Monday, October 8, 2007

SOLID PR Hires New Associate Publicist Chris Pacifico!

We at Solid PR are extremely pleased and excited to announce the hiring of esteemed and established music critic, Chris Pacifico, as "Associate Publicist" and the newest member of the Solid PR team!

For the first time in about a year (kind of unbelievable), Solid PR will have another publicist on board to help obtain the maximum amount of press coverage for our beloved roster of the best and brightest in the independent-rock underground.

Fellow Libra (his birthday is tomorrow), Chris has been supporting the Solid PR roster, as well as the most interesting bands in the scene, for the past few years. As a friend to many w/ an amazing work ethic, and writer for the likes of Jambase, URB, Signal to Noise, Modern Fix, Treble, and countless others, it seemed only natural to invite Chris to join our staff to help further support our growing list of amazing artists on the Solid PR roster.

Of course we must let it be known that although Chris will be continuing his career as an extraordinary freelance journalist, he will no longer be able to cover the Solid PR bands in his publications, as we feel that would be a massive conflict of interest. Chris will however be aiding Solid PR in obtaining the maximum amount of press in various local and national media outlets around the country, and the world.

Chris will be helping w/ campaigns such as
+ The World/Inferno Friendship Society's US Tour w/ Against Me!
+ Hydra Head artists Pet Genius (featuring Stephen Brodsky of Cave In fame) and Jesu's US tour.
+ The complete Eyeball Records goings on including the "Eyeball Awareness Vol 1" charity compilation, #12 and New Atlantic US tours, and upcoming Jettie and Sleep Station records.
+ The new Black Swans record "Change!" out this November on La Société Expéditionnaire (and said label's CMJ showcase).
+ The Fatal Flying Guilloteens upcoming plethora of CMJ appearances in New York City.

and whatever other fun we confidently throw his way.

As always, I myself will be spear-heading all Solid PR campaigns, but am (not-so-quietly) confident that Chris' charm and hustle will add an extra bit of love to help further the careers of the bands and record labels we care so much about.

Please feel free to introduce yourself to Chris at (for now) and congratulate him on his new position, and also contact him for any professional inquiries whatsoever.