Thursday, November 13, 2008

Native Signs To Sargent House * Debut Full Length Out Early 2009!

Signs to Sargent House * Debut Album Out Early 2009!

For a band just a little more than a year old, Native play with the confidence and prowess of a group of lifers. - Alternative Press

This foursome mix dance worthy bass lines with spastic guitar work and lyrics that seep into your bloodstream and become engrained in your subconscious. - Under The Gun

Just when I feel myself reaching that point where everything is beginning to sound a bit stale, a band like Native comes along and knocks me out. There is definitely nothing boring or generic about this Indiana band. Native's last release, We Delete; Erase EP, brims with a youthful energy that is nearly impossible to duplicate. The band certainly has an individuality all their own. The instruments run circles around each other but all with a beautiful purpose. - Sound As Language

Native is the youngest addition to the ever growing and diverse roster at Sargent House which also includes: Russian Circles, Maps & Atlases, These Arms Are Snakes, Tera Melos, RX Bandits, Good Old War, Daughters, Red Sparowes and newly added UK band This Town Needs Guns.

Native fit in beautifully, with an inventive sound that brims with powerful riffs, passionate lyrics, and a youthful energy that is sure to invigorate even the most cynical. While many compare Native to other successful DIY predecessors, the bands most important quality lies within the distinction of their style. Native have created their own brand of sonic swagger, and while many words can be used to describe them, boring or predictable certainly don't come to mind. In just a year of being a band they have toured extensively, filling rooms simply by word of mouth.

Native have self-released their debut EP entitled We Delete Erase (available digitally through iTunes and now physically at the Sargent House Online store) and in March 2009 the EP will recieve a physical release in the UK through Big Scary Monsters. Native will enter the studio in early 2009 to begin recording their debut full length for Sargent House.

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