Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Phenomenauts Announce US Tour w/ The AKA's!

Announce US Tour w/ The AKA's in Support of New Album, For All Mankind, out April 8th on Silver Sprocket / Springman!

These guys aren't like anything you've seen or heard before. to be honest, when someone first told me about them i thought it was a gimmick. Devo meets Elvis? I would say "rocket roll" is the more apt label. But just that alone under-emphasizes the Phenomenauts' dedications. - Thrasher Magazine

A band that lives, loves and rocks on the grand scale of the cosmos - SF Weekly

The east bay's craftiest and bravest band - East Bay Express

This is a band that NEEDS to be experienced live, by everyone. -

THE PHENOMENAUTS are back with their third full length, For All Mankind.

Inspired by new wave and 70's punk, this is the third full-length from the world's bravest space band. A call to arms to defenders of science and honor across the galaxy, For All Mankind deals with the serious implications of science fiction, science fact, and offers new perspectives on Earth life as we know it.

The Phenomenauts' intergalactic pummeling punk rock assault, and over the top, interstellar live shows, have helped create a massive cult following and buzz around the universe and appearances on the likes of the G4 TV, the Sci-Fi Channel, the Discovery Channel, artist profiles, and much more.

To date, The Phenomenauts have toured the world w/ the likes of The Slackers, Aquabats, Demented Are Go, The Epoxies, the mighty Vans Warped Tour, and have trekked the states on numerous headlining tours.

This year will also prove to be most exciting for The Phenomanauts, as they slowly start to leak news of the exciting things they have in store for humanity, including upcoming music videos by the AstroBase (aka the Venture Brothers), crazy album packaging that folds out into a rocket ship and includes a custom Phenomenauts pin, massive US tourdates w/ The AKA's, and upcoming local San Francisco Record Release dates that will undoubtedly blow the roof off.

Be prepared as The Phenomenauts help keep us focused and guide us through the turbulent waters of what the future might become. If we follow their lead, things might turn out alright.

More fun facts about The Phenomenauts!

*The Phenomenauts invented their own DigiPack that folds out into a rocket-ship for the new album.
*Each CD comes with a custom shaped metal Phenomenauts pin and 24 page booklet

*The band lives in and has parties at The Command Center -- part Star Wars canteen, part 50's theater house. Four stories built inside a warehouse space, all science and outer-space Phenomenaut themed. Stage folds out to reveal a hot-tub. Filmed by The Discovery Channel and featured in Punk Rock Confidential.

*PhenomaBomber - more space-ship than Dodge Van, has computer parts and other things glued all over the outside and spray-painted silver. Featured in many art-car parades, quite a spectacle at gas stations and on the road. "We never have to wash it," said Professor Greg Arius, the band's keyboard player. "Anytime it gets dirty, we just spray on another layer of silver paint."

*The band is from Oakland, CA, lovingly referred to as Earth's Capital

*The band really believes in their slogan of "Science And Honor" and are Phenomenauts always (not just on stage)

*The band made a video for CNN's "YouTube Presidential Debate" asking what candidates would do to bring America back to the forefront of science:

On-stage gadgets!
*The Streamorator is a tricked out leaf-blower that shoots toilette paper all over the crowd, with advance rotating nozzles for quick TP replacements . CONTEST: The Phenomenauts along with are also giving away Professor Greg's one and only highly coveted SHOW USED Streamarator 2000x. This is the real thing not a cheap reproduction. You know you want it! Click HERE for more details!

*Kitty Cannon: Launches confetti (or anything the band wants) out of a cannon using compressed air. The first one exploded during testing and now Atom (of The Teenage Harlets) has permanent hearing damage. Woops!

*Levatron : Tricked out leaf blower that creates a vertical vortex, making inflatable "earth" globes float in space, even 20 or 30 feet up like at The Fillmore. Angel Nova got the idea from something he saw at The Smithsonian, we don't think this has ever been done before.

Music video for "Mission" went viral, over 500,000 plays between MySpace and

9 prior national tours include Warped Tour (twice), Aquabats (twice), Epoxies, Demented Are Go!, Slackers, Toasters, Big D And The Kids Table. This will be their 3rd national headlining tour, The A.K.A.'s are supporting. Crashed the Warped Tour un-invited, then invited to stay after making breakfast for the bands and crew each morning (read this GREAT article about it which was the East Bay Express cover-story). It went so well, the band was invited to play the next year with their own stage, "The Space Station"

For Fans of
*The Stray Cats
*Tiger Army
*Rock N Roll!

For All Mankind Tracklist
1. All Go For Launch
2. Man Alone
3. Cyborg
4. Make A Circuit With Me
5. Navitron
6. Tale of Europa
7. Heroes
8. She'll Launch
9. Infinite Frontier
10. Compensation
11. Don't Overheat on Me
12. Into a Time Warop
13. Science and Honor
14. The Colvin Moon

The Phenomenauts Live!
Mar 29 2008 Slims CD/RELEASE PARTY San Francisco, California

w/ The AKA's!
Apr 17 2008 HELLS KITCHEN *early show Tacoma, Washington
Apr 18 2008 SATYRICON Portland, Oregon
Apr 21 2008 BURT’S TIKI LOUNGE Salt Lake City, Utah
Apr 22 2008 MARQUIS THEATER Denver, Colorado
Apr 23 2008 KNICKERBOCKERS Lincoln, Nebraska
Apr 24 2008 TRIPLE ROCK SOCIAL * early show Minneapolis, Minnesota
Apr 25 2008 REGGIES * early show Chicago, Illinois
Apr 26 2008 MACS* early show Lansing, Michigan
Apr 27 2008 POISON ROOM Cincinnati, Ohio
Apr 30 2008 THE MIDDLE EAST Cambridge, Massachusetts
May 1 2008 THE KNITTING FACTORY* early show New York, New York
May 2 2008 ASBURY LANES Asbury Park, New Jersey
May 4 2008 OTTOBAR Baltimore, Maryland
May 6 2008 STEPPIN OUT Virginia Beach, Virginia
May 8 2008 JACK RABBITS Jacksonville, Florida
May 9 2008 BACKBOOTH Orlando, Florida

May 10 2008 CITY LIMITS Delray Beach, Florida
May 16 2008 RED 7 Austin, Texas
May 17 2008 THE ROCK BOTTOM BAR San Antonio, Texas
May 20 2008 THE BRICKHOUSE Phoenix, Arizona
May 23 2008 THE KNITTING FACTORY Hollywood, California
+ more tba!

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