your insides (especially in the live setting). Formed in the late 90's, the Guilloteens have been causing a severe ruckus in the dark and septic underground over the past few years, thanks to non-stop touring w/ incredible bands, allowing the world to witness and be owned by a living case of what-the-fuck-is-this-ness, while simultaniously releasing a seminal back catalogue which has created a now cult-like following.

Often misdiagnosed at the hands of reviewers and listener alike, the reference is never the same. Compared to everything from Pere Ubu to Gang Of Four to the Stooges, the otherwise straight line has been blurred. Point A to point B is lost in the translation and what occurs in between is signature in its delivery. With floor show swagger and fire on the teeth, FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS have abandoned the verse chorus verse devices of "once was" and have created the upright working model of "what will be"

Quantum Fucking: a fictitious true life account of young love in the streets, was commissioned by Frenchkiss Records of NYC and is the highly anticipated third full length release of Houston's Fatal Flying Guilloteens. Following their split ep with Clevelands This Moment In Black History for the GSL label, Quantum Fucking not only assumes clever asterisk placing for the more reputable publishing houses, but that listeners from the previously inducted to the previously unaware follow suit in short order. From the standing room only unhinged humid throws of Texas haunts and dives to sharing larger stages with the likes of Sonic Youth, The Fall, Blonde Redhead, and other established types, the illicit sound once uttered amongst the lips of those belonging to the 4th largest city in the lower 48 is growing as the Guilloteens become increasingly well traveled.

Suggestions for alternate phrasing of Quantum Fucking for aforementioned reputable publishers listed as the following:

Quantum Copulation
Quantum Sexual act without intent to procreate
Quantum Humping
Quantum Boning
Quantum F*****g
Quantum Third Base

These 5 young men return as J. Adams(drums/guitar) S. Adolph (guitar/vocal) M. Bonilla (drums/vocal) R. Mata (bass) B. Mcmanus (guitar/vocal) respectively.
They plan to visit your town in the fall/winter 2007-2008.

Listen to the track "Reveal The Rats" HERE!

"Quantum Fucking" Tracklist:

1. The First Act of Violence
2. Hello, Boss!!!
3. Charts
4. Reveal the Rats
5. Illegal Weapons Party
6. The Siren
7. Great Apes
8. Tiger vs. Gator
9. Long Distance Reach Around
10. Fantasy Licks with Platinum Ceiling
11. Non-Original Talent
12. Legion of Serpents

"Quantum Fucking" (French Kiss)
"split w/ This Moment In Black History" CD/12" (GSL)
"Get Knifed" CD only (Estrus)
"Now Hustle For New Diaboliks" LP/CD (Estrus)
"split/Scared Of Chaka" 7" (Dirtnap of Seattle)
"Ask Marie Antoinette" 7" (estrus records)
"Danger West" (peek-a-boo industries) -press kit version
"Danger West" 7" (peek-a-boo industries) -websiteversion-
"New Iron Fist" 7" (twistworthy records)
Tape: (Grey Ghost Recordings limited)

Fatal Flying Guilloteens Live w/ Pelican and Clouds!

Jul 31 2007 Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, GA
Aug 1 2007 40 Watt Club Athens, GA
Aug 3 2007 Moon Baton Rouge, LA
Aug 4 2007 Emo's Austin, TX
Aug 5 2007 Hailey's Denton, TX

For more information, visit:

Friday, July 20, 2007

BALD EAGLE Announce New Album "Hot Shoulders" out August 21st on Emergency Umbrella!

Announce New Album "Hot Shoulders" - August 21st on Emergency Umbrella!

"A rambunctious smorgasbord of funk beats, killer metal riffs, and screaming outbursts, with unbridled vigor belying the band's goofball subject matter." - Flavorpill

"Bald Eagle accomplishes a lot by picking and choosing elements of hardcore, hard rock, emo, soul, and even a bit of Sly Stone-style psychedelic funk for its tracks." - Punk Planet

"A hell raising combination of Tiger Style Records-era Rye Coalition, The Jesus Lizard, and Chicago's Cougars." - The Daily Copper

Columbia, Misssouri's BALD EAGLE are a strange and mysterious brew who's brand of rock madness is practically unmatched by any bands hailing from the big city. They play fast, guitar driven, musical equivalents of muscle spasms or brain aneurisms, one might equate to the groundbreaking sounds of Swing Kids or Nation of Ulysses. Some might call this, just not givin' a f*ck. Still others might see this as a dizzying assault of technicality and full frontal nudity.

BALD EAGLE are fans of, and draw influences from, indie-punk stars Drive Like Jehu and Hoover, and 70's psychadelia legends Deep Purple and Yes, whose elements can be heard throughout their new (and second) full length album "Hot Shoulders" (out August 21st on Emergency Umbrella). Most songs coalesce with mixtures of improvisational jazz and European hardcore (see the Refused / JR Ewing) and whose subject matter include things like cobras, eating pizza, fear of sharks, The Princess Bride, transvestites, and shady, creepy people.

What's more, BALD EAGLE seriously like ripping-it live. Past performances include dates w/ !!!, Call Me Lightning, The Apes, The Paper Chase, Ad Astra Per Aspera, and others, and already have set in place a slew of Summer and Fall dates lined up to support their new album.

There are many ways to describe BALD EAGLE, but one thing is for certain, TURN THEM SHITS UP!

"Hot Shoulders" Tracklist:

1. Those Are Cobras, Man
2. Jammin The Wedge
3. Sharks Are Fucked Up
4. Rodents Of Unusual Size
5. The Lunch Helicopter
6. Lemon Lime Be On Time
7. Trans Dyn - O - Myte
8. Shady Creepers
9. We. Have. You. Did.
10. Stompin Up The Stairs (With My Moustache On)
11. What's All This Brew Ha- Ha?

Jul 20 2007 BOOBY'S BEER GARDEN Carbondale, Illinois
Jul 21 2007 THE MIRAMAR THEATRE Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jul 28 2007 THE HURRICANE Kansas City, Missouri
Aug 10 2007 EASTSIDE TAVERN Columbia, Missouri
Sep 19 2007 TBA, Texas
Sep 20 2007 BEERLAND Austin, Texas
Sep 21 2007 TBA, Texas
Sep 22 2007 SOUNDPONY Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oct 5 2007 TBA Columbia, Missouri
Oct 6 2007 THE YACHT CLUB Iowa City, Iowa
Oct 7 2007 BIG Vs St. Paul, Minnesota
Oct 8 2007 THE MIRAMAR THEATRE Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Oct 9 2007 THE ANNEX Madison, Wisconsin
Oct 10 2007 TBA Chicago, Illinois
Oct 14 2007 TBA Albany, New York
Oct 21 2007 SIREN RECORDS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For more information, visit:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

Shows this week: BIG BUSINESS * LEWIS & CLARKE * FUCKED UP and more!

This week is so jam packed full of sweet and sick shows that we have no choice but to highlight at least a few of them. And here she goes:


Wednesday, July 18th BIG BUSINESS @ PNC Arts Center (Holmdel, NJ) w/ Tool!
For the past few weeks, the almighty Big Business have been blazing a trail of balls-out rock perfection, opening for who may well be one of the most forward thinking and greatest rock bands of our generation. The last date on this trip will likely prove to be the highlight of the entire tour as the two bands throw down one more time in the beatiful Garden State. What kind of debauchery has the duo experienced on this trip? Read about the insanity as drummer Coady Willis talks to Billboard Magazine!

Thursday, July 19th RONEN KAUFFMAN @ Vintage Vinyl Records in Fords, NJ
This Thursday, author Ronen Kauffman makes a special appearance at one of New Jersey's most legendary punk-rock and hardcore record stores, to read excerpts from and sign copies of his debut book, "New Brunswick, NJ, Goodbye" out last Tuesday on Hopeless Records. If you live in the area, odds are you've been seeing Ronen on the cover of and featured in many of the local newspapers. If that's the case, you also know to stop by Vintage Vinyl to see what special guests are in the house for this intimate engagement (and don't forget to pick up a copy of that X-Ray Spex record that's been missing from your collection for way too long).

Friday, July 20th LEWIS & CLARKE Record Release Show @ Sound Fix Records in Brooklyn (FREE!)
Prepare to be swept into a sea of beauty and enlightenment as Lou Rogai, Eve Miller, and Russel Higbee, better known as Lewis & Clarke, treat us to their brand of neo-baroque chamber folk from the mountains of Pennsylvania. Celebrating the release of their critically acclaimed new album, "Blasts of Holy Birth," the trio perform some yoga for the brain at this very special, free show, at Brooklyn's most talked about record store. Do not miss one of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring appearances of the summer.

Friday, July 20th FUCKED UP @ The Knitting Factory and Saturday, July 21st @ Southpaw w/ Pissed Jeans!
Toronto hardcore heroes, Fucked Up, return to NYC this weekend to play two shows that will likely leave the city reeling for weeks to come. On Friday, watch as the crew and their fans rip the Knitting Factory a new one as they perform w/ their friends in Limpwrist (ex-Los Crudos), and Saturday bear witness to the destruction of Southpaw as Sub Pop Records' Pissed Jeans join these living legends for a very special weekend of pure, unfiltered punk rock, the way it was meant to be. Also be sure to pick up the new Fucked Up LP "Year of the Pig" out July 31st on What's Your Rupture?!

Sunday, July 22nd O'DEATH @ Sound Fix Records in Brooklyn (FREE!)
This weekend the kind folks @ Sound Fix Records are hosting not one but two amazing bands on the Solid PR roster. This Sunday, be sure to catch the appalachian-punk insanity that is Brooklyn's O'Death! After a jam packed performance at last weekend's CitySol festival opening for Les Savy Fav, and last week's Philadelphia throwdown w/ Man Man and Deerhunter, O'Death's brand of hillbilly-stomp and swang prove time again how impossible it is to see this band live and not shake that money-maker. See O'Death in this intimate setting before they're too huge to get close to.

also this week:

108 (Europe)

Monday Jul 16 2007 Feierwerk, Sunny Red München
Tuesday Jul 17 2007 Klub V Jeleni Prague
Wednesday Jul 18 2007 Wein Arena Wein Arena
Thursday Jul 19 2007 Sommerkeller Straubing
Friday Jul 20 2007 Fluff Fest Plzen
Saturday Jul 21 2007 Alter Stattbahnhof Schweinfurt

Monday Jul 16 2007 Soverign Center Reading, Pennsylvania w/ Tool
Wednesday Jul 18 2007 PNC Bank Arts center Holmdel, New Jersey w/ Tool
Friday Jul 20 2007 The Milestone Charlotte, North Carolina
Saturday Jul 21 2007 The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, Georgia
Sunday Jul 22 2007 Cat's Cradle Carrboro

Wednesday Jul 18 @ Warehouse Next Door Parking Lot w/ Fucked Up and Government Warning

Monday July 16, 2007 Lawrenceville, GA The Treehouse
Tuesday July 17, 2007 Virginia Beach, VA Steppin' Out
Wednesday July 18, 2007 Washington, DC Warehouse Next Door Parking Lot w/ Cloak/Dagger
Thursday July 19, 2007 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church w/ Battles
Friday July 20, 2007 New York, NY Knitting Factory New York w/ Limpwrist
Saturday July 21, 2007 Brooklyn, NY Southpaw w/ Pissed Jeans

Monday Jul 16 2007 Rocket Star Cafe w/The DeathSet Kalamazoo, MI
Tuesday Jul 17 2007 The Trumbleplex Detroit, MI
Wednesday Jul 18 2007 Beachland Tavern w/ Pterodactyl Cleveland, OH
Thursday Jul 19 2007 Mauled By Tigers Fest Chicago, IL
Saturday Jul 21 2007 TBA Minneapolis, MN