Thursday, March 22, 2007

DRAWING VOICES Releases Self-Titled Debut

Release their Self-Titled, Debut Album TODAY on Double H Noise (a division of Hydra Head Industries)

The 20th Century painter Francis Bacon is continuously cited for his remark, "Painting is the projection on canvas of one's own nervous system.” The project Drawing Voices attempts to expose the nervous system through audio, video and meta-technologies. It was founded by Craig Dongoski in 1999. The underlying aim is to use technology to exploit the hidden sound of mark-making. Through the amplification of marks being made while drawing (or writing), experiments are set up to reveal the potential of these sounds to communicate. This CD includes sounds from various Drawing Voices sessions used in collaboration with musician/artist Aaron Turner.

Honestly, can a music concept get more interesting than Drawing Voices? We doubt it. But beyond its theoretical aims, the music contained is also awesome: as organic as it is electronic; mellow and minimal at times; with moments of obvious volumepush abrasiveness.

This self-titled release is an appropriate stepping stone for the Double H Noise family. And since it's a new year-and we at Hydra Head Industries enjoy congratulating ourselves-let's say that said imprint is already responsible for groundbreaking releases by SUNN 0))), Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Merzbow, Everlovely Lightning Heart, Phanthomsmasher and many more.

Of course, if that’s not enough to lure in the rabid fan base, the contributions of Aaron Turner to the disc’s sonic explorations ought to do the trick. His treated guitar textures might remind listeners of his guitarist-as-Magellan travels with House of Low Culture and The Lotus Eaters.

Accolades on Aaron Turner:
(on tour now w/ ISIS, click here for dates!)

“Aaron Turner remains not only one of metal's great thinking men, but one who speaks to the greater good of experimental music.” – CMJ

“Turner and Isis have slowly but surely carved a solid niche for themselves in the ecosystem of underground heaviness.” – Revolver Magazine

“Turner’s responsibilities in Isis are themselves hydra-headed—lyricist, vocalist, guitarist, visual artist—which makes his progression all the more compelling.” –
Decibel Magazine

Track Listing:
1. Being Born Broken (2:29)
2. Mask (8:37)
3. Scattered Shavings (7:43)
4. The Shrine of Wreckless Illumination (10:05)
5. Being Born Broken II (2:14)
6. A Choir Speaks (11:45)

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