Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poison The Well Start Recording New Album Today * Out May 2009 on Ferret!

Miami's POISON THE WELL have just announced they have, as of today, begun recording their upcoming full-length for Ferret Music due out in May 2009. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, J Robbins will be unable to aid in the recording process (our thoughts are with the Robbins family), however the band has tapped good friend Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan, Kid Dynamite, Every Time I Die) to step in and lend his very talented, helping hand.

POISON THE WELL have also recently announced they'll be heading overseas to tour on the Soundwave Music Festival in Australia, followed by a European tour w/ friends and label-mates, 36 Crazyfists, and have just released their first of three new 7-inch releases for Ferret, entitled "I / III."

Tracklist for I / III
1. New Fast
2. Purple Sabbath

Monday, November 24, 2008

Medusa (mems of Racebannon) Announces Debut Full Length!

(featuring members of Racebannon)
Announces Debut Album, En Raga Sul, out December 2nd on Hawthorne Street Records!

An unknown name to many outside of Clash of the Titans fans, MEDUSA stand poised to deliver a sonic deathblow to all that is false with En Raga Sul, the deadliest 15 tracks to grace a vinyl platter in a long fucking time. Consisting of 3/4ths of the creative nucleus of the juggernaut Racebannon, MEDUSA bludgeon the listener with a riff-centric cyclone that sounds like Slayer playing Melvins covers through the MC5’s equipment. You’ve never heard anything quite like it, and when En Raga Sul is over, you will be left beaten, torn, and begging for more oxygen, and one more listen.

Toiling amongst the shades for their formative years, MEDUSA spent almost 5 years constructing a solid lineup and a solid stable of impure jams designed to level and destroy all that stands in their path. En Raga Sul is their only recording to date, and living proof that the way of the tortoise is often times the correct one for those who walk the left hand path. Instead of releasing some watered-down “BS” in the name of record sales and hype, MEDUSA honed and crafted a maelstrom of tar-stained riffs, thunderous drumming, and vocal incantations with more drama, tension, and hatred than an average Destiny’s Child practice. Sludgey riffs knuckle-drag themselves out of the dankest of swamps, only to careen into fast distorted oblivion at the drop of a hat, with the listener losing 5d20 with each successive passage.

Tracks like Wicked Father, Rain Un Thunder, Throne of God, Flesh Fly, Destructor, and the title track leave no room for breath, false moves, or faked jacks: this is the real deal. No girl clothes, no banjos, and no weak shit. MEDUSA is a blood-thirsty riff-centric weed machine that eats life and shits death, and En Raga Sul takes no prisoners. Less an “album” and more of a trance-inducing black ritual of catharsis, Hawthorne Street Records and MEDUSA have teamed up to deliver a bestial 12 inches of raw fury. The question is, are you strong enough in constitution and intestinal fortitude to stand up against the 15 tracks on En Raga Sul?

Tracklist for En Raga Sul
1. Rain Un Thunder
2. Mediatrix
3. En Raga Sul
4. Back To Dust
5. Transform
6. Destructor
7. Bruiser
8. Throne of God
9. Inflict The Venom

10. Snakebite
11. Soldiers of Death
12. Body Count
13. Alucarda
14. Flesh Fly
15. Wicked Father

For more information, visit:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Decibel Magazine Calls Torche's "Meanderthal" Album of the Year!

HUGE thanks go to Albert Mudrian, Shane Mehling, and the entire Decibel Magazine staff for their amazing support... !\m/!


(click on each page for a closer look!)


#26 - 5ive "Hesperus"
#24 - Gridlink "Amber Gray"
#14 - Pyramids "Pyramids"
#11 - Harvey Milk "Life... The Best Game In Town"

* also, Pitchfork's "Show No Mercy" column calls "Meanderthal" the #2 metal album of 2008!

Punknews Reviews Akimbo's "Jersey Shores" and Past Lives' "Strange Symmetry!"

huge thanks to Punknews for the support! click each album cover to be taken to their reviews!

Akimbo "Jersey Shores"

Past Lives "Strange Symmetry"

Friday, November 14, 2008

Helms Alee Tour w/ Minus The Bear and Annuals * New 7" Streaming @ the Hydra Head Blog!

Lionize b/w Truly
1. Lionize ( * stream @ the Hydra Head Blog!)
2. Truly

Helms Alee Live!

w/ Minus The Bear and Annuals!
Nov 14 2008 SOMA San Diego, California
Nov 15 2008 Glass House Pomona, California
Nov 16 2008 Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, California
Nov 17 2008 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, California * Free show, no MTB or Annuals
Nov 18 2008 Empire Sacramento, California
Nov 19 2008 Bimbo’s 365 Club San Francsico, California
Nov 20 2008 Stanford Campus Palo Alto, California * no MTB or Annuals
Nov 21 2008 Lewis & Clark College -Templeton Campus Center Portland, Oregon
Nov 22 2008 The Showbox (at the market) Seattle, Washington

Nov 29 2008 90.3FM KEXP Seattle SEATTLE, Washington
Dec 5 2008 The Comet Seattle, Washington w/ Black Eyes and Neckties, Black Elk, Sandrider (mems of Akimbo
Dec 12 2008 Eastside Olympia, Washington

For more information, visit:

CMJ, Aversion, Way Too Loud Review The Giraffes "Prime Motivator!"

Click below to be taken to each glowing review!

CMJ * Aversion * Way Too Loud

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rock Sound Reviews the Thursday / Envy Split LP + CD!

huge thanks to everyone @ Rock Sound Magazine for their support!

Thursday / Envy - Split
(Temporary Residence)
Rating: (8)

It’s not exactly a compilation, but semantic quibbles aside, this split release between New Jersey post-hardcore heroes Thursday and atmospheric Japanese noise mongers Envy is a hugely successful collaboration. Some may argue that these two make for an uneasy partnership, with largely disparate fanbases. There’s little sign of that here though, as Thursday become increasingly bleak in their outpourings, ending their four-track contribution with Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev remixing the instrumental ‘In Silence.’ Of Envy’s three efforts, it’s the short, sharp assault of ‘Isolation Of A Light Source’ that proves the highlight, providing an interval between familiarly dazzling heady instrumentation and quiet / loud dynamics, with Tetsuya Fukagawa’s tormented vocal delivery as glorious as ever.

FOR FANS OF: Thrice, This Will Destroy You, Secondsmile, Hot Cross

Native Signs To Sargent House * Debut Full Length Out Early 2009!

Signs to Sargent House * Debut Album Out Early 2009!

For a band just a little more than a year old, Native play with the confidence and prowess of a group of lifers. - Alternative Press

This foursome mix dance worthy bass lines with spastic guitar work and lyrics that seep into your bloodstream and become engrained in your subconscious. - Under The Gun

Just when I feel myself reaching that point where everything is beginning to sound a bit stale, a band like Native comes along and knocks me out. There is definitely nothing boring or generic about this Indiana band. Native's last release, We Delete; Erase EP, brims with a youthful energy that is nearly impossible to duplicate. The band certainly has an individuality all their own. The instruments run circles around each other but all with a beautiful purpose. - Sound As Language

Native is the youngest addition to the ever growing and diverse roster at Sargent House which also includes: Russian Circles, Maps & Atlases, These Arms Are Snakes, Tera Melos, RX Bandits, Good Old War, Daughters, Red Sparowes and newly added UK band This Town Needs Guns.

Native fit in beautifully, with an inventive sound that brims with powerful riffs, passionate lyrics, and a youthful energy that is sure to invigorate even the most cynical. While many compare Native to other successful DIY predecessors, the bands most important quality lies within the distinction of their style. Native have created their own brand of sonic swagger, and while many words can be used to describe them, boring or predictable certainly don't come to mind. In just a year of being a band they have toured extensively, filling rooms simply by word of mouth.

Native have self-released their debut EP entitled We Delete Erase (available digitally through iTunes and now physically at the Sargent House Online store) and in March 2009 the EP will recieve a physical release in the UK through Big Scary Monsters. Native will enter the studio in early 2009 to begin recording their debut full length for Sargent House.

For more information, visit:

Headbangers Ball Blog Debuts Pelican's "Lost In The Headlights" Video!

huge thanks to Lyndsay, Jon, and the entire HBB staff!

Video Premiere: Pelican’s ‘Lost in the Headlights’

(((Click to watch!)))

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NPR Calls Human Highway's "Moody Motorcycle" One of 2008's Overlooked Gems!

huge thanks to the entire NPR staff for their support! Click here to listen!

The Year's Overlooked Gems

We receive several hundred CDs a week at All Songs Considered and do our best to listen to a bit of everything. But there's only enough time and space on the show to cover a tiny fraction of them. That means a lot of great albums get missed. Fortunately, as we compile our ballot for the year's best albums, NPR listeners have been helping us find some of those buried and overlooked musical gems. On this edition of All Songs Considered we share some of those picks: the best of the CDs we missed this year, including Flobots, Department of Eagles, Human Highway, and more.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Russian Circles / These Arms Are Snakes Split Vinyl

What's 12" and really rare? Well it's a split from Russian Circles and These Arms Are Snakes and Sargent House is releasing 1000 of these beauties made special for the European Tour
Half will be dispersed amongst the good people overseas and half will be available to the fine folks of these now great United States (thanks Obama). How can you get one? Well they will be available at the Sargent House store as of November 22nd and through Vinyl Collective With One new and never released track from Russian Circles called Philios and 2 new and never released tracks from These Arms Are Snakes Camera Shy and Trix


Russian Circles - Philios
TAAS - Camera Shy
TAAS - Trix

Poison The Well Releases New 7" Today on Ferret!

click to listen to a brand new Poison The Well track below!

Tracklist for I / III
1. New Fast
2. Purple Sabbath

Poison The Well Live!

AUSTRALIA / Soundwave Festival
Feb 21 2009 Brisbane - RNA Showgrounds SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Brisbane, Queensland
Feb 22 2009 Venue TBC SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Sydney, New South Wales
Feb 27 2009 Melbourne Showgrounds - SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Melbourne, Victoria
Feb 28 2009 Bonython Park - SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Adelaide, South Australia
Mar 2 2009 Steel Blue Oval - SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL Perth, South Australia

EUROPE w/ 36 Crazyfists!
Mar 6 2009 Zodiac Oxford, London and South East
Mar 7 2009 Arts Centre Colchester, East
Mar 8 2009 Waterfront Norwich, East
Mar 9 2009 Wolfrun Hall Wolves, Midlands
Mar 10 2009 Academy 2 Manchester, Northwest
Mar 11 2009 Garage Glasgow, Scotland
Mar 13 2009 LA2 London, London and South East
Mar 14 2009 Heling Utrecht, Utrecht
Mar 15 2009 Atack Enschede, Overijssel
Mar 16 2009 Live Music Hall Koln, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Mar 17 2009 Grunspan Hamburg, Hamburg
Mar 18 2009 Kato Berlin, Berlin
Mar 20 2009 AJZ Chemnitz, Sachsen
Mar 21 2009 Backstage Werk Munich, Bayern
Mar 22 2009 Substage Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg
Mar 23 2009 Colos Saal Aschaffenburg, Bayern
Mar 24 2009 Matrix Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Mar 26 2009 Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Hovedstaden
Mar 27 2009 KB Malmo, Skåne län
Mar 28 2009 Brewhouse Gothenburg, Gotlands län
Mar 29 2009 John Dee Oslo, Oslo
Mar 30 2009 Debaser Medis Stokholm, Stockholms län

Headbangers Blog Streams The Giraffes' "Prime Motivator!"

huge thanks to Jon Weiderhorn and the entire Headbangers Blog staff for their support!

Sneak Preview: Listen to The Giraffes’ "Prime Motivator" Before You Buy

If you don’t know Brooklyn, New York quartet The Giraffes, you’re not alone. In metal circles, the dudes ain’t exactly Metallica. Hell, they ain’t exactly Horse The Band, popularity-wise. But if you dig rocking out to Zep, Sabbath and Nuggets box sets, and nodding off to upbeat, melodic stoner metal like like early Queens of the Stone Age and Fu Manchu, you’re in for a treat as tasty as home baked space cake.

The Giraffes’ second album, Prime Motivator is a munchie-satisfying feast of full-fisted power chord riffs, THC-saturated guitar tones and big rawk vocals that should leave you singing into the opening of a Budweiser longneck bottle. There’s even some crazy surf punk passages that’ll keep you grinning uncontrollably like a… well, you know. Best of all, you can try it all out for free. Just click “more” to stream the entire record, which comes out today.

(((Click here to stream The Giraffes' "Prime Motivator!")))

Monday, November 10, 2008

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Digitally Releases New Album Today on Stones Throw!

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
Digitally Releases New Album, Old Money, Today on Stones Throw Records!

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has excited fans with a schizophrenic fury. But now with his eighth solo record, the conceptual Old Money, out digitally today and as a CD Jan. 27, the prolific rocker has another target: exploitative industrialists. - Spin.com

Omar Rodriguez Lopez has set the standard for post-modern squalls that combine post-punk, prog, metal and Latin influences. - Rolling Stone

Omar Rodriguez Lopez's Old Money is the first album that The Mars Volta guitarist/producer/writer/arranger will release with Stones Throw Records. The addictive melodies and passionate execution of each performance render Old Money perhaps the most accessible of his non-Volta recordings, and the perfect entry point to anyone not yet familiar with what this prolific artist has to offer.

The album fits comfortably between the guitarist's monumental work with The Mars Volta, and his prior rock-based solo releases such as 2007's The Apocalypse Inside Of An Orange. Loosely based on the concept of exploitative industrialists and, well, their old money, the album presents a 10-track collection of concise rock compositions, which range from progressive to psychedelic to downright funky. Many of these sounds could easily be at home on a Volta record proper had they meshed with Cedric Bixler-Zavala’s vocals; Rodriguez Lopez has hinted that this record was a potential follow up to the 2006 Volta release Amputechture until he changed his musical direction.

Through the assistance of many of the players familiar to any fan of his "day gig", Rodriguez Lopez goes straight for the jugular with an unrelenting trio of opening tracks: the lead-in "The Power of Myth," the haunting, Middle Eastern-psych flavored "How to Bill the Bilderberg Group," and the blistering "Population Council's Wet Dream." The results are formidable and easily rank among the most exciting moments of Rodriguez Lopez's solo output. The remainder of the album is equally as memorable and certainly the product of acute inspiration on behalf of its creator. Though clear influences of popular ensembles such as Pink Floyd and Santana can be discerned, a deeper study reveals the cross-continental influence of Israeli garage psych heroes The Churchills, French proggers Ame Son and Magma and Turkish guitar-god Erkin Koray - amongst others.

This historical, though thoroughly modern, discourse ensures that this release fits perfectly within the ever expanding Stones Throw Records' novel. This album serves as an interesting new chapter in the same book that houses Madlib's interplanetary ramblings, Gary Wilson's recurring adolescent nightmares and The Stark Reality's fuzzy children's stories: all Mars Volta favorites.

Old Money Tracklist
1. The Power Of Myth
2. How To Bill The Bilderberg Group
3. Population Council's Wet Dream
4. Private Fortunes
5. Trilateral Commission As Dinner Guests
6. 1921
7. Family War Funding
8. Vipers In The Bosom
9. I Like Rockefellers' First Two Albums, But After That...
10. Old Money

For more information, visit:


Friday, November 7, 2008

MTV Leaks These Arms Are Snakes' "Red Line Season" Video Footage!

huge thanks to the MTV Subterranean staff for their support!

These Arms Are Snakes “Red Line Season” BHTS

These Arms Are Snakes instigate the molestation of an automobile for your video watching pleasure. Before you watch the video (cos you can’t yet), watch this making of for “Red Line Season” and prepare yourself.

Metal Sucks Leaks New Giraffes MP3!

huge thanks to Vince Neilstein and the entire MetalSucks staff!


We confess: we didn’t know shit about The Giraffes until today. But we know good music when we hear it and we pride ourselves on diversity (within metal, that is); so when we were offered the opportunity to premier a new track by Brooklyn’s own The Giraffes, we jumped at the chance.

“Smoke Machine” from their forthcoming album Prime Motivator is a ripping blend of thrash, classic metal, punk and even elements of boogie/surf guitar. Fans of Metallica, Big Business and Clutch alike are about equally as likely to dig the eclectic blend of rock and metal The Giraffes have going on here.

Prime Motivator drops next Tuesday, November 11th on Crustacean Records; if you dig this track, we think you’ll dig the album too.

[Click to listen] The Giraffes - “Smoke Machine”

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chicagoist Reviews The Giraffes' "Prime Motivator!"

huge thanks to Jim Kopeny and the entire Chicagoist staff for their support!

Rockin' Our Turntable: The Giraffes

The Giraffes hail from Brooklyn, but their sound is total Midwestern crunch, strewn with debris and overloaded guitars. Add in a dash of desert stoner attitude and you get a decent impression of what the band is all about. Their new album, Prime Motivator, is a sprawling collection of riffs, electric guitar vibrato, and a gallon's worth of sneering swagger. It's been argued -- and we've agreed -- that the whole stoner rock genre is pretty oversaturated. But then a band like The Giraffes comes along and reminds you why so many other bands wanted to get into the same game in the first place.

Lyrically the band isn't plumbing any great depths, but that's not really the pint, is it? The point is to break out massive breakdowns mid-song, as in the alternately chugging and crashing "Smoke Machine," thrash about, and sweat profusely. We saw them play a few months ago and were caught of guard by how viciously the band presents their material on-stage. The album is tight and well constructed, but live the songs spill out and sprawl all over each other as the bend bends over its gear and gets down to the serious business of spreading the rock.

Get with it.

The Giraffes play tonight at Liar's Club, 1665 W Fullerton, 10 p.m., $5, 21+

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Neurosis Adds Om, Six Organs of Admitttance and More to Roadburn 2009!

Adds Om, Six Organs of Admittance, Skullflower and A Storm Of Light to Roadburn's 2009 Beyond The Pale!

"Om is the heaviest band to ever walk the face of the earth" - Scott Kelly, Neurosis

OM, Six Organs of Admittance, Skullflower and A Storm of Light, along with Neurosis have been confirmed for the inaugural European version of Neurosis’ acclaimed Beyond The Pale festival, set to be held at Roadburn 2009 on Saturday, April 25, the 013 venue, Tilburg, Holland.

"Om is such a rare bird in the vast landscape that is sound, music, art, and emotive expression that they absolutely defy description", says Scott Kelly, "The straightest line is the quickest path to the godhead, Om know this, it is the foundation of their mountain. The meditative nature of the patterns and rhythms found within the speaker flexing sonic blanket that they weave is unparalleled. Om is the heaviest band to ever walk the face of the earth."

"Josh Graham is a prolific individual, a man driven to create. In the years that we have spent together collaborating in Neurosis he has shown himself to be a visionary artist as well as a diligent worker. A Storm Of Light is born of this obsession; it is an ominous sound, a cloud of oppressive doomage. Equal parts heavy and hypnotic, A Storm Of Light is a band grown from truth."

Steve Von Till comments: "All must bow before the pagan wall of drone --I couldn't agree more with the opening quote of Skullflower's semi-official website. Hearing the tortured distorted and eerily shamanic drones emanate from the stereo for the first time in the early nineties was truly a revelation. "IIIrd Gatekeeper" and "Obsidian Shaking Codex" are two of my all time favorite albums and have been extremely influential on the way my brothers and I approach guitar-based heavy music: to grab an electric guitar, drive a loud amplifier to its physical limit, and ride the drone into oblivion is ecstasy, and Matthew Bower has been showing us all how it is done for 20-odd years. Finally after all these years we will all get to witness the power together at Beyond The Pale 2009."

"The words "psych folk', although being a genre of music I feel a passion and affinity for, have begun to lose their meaning and significance over the last several years. A so-called "revival" has dredged up wave upon wave of shallow rehash. Ben Chasny and his Six Organs of Admittance, often tagged by that limiting genre, is a bright flower of inspiration to bring us all hope and remind us that as movements devolve, free spirits can rise above and remain vital among the pale imitators. Fearless and able to avoid the pitfalls and traps of classification he has constantly managed to play cathartic soul music. Not "soul" music, but music that accompanies transformation and the journey of one’s spirit. We are pleased to have this tonal psychonaut join us for this special event."

Also scheduled to appear at Beyond The Pale / Roadurn 2009 are The Young Gods, Akimbo, Guapo and U.S. Christmas, with more bands to be announced.

Roadburn 2009 will run for three days from Thursday, April 23 to Saturday, April 25 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland. There will be an additional Afterburner event on Sunday, April 26, 2009. Pre-sales for Beyond The Pale / Roadburn 2009 will start Saturday, December 13th. Recently, Saint Vitus, Amon Duul II, Mono, and Cathedral were also announced to be performing at Roadburn 2009. More info about Roadburn, including confirmed bands for Beyond The Pale and the full festival will follow soon.

More information about previous Beyond the Pale events can be found here.

For more information, visit:

Issue Oriented Talks to Poison The Well!

also listen to the great interview w/ memberd of F*cked Up! Check it out here!


congratulations to next President, Barack Obama!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Past Lives Release "Strange Symmetry" Today on Suicide Squeeze!

Past Lives
(featuring ex-members of Blood Brothers and Shoplifting)
Release "Strange Symmetry" Today on Suicide Squeeze * Live In-Studio Performance on KEXP!

Hardcore’s dearly departed, perennially under-appreciated Blood Brothers might have had a taste for breakneck speed and hyper-accentuated yelping, but lurking underneath their sonic skin was a glammed-out, glitter-flecked monster waiting to rear its head. - Spin.com

A dance-punk groove with a David Bowie-esque swagger. - Rolling Stone

Past Lives are now ready to draft their own sonic cartography on Strange Symmetry. - Alternative Press

Suicide Squeeze Records is proud to announce the debut release from Seattle's PAST LIVES. Comprised of former members from THE BLOOD BROTHERS, Jordan Blilie, Morgan Henderson and Mark Gajadhar, along with Devin Welch, former guitar player of SHOPLIFTING, the band is excited to unleash their debut EP, "Strange Symmetry."

To celebrate the release, PAST LIVES have announced they will be performing live on KEXP today @ 3pm PST, as well as an upcoming record release show taking place this Saturday, November 8th, in their hometown of Seattle, at The Holy Mountain. Don't miss the festivities and look forward to more US dates coming soon!

Strange Symmetry EP track listing:
1. Beyond Gone
2. Strange Symmetry ( * exclusive download from Rollingstone.com!)
3. Skull Lender
4. Reverse the Curse
5. Chrome Life

Past Lives Live!
TUE NOV 4 - Seattle WA, KEXP [In-studio performance @ 3PM PST]
SAT NOV 8 - Seattle WA, The Holy Mountain [Record Release Show!]
SUN NOV 30 - Seattle WA, Full Tilt

For more information, visit:

Thursday / Envy Release Split LP+CD Today on Temporary Residence!

Release LP + CD Today on Temporary Residence!

This is pretty much the only CD I can even imagine myself listening to for the foreseeable future. - Alternative Press

It's hard to imagine a better complementary pairing of bands. - Pastepunk.com

More than two years after Thursday first put the idea in their heads, Temporary Residence Ltd. is proud to finally bring together two influential bands from two very different places. Sprung from a conversation with die-hard Envy fan and all-around good dude Geoff Rickly from Thursday, this split was just waiting for the right time to happen.

Recorded in Spring 2008, both bands turn in some of their most inspired work yet. In addition, Thursday invited Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev to remix the dark instrumental “In Silence” into the pitch-black closing track, “Appeared And Was Gone,” providing the perfect transition into the massive dynamics of Envy. Beginning with the subtle electronics of the symphonic opener, “An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction,” Envy thrashes and burns through a trio of thoughtful face-melters.

Pressed on audiophile-quality 180 gram vinyl and featuring original artwork by acclaimed poster artist, Dan Grzeca, this deluxe set includes a free copy of the CD format beautifully incorporated into the exquisite package design.

Stream the entire album on Buzznet!

Track Listing:
1. THURSDAY: As He Climbed The Dark Mountain
2. THURSDAY: In Silence
3. THURSDAY: An Absurd And Unrealistic Dream Of Peace
4. THURSDAY: Appeared And Was Gone (Remix by Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev)
5. ENVY: An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction
6. ENVY: Isolation Of A Light Source
7. ENVY: Pure Birth And Loneliness

Thursday Live
Nov 10 2008 @ Ottawa Civic Centre Ottawa, Ontario
Nov 12 2008 @ Toad’s Place New Haven, Connecticut w/ The Sleeping & The Deer Hunter

w/ Rise Against and Sage Francis!
Nov 30 2008 @ Saskatoon Praireland Exhibition Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Dec 1 2008 @ Convention Hall Regina, Saskatchewan
Dec 2 2008 @ The Round Up Centre Calgary, Alberta
Dec 3 2008 @ Shaw Conference Center Edmonton, Alberta
Dec 5 2008 @ MTS Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dec 8 2008 @ John Labatt Centre London, Ontario
Dec 9 2008 @ Wentworth Room @ Hamiltom Hamilton, Ontario
Dec 10 2008 @ Ottawa Civic Centre Ottawa, Ontario
Dec 11 2008 @ CEPSUM- University of Montreal Montreal, Quebec

For more information, visit: