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Blake/e/e/e Announce Debut Album and Massive US Tour!

Announce Debut Album "Border Radio" out April 8th on Freefolk * Massive US Tour!

Blake/e/e/e's line-up includes members of Franklin Delano, and you can sure hear it. Their debut full length, Border Radio, is nothing but explosive. Dressed in a folky salsa, the album continues changing direction from beginning to end.

From the weird dub intro - to a condensed reprise from the two tracks that follow - to house folk celestial drones, from Sixties candies and psychedelic space ballads, to post-punk creepy anthems, from world ethnic spirituals to alt. country filled with drones and bones, and then: Beach Boys go to church and the church becomes a mutant disco, astral instrumentals and howlings to the shooting star. Border Radio is what happens when your dreams have become too beautiful for your head and transform into something tangible. It captures the urgency to make sense out of the pet sounds our individual microcosms create. Chicago's Blake/e/e/e appear to have their own Theogony: a new and brave world, waiting to be explored, a self-produced kaleidoscope of new musical ideas that make Border Radio at the same time very tasteful and weirdly experimental.

File under: Angels Of Light, Animal Collective, This Heat, Red Red Meat, Low, Beach Boys, King Tubby, Joy Division, Al-Kindi Ensemble, Hamza Shakkur, Velvet Underground.

Tracklist for Border Radio
1. Holy Dub
2. New Millennium's Lack Of Self Explanation (mp3)
3. The Great Rescue Episode (mp3)

4. Narrow Zone
5. Time Machine
6. The Thing's Hollow
7. Holy Yes To The Sunny Days
8. Dub-Human-Ism
9. Border Radio
10. Saint Lawrence Tears

Blake/e/e/e Live!

Apr 26 2008 Lemp Arts Center St Louis, Missouri
Apr 27 2008 The Cinemat Bloomington, Indiana
May 2 2008 Big Car Indianapolis, Indiana
May 3 2008 The Brick Kansas City, Missouri
May 4 2008 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, Iowa
May 6 2008 3 King’s Tavern Denver, Colorado
May 7 2008 Red Light Books Salt Lake City, Utah
May 8 2008 Terrapin Station Boise, Idaho
May 9 2008 New Sagebrush Ballroom Pendleton, Oregon
May 11 2008 The Comet Tavern Seattle, Washington
May 14 2008 Ash Street Saloon Portland, Oregon
May 15 2008 Sam Bond’s Garage Eugene, Oregon
May 18 2008 Echo Curio Echo Park/Los Angeles, California
May 20 2008 Trunk Space Phoenix, Arizona
May 22 2008 The Stove Albuquerque, New Mexico
May 24 2008 White Rock Coffee Dallas, Texas
May 25 2008 Salvage Vanguard Theater Austin, Texas
May 26 2008 The Mink Houston, Texas
May 28 2008 Tasty World Athens, Georgia
May 29 2008 Pilot Light Knoxville, Tennessee
May 30 2008 Snug Harbor Charlotte, North Carolina
Jun 1 2008 The Grey Eagle Asheville, North Carolina
Jun 2 2008 21 Eleven Greenville, North Carolina
Jun 4 2008 The Talking Head Baltimore, Maryland
Jun 6 2008 The Knitting Factory New York, New York
Jun 7 2008 Zebulon Williamsburg, New York
Jun 9 2008 PA’s Lounge Somerville, Massachusetts
Jun 10 2008 Space Gallery Portland, Maine
Jun 11 2008 Cake Shop New York, New York
Jun 14 2008 Cafè Bourbon Street Columbus, Ohio
Jun 15 2008 Tower 2012 Cleveland, Ohio
Jun 16 2008 venue TBA Chicago, Illinois

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Son Lux Record Release Show Tonight @ The Knitting Factory in NYC!

be there! Streams Pegasuses-XL's "The Antiphon!"

huge thanks to Aubin Paul and the entire Punknews staff for the support! Click to be taken to the stream!

Pegasuses-XL "The Antiphon" (Ernest Jenning) Exclusive Album Stream!

BrooklynVegan interviews Josh Graham of A Storm of Light / Neurosis

huge thanks to Fred Pessaro and the entire BrooklynVegan staff!

An interview with Josh Graham (Neurosis, A Storm of Light)

Josh Graham is multitasking, and not in a chew gum and walk kind of way either. Graham first burst on the scene as the newest member of Bay Area titans Neurosis, handling the visual element which included live pieces and graphic design, eventually leading into the legendary "A Sun That Never Sets" companion DVD. On the heels of that well received DVD, Josh went on to direct music videos and design artwork for Dillinger Escape Plan, Enon, Jesu, Khann, Underoath, Saves The Day, and many others.

Meanwhile, Josh wielded a heavy (like the music) axe (like the guitar) in Red Sparowes featuring members of the like-minded Isis, Battle Of Mice with members of local metallers Made Out Of Babies, and Tribes of Neurot (a Neurosis related experimental project). His tenure with Red Sparowes has recently come to an end, but that hasn't stopped Mr. No-Sleep from starting another band... A Storm Of Light. A Storm Of Light recently opened up night two of the Neurosis/Mastodon extravaganza (their second show ever, check out videos from it here and here) and a Seattle date with Neurosis and Converge. Up next, the boys are scheduled to tear down the Pussycat Lounge in NYC this Saturday, March 29th with Hull in a show that will also feature the art of Jorden Haley.

BrooklynVegan's Black Bubblegum sat down with Josh to hash out his thoughts on democracy (in songwriting), how to keep it simple, and how much it means to him to be "Riding Dirty".

click here to continue reading!

Team Robespierre Announce Spring Tour w/ The Teenagers * Select Dates w/ Matt & Kim!

Team Robespierre Live!

w/ Matt & Kim!
Apr 4: PURCHASE, NY – SUNY Purchase
Apr 5: BROOKLYN – Pratt University

w/ The Teenagers!
Apr 29: CHICAGO – The Abbey
Apr 30: DETROIT – Magic Stick
May 1: TORONTO, ON - Anti
May 2: BUFFALO – Soundlab
May 3: BROOKLYN – Music Hall Of Williamsburg
May 5: NYC – Bowery Ballroom
May 6: BALTIMORE - Ottobar
May 7: WSHINGTON DC – Black Cat
May 8: BOSTON – Paradise Club
May 9: PHILADELPHIA – North Star Bar
May 10: HOBOKEN, NJ - Maxwells

Watch the video for "88th Precinct" here!

For more information, visit:

Wolftron Announces Debut LP on Eyeball!

Annnounces Debut Full Length, Flesh & Fears, out May 6th on Eyeball!

Take what you love about Sufjan Stevens, The Postal Service and Stars, then mash that shit up like Silly Putty, make an imprint with it of the Home & Garden section of a newspaper from 1975 and you have yourself Wolftron. -

Write songs. Record songs. Release album. It seems simple enough, but for anyone who has spent anytime within the convoluted and cracked walls of the record industry, it's never this easy. And yet there is a new project which has cut ties from the current paradigms of making and releasing recorded music. A heart-felt solo project from an already successful songwriter, Wolftron is a pure attempt at creating art and getting it to the ears of music lovers.

It may seem a bit melodramatic for a 23 year old kid from the Pacific Northwest to be challenging the status quo, but for Kenny Choi, the heart and voice behind Wolftron's ambient pop songs and current lead singer/songwriter for Daphne Loves Derby, a project responsible for close to 50,000 records sold in the US, it's the truth. Wolftron is your bedroom pop favorite of 2008. The debut LP Flesh & Fears, out on Eyeball Records, is a sweet melancholy narrative complete with haunting vocals and breathtaking composition which recalls a more ambient One AM Radio or a more techno savy Iron & Wine; perhaps a less nordic Sigur Ros. With sparse electronics and songwriting chops that seem to come frighteningly easy to this young veteran, a new generation of music fans may have found their Nick Drake.

On Flesh & Fears, we find that true brilliance in the creative process isn't marked by over thought spastic attempts at dissidence which we often associate with critically acclaimed music. The record's first single, "Sugar Skulls" is a lament for growth in the face of self awareness, where reverb drenched melodies are off set by hook after hook and seemingly endless wave of lush arrangements. "Ugly Bird" finds an addictive alt. country guitar line chugging alongside chamber pop vocals, all the while our melody is never forgotten through beautiful layering of keys, synths and strings.

On this debut record from Wolftron, the Harry Nilson-esque moments on the records are few and far between, but one gets a sense that the eclectic American songwriter is alive and well.

Kenny Choi (vocals, piano, guitar)

Tracklisting for Flesh & Fears:
01. Crystal Skulls
02. Ms. Luna Grim
03. Blueberry Waves
04. Beautybird
05. Stones
06. Happiness
07. Sugar Skulls
08. Uglybird
09. Defeat of Starman
10. Provocations of Starman Jr.
11. Simple Sunshine

Catch Choi performing Wolftron material on tour w/ Daphne Loves Derby!
Mar 30 2008 El Corazon Seattle, Washington
Apr 3 2008 Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo, California
Apr 3 2008 Bear’s Lair - UC Berkeley Berkeley, California
Apr 5 2008 Bamboozle Left - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Laguna Hills, California
Apr 6 2008 Jillian’s Las Vegas, Nevada w/ The Starting Line, Bayside
Apr 8 2008 Underground Cafe Roseville, California w/ The Starting Line, Bayside
Apr 9 2008 San Jose Skate San Jose, California w/ Secondhand Serenade
Apr 11 2008 Weber State Ogden, Utah

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SMN News Talks to Torche's Steve Brooks!

huge thanks to Carlos Ramirez and the entire SMN staff!

Torche - Steve Brooks, Vocals/Guitars

My first reaction to Meanderthal is that’s its much hookier than the EP and debut album material. Was this a conscious move when you went into writing mode for the album?

In a way, yeah, I think so. Thank you for the compliment. Hooks are good.

Were you afraid of the possibility of a backlash from some of your fans for the melodic feel of some of the songs?

We don’t think about a backlash while we’re writing. If all the members of the band are feeling the song, then we’re going to play it. I mean, we’re the ones that have to hear it every night. If someone else isn’t diggin’ it, so what? There’s always going to be a backlash from people if you write the same type of material over again or if you write something a little different. The more we do, the more we¹ll either be loved or hated. There’s a million other bands people can listen to other than us and if you like what you hear, support it.

I think a song like “Grenades” should be all over rock radio. Would you be acceptant to something like that and the stuff it would open the band up to?

I’m not too accepting of it. Do we really want to hear ourselves on the radio? I think each of us would be a little weirded out by it. But, if people want it on the radio, it’s up to them. I’m sure it’ll help us financially in some ways. Metallica and Kiss never got played on the radio until there was a demand for it. Bands like Nickelback had some major financial push from their labels to put them on the radio. I mean, that shit is so awful. I stick to the classic rock stations that don’t play anything post 1980. We’re about 30 years too late.

You and Juan (Montoya) have really interesting guitar tones on this recording. On one hand, it’s as sludgy as St. Vitus or The Melvins but there is a brighter sheen underneath some of the parts or sections. How much do you tweak your settings from song to song?

We used a Fender Telecaster for a twangier guitar tone on some songs. It’s not “sludgy” at all, but we’ve always loved the way it sounds. Why not? I think it gives us room to do more.

There are some tasty twin-guitar melodies on “Across the Shields” that reminded me of Thin Lizzy! Where you influenced by any of the classic guitar tams from years back?

Of course.

You’ve played gigs with all sorts of bands from many different genres. Which crowds have been the most resistant? Do you think the metal kids get you?

The Mogwai audience was definitely the most resistant. They took us too seriously. Seeing Mogwai every night was great, but having to play to their fans wasn’t fun. I think it’s the same for metal kids. We’re stuck somewhere in the middle somewhere. We’re still trying to figure where we’d fit in.

What do you have more fun playing, the slower, Cavity-like material or the more straight-forward rock stuff?

The slower stuff bores the hell out of all of us. We want energy and madness!

I know you are an old-school metal kid, what would the 14 year old Steve Brooks think of Torche?

I would’ve probably liked some of the brutal heavy stuff, but hated the singer.

What’s been on your stereo lately? Anything that would throw Torche fans for a loop?

Probably not. I listen to my old stuff, but what’s new is Parts & Labor and Monotonix albums. Damn good bands!

By Carlos Ramirez

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Phenomenauts Announce US Tour w/ The AKA's!

Announce US Tour w/ The AKA's in Support of New Album, For All Mankind, out April 8th on Silver Sprocket / Springman!

These guys aren't like anything you've seen or heard before. to be honest, when someone first told me about them i thought it was a gimmick. Devo meets Elvis? I would say "rocket roll" is the more apt label. But just that alone under-emphasizes the Phenomenauts' dedications. - Thrasher Magazine

A band that lives, loves and rocks on the grand scale of the cosmos - SF Weekly

The east bay's craftiest and bravest band - East Bay Express

This is a band that NEEDS to be experienced live, by everyone. -

THE PHENOMENAUTS are back with their third full length, For All Mankind.

Inspired by new wave and 70's punk, this is the third full-length from the world's bravest space band. A call to arms to defenders of science and honor across the galaxy, For All Mankind deals with the serious implications of science fiction, science fact, and offers new perspectives on Earth life as we know it.

The Phenomenauts' intergalactic pummeling punk rock assault, and over the top, interstellar live shows, have helped create a massive cult following and buzz around the universe and appearances on the likes of the G4 TV, the Sci-Fi Channel, the Discovery Channel, artist profiles, and much more.

To date, The Phenomenauts have toured the world w/ the likes of The Slackers, Aquabats, Demented Are Go, The Epoxies, the mighty Vans Warped Tour, and have trekked the states on numerous headlining tours.

This year will also prove to be most exciting for The Phenomanauts, as they slowly start to leak news of the exciting things they have in store for humanity, including upcoming music videos by the AstroBase (aka the Venture Brothers), crazy album packaging that folds out into a rocket ship and includes a custom Phenomenauts pin, massive US tourdates w/ The AKA's, and upcoming local San Francisco Record Release dates that will undoubtedly blow the roof off.

Be prepared as The Phenomenauts help keep us focused and guide us through the turbulent waters of what the future might become. If we follow their lead, things might turn out alright.

More fun facts about The Phenomenauts!

*The Phenomenauts invented their own DigiPack that folds out into a rocket-ship for the new album.
*Each CD comes with a custom shaped metal Phenomenauts pin and 24 page booklet

*The band lives in and has parties at The Command Center -- part Star Wars canteen, part 50's theater house. Four stories built inside a warehouse space, all science and outer-space Phenomenaut themed. Stage folds out to reveal a hot-tub. Filmed by The Discovery Channel and featured in Punk Rock Confidential.

*PhenomaBomber - more space-ship than Dodge Van, has computer parts and other things glued all over the outside and spray-painted silver. Featured in many art-car parades, quite a spectacle at gas stations and on the road. "We never have to wash it," said Professor Greg Arius, the band's keyboard player. "Anytime it gets dirty, we just spray on another layer of silver paint."

*The band is from Oakland, CA, lovingly referred to as Earth's Capital

*The band really believes in their slogan of "Science And Honor" and are Phenomenauts always (not just on stage)

*The band made a video for CNN's "YouTube Presidential Debate" asking what candidates would do to bring America back to the forefront of science:

On-stage gadgets!
*The Streamorator is a tricked out leaf-blower that shoots toilette paper all over the crowd, with advance rotating nozzles for quick TP replacements . CONTEST: The Phenomenauts along with are also giving away Professor Greg's one and only highly coveted SHOW USED Streamarator 2000x. This is the real thing not a cheap reproduction. You know you want it! Click HERE for more details!

*Kitty Cannon: Launches confetti (or anything the band wants) out of a cannon using compressed air. The first one exploded during testing and now Atom (of The Teenage Harlets) has permanent hearing damage. Woops!

*Levatron : Tricked out leaf blower that creates a vertical vortex, making inflatable "earth" globes float in space, even 20 or 30 feet up like at The Fillmore. Angel Nova got the idea from something he saw at The Smithsonian, we don't think this has ever been done before.

Music video for "Mission" went viral, over 500,000 plays between MySpace and

9 prior national tours include Warped Tour (twice), Aquabats (twice), Epoxies, Demented Are Go!, Slackers, Toasters, Big D And The Kids Table. This will be their 3rd national headlining tour, The A.K.A.'s are supporting. Crashed the Warped Tour un-invited, then invited to stay after making breakfast for the bands and crew each morning (read this GREAT article about it which was the East Bay Express cover-story). It went so well, the band was invited to play the next year with their own stage, "The Space Station"

For Fans of
*The Stray Cats
*Tiger Army
*Rock N Roll!

For All Mankind Tracklist
1. All Go For Launch
2. Man Alone
3. Cyborg
4. Make A Circuit With Me
5. Navitron
6. Tale of Europa
7. Heroes
8. She'll Launch
9. Infinite Frontier
10. Compensation
11. Don't Overheat on Me
12. Into a Time Warop
13. Science and Honor
14. The Colvin Moon

The Phenomenauts Live!
Mar 29 2008 Slims CD/RELEASE PARTY San Francisco, California

w/ The AKA's!
Apr 17 2008 HELLS KITCHEN *early show Tacoma, Washington
Apr 18 2008 SATYRICON Portland, Oregon
Apr 21 2008 BURT’S TIKI LOUNGE Salt Lake City, Utah
Apr 22 2008 MARQUIS THEATER Denver, Colorado
Apr 23 2008 KNICKERBOCKERS Lincoln, Nebraska
Apr 24 2008 TRIPLE ROCK SOCIAL * early show Minneapolis, Minnesota
Apr 25 2008 REGGIES * early show Chicago, Illinois
Apr 26 2008 MACS* early show Lansing, Michigan
Apr 27 2008 POISON ROOM Cincinnati, Ohio
Apr 30 2008 THE MIDDLE EAST Cambridge, Massachusetts
May 1 2008 THE KNITTING FACTORY* early show New York, New York
May 2 2008 ASBURY LANES Asbury Park, New Jersey
May 4 2008 OTTOBAR Baltimore, Maryland
May 6 2008 STEPPIN OUT Virginia Beach, Virginia
May 8 2008 JACK RABBITS Jacksonville, Florida
May 9 2008 BACKBOOTH Orlando, Florida

May 10 2008 CITY LIMITS Delray Beach, Florida
May 16 2008 RED 7 Austin, Texas
May 17 2008 THE ROCK BOTTOM BAR San Antonio, Texas
May 20 2008 THE BRICKHOUSE Phoenix, Arizona
May 23 2008 THE KNITTING FACTORY Hollywood, California
+ more tba!

For more information, visit:

Paint It Black Announces US Tour! Dates w/ Leatherface, Blacklisted, Cold World and more!

Paint it Black Live!

Apr 10 2008 Sailor Jerry in-store Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Free Show!
Apr 11 2008 Kathedral Toronto, Ontario w/ Cold World
Apr 12 2008 Black Dot Montreal, Quebec w/ Cold World
Apr 13 2008 Mavericks Ottawa, Ontario w/ Cold World
Apr 25 2008 Siren Records Doylestown, Pennsylvania w/ Cloak/Dagger
Apr 26 2008 Mohawk Place Buffalo, New York w/ Cloak/Dagger
Apr 27 2008 Mr. Roboto Project Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania w/ Cloak/Dagger
May 9 2008 Club Hell Providence, Rhode Island w/ Blacklisted and Soul Control
May 10 2008 Manville Elks Lodge Manville, New Jersey w/ Blacklisted and The Mongoloids
May 11 2008 The Champion Ship Lemoyne, Pennsylvania w/ Blacklisted
May 19 2008 Knitting Factory Los Angeles, California w/ LEATHERFACE!!!!!!!!
May 20 2008 Chain Reaction Anaheim, California w/ LEATHERFACE!!!!!!!!
May 21 2008 418 Project Santa Cruz, California w/ Ceremony, Life Long Tragedy and Sabertooth Zombie
May 22 2008 Blazo Gallery San Francisco, California w/ Ceremony, Life Long Tragedy and Sabertooth Zombie
May 23 2008 Satyricon Portland, Oregon w/ Ceremony, Life Long Tragedy and Sabertooth Zombie
May 24 and 25 2008 Rain Fest Tacoma, Washington w/ Ceremony, Life Long Tragedy and Sabertooth Zombie and a ton of others
May 30 2008 Fuel Jacksonville, Florida w/ Blacklisted and New Mexican Disaster Squad
May 30 2008 Atlantic Gainesville, Florida w/ Blacklisted and New Mexican Disaster Squad
May 31 2008 Klein Dance Studio Lake Worth, Florida w/ Blacklisted and New Mexican Disaster Squad
Jun 1 2008 Back Booth Orlando, Florida w/ Blacklisted and New Mexican Disaster Squad
Jul 10 2008 WFMU Morristown, New Jersey Live on The Pat Duncan Show!

For more information, visit:

Paper Thin Walls <3's Hydra Head!

huge thanks to Chris Weingarten and the entire PTW staff.

Today our dudes covered three new releases featuring the artists on Hydra Head Records, click the links below to be taken to PTW's interview w/ Torche, a review of 5ive's new Hesperus album, and some ink on Justin Broadrick's colab w/ Jarboe! sweeeet...

TORCHE Interview

5IVE Hesperus Review


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Pitchfork Talks VSS Reissue on Hydra Head!

huge thanks to Amy Phillips and the entire Pitchfork staff!

Hydra Head Reissues the VSS' Nervous Circuits

Hydra Head -- home of nontraditionally extreme bands like Jesu, Pelican, Oxbow, and Xasthur -- will reissue San Francisco noise punk band the VSS' Nervous Circuits as a CD/DVD set on May 20.

The 1997 album, originally released on Honey Bear Records, was the VSS' only full-length release; members of the band went on to form Pleasure Forever and Year Future as well as found the Gold Standard Laboratories label.

For the Hydra Head reissue of Nervous Circuits, the first 1000 copies will come with a bonus CD of studio and live recordings from a set at Santa Cruz radio station KZSC. The DVD features a slideshow of photos and fliers, a compilation of performances from the 1997 Nervous Circuits Tour, and footage of full live sets at the DUMBO Warehouse in Brooklyn, the Depot in Boulder, CO, and the Co-op in Berkeley, CA.

Nervous Circuits:

01 Death Scene
02 In Miniature
03 Sibling Ascending
04 Effigy
05 Lunar Weight
06 Conscious
07 What Kind of Ticks?
08 Chemical in Chemistry
09 Swift Kicks
10 Nervous Circuits

The Skin of Tiny Teeth [bonus disc]:

01 No Hands
02 Rats
03 Accessory
04 Silt, Etc.
05 Tone Dialer
06 Trajectory [Live on KZSC; Santa Cruz, CA]
07 Death Scene [Live on KZSC; Santa Cruz, CA]
08 Swift Kicks [Live on KZSC; Santa Cruz, CA]
09 In Miniature [Live on KZSC; Santa Cruz, CA]
10 Sibling Ascending [Live on KZSC; Santa Cruz, CA]
11 Solid Gold Follower [Live on KZSC; Santa Cruz, CA]
12 What Kind of Ticks? [Live on KZSC; Santa Cruz, CA]
13 Lunar Weight [Live on KZSC; Santa Cruz, CA]
14 Nervous Circuits [Live on KZSC; Santa Cruz, CA]


Nervous Circuits Tour 1997:

01 Death Scene (Fireside Bowl - Chicago)
02 What Kind of Ticks? (Fireside Bowl - Chicago)
03 I'll Wait Right Here (previously unrecorded) (DUMBO Warehouse - Brooklyn)
04 Swift Kicks (DUMBO Warehouse - Brooklyn)
05 Chemical In Chemistry (Black Cat - DC)
06 Lunar Weight (First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia)
07 Sibling Ascending (The Depot - Boulder)
08 I Cut My Teeth (The Depot - Boulder)
09 Nervous Circuits (The Depot - Boulder)

Live in Brooklyn, NY - DUMBO Warehouse

01 What Kind of Ticks?
02 Sibling Ascending
03 Death Scene
04 I'll Wait Right Here
05 Swift Kicks
06 I Cut My Teeth

Live in Boulder, CO - The Depot

01 Intro
02 What Kind of Ticks?
03 Death Scene
04 Sibling Ascending
05 I Cut My Teeth
06 Swift Kicks
07 Nervous Circuits

Live in Berkeley, CA - Co-op

01 Swift Kicks
02 What Kind of Ticks?
03 Lunar Weight
04 Evolution


For more information, visit:

Chris Mills Announces New Album on Ernest Jenning!

Chris Mills
Announces New Album, Living in the Aftermath, April 22nd on Ernest Jenning!

Mills skillfully juggles homage, humor, and heartfelt emotion - The Washington Post

An artist finally, fully realizing his remarkable talents as a singer, songwriter, and performer - No Depression

Brilliant! - Cleveland Scene

Chris Mills' Living in the Aftermath is the latest collection from one of America's most wandering-est of wandering troubadours. After almost a decade of rave reviews and countless shows in stadiums and shoeboxes (the past 2 years alone have seen him alongside Ben Folds, Bishop Allen, Lucero, Limbeck, and many more), Mills, once again, threatens to break free from seemingly perpetual obscurity, by providing some of the most unaffected, and yet emotionally affecting work of his career.

Harvesting music and lyrics from headlines, horror movies, four-color ash-can adventures, and the black and white reflections of late night re-runs, Mills returns from the recent orchestral majesty of his critically lauded The Wall to Wall Sessions with a raw and ready collection of true rock n' roll numbers, each one peppered with knowing asides, and unencumbered poignancy.

Songs like Untitled No. 1 and Calling All Comrades spin epic tales of lovers on the run from aliens, a-bombs, and vampire insects, while more personal moments unfold in the dream-like imagery and subtlety of Such a Beautiful Thing, Blackbirds, and the "Twilight Zone" inspired Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.

But its not just the songs that make this Mills' strongest record to date, it's the art and immediacy of their execution. Recorded and mixed in eight days, Aftermath benefits from the visceral performances of Mills and a crack cabal of New York City co-conspirators: bassist Drew Glackin (The Silos, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Graham Parker, The Hold Steady), drummer Konrad Meissner (Teddy Thompson, The Silos, Matt Nathanson), keyboardist/arranger David Nagler (Nova Social, Camphor, Chris Lee), and engineer/co-producer Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu, They Might Be Giants).

* Additional players include trumpeter Dave Max Crawford (Sea and Cake, Poi Dog Pondering), violinist Jean Cook (Jon Langford's Ship and Pilot, Beauty Pill, Ida), and steel guitar/banjo virtuoso Jon Rauhouse (Nico Case, Calexico, Giant Sand).

Company aside, it is the ever-impressive evolution of his craft that firmly places Chris Mills alongside peers like Okkervil River's Will Sheff and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy as one of the foremost authors of the 21st Century American songbook.

Tracklisting for Living In The Aftermath
1. Calling All Comrades
2. Living In The Aftermath
3. Nightmare At 20,000 Feet
4. Untitled No. 1
5. Such A Beautiful Thing
6. Blackbirds
7. Atom Smashers
8. I Guess This Is Why (They Invented Goodbye)
9. All's Well That Ends
10. Can't Believe

Chris Mills Live!
Apr 26 2008 Schubas (CD release show) Chicago, Illinois
Apr 25 2008 Regent Street Retreat w/ Anders Parker Madison, Wisconsin
May 10 2008 Union Pool (NYC CD RELEASE SHOW) Brooklyn, New York
May 3 2008 The Pour House (TRIBUTE TO DREW GLACKIN) Raleigh, North Carolina

For more information, visit:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sleep Station Announces East Coast Tourdates!

so good!

"A gifted pop songwriter who pens concept albums at a breakneck pace" - Lost At Sea

"Catchy enough to burrow deep into even the most reluctant listener’s head." - Pop Matters

"Dave Debiak, the mastermind behind the plot, and his band create some beautiful orchestral pop that is influenced by Grandaddy, The Flaming Lips, the Pernice Brothers, and even the Alan Parsons Project." - Done Waiting

"Headed by the narrative-minded David Debiak and having previously written the score to a film that never existed in Hang in There Charlie, Sleep Station’s newest work is the kind of thematically cogent album of which Hemingway would be proud." - Stylus Magazine

Sleep Station Live!
Mar 26 2008 Matchless Brooklyn, New York
Mar 28 2008 Wesleyan University Middletown, Connecticut
Apr 1 2008 The Black Cat DC, Washington DC
Apr 3 2008 21 Eleven Greenville, North Carolina
Apr 5 2008 Uncommon Grounds Jacksonville, Florida
Apr 6 2008 Respectable Street West Palm Beach, Florida
Apr 7 2008 House Show @ 237 SW 4th Ave Gainesville, Florida
Apr 8 2008 Little Kings Athens, Georgia
Apr 9 2008 The Mendenhall South House Greensboro, North Carolina

For more information, visit:

Neurot Announces 2008 Release Schedule!

Neurot Joins the Solid PR Roster * Announces 2008 Release Schedule!

Solid PR is pleased and excited to announce the latest addition to our roster, Neurot Recordings. Without saying too much (we could go on and on about this one), Neurot is hands down one of the most important record labels in music today. Formed nearly ten years ago by members of Neurosis and Tribes of Neurot, the label has been home to some of the most influential and groundbreaking bands in the heavy and experimental music scenes today, including Neurosis, Isis, Red Sparowes, Oxbow, Om, Grails, Final, and so many others, and we couldn't be more humbled to be working with them.

Below is a list of just some of the amazing bands with new albums coming this Spring. More surprises soon:

(March 10th - OUT NOW!)

Formerly at home on the Ipecac roster, London's Guapo have just released their NR debut. Guapo is the soundtrack to your eeriest of nightmares, or acid-laden journeys into the mind's own self, the soundtrack to the path towards greater learning and self-discovery, opening one's third eye as it were. Highly touted and grouped w/ instrumental / experimental rock's elite (see Battles, Sun-Ra, et al), Guapo's signing to NR gives even more credence to the label's status as one of the most important, influential, and groundbreaking in today's scene.

"Return to Disrpution"
(April 21st)

Psychedelic noise? Minimalist-thrash? Melbourne's Grey Daturas are brutal in the way Bastard Noise makes your ears bleed, or Merzbow makes you freak-the-f*ck out. It's art for art's sake, but it's also amazing music. Give "Return To Disruption" a listen when things are mellow or when you're pissed. It's perfect anytime.

"The Wake"
(May 5th)

Neurosis' Scott Kelly is not your typical singer-songwriter. On his second solo recording for NR, Kelly's voice brings to mind a stripped down Tom Waits or Chris Cornell. The desperation in his voice cries out in whispered pronouncements, conjuring an array of emotions from the deepest corners of listeners souls. The Wake is, simply put, a masterpiece.

"A Grave is a Grim Horse"
(May 19th)

Another Neurosis member with a new solo album coming this year, is Steve Von Till. On his latest, Von Till's voice whispers in speaking the hard truths, making him sound like a legend in his own time. It's a beautiful epic we see here, one that may leave you feeling like you've just heard life lessons from the master himself. The record is deep and heavy, but so real. Pay attention and you might just see that you have the power within yourself to make the life you live in. A Grave Is A Grim Horse is a strong contender for album of the year.

"And We Wept the Black Ocean Within"
(June 2nd)
A Storm of Light
hails from New York City and features Josh Graham (formerly of Red Sparowes), and Unsane's Vinnie Signorelli, automatically making them a force to be reckoned with. Their style of atmospheric doom is a pummeling, sonic assault, unleashing massive amounts of heaviness onto listeners skulls, and bursting eardrums at the same time. Seen recently opening for Neurosis and Mastodon in Brooklyn, and Neurosis and Converge in Seattle, A Storm of Light is proving they are a force to be reckoned with in 2008.

"Eat The Low Dogs"
(June 16th)

Let's just get to the point: North Carolina's US Christmas is the epitome of rock, the most kick-ass sh*t you've ever heard in your life. And this is no exaggeration. They beat your face in with their New York debut opening for Neurosis and Mastodon, and now set their sites at blowing faces clear off, as they prepare for their first US tour (pun intended?) later this summer. Go see this band if you need a severe dose of fast and heavy destruction.


RED SPAROWES Touring the West Coast w/ Russian Circles!
Red Sparowes are epic without bombast, heavy without a single barre-chord riff and eviscerating without any clearly audible vocals. The chiming, spindly layers of effect-laden guitars and the swinging, entrancing drums on their Neurot releases create textures reminiscent of Goblin, Tones on Tail, Godspeed You Black Emperor and early Sonic Youth. Its attack is syrupy and serpentine; subtle but frighteningly deliberate. Do not miss two of the most epic bands in metal as they tour the west coast together this week.
Mar 24 2008 Blue Lamp Sacramento, California
Mar 25 2008 Crepe Place Santa Cruz, California
Mar 26 2008 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, California
Mar 27 2008 The Echoplex Los Angeles, California
Mar 28 2008 Casbah San Diego, California
Mar 29 2008 The Brickhouse Phoenix, Arizona

*New albums out late Summer / early Fall by AKIMBO, SKULLFLOWER, HARVESTMAN, MGR, and KK NULL

For more information, visit:

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Black Hollies Appear in DELL Computer Commercial!

Umm, holy crap! The Black Hollies' song "Tell Me What You Want" off the band's new album, Casting Shadows (Ernest Jenning Record Co.), can be heard right now in the newest of DELL Computer commercials... check it out below!

Also! don't miss the band's record release show @ Luna Lounge in Brooklyn on April 4th!

NPR Reviews Silje Nes' "Ames Room!"

huge thanks to Frannie Kelley, Robin Hilton, and the entire NPR Music staff for their support!

Silje Nes: 'Ames Room'
(Fat Cat Records), March 13, 2008 - Silje Nes is a Norwegian musician who mixes the delicate sounds of acoustic guitar with the bright ambiance of electronica. Her soft, fragile voice blends perfectly with whimsical instrumentation that includes plenty of strange ambient sounds. Her new record, Ames Room, has a child-like innocence that plays like a dreamy collection of other-worldly lullabies.

"Shapes, electric", the third track off the record, features Nes' voice more as an instrument than typical vocals or narratives. Her breathy voice sets the ethereal and quiet tone of the song while an acoustic guitar, gently strummed, recites the same riff. Found sound and synth experimentation subtly electrify the quirky, yet sunny song.

Nes' is a multi-instrumentalist who previously studied classical piano but has a range of skills with guitar and timpani. Prior to this debut record, Nes' project was entirely instrumental.

Currently signed to FatCat records, Silje Nes will release another record call the Yellow EP this spring in addition to touring the US.

Silje Nes Live in the US:
w/ The Dodos!
Mar 22 2008 Ballroom Marfa, Texas
Mar 23 2008 Mink Houston, Texas
Mar 25 2008 The Bottletree Birmingham
Mar 26 2008 Lenny’s Atlanta, Georgia
Mar 27 2008 Harvest Records Asheville, NC
Mar 28 2008 Bull City Headquarters Durham, NC
Mar 29 2008 Tea Bazaar Charlottesville, VA
Mar 30 2008 DC 9 Washington, DC
Apr 2 2008 Cafe Nine New Haven, CT
Apr 3 2008 Terrace Club Princeton, NJ
Apr 6 2008 Mercury New York, NY

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Russian Circles Kickoff US Tour w/ Red Sparowes Tonight!

Kickoff West Coast Dates w/ Red Sparowes Tonight!

To prepare for the release of their latest album, “Station” (out May 6th on Suicide Squeeze), Russian Circles hit the West Coast w/ friends and contemporaries Red Sparowes tonight in Seattle! The bands will travel through all the major cities along the way, stopping at Portland's March Into Darkness Festival also featuring Nadja, SubArachnoid Space, Grayceon, Red Fang and more! See full tourdates below.

The band has also recently released a new song off their new album, entitled "Harper Lewis." Click the track's song title below to listen on the band's Myspace page. You can also read Pitchfork's awesome review of the song here.

Tracklisting for Station
1. Campaign
2. Harper Lewis
3. Station
4. Verses
5. Youngblood
6. Xavii

Russian Circles Live!

w/ Red Sparowes
Mar 20 2008 Neumo’s Seattle, Washington
Mar 21 2008 Richards on Richards Vancouver, British Columbia
Mar 22 2008 Berbatis Pan Portland, Oregon
Mar 24 2008 Blue Lamp Sacramento, California
Mar 25 2008 The Crepe Place Santa Cruz, California
Mar 26 2008 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, California
Mar 27 2008 Echoplex Los Angeles, California
Mar 28 2008 The Casbah San Diego, California
Mar 29 2008 The Brickhouse Pheonix, Arizona

For more information, visit:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SXSW: It's A Wrap!

We're still finally settling in from the awesome SXSW festivities but would like to thank everyone who made the Solid PR show so amazing, including Revolver Magazine, Jamie @ Alarm, Daiana @ URB, Sailor Jerry, Division East, and the rest of the crew, look for some nice words on the show posting shortly.

For now check out some of the nice love already pouring in, we'll be sure to keep you updated w/ new fun as it happens!

Pitchfork reviews Silje Nes @ The Velveeta Room!

The NME reviews Matt & Kim @ the Mess With Texas BBQ!

Brooklyn Vegan reviews Torche @ Red 7!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Solid PR Announce Complete SXSW Schedule!

Solid PR bands are invading SXSW! That's right, some of the best from the Solid PR camp are on their way to Austin, TX as we speak for the 2008 SXSW Music Conference. Scroll onward to find out who's playing and where, and don't miss a second of the mayhem!

Mar 14 2008 SOLID PR party @ The Scoot Inn w/ Unsane, Fucked Up, Man Man, Fucked Up, Paint it Black, Team Robespierre & more
Mar 15 2008 Spiro’s (Eyeball Records Showcase)
Mar 16 2008 3:15 Beerland Panache Daytime Party

Mar 15 2008 Eyeball Records Showcase @ Spiro’s

Mar 15 2008 12:00P Vice / Scion Party @ Stubbs
Mar 15 2008 11:00P Graveface Showcase @ Thirsty Nickel

Mar 13 2008 Warehouse show somewhere w/ World/Inferno Friendship Society
Mar 14 2008 SXSW Hydrahead Showcase @ Red 7

Mar 12 2008 12:00A @ Central Presbyterian Church w/ Bowerbirds, Ola Podrida, Peter and the Wolf
Mar 14 2008 2:00P Satellite Booking/Knitting Factory SXSW Day Party @ Cream Vintage
Mar 15 2008 12:00P The Porchlight Pop Fest @ Salvage Vanguard Theater w/ Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Mar 12 2008 8:00P Cardboard Records Party at Habana Calle
Mar 14 2008 Impose Party @ Rancho Relaxo
Mar 15 2008 8:00P Todd P Party

Mar 15 2008 8:00P The Thirsty Nickel

Mar 14 2008 SOLID PR party @ The Scoot Inn w/ Unsane, Fucked Up, Man Man, Fucked Up, Paint it Black, Team Robespierre & more
Mar 15 2008 Alternative Press Party @ Emos w/ Chidos, Man Man, Portugal The Man, Gaslight Anthem and more

WEDNESDAY Mar 12 @ RED SEVEN w/ Times New Viking and 400 Blows
THURSDAY Mar 13 @ VICE SHOWCASE 302 EAST 6TH ST w/ Jay Reatard, The Raveionettes, Dark Meat
FRIDAY Mar 14 @ THE SCOOT INN w/ Unsane, Paint it Black, Man Man, An Albatross, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, World/Inferno Friendship Society and more
SATURDAY MARCH 15 @ WATERLOO PARK 12TH AND RED RIVER / MESS WITH TEXAS PARTY w/ NOFX, The Breeders, No Age, Matt & Kim, Municipal Waste, Monotonix and more

Mar 14 2008 7:00P Vice saves texas @ Victory Grill
Mar 14 2008 11:00P Iheatcomix VS Mad Decent Blowout!
Mar 15 2008 7:30P Mess With Texas - Waterloo Park
Mar 15 2008 11:30P Mohawk - All Ages

Mar 13 2008 La Luz Day Show
Mar 13 2008 New Belgian Beer Party: Solar Stage @ Counter Cafe
Mar 13 2008 8:00P Presents: Sink or Swim
Mar 14 2008 4:00P @ Palm Door
Mar 14 2008 6:00P Secret Squirrel Showcase@ American Art Authority//Spiderhouse Coffee
Mar 14 2008 10:00P @ Friends - Ernest Jenning Showcase
Mar 15 2008 5:00P Impose Magazine Party
Mar 15 2008 9:00P Hillgrass Bluebilly @ Hole In The Wall

Mar 14 2008 12:00P Red 7 w/ Hot Water Music
Mar 14 2008 9:00P Scoot Inn w/ Unsane, Fucked Up, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Man Man, Team Robespierre, Fatal Flying Guilloteens and more

Mar 15 2008 8:00P Thirsty Nickel - Graveface Records Showcase w/ Black Moth Super Rainbow, Experimental Aircraft and more

Mar 15 2008 8:00P Emo’s IV
Mar 16 2008 8:00P Red 7

Mar 12 2008 7:00P Elysium•Starcleaner SXSW w/ The Slits and The Dicks
Mar 13 2008 11:00A Typewriter Museum Starcleaner Party

Mar 12 2008 8:00P Habana Calle 6 - Cardboard Records SXSW Showcase
Mar 14 2008 2:00P Furniture Records Party
Mar 15 2008 12:00P Todd P Day Party @ Ms. Beas

Mar 12 2008 8:00P Velveeta Room
Mar 13 2008 8:00P Other Music Party, French Legation Museum
Mar 14 2008 8:00P Solar Stage
Mar 16 2008 8:00P Mohawk, w/ the Dodos

Mar 15 3:15P @ Okay Mountain w/ Cryptacize
Mar 15 10:00P Anticon Showcase @ Lambert's w/ WHY?

Mar 11 2008 8:00P Todd P Show @ Ms Beas w/ Juiceboxx
Mar 12 2008 8:00P OUTSIDE @ 6TH ST and LAMAR w/ The Mae Shi
Mar 12 2008 8:00P Todd P Official Showcase w/ Japanther, Dan Deacon, Meneguar, more @ EMO’s JR.
Mar 13 2008 3:00P Brooklyn Vegan Party
Mar 13 2008 10:30P WWW.MYOPENBAR.COM SHOW WITH A SWIMMING POOL AND ROLLER RINK w/ No Age and Mika Miko @ Mrs. Bea’s!
Mar 14 2008 4:00P Impose Party @ Rancho Relaxo w/ Ecstatic Sunshine
Mar 14 2008 6:30P IHEARTCOMIX Party w/ Matt & Kim, Diplo and more
Mar 14 2008 11:00P Solid PR Party w/ Unsane, An Albatross, Paint It Black, Man Man, World/Inferno Friendship Society and more
Mar 15 2008 8:00P Todd P Show w/ Matt & Kim and Dan Deacon
Mar 15 2008 8:00P Oh My Rockness Party @ EMO’S JR
Mar 15 2008 11:00P Dazed and Confused / Facebook Party

Mar 12 2008 8:00P Beerland (Rock-A-Round party)
Mar 14 2008 8:00P Friends (Ernest Jenning Record Co. SXSW Showcase)

Mar 14 2008 6:00P @ Red 7 Shirts For A Cure Showcase
Mar 15 2008 8:00P @ Spiros / Eyeball Records Showcase

Mar 14 2008 3:00P "Vice Saves Texas"
Mar 14 2008 7:00P Red7 "Hydra Head Industries Showcase"
Mar 15 2008 8:00P Thundertown w/ Monotonix, Pissed Jeans, Harvey Milk

Mar 13 2008 5:00P Ms. bea’s(sxsw pre-party)
Mar 14 2008 8:00P Scoot Inn // Solid PR Showcase w/ Unsane, Paint It Black, Fucked Up, Man Man, An Albatross, Team Robespierre and more

Mar 13 2008 8:00P La Zona Rosa w/Serj Tankian
Mar 14 2008 4:00P Day Show! @ Mugshots