Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rock Sound Reviews the Thursday / Envy Split LP + CD!

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Thursday / Envy - Split
(Temporary Residence)
Rating: (8)

It’s not exactly a compilation, but semantic quibbles aside, this split release between New Jersey post-hardcore heroes Thursday and atmospheric Japanese noise mongers Envy is a hugely successful collaboration. Some may argue that these two make for an uneasy partnership, with largely disparate fanbases. There’s little sign of that here though, as Thursday become increasingly bleak in their outpourings, ending their four-track contribution with Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev remixing the instrumental ‘In Silence.’ Of Envy’s three efforts, it’s the short, sharp assault of ‘Isolation Of A Light Source’ that proves the highlight, providing an interval between familiarly dazzling heady instrumentation and quiet / loud dynamics, with Tetsuya Fukagawa’s tormented vocal delivery as glorious as ever.

FOR FANS OF: Thrice, This Will Destroy You, Secondsmile, Hot Cross