Monday, June 27, 2011

The Village Voice Interviews Charlie Looker of Extra Life / Sculptress / Last Things Records

Yes In My Backyard
Download: Tracks By Charlie Looker's Extra Life And Sculptress

Charlie Looker has spent 10 years in New York art-rock anomalies -- Lavender, Zs, Period, Extra Life, Sculptress, even (briefly) Dirty Projectors. The common thread is always the place where the vulnerable sentiment of indie rock collides with the jagged rhythms of contemporary composition; Looker's unique cluttercore works like Antony channeling Anthony Braxton. His latest EP with Extra Life maintains the disjunctive bluster of bands like Kayo Dot or Xiu Xiu. Looker is increasingly hunching towards a sexually charged, darkly hued and perpetually windswept new romantic woosh—think Morrissey or Ian McCulloch had they grokked on 12-tone composition. Extra Life's recent Ripped Heart EP (out now) takes him down colder, synthier hallways; the six-minute title track is a heartbroken piece of progpunk that's somehow equal parts 4AD and Louis Andriessen.

(((Read more and download new tracks from Extra Life and Sculptress here!)))