Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FUCKED UP Announce US Tour * New 12" on What's Your Rupture!

New 12" on What's Your Rupture!

Just to utter their name is to be down, to sign up for a worldview that's absolutely committed to uncovering how the world is, well, you know. And though vocalist/alleged schizophrenic Pink Eyes bellows in classic corpulent-hard-core-lifer fashion (shades of Poison Idea), lyrics referencing both Greek astronomy and the Old Testament, as well as guitar textures indebted more to Glenn Branca than Black Flag, reveal an art-rock ace up the band's tattered sleeve. – Spin Magazine

Fucked Up remains one of the most talked-about bands in hardcore and punk rock in both the mainstream media and underground outlets. Their brand of relentless, aggressive, yet highly melodic music has been mentioned on nearly every magazine’s top ten list of the year, regardless of the magazine’s musical preference. Punk rockers, hardcore kids and indie rockers alike all seek to obtain the band’s highly sought after releases, which are almost all on vinyl and in limited numbers. The elusive personas that the band members take confirm that the music is more important than any image or gimmick. Their non-stop work ethic has led them on tours across the United States and Europe, creating a barrage of hype that is firmly backed up with a substantial dose of great fucking music and a highly energetic live show. – Arthur Magazine

The only band right now that matters. – NY Daily News


Saturday June 2 @ The Tanzac Club in Toronto "HIDDEN WORLD LIVE" - Fucked Up perform their album "Hidden World" in it's entirety. With guests AIDS WOLF
Wednesday June 20 Cleveland Ohio @ Now Thats Class 11213 Detroit Ave (at W. 112th)
Thu June 21 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania @ Lawrenceville Moose 150 51st St w/ THIS IS HELL / BLACKLISTED / CAUSTIC CHRIST
Fri June 22 Brooklyn New York @ 538 Johnson w/ THE DUSTHEADS
Sat June 23 Richmond (fest after party)
Sun June 24 Nashville Tennesee @ The Muse
Mon June 25 New Orleans Louisiana @ McWilliams Hall in Tulane
Tue June 26 Austin Texas @ Emos
Wed June 27 Las Cruces New Mexico @ The Farm 500 Belen
Thu June 28 Phoenix Arizona @ The Phix 1113 NW Grand Ave. 85007 w/ THINK FAST
Fri June 29 Los Angeles California @ 1269 E 6th
Sat June 30 Berkely California @ 924 Gilman
Sun July 1 Long Beach tba
Mon July 2 Tijuana @ Salon Fiesta
Tue July 3 LA Area
Wed July 4 San Fransisco tba
Thu July 5 Portland
Fri July 6 Olympia Washington @ Manium 421 4th Ave
Sat July 7 Vancouver BC @The Ukranian Cultural Center 805 Pender Vancouver
Sun July 8 Edmonton Alberta @ Teddy's 11361 Jasper Ave
Mon July 9 Regina Saskatchewan @ The Exchange 2431 8th Ave
Tue July 10 Winnepeg Manitoba @ The Collective Caberet 108 Osborne St
Wed July 11 Minneapolis Minnesota @ The Triple Rock
Thursday July 12 Chicago Illinois @ The Beat Kitchen
Fri July 13 Cedar Falls Iowa @ The Boathouse Corner of 1st and Center 50613
Sat July 14 Lawrence Kansas @ The Jackpot Saloon 943 Massachusetts St
Sun July 15 St Louis Missouri @ TBA
Mon July 16 Chamblee Georgia @ The Shop 3875 Green Industrial Way
Tue July 17 Virginia Beach
Wed July 18 Washington DC @ 1017 7th St NW DC w/ GOVERNMENT WARNING
Thurs July 19 Philadelphia @ TBA w/ BATTLES
Fri July 20 NYC @ The Knitting Factory w/ LIMP WRIST (ex members of LOS CRUDOS)
Sat July 21 Brooklyn New York @ Southpaw w/ PISSED JEANS

In addition, the kind folks @ the What's Your Rupture imprint will be releasing the "Year of the Pig" 12" a bit early, available only on the band's US tour, before its national release in August. Visit for more information.

Fucked Up have also just returned home from a UK tour where they recorded a BBC Session (featuring a brand new, unreleased song) and played some wicked shows. You can read more about the tour, watch video of live shows, and learn more details about Year of the Pig HERE!

Stream "Hidden World" out now on Jade Tree HERE!

Fucked Up is back to tear apart the States. After much talked about and hugely explosive shows already this year @ SXSW (where the band performed on a bridge, rocked a Black Flag cover w/ former member Keith Morris, and proceeded to get kicked off stage - a moment that incited a near riot), a handful of NYC shows (which left many a fan bloodied up), and a performance on MTV Canada w/ the legendary Henry Rollins (luckily the people who booked this were not too pissed when the band and their 300 fans ripped the studio to pieces), it's fairly obvious that Fucked Up isn’t the typical hardcore band.

As a band, Fucked Up exist as miscreants, operating outside the parameters of traditional society. No one in the band (comprised of Pink Eyes- vocals, Gulag aka Concentration Camp - guitar, Mr. Jo- drums, Mustard Gas- bass, 10,000 Marbles- guitar) owns a cell phone or can legally operate a vehicle. Relationships between band mates are often strained (Pink Eyes has even avoided a European tour because, "The prospect of sitting in a van with those dudes made me sick to my stomach").

3/5 of the band is plagued by bouts of mental illness ("Pink Eyes has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Concentration Camp and I have been depressed for good parts of our adult lives," says guitarist 10,000 Marbles.) The band has been accused of championing fascism ("Mixing fascist imagery with a leftist anarchist punk band is like a bomb going off," according to the band.) The list continues; bewildering interviews in Vice Magazine, anarchist arrests in Canada, episodes of self-mutilation via razor blade and a slew of hard to find singles are but a few of the enigmatic characteristics that have embodied Fucked Up for the past five years.

Fucked Up came from nothing out of the Toronto, Canada punk scene, on their own accordance. Influences, both lyrical and musical, were mostly culled from within (though the band does cite Pink Floyd as a point of reference to their "more drawn out shit"), and the band slowly rose from obscurity without the obligatory tour and play with bigger band mentality of the modern punk scene. The band shuns full- length releases in favor of two-song singles, utilizes biological concepts to enact social change within their music, and has even been accused of mind control by some of their detractors. Illegible liner notes, being attacked onstage during live performances, self- releasing records with 17 minute long title tracks; all part of the deal for the convoluted world of Fucked Up.

What's worse? "The band exists within a culture of confusion," says manager/producer David Eliade, who additionally claims to have "Never attended a Fucked Up live show." True intentions and motivation are concealed under Internet hearsay, the band's inability to communicate with the public and obscure, hard to find releases. Fucked Up exist as a band, that much is known. But how, what and most importantly why continues to be a mystery. And if that's not fucked up enough, it gets even worse. People love Fucked Up, and their loyal fans include The Arcade Fire (AF violinist Owen Pallet plays on several tracks off of Hidden World), Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, Bloc Party and Vice Magazine (whom recently released a UK single for Fucked Up). In addition, throngs of eager listeners have tattooed their bodies with the Fucked Up logo, and many see no problem with paying outrageous amounts of money on eBay for out-of- print Fucked Up singles.

Somewhere amid the disparaging alienation, blatant offensiveness, and inter-band disillusionment, Fucked Up transformed into a highly sought after, enigmatic and essentially unconventional institution. In March of 2006, the band agreed to release their first full length album, Hidden World, on Jade Tree. Hidden World is cloaked in shades of unconventional aesthetics, symbolic overtones and an "Are you with us or against us?" burst of urgency. The album marks a turning point for the band, transcending the boundaries of punk with melody, aggression, expansive structures and enigmatic diatribes on what lies underneath the immediate, visualized world. Lyrically, Fucked Up continue to combine confrontational ideologies with deliberately skewed subject matter, producing a brutal yet alternative analysis on thought provocative punk.

Considering what we already know about Fucked Up, it's a feat that the tracks contained on Hidden World even made it out of the studio. Misunderstood revolutions are created and destroyed each day of our lives. With Fucked Up playing the role of bridge builder, demolitionist and subsequent analyst, there's no telling where this revolution may take us.....


10,000 Marbles - Lead Guitar. Previously of Ruination, Mike Haliechuk lives outside Toronto where he raises chickens.

Father Damian aka Pink Eyes
- Vocals. Abraham works as a producer in the film industry under his birth name, which he has so far managed to keep secret so that his participation in Fucked Up will not negatively affect his career.

Slumpy aka Laundry aka Mustard Gas - Bass Guitar. Occupation unknown.

Gulag (formerly Concentration Camp) - Rhythm Guitar. Zucker is a transient who was chosen as the original frontman for Fucked Up due to his confrontational manner. Zucker was replaced as frontman after missing several crucial shows while in jail for punching a Toronto police officer who had stolen a ham sandwich from him. In order to remain active in the band after the arrival of new singer Damian, Zucker learned guitar.

Guinea Beat aka Mr. Jo - Drums. Falco splits his time between Fucked Up and Career Suicide, as well as being a full time student. He has had to keep the existence of Fucked Up a secret from his family, with whom he lives, after his father declared the band's name "...made him want to vomit."

David Eliade - Visuals, spiritual and political guidance. Eliade is the "fifth Beatle" so to speak, and manages Fucked Up from behind the scenes. He has designed their logo, records, and influenced most of their lyrics. Eliade has coordinated most of their interviews, except for those conducted live on the road. He has begun taking a more visible role, acting as management for the band of late and working with them in the studio on the production of their forthcoming LP. He is the one who taught Haliechuk to garden and Camp to hop trains. He is the only person involved with the band who knows how to tune a guitar. Unfortunately he has never attended one of Fucked Up's live shows.

The band doesn't get along, they get into fights (literally), and the singer has not gone on tours before. He's the modern day Darby Crash, and usually cuts his face just about every show with razorblades. He's got social anxiety disorder and Schizophrenia. The brainchild of the band Mike one of the guitar players (lead guitar) writes just about everything, has Asperbergers syndrome and is clinically depressed. The punk Daniel Johnston if you will. He wants everyone to listen to this album in it's entirety but said he will never listen this album.

Together for five years, Fucked Up has gotten big in the underground on their own, rarely opening for big bands. Their records sell for lots of $ on eBay. Kids are fanatical and obsessed with them. They are an enigma, which could be why so many people are talking about them (and not just punk kids).

To date, Fucked Up has released 11 7"s. No Paseran (sold 1000, oop), Police (sold 3500), Baiting the Public (sold 1000, oop), Dance Of Death (sold 3000) all came out on Deranged. Litany (sold 1500, oop) came out on Test Pattern. Generation (sold 2100, oop) came out on Slasher. Split with Haymaker (sold 1500, oop) came out on deep six, two European tour 7"s (sold 1000 each). Not to mention three 12"s. LET LIKES BE CURED BY LIKES Live 12" (limited to 500 copies, oop) came out on Schizophrenic Records. LOOKING FOR GOLD 12" (limited to 500 copies, oop) was self-released. Generation 12" (sold 1500) came out on Slasher Records, one cd compilation of 7" songs (sold 5000) on Deranged Records
, and most recently, the Triumph of Life 7" just released on Jade Tree.

The band has toured Europe once and hit the UK in May, also 2 east coast tours and 2 west coast tours (mostly as the headlining band but did some dates w/ The Gossip).

Influences: The Wipers, Ramones, Pink Floyd, Negative Approach, The Who “but at the base we are most influenced by ourselves.”

They don't have a website or Myspace page. Myspace page is a fake one done by a fan.

Click to view photo diary of Fucked Up's recent UK tour.

Illustration on “Hidden World” is influenced by the "Meddle" period Pink Floyd

What the People Say:

Even at its most straightforward, the record still thrills, nowhere better evidenced than the gloriously confrontational "Baiting the Public", one of FU's best singles: Six minutes of an indomitable guitar and double-bass-drum attack where Pink Eyes berates anyone within earshot, punching in his vocal from either speaker like a Devil on one shoulder and an undead fire-swallower who makes Satan look like a pussy on the other. – PITCHFORK

So many people have asked me about this Toronto band in the past month - mainly because of their upcoming shows at Mercury Lounge and SXSW - and I'm not talking about the people I would go see Sick of It All, Agnostic Front, or Scatterbrain & Ludachrist with - I mean people who you might even catch at an Andrew Bird show. - BROOKLYNVEGAN

"Ironically, their fast and sloppy early-80s-styled hardcore is a million times more musical and ferocious than 99% of professional myspace-era mosh bands, and their fans' postshow cuts and bruises remind us that this shit might have the potential to still be dangerous." - VICE

With a near perfect balance of really weird punk stuff and totally punk weird stuff, Hidden World, to borrow a phrase from hip-hop, is going to send some motherfuckers back to the lab." - DECIBEL

"I truly believe these guys are the second coming of hardcore... they are Incredible." - MRR

"Toronto's Fucked Up get it so right. Their hardcore telepathically bridges the early 80's, reaches even further back for intelligence, and is blazing across this great land of ours, one shitty stereo and uncool kid at a time." - THRASHER

Tracklisting for Hidden World:
1) Crusades
2) David Comes To Life
3) Invisible Leader
4) Carried Out To The Sea
5) Baiting The Public
6) Fate of Fates
7) Two Snakes
8) Hidden World
9) Manqueller Man
10) Blaze Of Glory
11) Triumph of Life
12) Jacobs Ladder
13) Vivian Girls

For more information, visit: