Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Takka Takka on Daytrotter!

huge thanks to Sean Moeller and all the folks at Daytrotter for their support!

Takka Takka: A Den Of Catastrophic People With Death To Battle

Words by Sean Moeller // Illustration by Johnnie Cluney // Sound engineering by Patrick Stolley

Something smells as if it were burning right out of this roof, right out of this sweater. It’s as if a simple stroll of these shoes would leave a charred black trail of soot and ash a mile long if a decision to stand was to be made. Moving these bones into another room – if there are any rooms left, oh, we’re monstrously afraid to look out of the door – would made this crumbling down and apocalyptic scorching a reality confirmed by the senses. … [click to read full entry and listen to Takka Takka Live on Daytrotter!]