Friday, March 21, 2008

NPR Reviews Silje Nes' "Ames Room!"

huge thanks to Frannie Kelley, Robin Hilton, and the entire NPR Music staff for their support!

Silje Nes: 'Ames Room'
(Fat Cat Records), March 13, 2008 - Silje Nes is a Norwegian musician who mixes the delicate sounds of acoustic guitar with the bright ambiance of electronica. Her soft, fragile voice blends perfectly with whimsical instrumentation that includes plenty of strange ambient sounds. Her new record, Ames Room, has a child-like innocence that plays like a dreamy collection of other-worldly lullabies.

"Shapes, electric", the third track off the record, features Nes' voice more as an instrument than typical vocals or narratives. Her breathy voice sets the ethereal and quiet tone of the song while an acoustic guitar, gently strummed, recites the same riff. Found sound and synth experimentation subtly electrify the quirky, yet sunny song.

Nes' is a multi-instrumentalist who previously studied classical piano but has a range of skills with guitar and timpani. Prior to this debut record, Nes' project was entirely instrumental.

Currently signed to FatCat records, Silje Nes will release another record call the Yellow EP this spring in addition to touring the US.

Silje Nes Live in the US:
w/ The Dodos!
Mar 22 2008 Ballroom Marfa, Texas
Mar 23 2008 Mink Houston, Texas
Mar 25 2008 The Bottletree Birmingham
Mar 26 2008 Lenny’s Atlanta, Georgia
Mar 27 2008 Harvest Records Asheville, NC
Mar 28 2008 Bull City Headquarters Durham, NC
Mar 29 2008 Tea Bazaar Charlottesville, VA
Mar 30 2008 DC 9 Washington, DC
Apr 2 2008 Cafe Nine New Haven, CT
Apr 3 2008 Terrace Club Princeton, NJ
Apr 6 2008 Mercury New York, NY