Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Number Twelve Release Limited Edition 7" Today!

Announces Limited Edition Remix 7" of Here At The End of All Things!

An essential buy for any long-time fan. - Pastepunk.com

Mystery has always surrounded NJ Art-core and metal aficionados, The Number Twelve Looks Like You. They reveal very little detail about their work, letting fans do the work in discovering all the elements involved. And just as the band created hidden material in their latest DVD Here At The End of All Things, the band has now clued fans in on a very special brand new collectible.

Longtime #12 supporter, Hot Topic will be releasing an exclusive limited edition 7" from The Number Twelve Looks Like You, a specially packaged "alien green" vinyl collectors piece featuring 2 remix tracks "Imagination Express - Jesse Cannon Remix" and "Weekly Wars - Endor Remix" also found on Here At The End Of All Things.

THE REMIXES 7" VINYL priced at an astoundingly low $2.99 a piece is limited to 1,000 copies and hits all Hot Topic locations TODAY, July 29th!! With such a small pressing, these will not be available for very long, so don't miss your chance to get it, as this is only available while supplies last.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You are nearly done writing their next record for Eyeball Records and will be popping up here and there for surprise shows in the northeast. Keep your ears to the rumor mill, because with these guys, you never know when they could show up for a surprise performance at your next door neighbor's basement.

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