Wednesday, September 15, 2010

White Moth Announce Details of Debut Self-Titled Album!

Stream "The Sea Was Blue Meadow" and read an exclusive interview w/ White Moth frontman R. Loren here!

Denton, TX

“...a milestone on an indefinite journey, much of which is documented here- a series of deeply intimate works crafted with the help of those that have inspired my own growth and musical bloodflow for its duration...”

Conceived in June of 2009 by R. Loren (Pyramids), after fifteen years adrift with the moth, a collaboration ensued unlike any other. The result could not have come any closer to the original vision.

White Moth enlists the collaborative musicianship of:

R. Loren
vocals, textures

C. Rogers

Ashley Scott Jones (Treasure Fingers, Evol Intent)
beats, electronics

Colin Marston (Krallice)
guitar, bass

Sam Hillmer (Zs)

Jacob Kirkegaard (Touch Records)
processed field recording

Christoph Heemann (H.N.A.S.)
guitar, piano, electronics, percussion, moog

Lydia Lunch


Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot)
vocals, tr 808, linndrum, roland jupiter 8, roland rs-202, arp solina, arp 2600, minimoog

Shelby Cinca (Frodus)

John Gossard (Weakling, Asunder)

Chet W. Scott (Blood Of The Black Owl, Glass Throat Records)
artwork and design

1. There was a man with tongue of wood
2. Two women, knitting

3. The sea was blue meadow
4. Shoot the clock
5. You texas, dark star
6. Blood and torn grass
7. Smiles warm red light
8. To the cathedral

* Pre-order the debut self-titled albums from White Moth and Sailors With Wax Wings (now out October 5th) exclusively at!

Watch studio footage of Frodus' Shelby Cinca recording material for White Moth's debut album here!

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