Monday, May 10, 2010

Harvey Milk Stream New Album at NPR Music

First Listen: Harvey Milk, 'A Small Turn Of Human Kindness'

Harvey Milk is a band that does not take itself seriously. Formed in a college town that had little interest in sludgy noise-rock — and named, of course, for the San Francisco gay-rights leader — the Athens, Ga., group spent the '90s laying down gnarled railwork, picking up obsessed drifters along the way. But the members of Harvey Milk never cared in any case (no, seriously); if a sledgehammer or an out-of-tune piano got the job done, then you either saddled up like a smart guy or buzzed off. The band's seventh album, A Small Turn of Human Kindness, plays like one long metallic dirge, which chronicles a broken man, his broken relationship and the doubt of grace.

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