Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jambase Reviews Clutch's New Album "Strange Cousins From The West!"

Clutch: Strange Cousins From The West (Weathermaker)

There may be no more together hard rock band today than Clutch. While one's personal taste may argue the supremacy of say Mastadon or Drunk Horse, in their basic constitution this is as pure, inventive and motherfuckin' serious as rock 'n' roll comes. And like the best in their breed, Clutch, despite a passing resonance with their compatriots, deliver what is utterly there own, a vision rippling with muscle, covered in matted hair, howling like a wounded beast atop high vistas or snarling red-eyed in gullies. This is the animal that pounces on Strange Cousins From The West (released July 14 on Weathermaker Music), where the quartet continues their excavation of raspy blues with pummeling, brilliant efficiency.

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