Thursday, June 21, 2007

CLOAK/DAGGER Announce New Album "We Are" on Jade Tree!

Announce New Album "We Are" out September 11th, 2007 on Jade Tree Records.

Three of the four members of Richmond, VA's Cloak/Dagger did not initially start playing music together. Before they were a band, they were vandals, wasting the humid Richmond hours away by smashing windows at an abandoned warehouse. But the misplaced aggression would eventually find a home. Caught between the sincerity of crowded basement shows and a hail storm of falsified melodrama from the music industry, the collective members of the band joined forces to create a sound that, according to the band, "Recognized the spirit of the music we wanted to play without repeating the devices bands before us have used." It was jagged, energetic and simple; an anti-approach to perfection and presentation. It was Cloak/Dagger.

Following a demo and a 4-song 7" for Grave Mistake Records, Cloak/Dagger signed to Jade Tree in the summer of 2006. In between song writing and live stints alongside the likes of The Loved Ones, Fucked Up, Big Business, The Vicious, Fifth Hour Hero, New Mexican Disaster Squad and Lifetime, the band, comprised of Colin Kimble, Jason Mazzola and brothers Aaron and Colin Barth, released Pinata Breaks, Demo Takes, on Jade Tree. The release, spanning the band's two and a half year history, combined tracks from their original 4-song 7" release together with their original demo tracks. Taking hints from a variety of influences between both hardcore and punk, Pinata Breaks, Demo Takes combined the jagged aggression of bands like Swiz and Black Flag with the spastic urgency of Drive Like Jehu. Shortly after the release of Pinata Breaks, Demo Takes in the summer of 2007, Cloak/Dagger traveled to Louisville, KY to record 'We Are.'

On their debut full length LP for Jade Tree, Cloak/Dagger keep it fast and simple. No looking back, no regrets. Produced and recorded at Headbanging Kill Your Mama Music Studios by Chris Owens (Lords), 'We Are' is a bombastic, rough around the edges approach to minimalist hardcore. No track reaches the three-minute mark and no sentiment is overloaded in detail. The 14-track, 25-minute debut embraces a lyrically raw directness that transcends the false conceptions and misgivings of modern punk, offering up honest commentary on the balance between life both with and without excess. In the end, We Are Cloak/Dagger embraces the long lost art of disposability, steering away from the culture of celebratory fake aggression, into a new era of raw, incendiary punk music. A chaotic mess of a "Fuck you," if you will.

And though Cloak/Dagger fails to underestimate the poignancy of playing a dirty basement show in their hometown, the band will be touring both the U.S. and Europe following the release of We Are. Look for the trail of smashed windows, leave your cliches at the door and listen for the call of Cloak/Dagger.

Cloak/Dagger is:

Vocals: Jason Mazzola
Guitar: Colin Barth
Bass: Aaron Barth
Drums: Colin Kimble

Stream "We Are" HERE!

"We Are" Track listing:
1. Bended Knee
2. Sunburnt Mess
3. Runways
4. Kamikazes
5. New Years Resolution
6. Walk the Block
7. J.C. Pays the Bills
8. Hollywood Hills
9. Generato
10. Red Hair
11. Set the Alarm
12. Last Call
13. Quit Life

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