Monday, November 24, 2008

Medusa (mems of Racebannon) Announces Debut Full Length!

(featuring members of Racebannon)
Announces Debut Album, En Raga Sul, out December 2nd on Hawthorne Street Records!

An unknown name to many outside of Clash of the Titans fans, MEDUSA stand poised to deliver a sonic deathblow to all that is false with En Raga Sul, the deadliest 15 tracks to grace a vinyl platter in a long fucking time. Consisting of 3/4ths of the creative nucleus of the juggernaut Racebannon, MEDUSA bludgeon the listener with a riff-centric cyclone that sounds like Slayer playing Melvins covers through the MC5’s equipment. You’ve never heard anything quite like it, and when En Raga Sul is over, you will be left beaten, torn, and begging for more oxygen, and one more listen.

Toiling amongst the shades for their formative years, MEDUSA spent almost 5 years constructing a solid lineup and a solid stable of impure jams designed to level and destroy all that stands in their path. En Raga Sul is their only recording to date, and living proof that the way of the tortoise is often times the correct one for those who walk the left hand path. Instead of releasing some watered-down “BS” in the name of record sales and hype, MEDUSA honed and crafted a maelstrom of tar-stained riffs, thunderous drumming, and vocal incantations with more drama, tension, and hatred than an average Destiny’s Child practice. Sludgey riffs knuckle-drag themselves out of the dankest of swamps, only to careen into fast distorted oblivion at the drop of a hat, with the listener losing 5d20 with each successive passage.

Tracks like Wicked Father, Rain Un Thunder, Throne of God, Flesh Fly, Destructor, and the title track leave no room for breath, false moves, or faked jacks: this is the real deal. No girl clothes, no banjos, and no weak shit. MEDUSA is a blood-thirsty riff-centric weed machine that eats life and shits death, and En Raga Sul takes no prisoners. Less an “album” and more of a trance-inducing black ritual of catharsis, Hawthorne Street Records and MEDUSA have teamed up to deliver a bestial 12 inches of raw fury. The question is, are you strong enough in constitution and intestinal fortitude to stand up against the 15 tracks on En Raga Sul?

Tracklist for En Raga Sul
1. Rain Un Thunder
2. Mediatrix
3. En Raga Sul
4. Back To Dust
5. Transform
6. Destructor
7. Bruiser
8. Throne of God
9. Inflict The Venom

10. Snakebite
11. Soldiers of Death
12. Body Count
13. Alucarda
14. Flesh Fly
15. Wicked Father

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