Friday, August 29, 2008

Torche Announce World Tourdates!

Torche Live!
Sunday August 31st 2008 Orlando, FL The Back Booth
Saturday September 6th 2008 Miami, FL Churchills Hideaway

Europe w/ Pelican
Sep 12 2008 Engine Room Brighton
Sep 13 2008 Corporation Sheffield
Sep 14 2008 Oran Mor Glasgow
Sep 15 2008 The Limelight Belfast
Sep 16 2008 Whelans Dublin
Sep 17 2008 Medicine Bar Birmingham
Sep 18 2008 Underworld London
Sep 19 2008 Croft Bristol
Sep 20 2008 Muziekodroom Hasselt
Sep 21 2008 ZXZW Fest Tilburg
Sep 22 2008 Gleis 22 Munster
Sep 23 2008 Hafenklang Hamburg
Sep 24 2008 Loppen Copenhagen
Sep 25 2008 Cassiopeia Berlin
Sep 26 2008 Feierwerk Munich
Sep 27 2008 Nachtleben Frankfurt
Sep 28 2008 Beatpol Dresden
Sep 29 2008 Rock Cafe Prague
Sep 30 2008 A38 Budapest
Oct 1 2008 Arena Vienna
Oct 3 2008 Init Rome
Oct 4 2008 Latte+ Brescia
Oct 5 2008 Bad Bonn Dudingen
Oct 6 2008 Club Schocken Stuttgart
Oct 7 2008 Glazart Paris
Oct 8 2008 Le Grand Mix Tourcoing
Oct 9 2008 Orange Bleu Vitri Le Francois
Oct 10 2008 MTC Koln
Oct 11 2008 Ancienna Belgique Brussels
Oct 12 2008 Waterfront Rotterdam

USA w/ Coliseum and Clouds
Friday October 24th 2008 Athens,GA Caladonia
Saturday October 25th 2008 Memphis TN The Hi-Tone
Sunday October 26th 2008 St. Louis, MO The Bluebird
Monday October 27th 2008 Lawrence, KS Jackpot
Tuesday October 28th 2008 Denver, CO Larimer
Wednesday October 29th 2008 Salt Lake City, UT Burt?s Tiki
Thursday October 30th 2008 Boise, ID Neurolux
Friday October 31st 2008 Seattle, WA El Corazon
Saturday November 1st 2008 Portland, OR Satricon
Monday November 3rd 2008 San Francisco, CA Slim's

JAPAN w/ Coliseum
Nov 7 2008 Shin Okubo Earthdom Tokyo
Nov 8 2008 Juso Fandango Osaka
Nov 9 2008 Ikeshita club upset Aichi
Nov 10 2008 Yokohama FAD Kanagawa
Nov 11 2008 Shibuya O-Nest Tokyo

USA w/ Clouds and Black Cobra
Friday November 14th 2008 San Diego, CA The Casbah
Saturday November 15th 2008 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland
Sunday November 16th 2008 Phoenix, AZ Phix Gallery
Monday November 17th 2008 Tucson, AZ The Rock
Wednesday November 19th 2008 San Antonio,TX Rock Bottom
Thursday November 20th 2008 Austin, TX Red Seven
Friday November 21st 2008 Dallas, TX The Lounge on Elm St
Saturday November 22nd 2008 Houston,TX Walter's on Washington
Sunday November 23rd 2008 New Orleans, LA Dragon's Den

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pitchfork Reviews TK Webb & The Visions' "Ancestor!"

huge thanks to David Bevan, Scott Plagenhoef, and the entire Pitchfork staff!

TK Webb & the Visions:
[Kemado; 2008]
Rating: 7.4

Dutiful research tells us that Thomas Kelly Webb has been rocking and rolling for a long time, since his then-tiny fingers could first flip through Jimmy Page's mighty riffbook. Since relocating from Kansas City to Brooklyn in the late 1990s, Webb has developed a name downtown for his fire-breathing guitar heroics, laying lonely Delta sounds to tape but often busting amps and heads when the dedicated come to see him plug in and make with the shred. But anyone ready to hear more of the empty suitcase blues that inhabited Webb's previous outing, 2006's Phantom Parade, should prepare for a superfuzzed-out departure of redwood-sized proportions.

Ancestor is the fitting title of Webb and his newly christened Visions' first offering. Formed last summer, the Visions feature ex-members of Love as Laughter and Blood on the Wall, the most noticeable addition being second guitarist Brian Hale. Alongside the Visions, Webb's sound and songwriting vision (not intended) have taken a King Kong leap towards achieving a breadth that mirrors his talents, even if the result occasionally misses its mark.

Maybe it's not such a leap after all. From the first few groans and juggernaut kicks of opener "Teen Is Still Shaking", it becomes clear that Webb has come back to his first love: hard rock. Ancestor is a Porterhouse-thick compendium on rock: From the golden 1970s to the muddy 90s, J Mascis to Kim Thayil, leather to denim, David Allan Coe rebel honky-tonk to Paul Westerberg's scrappy white boy blues, Webb is all over the map here and much of the album's fun is found in spotting footnotes, every lick and flourish arriving to as much sweet bewilderment as many of the pop snippets sewn together on a Girl Talk party jam. If you're a guitar rock junkie.

If not, Ancestor's still impressive. Though he flirts dangerously with rock's pitfalls, Webb's developed a strong ear for fusing all these elements and styles together his own way without coming off like a cornball. This, from a man with a catcher's mitt voice like Mellencamp's (Don't run! It's awesome!) and a gift for radioactive solos that could both unzip dresses and leave shiners. Two of said solos bookend the monstrous "God Bless the Little Angels"; more sensible men would probably place an eight-minute study in psychedelic uppercuts somewhere in the waning breaths of an album, but the Visions switch to kill fairly quickly. "Patience & Fortitude" is a great name for an acoustic sigh that requires both, while "Isle of Grizzly White" and "Shame" feel like throwaways unable to subsist on faceless crunch alone. Which is precisely why closer "Time to Go" saves the day by showing some restraint. Clocking in at just over three minutes but still containing all the lard-less dreamweaving you'd expect, it's a nice parting gift that even features vocals from Love as Laughter's Sam Jayne.

Webb's dalliances with purist blues were a respectful, accurate channeling but this feels more like home. Where Phantom Parade tapped that vein so specifically, Ancestor opens floodgates similar to the giant door that sits front and center on its cover. Just consider growing your hair out a bit longer before you head inside.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lions Kickoff US Tour w/ the Toadies * Appear on Sons of Anarchy and Californication!

Re-Release No Generation on October 28th * Appear in New Episodes of Sons of Anarchy and Californication * Kickoff US Tour w/ The Toadies Tonight!

"All roars and manes, Lions blends heavy riffs and explosive attitude for a head-twisting take on ye olde denim rock, with guitars so eminently shred-worthy that the band’s “Metal Heavy Lady” was chosen for inclusion on Guitar Hero III. The band’s debut full-length, No Generation, is a mix of explosive psychedelia and Texas-sized riffs, like a tab of LSD chased with Southern Comfort." – The Onion

"Remember the first time you heard Soundgarden's Louder Than Love? OK, it's been awhile, but that doesn't mean local boys Lions weren't able to turn the bong-rattling bottom end of last year's No Generation into something totally their own. Total fucking riffage." – Michael Bertin, Austin Chronicle 2008 SXSW Critics Pick

Taking a cue from the slacker drenched vibes of the Dazed and Confused soundtrack, LIONS are here to exhibit that raw, youthful and uncut rock is back.

With the cringing screech of singer Matt Drenik and Austin Kalman proving to be one of the nation’s upcoming young guitarists, LIONS slam together a booze soaked Texas sized boogie ala ZZ Top and keep it flowing with a Rage Against The Machine-like groove. Take those ingredients and toss in a group of guys who look, sound and play like a pack of misfits waiting for work to be done so they can rock out, chase women and torture the neighbors with decibels, and you’ve got LIONS.

Lions Bio

LIONS create a blend of retro riffage, artful noise, melodic interludes, and revolutionary attitude with a live show that has been described as “furious” with “a full-frontal assault” that will leave you “half-deaf and disoriented."

Formed in late Summer 2005, Austin, TX’s LIONS have been receiving coast-to-coast praise since their inception and original release of the "No Generation" LP in 2007. With heavy touring and an unrelenting will to rock harder than anyone else, the band’s endless hustle has been garnering them a massive fanbase.

With songs off No Generation appearing in upcoming episodes of Showtimes’ Californication and new FX series Sons of Anarchy, the band felt the need to repackage and re-release the album to a nationwide audience. In addition to the heavy TV presence, LIONS also currently have their song, “Metal Heavy Lady,” appearing in the latest installment of Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 3.

LIONS have also toured heavily, hitting the US w/ the Toadies, Blue Cheer, Burning Brides, and Local H, and has shared the stage w/ heavy hitters such as Supersuckers, The Misfits, Valient Thorr, Early Man, DMBQ, Nebula, Russian Circles, Daughters, and more. Lions recently took home the High Times Magazine Doobie Award for best local Austin band in 2008, and thanks to their relentless touring, have also received critical acclaim from media outlets such as, the Austin Chronicle, Dallas Observer, Houston Press, Nashville Scene, The Onion, Real Detroit Weekly, and many more. The future is bright for the latest rock movement, and Lions are proud to be leading the pack.

Matt Drenik - Vocals / Guitar
Austin Kalman - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Jake Perlman – Drums

Tracklist for No Generation
1. Start Movin'
2. No Generation
3. Can You Hear Me
4. White Angel
5. Evil Eye
6. Machine
7. All Hail
8. She Gets Around
9. Witch and the Star
10. Get Out Alive

Lions Live!

w/ The Toadies!
Aug 26 2008 The Warehouse Shreveport, Louisiana
Aug 27 2008 The Varsity Theatre Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Aug 28 2008 The Vortex Beaumont, Texas * no Toadies
Aug 29 2008 Verizon Wireless Theater Houston, Texas
Aug 30 2008 The Deadhorse San Angelo, Texas * no Toadies
Aug 31 2008 Dia De Los Toadies Festival @ Possum Kingdom Lake Graham, Texas
Sep 3 2008 Stubb’s Austin, Texas
Sep 5 2008 House of Rock Corpus Christi, Texas * no Toadies
Sep 6 2008 Dos Amigos Odessa, Texas
Sep 8 2008 Martini Ranch Scottsdale, Arizona
Sep 9 2008 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, California
Sep 11 2008 Roxy Theatre Hollywood, California
Sep 13 2008 House of Blues Anaheim, California
Sep 14 2008 House of Blues Las Vegas, Nevada
Sep 15 2008 Audie’s Olympic Fresno, California * no Toadies
Sep 16 2008 Slim’s San Francisco, California
Sep 17 2008 The Boardwalk Orangevale, California
Sep 19 2008 Showbox Seattle, Washington
Sep 20 2008 Hawthorne Theatre Portland, Oregon
Sep 21 2008 Knitting Factory (The Big Easy) Boise, Idaho
Sep 22 2008 Why Sound Logan, Utah * no Toadies
Sep 23 2008 Belly Up Aspen, Colorado
Sep 24 2008 Gothic Theatre Englewood, Colorado
Sep 25 2008 Lonestar Events Center Lubbock, Texas
Sep 26 2008 Midnight Rodeo Amarillo, Texas
Oct 4 2008 Main Street Live @ Pegasus Plaza Dallas, Texas * no Toadies

For more information, visit:

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TK Webb & The Visions Leak Entire Debut Album!

listen to all of "Ancestor," out September 2nd on Kemado, here!

TK Webb & the Visions Live!
Fri/Aug-29 Syracuse, NY Spark
Mon/Sep-01 Kansas City, MO The Czar Bar

w/ Witchcraft
Thu/Sep-04 Seattle, WA El Corazon
Fri/Sep-05 Portland, OR Dantes w/ Witchcraft, Akimbo, Danava, and Graveyard
Sat/Sep-06 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
Sun/Sep-07 Los Angeles, CA The Echo w/ Earthless, Witch, The Warlocks, Graveyard, Ancestors, Night Horse, Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound
Mon/Sep-08 Phoenix, AZ The Clubhouse
Wed/Sep-10 Austin, TX Red 7
Thu/Sep-11 Houston, TX Rudyards
Fri/Sep-12 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks
Sat/Sep-13 Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn
Sun/Sep-14 Chapel Hill, NC Local 506
Mon/Sep-15 Washington, DC Rock and Roll Hotel
Tue/Sep-16 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda’s
Wed/Sep-17 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom Leaks New Don The Reader Track!

huge thanks to Vince Neilstein and the entire MetalSucks staff!


Here’s a fucking fresh new band for ya’ll to check out. Despite their puzzling name, Don the Reader are the explosive result of what happens when you mix the dissonant, raw energy of The Dillinger Escape Plan with the aggression and riffage of the Deftones and the post-punk melodic sensibility of Helmet or Quicksand. The LA-based band have a new album called Humanesque available on October 7th via Deathcote Records — and we have the exclusive leak of their song “Teethgrinder.” Enjoy it below, and send out to the masses.

[Click to listen] Don the Reader - “Teethgrinder” (mp3)

Friday, August 22, 2008

These Arms Are Snakes Leak New Song!

Stream the song "Red Line Season" here!
Download here!

Thursday Announce Details on Split-Release w/ Envy!

Announce Details of Split LP + CD out November 4th on Temporary Residence!

More than two years after Thursday first put the idea in their heads, Temporary Residence Ltd. is proud to finally bring together two influential bands from two very different places. Sprung from a conversation with die-hard Envy fan and all-around good dude Geoff Rickly from Thursday, this split was just waiting for the right time to happen.

Recorded in Spring 2008, both bands turn in some of their most inspired work yet. In addition, Thursday invited Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev to remix the dark instrumental “In Silence” into the pitch-black closing track, “Appeared And Was Gone,” providing the perfect transition into the massive dynamics of Envy. Beginning with the subtle electronics of the symphonic opener, “An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction,” Envy thrashes and burns through a trio of thoughtful face-melters.

Pressed on audiophile-quality 180 gram vinyl and featuring original artwork by acclaimed poster artist, Dan Grzeca, this deluxe set includes a free copy of the CD format beautifully incorporated into the exquisite package design.

*Three limited screen-printed album editions will be available exclusively through Temporary Residence and Thursday's web stores starting September 15.

Track Listing:
1. THURSDAY: As He Climbed The Dark Mountain
2. THURSDAY: In Silence
3. THURSDAY: An Absurd And Unrealistic Dream Of Peace
4. THURSDAY: Appeared And Was Gone (Remix by Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev)
5. ENVY: An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction
6. ENVY: Isolation Of A Light Source
7. ENVY: Pure Birth And Loneliness

For more information, visit:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 Exclusive: Heavy Heavy Low Low Album Stream!

huge thanks to Matt Kiser and the entire staff!

Exclusive: Heavy Heavy Low Low Stream Entire New Album on
Have a listen to the spacey math-rock act's just-released sophomore set, Turtle Nipple

Heavy Heavy Low Low's pummeling assault of experimental thrash rock explodes with eruptive force. And here, you can experience the sonic flogging for yourself with's exclusive stream of the band's sophomore record, Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock, which dropped yesterday on Ferret. Check out the album via the player below.

The San Jose, CA, quintet's frenetic, and sometimes cartoonish, affect is on display in the album's psychedelic artwork and opening cut "Hahahahahahaha," a 39-second collection of electrical white noise and ambient industrial decay sounds. Throughout the album, the spazztastic rockers build on their punk and hardcore roots, adding elements of math-rock's nimble fretboard wizardry and grind's bombast.

Fittingly, Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock closes with the track "Please, That Bitch Will Outlive Us All," a 15-minute bender that kicks off with aggressive breakdowns and pulsing guitar shunts before easing into a drawn-out series of monotonous modulating electrical blips as the conclusion comes in the final minute with a dance-y jungle beat. Icing on the cake? A wickedly belligerent cover of Black Flag's "Wasted."

Listen to the record in the player below, and catch Heavy Heavy Low Low live on a four-week tour with HORSE the Band this fall.


Heavy Heavy Low Low w/ HORSE The Band:
9/2, Las Cruces, NM (Code Red Café)
9/3, San Antonio, TX (White Rabbit)
9/4, Dallas, TX (The Door)
9/5, Tulsa, OK (The Marquee)
9/6, Bartlett, TN (Singleton Community Center)
9/7, Metairie, LA (The High Ground)
9/8, Anniston, AL (Model City Records)
9/10, Atlanta, GA (The Masquerade)
9/11, Orlando, FL (The Backbooth)
9/12, Jacksonville, FL (Fuel Coffeehouse)
9/13, Tampa, FL (The Springs Theatre)
9/14, Charlotte, NC (The Casbah at Tremont Music Hall)
9/15, Columbia, SC (New Brookland Tavern)
9/16, Raleigh, NC (The Brewery)
9/17, Richmond, VA (Canal Club Lounge -- Downstairs)
9/18, Washington, DC (The Rock and Roll Hotel)
9/19, Philadelphia, PA (First Unitarian Church)
9/20, Danbury, CT (Heriloom Arts Theatre)
9/21, South Hackensack, NJ (School of Rock)
9/22, Farmingdale, NY (The Crazy Donkey)
9/23, Lancaster, PA (Chameleon Club)
9/24, Akron, OH (Musica)
9/25, Warren, MI (The Ritz)
9/26, Chicago, IL (Reggie's Rock Club)
9/27, Iowa City, IA (Picador)
9/28, St. Louis, MI (The Bluebird)
9/29, Lawrence, KN (Jackpot Saloon)
9/30, Denver, CO (Marquis Theatre)
10/1, Albuquerque, NM (Launchpad)
10/2, Las Vegas, NV (Jillian's)

An Albatross Announce Album Details * US and European Tourdates!

Announce Album Details for Eyeball Debut Out October 21st * Full US Tour, UK Dates w/ Enter Shikari, and European Tour w/ Yip-Yip!

Aptly named “The An Albatross Family Album,” An Albatross’ second official full-length, (the follow-up to 2006's Blessphemy of The Peace-Beast Feastgiver And The Bear-Warp Kumite), will see the light of day on October 21st via Eyeball Records.

The band has released the official artwork and tracklisting for the album, as well as all US and European tourdates below (UK dates w/ Enter Shikari, full European tour w/ Yip-Yip, US dates alongside Don Caballero, Powerful PWR, Chinese Stars, DMBQ, as well as festival appearances @ PopMontreal w/ Career Suicide and Brutal Knights, and CMJ appearances w/ Aids Wolf, Monotonix, Genghis Tron, and more).

Additional information about “The An Albatross Family Album”

Recorded over 3 sessions from February of 2008 through July of 2008, the album features nine tracks loosely based on a story of desert-dwelling pilgrims who voyage into the cosmos & return with blueprints for human peace and harmony. The album's narration depicts a world gone absolutely tumult and the resolution of undying love conquering in the end.

An Albatross has spent well over 300 hours of studio time between Daniel Schlett's Hypersnakes Studio in South Amboy, NJ, and Matt Boynton's Vacation Island Studios (Butthole Surfers, Lemonheads) laboring with upwards to 13 musicians over lush string, horn, and woodwind arrangements. The design of the album is a proper reference to the golden age of the Psychedelic/Progressive rock era whilst retaining a heavy modern-production "feel" retaining the groups sound while branching out in new sonic directions.

Currently, a rough-mixed version of their single "...And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim" can be heard at the band's Myspace page.

Tracklist for The An Albatross Family Album:
1.) Neon Guru
2.) ...And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim
3.) The Hymn of the Angel People
4.) The Psychonaut & The Rustbelt
5.) Starving on Rabbit Meat
6.) A Convivial Feast of the Peace Beast
7.) Floodgates Released
8.) The Electric Proletariat Rides A Velvet Chariot
9.) 3,000 Light Years By Way of the Spacehawk

An Albatross Live!


08.22.08 Fri Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Johnny Brenda's w/ Don Caballero

08.23.08 Sat New York, New York. Knitting Factory Main Space w/ Don Caballero

09.26.08 Fri Brooklyn, New York. Death By Audio w/ Pwrfl Power, Grampall Jookabox, Pleaseeasaur
09.27.08 Sat Providence, Rhode Island. the Living Room
09.28.08 Sun Danbury, Connecticut. Heirloom Arts
09.29.08 Mon Northampton, Massachusetts. Elevens
09.30.08 Tue Medford, Massachusetts. Oxfam Midnight Cafe - Tufts University
10.01.08 Wed Burlington, Vermont. The 5th Element
10.02.08 Thu Quebec City, Quebec. L'Agitée
10.03.08 Fri Montreal, Quebec. Divan Orange POP Weird Punk Series! w/ BRUTAL KNIGHTS, CAREER SUICIDE, JAPANTHER (POP MONTREAL)
10.04.08 Sat Toronto, Ontario. Sneaky Dee's w/ Chinese Stars
10.09.08 Thu Grand Rapids, Michigan. DAA
10.10.08 Fri Bloomington, Indiana. Cinemat
10.11.08 Sat Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Borg Ward
10.15.08 Wed Cincinnati, Ohio. Gypsy Hut
10.16.08 Thu Bowling Green, Ohio. Howard's w/ DMBQ
10.17.08 Fri Chicago, Illinois. Abbey Pub w/ DMBQ, Pit er Pat, Plastic Crimewave
10.18.08 Sat Lansing, Michigan. Mac's Bar w/ DMBQ
10.20.08 Mon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mister Roboto Project
10.22.08 Wed Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Cafe Metropolis w/ DMBQ
10.23.08 Thu Baltimore, Maryland. Sonar w/ YIP YIP

10.24.08 Fri New York City, New York. Knitting Factory (Panache Booking CMJ Showcase) w/ MONOTONIX, AIDS WOLF, YIP YIP, THE MAE SHI, THE APES, AKIMBO, PANTHER, FIASCO, Aa, CATCALL, Shellshag DMBQ, SOLE AND THE SKYRIDER BAND

Oct 31 : Folkestone, UK @ Leas Cliff Hall w/Enter Shikari
Nov 01 : London, UK @ Old Blue Last w/Trencher
Nov 02 : London, UK @ Mean Fiddler w/Enter Shikari
Nov 03 : London, UK @ Mean Fiddler w/Enter Shikari
Nov 04 : London, UK @ Mean Fiddler w/Enter Shikari
Nov 6 : St Ouen-Paris, France @ Mains d'Oeuvres w/Yip Yip
Nov 8 : Poligny, France @ Moulin de Brainans w/Yip Yip
Nov 9 : Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachthof w/ Yip Yip
Nov 10 : Vienna, Austria @ Arena w/ Yip Yip
Nov 11 : Dresden, Germany @ AZ Conni w/ Yip Yip
Nov 12 : Nurnberg, Germany@ K4 w/ Yip Yip
Nov 13 : Esslingen, Germany @ Koma w/ Yip Yip
Nov 15 : Neuchatel, Switzerland @ Case à Chocs w/ Yip Yip
Nov 19 : Prague, Czech Republic @ 007 w/ Yip Yip
Nov 20 : Munster, Germany @ Gleiss 22 w/ Yip Yip
Nov 21 : Dortmund, Germany @ FZW w/ Yip Yip
Nov 22 : Antwerp, Belgium @ Scheldapen w/ Yip Yip

For more information, visit:

Punknews Streams New Suicide Note Album "Empty Rooms!"

huge thanks to Aubin Paul and the entire Punknews staff!

Stream it here!

Suicide Note sound an awful lot like a Cave In/Pissed Jeans lovechild raised on Black Flag and Fugazi records along with tequila body shots from the Amphetamine Reptile discography. One listen to “Black Snow” reminded me why I maintain such a throbbing veiny chubby for this kind of music. Considering apt backcatalog comparisons to acts like Converge, it seems form fitting that Kurt Ballou handled the mix on Empty Rooms, now available as a LP+CD combo and a limited edition (only 250 copies) screenprinted digipak format from Suicide Note drummer Jason Gagovski’s Hawthorne Street Records. -

A rollicking, pissed-off disc brimming with dark atmospheres and all manner of weird angles. Tempo and mood changes shred the metallic-hardcore rule-book, while Gagovski's crashing drums and Jason Golday's layers of detailed guitar work reveal the band's gift for artistry. – Alternative Press

Jesus Lizard-meets-Fugazi on this striking post-hardcore punk record. - BrooklynVegan

* Catch Suicide Note live @ The Fest 7, November 1st w/ COALESCE!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jesu Announces New EP on Hydra Head!

Announces New EP Why Are We Not Perfect? out September 9th on Hydra Head!

Dripping heavy, cascading walls of sound. – Spin Magazine

In one channel, live drums battle with regal, wind-tunnel synth lines; in the other, a chattering drum machine kicks up dust with that requisite layer of lovely buzz. – Pitchfork

Broadrick has layered so many blurps, wooshes and digital gnarls throughout each song, they take on a life of their own. – Decibel

And Jesu does indeed come off like therapy through sound, as lying under the surface of these bleak dirges lies an elegiac subcurrent than can be as uplifting as the angelic hymns of Sigur Rós. In fact, that Icelandic band's soothing soundscapes can be seen as the yin to Jesu's yang, the light to Jesu's dark, the white angel wings to Jesu's black pits of the underworld. – Allmusic Guide

Extreme music rarely, if ever, sounds this warm and inviting. – PopMatters

Stagnation and musical complacency are components completely unknown to jesu mastermind and sonic alchemist Justin Broadrick.

From record to record, and sometimes even from song to song, visible transformation in the molecular make up of jesu is made plain to any and all willing investigators. While the core personality remains perpetually intact, the outer trappings continue to shift and fluctuate, which results in renewed vigor and vitality for jesu, rather than providing fractured evidence of a shaky identity.

With this new five track EP (2 songs of which originally appeared on the vinyl only split 12" with eluvium), Broadrick has set aside the heavy foundation of pounding guitars prevalent in past jesu recordings and brought to the fore elements of texture and melody that previously hovered at the periphery of his monolithic compositions. While this may prove frustrating to metal idealists, those with a greater sense of adventure will find the the results both illuminating and heart rending.

Tracklist for Why Are We Not Perfect?
01. farewell
02. blind and faithless
03. why are we not perfect
04. farewell (alternative version)
05. why are we not perfect (alternative version)

* September 9th is in fact the new release date for this album, changed from its original date of August 19th.

For more information, visit:

Human Highway Announce New York Shows!

Human Highway
(featuring Nick Thorburn of Islands and Jim Guthrie)
Release Debut Album, “Moody Motorcycle,“ Today on Suicide Squeeze * Announce Debut Performances September 15th and 16th in New York City!

On the duo's best songs, they harmonize like Simon & Garfunkel shutting their eyes against approaching shades of winter. - Spin Magazine

A nice midpoint between the easygoing harmonies of the Everly Brothers and the big open spaces of the mid-70s west coast songwriter boom. - Pitchfork

One of my favorite albums I've heard this year, so far at least, is the new collaboration project between Nick Thornburn, of Islands, and Canadian folk singer Jim Guthrie dubbed Human Highway. - My Old Kentucky Blog

Excellent. - Prefix

We are very proud to announce the debut release from Toronto's Human Highway, a duo featuring Islands' frontman Nick Thorburn, alongside seminal Canadian songwriter, Jim Guthrie, entitled "Moody Motorcycle."

To celebrate the album's release, courtesy of the good folks at Suicide Squeeze Records, the band has announced their first ever live performances for the lucky few in the New York Metropolitan area. Appearing as co-headliners w/ Harper Simon, Thorburn and Guthrie will bring Human Highway, for the first time ever, to New York's Cake-Shop on Monday, September 15th, and the lovely Joe's Pub on Tuesday, September 16th. Be sure to reserve your place on the guestlist for either show fast as spots are filling up quickly... we look forward to seeing you there!

Stream all of "Moody Motorcycle" here!

Tracklist for Moody Motorcycle
The Sound
All Day
Get Lost
What World
Sleep Talking
Moody Motorcycle
My Beach
Ope To Abner
Pretty Hair
Vision Failing
Duties of a Lighthouse Keeper
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

Human Highway Live!

w/ Harper Simon
Monday, September 15th @ The Cake-Shop in NYC
Tuesday, September 16th @ Joe's Pub in NYC

For more information, visit:

Heavy Heavy Low Low Release New Album * Add More Dates w/ HORSE The Band!

out today!

Heavy Heavy Low Low Live!

w/ Mikoto
8/19 Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry's Pizza
8/21 Reno, NV @ Club Underground
8/22 Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
8/23 San Jose, CA @ The Old Cave

w/ Horse The Band!
Sep 3 2008 White Rabbit San Antonio, Texas
Sep 4 2008 The Door Dallas, Texas
Sep 5 2008 The Marquee Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sep 7 2008 The High Ground Metairie, Louisiana
Sep 10 2008 The Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
Sep 11 2008 The Backbooth Orlando, Florida
Sep 12 2008 Fuel Coffeehouse Jacksonville, Florida
Sep 13 2008 The Springs Theatre Tampa, Florida
Sep 14 2008 The Casbah @ Tremont Music Hall Charlotte, North Carolina
Sep 15 2008 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, South Carolina
Sep 16 2008 The Brewery Raleigh, North Carolina
Sep 17 2008 Canal Club Lounge (Downstairs) Richmond, Virginia
Sep 18 2008 The Rock and Roll Hotel WASHINGTON, Washington DC
Sep 19 2008 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep 20 2008 Heriloom Arts Theatre Danbury, Connecticut
Sep 21 2008 School of Rock South Hackensack, New Jersey
Sep 22 2008 The Crazy Donkey Farmingdale, New York
Sep 23 2008 Chameleon Club Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Sep 24 2008 Musica Akron, Ohio
Sep 25 2008 The Ritz Warren, Michigan
Sep 26 2008 Reggie’s Rock Club Chicago, Illinois
Sep 27 2008 Picador Iowa City, Iowa
Sep 28 2008 The Bluebird St. Louis, Missouri
Sep 29 2008 Jackpot Saloon Lawrence, Kansas
Sep 30 2008 Marquis Theatre Denver, Colorado
Oct 1 2008 Launchpad Albuquerque, New Mexico

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pitchfork TV Premieres New sBACH Video!

huge thanks to Eavvon O'Neal and the entire Pitchfork staff!

** Video Premiere **
sBACH: Untitled (Track 2)

The video for this second untitled track from Hella member Spencer Seim's self-titled album is set in a junkyard. David Nicholson directs.

Takka Takka Premiere Video * Dates w/ Oxford Collapse!

Takka Takka
Premiere Video for "Silence" * Announce North East Dates w/ Oxford Collapse!

Takka Takka, a Brooklyn band, gets the guitar-picking patterns on its album “Migration” (Ernest Jenning) from all over: Minimalism and math-rock, Africa and Indonesia, funk and folk and psychedelia, often over beats that sound like rock anthems burnished smooth by the notes pelting above. The band members sing as if to themselves, murmuring glimpses of catastrophe — “You walk around while the city’s on fire too. Fight on.” — and transcendence: “Talk without making a sound. You and universe.” Despite some earthbound moments most of the music is rock as meditation, with orderly repetition trying to keep the deepest fears at bay. - The NY Times

Their sophomore effort develops an atmospheric, rhythmically sophisticated sound that recalls the late-70's work of Peter gabriel and Brian Eno. Crisp guitar melodies weave a delicate latticework with the taut, understated polyrhythms of drummer Conrad Doucette... upbeat numbers such as "Everybody Say" and "Homebreaker" have exceptional charm - Spin Magazine

The unabashedly portentous pan-national approach pays off immediately. (Takka Takka) aims for something new, something occasionally otherworldly. - Pitchfork

New York's Takka Takka have been making serious waves in the indie-rock underground since the release of the band's critically acclaimed new album, Migration, on the Ernest Jenning Record Co. imprint a couple weeks back. Now, after an amazing set at New York's Highline Ballroom w/ Mates of State, the band has just announced they will be performing around the North East w/ their friends in Oxford Collapse!

In addition, the band is happy to unveil their debut video for the song "Silence!"

Watch it here!

In this Amy Finkel-directed video for Takka Takka's "Silence," the Brooklyn quintet's dreamy little song (with guest instrumentation via the National's Bryan Devendorf and Lee Sargent of CYHSY) is transformed into the backdrop for a war between Lilliputian toy soldiers and their various forms of weaponry (cannons, helicopters, guns). It's a bit reminiscent of Ratatat's "Mirando," but played by the plastic cast of Ben Folds's "Hiroshima." Toward the end, a group of woodsy animals who find themselves in the path of destruction get together for a little end-of-the-world party, which can't help but echo Bowerbirds' "In Our Talons." All to say: Very zeitgeist guys. The most interesting move: The miniature war takes place on/against actual bodies and their skin, armpit hair, toes, imperfections, inhalations. Listen closely to the lyrics and you'll get it. - Stereogum

Enjoy and check out the band's upcoming tourdates below!

Tracklist for Migration:
Monkey Forest Road
The Takers
Everybody Say

(the optimists were right)
Fall Down Where You Stand
Lion in the Waves
One Foot in a Well
(the optimists were wrong)
Change, no change
You and Universe

Takka Takka Live!

w/ Oxford Collapse!
Mon Sept 22nd - Boston - TT the Bears
Thur Sept 25th - Washington, DC - Black Cat
Fri Sept 26th - Philadelphia - M Room
Sat Sept 27th - New York - Mercury Lounge

For more information, visit:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

GridLink (Ex-Discordance Axis) Kickoff East Coast Tour Tonight!


Gridlink Live!

w/ Hayaino Daisuki (now featuring Ted Patterson ex-Burnt By The Sun on bass)!

Aug 14 The Wreck Room Brooklyn, New York
Aug 15 The Talking Head Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 16 The Khyber Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 17 The basement of a nail salon, 469 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ
Aug 18 AS220 Providence, Rhode Island
Aug 19 Church of Boston Boston, Massachusetts

BrooklynVegan Reports! Artist of the Day: Human Highway!

huge thanks to Matt Kiser, William Goodman, Larry Fitzmaurice, and the entire staff!

Artist of the Day: Human Highway
Islands frontman Nick Thorburn and former guitarist Jim Guthrie get dreary with subtle acoustic of their debut full-length, Moody Motorcycle.

What? If you've ever taken any sort of dreamy downer drug -- recommended Benedryl dosage included -- we can safely assume you're familiar with the warm-blood-surge, numbed-spine, ocular zoom-out beauty that can softly sweep through your veins. The sonic equivalent prescription is Canadian psych-folk duo Human Highway, who, with their revitalized mid-'70s Simon and Garfunkel-esque debut offering, Moody Motorcycle, take us on a somber, contemplative excursion through vibrant and vivid sunset dreams. The album, like a drug, is addictive, with inconspicuous melodies finding their way into the back of your head and onto the tip your tongue. The title track is the most accessible journey -- though the record in its entirety acts as one long, luscious trip. Moody Motorcycle will be released stateside on Suicide Squeeze.

The faces and names of Human Highway are both friendly and familiar to the indie ear. The band is a result of the collaboration between the marvelously prolific Islands frontman, Nick Thorburn, and his good friend, former Islands guitarist and equally active Canadian troubadour Jim Guthrie. With their '06 debut, Return to the Sea, Islands made international noise with their Caribbean-infused melancholic folk-pop and unforgettably interactive live shows. Though Guthrie, a Juno award nominee, has since left the band, he continues to -- in addition to Human Highway -- record solo and is expected to release a new album sometime before the end of the year.

Fun Fact? Human Highway take their name from the 1982 pre-apocalyptic (last day on earth) comedy flick of the same name, which was directed by and stars Neil Young as a wanna-be rock star gas station attendant. Weirdly enough the film also stars Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh. A must see cult classic, the musical-style dance number at the end is brilliant -- drugs not required.

Now Hear This: Human Highway, "Moody Motorcycle" (DOWNLOAD MP3)

PS - you can stream Human Highway's entire new album HERE!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stereogum Features Takka Takka and Human Highway!

today our good friends at Stereogum premiered the new video from Takka Takka, and also interviewed Jim Guthrie of Human Highway for their Quit Your Day Job spotlight! click on each headline below to read the full stories, and huge thanks to Amrit Singh, Brandon Stosuy, and the entire Stereogum staff for their support!

New Takka Takka Video - "Silence"

In this Amy Finkel-directed video for Takka Takka's "Silence," the Brooklyn quintet's dreamy little song (with guest instrumentation via the National's Bryan Devendorf and Lee Sargent of CYHSY) is transformed into the backdrop for a war between Lilliputian toy soldiers and their various forms of weaponry (cannons, helicopters, guns). It's a bit reminiscent of Ratatat's "Mirando," but played by the plastic cast of Ben Folds's "Hiroshima." Toward the end, a group of woodsy animals who find themselves in the path of destruction get together for a little end-of-the-world party, which can't help but echo Bowerbirds' "In Our Talons." All to say: Very zeitgeist guys. The most interesting move: The miniature war takes place on/against actual bodies and their skin, armpit hair, toes, imperfections, inhalations. Listen closely to the lyrics and you'll get it. (((Continue reading)))

Quit Your Day Job: Human Highway

Unless you were born with one of those silver spoons, you likely work a day job, sneaking time for your own business when not taking care of someone else's. You're not alone. Every week, Brandon Stosuy finds out how our favorite indie artists make ends meet...

Human Highway is the collaboration between Islands' Nick Thorburn and Royal City-associated songwriter and solo artist Jim Guthrie. Their debut Moody Motorcycle is out next week. A little while ago we posted about two of the album tracks, hushed toe-tapper "The Sound" and HH's foray into '50s/'60s prom dancing, "Sleep Talking." Today I offer up Moody Motorcyle's catchy, road-ready, appropriately "moody" title track after my discussion with Guthrie, who goes into detail about his job writing jingles and otherwise soundtracking commercials. Importantly, he reminded me that the jingles for those My Buddy and Kid Sister dolls were "insanely catchy" and noted that he's not so much a fan of "bright orange cheese sauce being poured over chocolate bars." (((Continue reading)))

Prefix Reviews Trash Talk's Debut Full-Length!

huge thanks to Etan Rosenbloom, Dave Park, and the entire Prefix staff!

Trash Talk
Trash Talk
(Trash Talk Collective)

A sampling of final lines from songs off Trash Talk’s debut LP:

“Taste of the flesh.”

“I am alone.”

“Birth. Plague. Die.”

“I must escape this.”

“We hung our heads in shame.”

“I will spread the infection immaculately.”

Sounds like hardcore refrigerator magnet poetry, right? That shit goes down like rancid butter as screamed by Trash Talk’s two vocalists, who themselves ride atop a brakeless garbage truck compacting grimy old-school hardcore, breakneck grindcore assaults and some dangerous sludge breakdowns.

Surprise surprise, Steve Albini’s behind the trapped-in-a-stinky-basement-venue-with-a-broken-A/C feel of Trash Talk, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. Though there are a few standout songs on the album, it’s mostly about tumbling aggression, the kind that expends itself after a minute and a half (only two tracks break that barrier), and any sonic niceties would run the risk of deactivating the automatic fist-pump response mechanism.

That’s not a problem on “Revelation,” which closes Trash Talk with a cycling riff that gets gradually chewed up by tape distortion. It’s an aural incarnation of the final words: “No one, never again.” There’s another pissed-off hardcore line for the fridge. Awesome.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 Talks New Past Lives EP on Suicide Squeeze!

huge thanks to Matt Kiser, Larry Fitzmaurice, William Goodman, and the entire staff!

Catch the Buzz: Past Lives
Ex-Blood Brothers stay noisy, get groovy.

Who? Hardcore’s dearly departed, perennially under-appreciated Blood Brothers might have had a taste for breakneck speed and hyper-accentuated yelping, but lurking underneath their sonic skin was a glammed-out, glitter-flecked monster waiting to rear its head.

It makes perfect sense, then, that Past Lives -- consisting of ex-Blood Brothers members Jordan Billie, Mark Henderson, Mark Gajadhar, and Devin Welch -- let their hips swing with tinkling electronics and funky synth squelches while their throats still remain blissfully raw. Add a dash of orchestrated mayhem reminiscent of early Les Savy Fav, and you’ve got a band that, despite what their name implies, sounds as if they’re staring down the future with eager eyes and an evil smile.

Their Latest: Past Lives’ debut EP, Strange Symmetry, drops November 4 on Suicide Squeeze.

Recommended if You Like… Blood Brothers, the Rapture, Les Savy Fav

Monday, August 11, 2008

Trash Talk Tour Europe w/ Paint It Black!


* click image to stream new Trash Talk album!

Trash Talk w/ Paint it Black!
Sep 12 2008 The Stage Arnhem
Sep 13 2008 Deadfest @ Skylten Linkoping
Sep 14 2008 Hafenklang Hamburg
Sep 15 2008 Cassiopeia/Skatehalle Berlin
Sep 16 2008 007 Prague/Praha
Sep 17 2008 Arena Vienna
Sep 18 2008 Exhaus Trier
Sep 19 2008 Juha West Stuttgart
Sep 20 2008 Light In The Dark Fest @ Parkhaus Meiderich Duisburg
Sep 20 2008 ZXZW Festival Tilburg
Sep 21 2008 Le Klub Paris
Sep 22 2008 The Fighting Cocks London
Sep 23 2008 Le Pub Newport
Sep 24 2008 Star & Garter Manchester
Sep 25 2008 Trash Leeds
Sep 26 2008 The Engine Room Brighton
Sep 27 2008 Ill Blood Fest @ JOC De Schuur Izegem

For more information, visit:

The NY Times Reviews Takka Takka's "Migration!"

huge thanks to Jon Pareles and the entire New York Times staff for their support!

Beats From Down Home to Far From Home: Takka Takka

Takka Takka, a Brooklyn band, gets the guitar-picking patterns on its album “Migration” (Ernest Jenning) from all over: Minimalism and math-rock, Africa and Indonesia, funk and folk and psychedelia, often over beats that sound like rock anthems burnished smooth by the notes pelting above. The band members sing as if to themselves, murmuring glimpses of catastrophe — “You walk around while the city’s on fire too. Fight on.” — and transcendence: “Talk without making a sound. You and universe.” Despite some earthbound moments most of the music is rock as meditation, with orderly repetition trying to keep the deepest fears at bay.