Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cleric Release Debut Full Length, "Regressions" * Perform Record Release Show Tonight in Philadelphia

For its full-length debut, this Philadelphia quartet specializes in demolishing tech-metal eruptions, savage math breakdowns, and grindcore blasts that give way to doom dirges, sinister atmospherics, nightmarish vocal distortions, and even the stray melody and piano line. With nary a repeated passage and most major pieces measuring more than 10 minutes, Regressions sounds like a personalized soundtrack to death. Each track is meticulously arranged, and though it very much is for fans of musical complexity, the album has enough head-banging potential to ensnare lovers of “regular” metal. Undoubtedly, Cleric’s music isn’t quite like anything else. - Alarm Press

Cleric successfully fuzes a cluster of grindcore, doom, Dillinger Escape Plan-type time signatures and all with the oddness inspired by bands like Frank Zappa and Mr. Bungle. - AOL Noisecreep

Like early Dillinger Escape Plan (Under the Running Board, to be exact), the band’s new Regressions full-length is filled with full-force brutality and includes tons of weird freakouts thrown in for good measure. But not just any freakouts. We’re talking droning, psychedelic, noisy, hazy, ambient and trippy shit here... these fuckers are on a journey quest that transcends noodling guitars, man. If you eat weed food and like Meshuggah, please take immediate note. - Chronic Youth

Cleric Live!
Tonight, April 27th @ The Khyber in Philadelphia w/ Towers and Hulk Smash