Saturday, December 5, 2009

Harvey Milk Debut s/t Album, Out January 26th on Hydra Head!

Previously known, to you likely too-savvy-for-your-own-good individuals, as the famous “Bob Weston Sessions,” Harvey Milk's s/t album is the official master of the band's should-have-been debut record. The thing never received a proper release, so we over at Hydra Head decided to set the record straight...

Harvey Milk s/t Tracklist
1. Blueberry Dookie
2. Plastic Eggs
3. Merlin Is Magic
4. Dating Pressures
5. My Father°òs Life°òs Work
6. Probölkoc
7. Smile
8. Jim°òs Polish
9. F.S.T.P.
10. Anthem