Wednesday, September 5, 2007

EYEBALL RECORDS Bands On Tour * Welcome to the Solid PR Roster

It is our extreme pleasure to announce that, effective immediately, Solid PR will serve as the in-house PR company for one of indie rock's (and New Jersey's), most respected and legendary companies, Eyeball Records.

For those unfamiliar, Eyeball Records was started in 1995 by one Alex Saavedra, w/ its roots in the local punk rock and hardcore scene, releasing albums from the era's most respected bands, including Thursday, H20, EyeHateGod, Inhuman, Breakdown, LES Stitches, The Casualties and more. Since its inception, the label (now run by Saavedra and partner Marc Debiak), has gone on to release music for some of the scene's most legendary bands, including My Chemical Romance, Murder By Death, Milemarker, Midtown, Zolof the Rock N Roll Destroyer, and more. The curent Eyeball roster features the latest in the list about to take over the world of music's elite, including recent and upcoming releases from The Number 12 Looks Like You, Kiss Kiss, New Atlantic, Signal to Noise, Pompeii, Baumer, and a few more surprises in store for the upcoming new year (some very, very special surprises in store.)

To kick off the festivities, two of Eyeball's bands, THE NUMBER 12 LOOKS LIKE YOU and NEW ATLANTIC, will be setting off on US tours later this month, supporting their fastest selling records in the history of the label.

Announces US Tour in support of their new album "Mongrel!"

"Ho-Lee shit. Somewhere in New Jersey, six dudes are whipping up a blinding series of ultra-vertiginous, highly satisfying death/grind/noise/tech-metal shit fits that give new meaning to the phrase "quadraphonic sound." go get this thing and figure it out for yourself." - Alternative Press

“On their latest record, Mongrel (Eyeball), New Jersey’s the Number 12 Looks Like You combine elements of mathcore, hardcore, jazz, and pretty much whatever else pops into their heads—with explosive results.” – Revolver Magazine

“Mongrel fits its name – it’s a dirty, vicious, mixed up beast of a project - quite spectacular” – Decibel Magazine

mon·grel [muhng-gruhl, mong-]
– noun.
1. a dog of mixed or indeterminate breed
2. any animal or plant resulting from the crossing of different breeds or varieties.
3. any cross between different things, esp. if inharmonious or indiscriminate.
- adjective
4. of mixed breed, nature, or origin; of or like a mongrel.

The mongrel has a fucking headache. The mongrel drinks because you cry. The mongrel wants revenge for every shitty thing you’ve done. For every backbiting insult, every careless slight, every vicious blow. It’s tearing him (it?) from the inside out.

A product of harried miscegenation, a foaming mix-breed halved and re-halved by the pitifully obvious and the suddenly homicidal, Mongrel is a collusion of conflicting desires and uncontrollable urges, a heart-eating hellion seesawing wildly between the need for stasis and an unflinching commitment to violence. It’s also the third full-length from New Jersey six-piece The Number Twelve Looks Like You. “It’s most definitely a concept album,” vocalist Jesse “Jase” Korman explains. “When we started writing the songs, not one sounded like another—or any of our old songs—and none of them as a whole sound like anything out there. It’s like a schizophrenic person, or a mongrel.”

Despite the fact that the album’s lyrics were written by Korman and fellow Number 12 vocalist Justin Pedrick, the songs themselves represent the erratic viewpoints of one character, the titular Mongrel. Album opener “Imagine Nation Express” is “about a friend who just turned into a bastard,” Korman explains. “The whole thing is an imaginary scenario about his body being tied to two different trains that rip him apart and then me dancing on the remains.”

Sonically, Mongrel is a dizzying rhythmic vortex propelled by angular shredding, algebraic drum work, paint-peeling screams/shrieks/grunts, torrential bass moves, dicey time signatures and the occasional flamenco guitar break. And then, suddenly—as on “Jay Walking Backwards”—it’s something else entirely: A melodic jazz-grind triumph, a wink and a nod to post-rock enthusiasts and fret-obsessed math commandos alike. Flawlessly executed and crisply recorded (with producer Casey Bates in Seattle, Washington), we might add.

The Number 12 dudes have been slogging across North America with bands as disparate and diverse as Ed Gein, Minus The Bear, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Thursday, Every Time I Die, Shadows Fall, Darkest Hour and GWAR.

The Number 12 Looks Like You LIVE!
Sep 7 2007 Hunt Union Ballroom (SUNY Oneonta) Oneonta, New York
Sep 28 2007 Backstage Enterprises Kingston, Pennsylvania
Sep 29 2007 Harmony Grange Wilmington, Delaware
Sep 30 2007 The Ottobar - EARLY SHOW 3PM Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 2 2007 Lawerenceville Moose Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Oct 3 2007 Hayloft Liquor Stand Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Oct 4 2007 Creepy Crawl St. Louis, Missouri
Oct 5 2007 The Rockbox Rockford, Illinois
Oct 8 2007 The Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
Oct 9 2007 Sector 7G Augusta, Georgia
Oct 10 2007 The Soapbox Laundrolounge Wilmington, North Carolina
Oct 11 2007 The Casbah @ The Tremont Music Hall Charlotte, North Carolina
Oct 13 2007 Championship Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
Oct 14 2007 Xtreme Wheels Buffalo, New York
Oct 16 2007 ICC Performance Hall Allston, Massachusetts
Oct 18 2007 American Legion Post 79 Manchester, New Hampshire
Oct 19 2007 The Station Portland, Maine
Oct 20 2007 The Sherman Theatre - WAIDESTOCK! Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania w/ It Dies Today, the Ataris, Big D and The Kid's Table and more!

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Announces US Tour this September!

Alternative Press tipped off their readers in its May ’07 issue when they sounded off that "Eyeball might be known for Thursday and My Chem right now, but give it time - New Atlantic could definitely be their new breakout band."

The prophetic review of the band’s first full length, The Streets, The Sounds, And The Love, seemingly predicts that ‘the little band that could’ would ultimately have the single best selling first week of any Eyeball artist ever, including both Thursday and My Chemical Romance (that is, until the release of The Number 12's "Mongrel".

Now known as the new breed of indie-pop upstarts, New Atlantic was founded by Chris Hindley (guitar) and college classmate Giovanni Gianni (vocals). The band soon hit the ground running with the addition of bassist Dave Carlson, guitarist Matthew Sztyk, and drummer Jacob Kalb. Their attention to detail and work ethic is apparent in everything from their perpetual tour schedule to their flawlessly crafted songs. It’s a quality that not only attracted countless labels to the band, but an invisible force that kept their fans on the edge of their seats for every gut wrenching nightly performance.

They quickly caught the attention of The Starting Line guitarist and up-and-coming manager Matt Watts after signing to Eyeball Records in September of 2006, and wasted no time beginning production with Casey Bates (Fear Before the March of Flames, Gatsby’s American Dream, Daphne Loves Derby) and Bobby Darling (Gatsby’s American Dream).

With the help of a contagiously hooky first single, “Wire and Stone” and an intense touring schedule, New Atlantic has created a momentum which is impossible to deny. The band has been calling the road home for the past two years, touring the country alongside the likes of The Starting Line, Cartel, Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls, Mae and countless other developing bands. The video for “Wire and Stone”, featuring long time friend and supporter, Will Pugh, the lead singer of Cartel, has been featured on nearly every major video network including FUSE, MTV, Music Choice and has also enjoyed success on-line with front page features on MySpace music videos, Yahoo! and AOL Music.

Now after a high profile slot at Bamboozle, an amazing national package tour with select Warped Tour dates, and a record which proves their careful planning and exact execution, New Atlantic adds even more momentum to their already building success story.

Watch the video for "Wire and Stone" HERE!

New Atlantic Live!

w/ Liam & Me, Holiday Parade, Between the Trees
Sep 25 2007 Webster Underground Hartford, Connecticut
Sep 26 2007 Knitting Factory New York, New York
Sep 27 2007 Mainstage Pompton Lakes, New Jersey
Sep 28 2007 Civic League AuditoriumFramingham, Massachusetts
Sep 29 2007 Trocadero Balcony Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep 30 2007 Jaxx Nite Club Spingfield, Virginia
Oct 2 2007 The Camel Richmond, Virginia
Oct 3 2007 Greene Street Greensboro, North Carolina
Oct 4 2007 Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
Oct 6 2007 1982 Bar Gainesville, Florida
Oct 7 2007 The Orpheum Tampa, Florida
Oct 9 2007 Backbooth Orlando, Florida
Oct 11 2007 Fletcher’s Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 12 2007 Jaggard UMC Altoona, Pennsylvania
Oct 13 2007 Backstage Enterprises Kingston, Pennsylvania

w/ The Spill Canvas and Meg & Dia!
Nov 18 2007 The Parrish New Orleans, Louisiana
Nov 20 2007 Emo’s Austin, Texas
Nov 21 2007 The Door Dallas, Texas
Nov 23 2007 Juanita’s Little Rock, Arkansas
Nov 24 2007 Skatepark of Memphis Memphis, Tennessee
Nov 25 2007 The Foundry Joplin, Missouri
Nov 26 2007 The Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas
Nov 27 2007 Creepy Crawl St. Louis, Missouri
Nov 29 2007 St. Andrew’s Hall Detroit, Michigan

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