Tuesday, July 3, 2007

108 Kickoff European Tour Tonight!

Kickoff European Tour Tonight in Support of their new album "A New Beat From A Dead Heart," out now on Deathwish!

"A New Beat from a Dead Heart doesn't just prove 108 hasn't lost their touch -- it shows that a complete resurrection has done them wonders." - Punknews.org

"With a production (courtesy of Converge's own Kurt Ballou) that is as gritty as it is gleaming, A New Beat From A Dead Heart captures the cohesion of chaos and clarity that is 108. Out of nowhere the band has crafted a passionate and energetic landmark of an album that by far surpasses their previous efforts and redefines the modern hardcore punk design." - Metalreview.com

"A New Beat From A Dead Heart is the return of 108. It’s a vicious, violent and, in these times of uninspiring and unoriginal heaviness, bloody vital album. It proves 108 are still more than capable of writing something incendiary, it shows just how special this scene can be and it should start fresh fires under a whole new spate of bands." - New-Noise.net

"108 have been away too long. Thankfully they've decided to return to kick the hardcore genre in the teeth, something that's been needing to be done for a while now. Witness the return of one of yesterday's greats!" - Decoymusic.com

If you look up the number 108 on Wikipedia, you'll learn the following:
One hundred [and] eight is an abundant number and a semiperfect number. It is a tetranacci number. 108 is a number that is divisible by the value of its φ function, which is 36. 108 is also divisible by the total number of its divisors (12), hence it is a refactorable number. In normal space, the interior angles of an equilateral pentagon measure 108 degrees each.

In Dharmic traditions Hindu deities have 108 names. Recital of these names, often accompanied by counting of 108-beaded Mala, is considered sacred and often done during religious ceremonies. The recital is called namajapa. Siva Nataraja dances his cosmic dance in 108 poses. The number of sins in Tibetan Buddhism is 108. Chinese astrology and Tao philosophy holds that there are 108 sacred stars.

However, if reading carefully, one would notice that 108 is also a California based Hare Krishna, hardcore punk band.

108 makes no mistake about the significance of their namesake. Frontman and lyricist Robert Fish/Rasaraja Dasa was practicing straight edge, vegetariansim and Gaudiya Vaisnavism while skating to punk and hardcore shows in NYC at the age of 13. Guitarist and mighty axe-thrower Vic Dicara (also formerly of legendary hardcore bands Beyond w/ Tom Capone of Bold and Quicksand, and Inside Out fronted by Zach De La Rocha now of Rage Against The Machine) actively practices Hinduism, as does earth-shaking bassist Trivikrama dasa (Tim Cohen), and newest member to the band, Tom Hogan, practices the art of pounding the hell out of his drumkit to round out the true tour de force that is 108.

108 formed in 1992 as a result of the legendary local New York City punk and hardcore scene of the 80’s and early 90’s, and have themselves become legends in their own right. Thanks to a collection of groundbreaking releases, most notably 1995’s “Songs of Separation” (an album whose sheer brutality and technical song-writing and musicianship, especially for it’s time, laid the groundwork for some of the heaviest and most technical bands soon to follow). The album’s landmark song “Deathbed” is still touted by many as one of the greatest hardcore anthems of our time.

Now, after a not so brief hiatus (1996 – 2005), the band is back with their first studio album in over a decade (Equal Vision Records recently issued a 37 song discography of the band’s history to this point), and it sounds like they haven’t missed a beat. "A New Beat From A Dead Heart" was recorded and engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at Godcity Studios. With the opening bass line of "Declarations On A Grave", 108 transports listeners to a new aural plane with it's jarring grit and intensity. Standout track "Three Hundred Liars" is as musically infectious as they come, pulsing and writhing through it's many sonic twists and turns. And elsewhere on the album "Angel Strike Man" soars with a Bad Brains-esque white hot anger while "The Sad Truth" cuts deep with repetition and poignant poetic vocal styling. These, along with the other songs on the album, are all sonically unique and spiritually invigorating. Redefining "heavy" with their controlled chaos, drive to enlighten, and will to inspire through sound, all of these qualities make "A New Beat From A Dead Heart" the kind of rare artistic achievement that few bands could ever attain.

108 will be performing in a city near you as they prepare for a full tour of the United States, but not before they destroy our lucky friends in Europe first (see full tour schedule below).

Stream 108 Player HERE!

Tracklist for "A New Beat From A Dead Heart"
1. Declarations on a Grave
2. Guilt
3. Angel Strike Man
4. Three Hundred Liars
5. Resurrect to Destroy
6. Martyr Complex
7. The Sad Truth
8. My Redemption
9. Bibles + Guns = The American Dream?
10. (IL)logical End
11. We Walk Through Walls
12. Our Kind
13. Repeat

108 Live!

Jul 3 2007 BeiChezHeinz Hanover
Jul 4 2007 Jubez Karlsruhe
Jul 5 2007 Wolfsburg, Germany @ Jugendhaus Ost Wolfsburg
Jul 6 2007 AJZ (Leisnig, Germany) Leisnig
Jul 7 2007 Muggefug Cottbus
Jul 8 2007 Matrix Bochum
Jul 9 2007 The Engine Room Brighton
Jul 10 2007 Music Box (Jilly's Rock World) Manchester
Jul 11 2007 The Electric Ballroom London
Jul 12 2007 Batofar Paris
Jul 13 2007 Winston Amsetrdam
Jul 14 2007 Dour Fest Dour
Jul 14 2007 Rock Herkfestival Herk-de-Stad
Jul 15 2007 La salle des fetes Imphy/Nevers
Jul 16 2007 Feierwerk, Sunny Red M√ľnchen
Jul 17 2007 Klub V Jeleni Prague
Jul 18 2007 Wein Arena Wein Arena
Jul 19 2007 Sommerkeller Straubing
Jul 20 2007 Fluff Fest Plzen
Jul 21 2007 Alter Stattbahnhof Schweinfurt

Jul 28 2007 The Alpine (www.myspace.com/soundandfuryfestival) Ventura, California
w/ Blacklisted, Cold World, Iron Age, Mind Eraser, and more!

+ US Tour TBA soon!

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