Tuesday, March 6, 2007


BIG BUSINESS "Here Come the Waterworks" (Hydra Head)

Big Business @ SXSW!

3/15 @ Emo’s Annex w/ Pelican, Jesu, Daughters, Oxbow, and Stephen Brodsky’s Octave Museum
3/16 @ Vice Saves Texas (across from the Longbranch Inn)

“Some of the most relentless, unyielding, and profound music in heavy metal today.” – Thrasher Magazine

Big Business is bigger and better than ever, with better hair, bigger hits, and the kind of overwhelming Norman Schwarzkopf-style force that rolls like thunder, stings like a missile, and—above all—takes no shit. On Here Come the Waterworks, their second full-length, bassist/vocalist Jared Warren and drummer Coady Willis (both of whom also happen to be the newest members of underground super-legends the Melvins) unfurl all the mammoth riffs, furious vocals and blazing drum work you’ve come to expect—nay, DEMAND—from LA’s answer to Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. No, wait… make that Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs. Either way, there’s a new sheriff in town—two of ’em, actually.

This is the new Big Business album, and it's better than their first: harder, faster, and catchier. But since that first long player was so damn good, we're left with no choice but to already proclaim Here Come the Waterworks as one of the top releases of 2007.

Big Business ARE MEMBERS OF THE MELVINS. They've already recorded a fierce album and toured with them. Yes, that absolutely needs to be capitalized and underlined.

Putting on Here Come the Waterworks induces instant first pumping. Its ethos is triumph and absolute PMA -- Positive Mental Attitude. In fact, you're likely to find your mind wandering back to the best scenes in Vision Quest, and that closing moment of greatness in Over the Top when Stallone turns his ball cap around and pummels the competition.

Big Business always tour the shit out of their records because they're rock machines. I mean, they even record tour EPs! Plan to catch them in your town and at festivals this summer laying waste to the competition. They're already scheduled (alone and with the Melvins) for Roadburn, an awesome festival in Holland that will see them join Neurosis, OM, Pelican, Blue Cheer, and many others.

So true:

“These guys manage to deconstruct, reinvent, and then rebuild the typical noise rock formula.” – Chord

“(Warren) perfected his signature avant-guttural sound via a just-right mad scientist mix of ancient amps during stints fronting noise-punks Karp, Tight Bros from Way Back When, and the Whip.” - Decibel

“It's no exaggeration to say these two gentlemen exhibit enough guts, volume, and vision to trump damn near every ‘heavy’ band working today.” – Transworld Skateboarding

“Violent yet catchy and commanding, Big Business collide with your head and keep bashing relentlessly, ignoring your pleas for mercy. The band members have had their hands in a number of excellent bands over the years, but Big Business are by far the most impressive and destructive.” – StonerRock.com

“The Business' big beat is a calculated assault with enough low-end throb to slick Huey's cowlick and send the News cowering behind the pool table.” – Seattle Weekly

“Words like ‘heavy’ and ‘extreme’ don’t quite cut it for Big Business… you could take an extra-strength muscle relaxant, head for the sauna of a Russian bathhouse, and let a masseur named Igor pummel your body into submission while a troupe of Japanese taiko drummers bang out a high-speed version of ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.’ Or you could just go check the band out in person.” – Boston Phoenix

Tracklist for Here Come the Waterworks:
1. Just as the Day was Dawning
2. Hands Up
3. Shields
4. Grounds for Divorce
5. Another Fourth of July ... Ruined
6. Start Your Digging
7. I’ll Give You Something to Cry About
8. Another Beautiful Day in the Pacific Northwest

Mar 8 2007 the Detroit Bar Costa Mesa, California
Mar 9 2007 The Casbah San Diego, California
Mar 10 2007 The Bunkhouse Las Vegas, Nevada
Mar 11 2007 the Brickhouse Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 15 2007 Emo's Annex Austin, Texas
Mar 16 2007 Vice Stage (across from the Longbranch Inn) Austin, Texas
Mar 20 2007 Launch Pad Albequerque, New Mexico
Mar 24 2007 The Troubadour West Hollywood, California

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TOTIMOSHI "Ladron" (Volcom) * US Tour w/ RTX!

"Totimoshi’s fourth CD has the syncopated looseness of early Sabbath and the howl-and-hammer rumble of late-Eighties grunge… the rugged, garagey production (courtesy of Helmet’s Page Hamilton) lends a genuine authenticity to the Oakland-based trio’s retro-sounding sludge. Though more civilized than High on Fire and less dramatic than Neurosis, Totimoshi prove capable of delivering equally devastating music.” REVOLVER MAGAZINE

“Totimoshi, however much they can and likely will appear to stoner rockers and even indie folks, are simply a great metal band..” – DECIBEL MAGAZINE

“Run bongwater-soaked '70s hard rock through Melvins and Sleep, sprinkle touches of blues and pop on top, and you have Totimoshi. This Oakland, CA trio does the stoner Sabbath thing as well as any band, but stands out with tones ranging from acoustic to twangy to fuzztones at 11. The group has a fearsome live reputation, and the nicely natural production (by Helmet's Page Hamilton) hints at that.” – STYLUSMAGAZINE.COM

Just off a West Coast tour w/ rock legends HELMET, Oakland, CA’s sludge-grunge-alt-hell-rock trio TOTIMOSHI are back w/ the follow-up to 2003’s “Monoli” and 2005’s re-issue of Mysterioso? to bring we mortals one of the heaviest and doom-ridden masterpieces the world of heavy rock has seen in way too long (no wonder bands like Helmet, Mastodon, Fu-Manchu, Kylesa, High on Fire, and the Melvins have tapped the band to tour and perform alongside on more than one occasion).

Bringing to mind some of history’s heaviest hitters (see Blue Cheer, Tool, Nirvana, Oxbow, Helmet), “Ladron’s” sludge-heavy guitar riffs, hugely-powerful bass-lines, and pummeling drums take their listener on a pseudo-psychedelic journey through space and time, and leave them wallowing in the depths of hell.

A Brief History:

Totimoshi was formed by singer/guitarist Tony Aguilar and bassist Meg Castellanos in Nov. 97'. After a slew of drummers-some lasting longer than others, Chris Irizarry joined the band in late '06. Totimoshi have recorded with acclaimed producers Billy Anderson, Alex Newport, and most recently Page Hamilton who worked on the upcoming "Ladrón". Past releases have included 1999's self titled, Mysterioso? (Crucial Blast 2002, enhanced re-issue 2005) and Monolí (This Dark Reign 2003).

Touring constantly across the US, they've gained a strong loyal following due to their innovative approach to heavy music. Highlights have included being handpicked by the Melvins, Mastodon, Fu Manchu, and Helmet to open for their respective tours, and headlining the Emissions and Stoner Hands of Doom Fests. A live performance in Dallas, TX for Budweiser's True Music can be seen on HD TV and now their myspace site. All 3 releases have seen high praise and their music has reached the airwaves in Europe, Australia, Brazil, Cuba, and the US. Totimoshi continues to carve out it's own path with it's explosive performances, dark emotive lyrics and hypnotic sound... truly a force and new direction for music made by musicians who follow no trend but thier own.

Band Members:
Tony Aguilar - singer/songwriter/guitarist
Meg Castellanos - bassist
Chris Irizarry – drums

Tracklist for Ladron:
1. Ladron
2. In Virgo
3. The Dance Of Snakes
4. God Of Earth
5. Viva Zapata
6. A Weighted Line
7. To The Fire
8. The Hide
9. These Meanings
10. The Drunken Sun Forever Watching
11. The Shame

TOTIMOSHI Live (New Dates w/ RTX!)
03.07.07 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of The Hill - w/31 Knots, Two Ton Boa
03.08.07 Costa Mesa, CA @ Detroit Bar - w/Big Business
03.15.07 Austin, TX @ The Jackalope - Volcom Ent Free Beer Party
03.16.07 Austin, TX @ Red 7 Patio - No Idea/Volcom SXSW Showcase
03.17.07 Austin, TX @ Typewriter Museum - FXFY #9 Party
03.17.07 Austin, TX @ Creekside Lounge - Solid PR Party w/ Daughters, Clockcleaner, Oxbow, Birds of Avalon + more
03.27.07 Oakland, CA @ Stork Club - w/Genghis Tron, Kylesa
03.30.07 Hollywood, CA @ Relax Bar - w/RTX, It's Casual
03.31.07 Long Beach, CA @ Alex's Bar - w/Who Rides the Tiger, Horns

Tour w/RTX:

05.01.07 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
05.02.07 Lincoln, NE @ Duffy's Tavern
05.03.07 Kansas City, MO @ Recordbar
05.05.07 Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry
05.07.07 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
05.09.07 Lansing, MI @ Mac's
05.11.07 Columbus, OH @ Ravari Room
05.12.07 Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st Street Pub
05.16.07 New York, NY @ Rebel
05.19.07 Brooklyn, NY @ Luna Lounge
05.20.07 Providence, RI @ AS220
....more dates with RTX coming soon

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GOLDEN BALL "The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn" (Honeymoon Music)

"Velveteen gypsy gothlings from Philly follow in the footsteps of a rag doll dance... Dark rock with overt new wave and subtle lysergic underpinnings is the statement made on “Signature Abstract,” running through the forest at night alongside Siouxsie, R.E.M., the first Xiu Xiu album, and Big Country (no, really), coalescing into something not unlike the sultry eyeliner bands of the Paisley Underground and … well, Los Angeles circa 1989." – Dustedmagazine.com

Watch the video for “Signature Abstract” HERE!

Golden Ball is the weird beat group from Fishtown, Philadelphia whose freaky and catchy songs are sometimes performed all minimal herky-jerky and on fire like a fond yet disturbing memory of giggling existentialist finger puppets, and sometimes slow and heavy like animal tranquilizers wandering in a haunted wood. Collaged arrangements that spin like mobiles and jump around like frogs (if you're on acid WATCH OUT!!) are composed by vocalist David Chadwick (no joke, an utter freak). Have you seen his lyrics? He actually believes he's making sense. David made the first Golden Ball record a few years back in a bedroom in a house in the Pennsylvania woods. He and wife Gillian then set off for the city to turn the record into a band. Gillian provides Golden Ball with substantial witch-factor, seriously hot lead guitar action and plenty of long blonde hair. Upon moving to Philadelphia, Gillian and David met erstwhile krautrock dj Norman Fetter, who decided to play monster bass guitar, take off his shoes, sit in a tree and grow a long blonde mustache. And from the distant and mysterious realm of West Philadelphia has lately come the sartorial grace of synth mistress Sarah Jacoby and the madman frenzy of drum lord Julius Masri with cocksure intent to spirit the group into its most psychotic future.

The group's very first show at the Khyber in Philadelphia broke attendance records. In February, 2005 Golden Ball played to a packed house at the Khyber to celebrate the release of The Luxury of Pause on Honeymoon Music. The year that followed saw the group in a series of headlining performances, sharing bills with many fantastic acts, as well as headlining the Thrilladelphia Music Festival and Philadelphia Indie Summit. Golden Ball was awarded the Philadelphia City Paper 2005 CHOICE Award for "Best Weird Band (Fishtown)" and was also named to the Philadelphia Weekly's "Class of '05". The Luxury of Pause was cited in the Philadelphia City Paper's "Philly's Best CD's of 2005" top 10 list. In November, the group released a followup single, "Signature Abstract" b/w "Blank", which, like The Luxury of Pause, charted in the top 10 on local radio station WPRB. 2006 has seen the group recording their next full-length record, entitled The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn, and planning its release and accompanying tours.

RIYL: The Unicorns, Sonic Youth, Mixel Pixel, Xiu Xiu, mushroom chocolate bars

Tracklist for The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn
1. Oxen Free
2. The Course of Human Events
3. Signature Abstract
4. Goosebump Safari
5. Blank
6. Mermaid Marmalaide
7. Stowaway Discovery
8. Everlasting Abandon

Golden Ball Live!
Mar 9 2007 mojo 13 Wilmington, Delaware
Mar 24 2007 cd release party with sorted! @ johnny brenda's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 12 2007 philly popped! @ the parlor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 19 2007 lava Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Apr 20 2007 chronic town State College, Pennsylvania
Apr 22 2007 tba w/ Deerhunter Oberlin, Ohio
Apr 24 2007 pa's lounge Boston, Massachusetts
Apr 25 2007 tba Providence, Rhode Island
Apr 29 2007 pianos New York, New York
Apr 30 2007 tba Washington, Washington DC
May 1 2007 twisted branch tea bazaar Charlottesville, Virginia
May 5 2007 spazz haus Greenville, North Carolina
May 13 2007 avant gentlemen's lounge Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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