Friday, March 28, 2008

Wolftron Announces Debut LP on Eyeball!

Annnounces Debut Full Length, Flesh & Fears, out May 6th on Eyeball!

Take what you love about Sufjan Stevens, The Postal Service and Stars, then mash that shit up like Silly Putty, make an imprint with it of the Home & Garden section of a newspaper from 1975 and you have yourself Wolftron. -

Write songs. Record songs. Release album. It seems simple enough, but for anyone who has spent anytime within the convoluted and cracked walls of the record industry, it's never this easy. And yet there is a new project which has cut ties from the current paradigms of making and releasing recorded music. A heart-felt solo project from an already successful songwriter, Wolftron is a pure attempt at creating art and getting it to the ears of music lovers.

It may seem a bit melodramatic for a 23 year old kid from the Pacific Northwest to be challenging the status quo, but for Kenny Choi, the heart and voice behind Wolftron's ambient pop songs and current lead singer/songwriter for Daphne Loves Derby, a project responsible for close to 50,000 records sold in the US, it's the truth. Wolftron is your bedroom pop favorite of 2008. The debut LP Flesh & Fears, out on Eyeball Records, is a sweet melancholy narrative complete with haunting vocals and breathtaking composition which recalls a more ambient One AM Radio or a more techno savy Iron & Wine; perhaps a less nordic Sigur Ros. With sparse electronics and songwriting chops that seem to come frighteningly easy to this young veteran, a new generation of music fans may have found their Nick Drake.

On Flesh & Fears, we find that true brilliance in the creative process isn't marked by over thought spastic attempts at dissidence which we often associate with critically acclaimed music. The record's first single, "Sugar Skulls" is a lament for growth in the face of self awareness, where reverb drenched melodies are off set by hook after hook and seemingly endless wave of lush arrangements. "Ugly Bird" finds an addictive alt. country guitar line chugging alongside chamber pop vocals, all the while our melody is never forgotten through beautiful layering of keys, synths and strings.

On this debut record from Wolftron, the Harry Nilson-esque moments on the records are few and far between, but one gets a sense that the eclectic American songwriter is alive and well.

Kenny Choi (vocals, piano, guitar)

Tracklisting for Flesh & Fears:
01. Crystal Skulls
02. Ms. Luna Grim
03. Blueberry Waves
04. Beautybird
05. Stones
06. Happiness
07. Sugar Skulls
08. Uglybird
09. Defeat of Starman
10. Provocations of Starman Jr.
11. Simple Sunshine

Catch Choi performing Wolftron material on tour w/ Daphne Loves Derby!
Mar 30 2008 El Corazon Seattle, Washington
Apr 3 2008 Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo, California
Apr 3 2008 Bear’s Lair - UC Berkeley Berkeley, California
Apr 5 2008 Bamboozle Left - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Laguna Hills, California
Apr 6 2008 Jillian’s Las Vegas, Nevada w/ The Starting Line, Bayside
Apr 8 2008 Underground Cafe Roseville, California w/ The Starting Line, Bayside
Apr 9 2008 San Jose Skate San Jose, California w/ Secondhand Serenade
Apr 11 2008 Weber State Ogden, Utah

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