Monday, July 23, 2007

BIG BUSINESS Kickoff Rescheduled Dates!

Kickoff Rescheduled and Additional Headlining Dates!

"Warren and Willis' thunder-prog has never sounded so fully formed and abrasive, and Warren's voice never so triumphant." - Spin Magazine

After their weeks of touring and performing w/ the one and only TOOL, America's heaviest-hitting monster duo, BIG BUSINESS, are kicking off their string of rescheduled headlining appearances, and have added some additional performances to the list!

Read the band's latest tour diary entry w/ Billboard Magazine HERE!

Big Business is bigger and better than ever, with better hair, bigger hits, and the kind of overwhelming Norman Schwarzkopf-style force that rolls like thunder, stings like a missile, and - above all - takes no shit.

On Here Come the Waterworks, their second full-length, bassist/vocalist Jared Warren and drummer Coady Willis (both of whom also happen to be the newest members of underground super-legends the Melvins) unfurl all the mammoth riffs, furious vocals and blazing drum work you've come to expect - nay, DEMAND - from LA's answer to Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. No, wait, make that Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs. Either way, there's a new sheriff in town - two of 'em, actually.

This is the new Big Business album, and it's better than their first: harder, faster, and catchier. But since that first long player was so damn good, we're left with no choice but to already proclaim Here Come the Waterworks as one of the top releases of 2007.

Putting on Here Come the Waterworks induces instant first pumping. Its ethos is triumph and absolute PMA -- Positive Mental Attitude. In fact, you're likely to find your mind wandering back to the best scenes in Vision Quest, and that closing moment of greatness in Over the Top when Stallone turns his ball cap around and pummels the competition.

Big Business always tour the shit out of their records because they're rock machines. I mean, they even record tour EPs! Plan to catch them in your town and at festivals this summer laying waste to the competition.


Willis has become one of the most inventive percussionists currently making heavy music. Watching him play alongside Warren is a thing of astounding beauty and power. This time around, Big Biz have again tapped producer Phil Ek (Shins, Built To Spill), and it sounds incredible. - Transworld Skateboarding

Bass player Jarred Warren (formerly of Karp and Tight Bros. from Way Back When) is an incredible vocal force, the kind that budding rock singers can only dream about. - Alarm Press

Big Business could perhaps one day rival Mastodon's sea-shanty sludgefests. - Decibel Magazine

Some of the most relentless, unyielding, and profound music in heavy metal today. - Thrasher Magazine

These guys manage to deconstruct, reinvent, and then rebuild the typical noise rock formula. - Chord Magazine

Big Business drowns CCR and prog in the tar pits, coming off like an undead Uriah Heep. -

Two guys doing the work of 20 - Orange County Weekly

Stream "Here Come the Waterworks" HERE!

"The band, on Waterworks, went a different production route and signed up, of all people, Phil Ek, indie-rock super-producer. Waterworks, as a result, sounds gigantic, vast, and also sparklingly clean." -

Tracklist for Here Come the Waterworks:
1. Just as the Day was Dawning
2. Hands Up
3. Shields
4. Grounds for Divorce
5. Another Fourth of July ... Ruined
6. Start Your Digging
7. I'll Give You Something to Cry About
8. Another Beautiful Day in the Pacific Northwest

Big Business Live!

Jul 20 2007 The Milestone Charlotte, North Carolina
Jul 21 2007 The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, Georgia
Jul 22 2007 Cat's Cradle Carrboro
Jul 24 2007 Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jul 26 2007 Juanita's Cantina Little Rock, Arkansas
Jul 27 2007 The Conservatory Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jul 28 2007 the Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas
Jul 30 2007 The Larimer Lounge Denver, Colorado
Aug 1 2007 Liquid Joe's Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 3 2007 Spaceland Los Angeles (Silver Lake), California
Aug 5 2007 12 Galaxies San Francisco, California

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