Friday, July 20, 2007

BALD EAGLE Announce New Album "Hot Shoulders" out August 21st on Emergency Umbrella!

Announce New Album "Hot Shoulders" - August 21st on Emergency Umbrella!

"A rambunctious smorgasbord of funk beats, killer metal riffs, and screaming outbursts, with unbridled vigor belying the band's goofball subject matter." - Flavorpill

"Bald Eagle accomplishes a lot by picking and choosing elements of hardcore, hard rock, emo, soul, and even a bit of Sly Stone-style psychedelic funk for its tracks." - Punk Planet

"A hell raising combination of Tiger Style Records-era Rye Coalition, The Jesus Lizard, and Chicago's Cougars." - The Daily Copper

Columbia, Misssouri's BALD EAGLE are a strange and mysterious brew who's brand of rock madness is practically unmatched by any bands hailing from the big city. They play fast, guitar driven, musical equivalents of muscle spasms or brain aneurisms, one might equate to the groundbreaking sounds of Swing Kids or Nation of Ulysses. Some might call this, just not givin' a f*ck. Still others might see this as a dizzying assault of technicality and full frontal nudity.

BALD EAGLE are fans of, and draw influences from, indie-punk stars Drive Like Jehu and Hoover, and 70's psychadelia legends Deep Purple and Yes, whose elements can be heard throughout their new (and second) full length album "Hot Shoulders" (out August 21st on Emergency Umbrella). Most songs coalesce with mixtures of improvisational jazz and European hardcore (see the Refused / JR Ewing) and whose subject matter include things like cobras, eating pizza, fear of sharks, The Princess Bride, transvestites, and shady, creepy people.

What's more, BALD EAGLE seriously like ripping-it live. Past performances include dates w/ !!!, Call Me Lightning, The Apes, The Paper Chase, Ad Astra Per Aspera, and others, and already have set in place a slew of Summer and Fall dates lined up to support their new album.

There are many ways to describe BALD EAGLE, but one thing is for certain, TURN THEM SHITS UP!

"Hot Shoulders" Tracklist:

1. Those Are Cobras, Man
2. Jammin The Wedge
3. Sharks Are Fucked Up
4. Rodents Of Unusual Size
5. The Lunch Helicopter
6. Lemon Lime Be On Time
7. Trans Dyn - O - Myte
8. Shady Creepers
9. We. Have. You. Did.
10. Stompin Up The Stairs (With My Moustache On)
11. What's All This Brew Ha- Ha?

Jul 20 2007 BOOBY'S BEER GARDEN Carbondale, Illinois
Jul 21 2007 THE MIRAMAR THEATRE Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jul 28 2007 THE HURRICANE Kansas City, Missouri
Aug 10 2007 EASTSIDE TAVERN Columbia, Missouri
Sep 19 2007 TBA, Texas
Sep 20 2007 BEERLAND Austin, Texas
Sep 21 2007 TBA, Texas
Sep 22 2007 SOUNDPONY Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oct 5 2007 TBA Columbia, Missouri
Oct 6 2007 THE YACHT CLUB Iowa City, Iowa
Oct 7 2007 BIG Vs St. Paul, Minnesota
Oct 8 2007 THE MIRAMAR THEATRE Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Oct 9 2007 THE ANNEX Madison, Wisconsin
Oct 10 2007 TBA Chicago, Illinois
Oct 14 2007 TBA Albany, New York
Oct 21 2007 SIREN RECORDS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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