Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PET GENIUS (feat Steve Brodsky) Releases Debut Full Length TODAY on Hydra Head!

(Featuring Stephen Brodsky of Cave In / Octave Museum)
Releases Self-Titled Debut TODAY on Hydra Head!

“Spectacular” – DECIBEL MAGAZINE

“Brodsky's astonishing. Eclectic and prolific” – PUNKNEWS.ORG

“Solid gold.” – ABSOLUTEPUNK.NET

“What happens when a man more closely aligned with metal goes the power-pop route? Stephen Brodsky answers that question and the result is more than satisfactory.” – SCENE POINT BLANK

Well, it happened again: Our close personal friend, confidant, Bartitsu stick-fighting champion and all around life-lover Stovetop Bredsky caught a case of the sniffles back in Boston, sneezed mightily (and wetly) and—we can only assume a breach in the space-time continuum here—a CD entitled Pet Genius landed on our antique Pembroke nightstand in Los Angeles with a card attached that said, “Please remit.” Because it was from our old pal Stevie B, we placed it in our hot pink Hello Kitty boombox—the one with the Carcass stickers on it—and upon reflection, during which it became apparent that Pet Genius excel at both pop-rock delights AND monster power grooves (sometimes within the same song), we decided that we would, in fact, remit. So we did. Remit that is. And you will too when you hear our main man Steev Brawdsky’s glorious guitarmanship and soothing vocal melodies rubbing up against the silky smooth bass stylings of Johnny Coolbreeze (a.k.a. Johnny Northrup) and the expert drummery of J.R. John Junior (a.k.a. J. R. Conners). In case you’re just waking up or not feeling so hot or just aren’t particularly detail-oriented, this basically means that half of Cave In, two-thirds of the Octave Museum (which, sadly, closed back in June) and one quarter of Doomriders are all up in this motherfucker. So what we’re saying is this: Please send us money (again).

Hydra Head - that means MANY heads. We like to flatter ourselves by looking at our back catalogue and getting a big ego boost at how diverse it is. And truthfully, we couldn’t help but feel like no artist is more multi-headed that Mr. Stephen Brodsky. Cave In, New Idea Society, Octave Museum and now - Pet Genius?

For Pet Genius, Brodsky has reunited with original Cave In basher JR and Octave Museum bassist Johnny Northup. Expect monster grooves, psychedelic abandon, and sublime pop melodies - because Stephen Brodsky can basically write any kind of song—make that a GREAT song—and find the
right partners in crime to let it bloom to life. While sadly we’ll miss the Octave Museum, it’s kind of a dream to see JR and Brodsky playing together again. And to see them actually ROCK is that much more special. Pet Genius is playing shows, so we’re banking on an actual tour at some point, too!

Pet Genius Tracklisting:

1. Doomsday [3:28]
2. The Visiting Dynamiter [2:20]
3. Walls of Etiquette [2:12]
4. Man of the Mountain [3:46]
5. Float My Boat [2:14]
6. Emit Fo Deeps Eht Esare [1:13]
7. Erase the Speed of Time [3:20]
8. Cosmic Erosion [3:24]
9. Trash Heap Swing [1:25]
10. Chromatic Blues [2:20]
11. Scrapyard King [4:08]

Pet Genius Live Dates Coming Soon!

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