Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Town Needs Guns Unveil Debut Album on Sargent House!

Announce Debut Album, "Animals," out Early 2009 on Sargent House * UK Dates w/ Built To Spill and more!

Animals‚ sees the Oxford-based indie kids take care of the wizardry, combining math-rock time signatures, intricate guitar / bass tapestries and a rip-roaring vocal that swoops above the virtuoso sonics like a musical trapeze artists. The tracks themselves retain a fine balance between the intellectual and emotional, the cerebral and the visceral. - Rock Sound

Opening Song ‘Chinchilla’ is an intricate Foals-gone-emo sigh of a rocker. ‘Baboon’ brings the math-rock virtuoso further to the fore, pushing it and ‘Badger’ atmospherically in the realm of Mogwai or Dirty Projectors. Showing they can do nice choruses when they want is ‘Lemur’, which is like a brainy Snow Patrol. – NME

When This Town Needs Gun hit their mark they sound stylish, sussed and like reformed mathcore men Minus The Bear covering seminal Mancunian miserablists The Smiths. Good, in other words Remember the name This Town Needs Guns‚. Although in fairness, it‚s hard to forget. - Kerrang

Forget Radiohead; Oxford is soon to be remembered as the city where this precocious young act began its rise to success. – Drowned In Sound

Oxford is home to the oldest University in the English-speaking world, but more recently, has been acknowledged as a musical hotbed with a habit of producing some of the most vital bands around today (Radiohead and Foals, to name a few). Their latest export is This Town Needs Guns, a group hailed as the darling buds of the thriving UK indie scene. The band have toured across Europe with the likes of Rolo Tomassi, Maps & Atlases and more, and the release of 2007's split EP with Cats And Cats And Cats garnered critical acclaim from fans and press alike.

This Town Needs Guns entered the studio in April 2008, setting out to find an intricate balance between indie rock, catchy pop and technical prowess, all while ignoring the lure of special effects and studio wizardry. Through this process, their debut full-length Animals was born; a collection of songs that bring to light the band’s pure, clever and earnest song writing ability. Tim Collis' guitar sounds as though it's being caressed by 6 hands as his brother, Chris, flings his sticks around the drum kit not wanting to leave any tiny patch un-touched. Bassist Dan Adams completes the rhythm section with his dancey, jazz influenced bass lines while Stuart Smith's vocals dip and soar, taking this record from thought provoking depths to sky-scraping triumphs.

* Animals Will be released in the US on Sargent House in Early 2009

Tracklist for Animals
01: Chinchilla
02: Baboon

03: Lemur
04: Badger
05: Quetzel
06: Panda
07: Elk
08: Pig
09: Gibbon
10: Dog
11: Crocodile
12: Rabbit
13: Zebra

This Town Needs Guns Live!

Oct 29 2008 Start the Bus, Broadmead, Bristol
Oct 30 2008 The Good Ship, Kilburn, London
Nov 6 2008 The Zodiac, Oxford w/ Built To Spill
Nov 29 2008 Bazart, Den Haag, Netherlands
Nov 30 2008 NBI, Berlin, Germany

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