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Artist of the Day:
Team Robespierre

January 16, 2008

Who? This Brooklyn-bred five-piece -- Rex (guitar), Ty (keys/vocals), Tomasz (keys/vocals), Mike (bass), and Jim (drums) -- began their dance-punk assault in winter 2005. Since issuing their self-released split EP with Albany, New York-based punks Brevator in 2006, Team Robespierre have been a touring machine, having shared the stage with the likes of the High Places and Yeasayer. The band's electro-charged studio full-length, Everything's Perfect arrives Jan. 22. via the Impose label.

What's the Deal? On Everything's Perfect, thrashing electric riffs and shouty vocals chase buzzing synths beats for a riotous dance-punk hybrid. With only two of ten songs clocking in past the two-minute mark, Team Robespierre churn out brash anthems potent enough to inject any party atmosphere with plenty of adrenaline, even if the album only lasts for a raucous 18 minutes. The group keeps it gritty on the chant-ridden "Solid Gold," coming off as a more polished version of the DeathSet, while the punchy noise of "Death Smells" echoes Parts and Labor's crossbreeding of ethereal synths with rapid-fire rhythms.

Fun Fact: Prior to delivering their crunch-tastic dance-punk threads under the Team Robespierre moniker, the band honed their rhyming skills as a Grandmaster Flash cover band. STEVEN J. HOROWITZ

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