Friday, April 13, 2007

DAUGHTERS NYC Weekend w/ The Locust and Cattle Decapitation!

Invade NYC for 2 shows w/ The Locust and Cattle Decapitation

Providence masters of discomfort, DAUGHTERS, will be coming to NYC and Brooklyn w/ the sc-fi- horror-face-pummeling assault of The Locust and Cattle Decapitation this FRIDAY April 13th @ REBEL (251 w. 30th btwn 7th and 8th – NYC) and SATURDAY April 14th @ EUROPA BAR (98-104 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn) in support of their debut full-length "Hell Songs" out August 8th 2006 on Hydra Head!

"Galaxies heavier than its predecessor" - CMJ

"The band manages to express musically in a short timespan what many bands of this genre don't in their entire career." - Lambgoat

"Daughters split the difference between Hella and the Locust into tiny little pieces before eating the pieces, barfing them up and then eating them again." -

"Led by monstrous drums, metal vocals, and a general vibe of unrelenting chaos, the quintet of Alexis Marshall (vocals), Brent Frattini (guitar), Jon Syverson (drums), Nicholas Andrew Sadler (guitar), and Samuel Moorehouse Walker (bass), unleash the fury on their latest album, Hell Songs." -

"The quintet plays less grind and more plodding doom-core (read: an amphetamine-charged Arab on Radar). They still sound like Daughters, but even more chaotic." - Decibel Magazine

Providence, RI’s DAUGHTERS, are back w/ the follow-up to their “Canada Songs” album Robotic Empire, 2003) entitled “Hell Songs,”, an entirely new approach to music in general. After their last US tour w/ epic instrumental-rock masters, Red Sparowes and Pelican and giving new meaning to the word brutal, DAUGHTERS have expanded their minds and abilities, introducing unholy and outrageous new elements to their sound, leaving behind whatever could be considered typical within their genre, and fitting in perfectly to the monstrous Hydra Head roster. At times sounding like label-mates Oxbow or cult-legends Arab-on-Radar (on steroids), “Hell Songs” hits like a Mac Truck, pummeling its listener in a way that is, to-date, unmatched.

"What the fuck you guys? The vocals: What happened to them?”
- A fan posting on Daughters’ MySpace page

After staking out a reasonably comfortable bus-stop bench near the same wretched intersection where Lightning Bolt, the Locust, Oxbow and the Dillinger Escape Plan work their filthy corners, Providence, Rhode Island’s Daughters slowly unzipped and whipped out 2003’s Canada Songs (Robotic Empire). The art-school kids shit themselves; Some Girls, Melt Banana and Doomriders went on tour with them, and the dudes over at Three One G asked them to cover a Birthday Party song (”Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)”) for a tribute compilation (Release the Bats). Last but not least, the pimps at Hydra Head came calling for sloppy seconds. They brought a bottle of Cristal, a pile of limited-edition colored vinyl and some Astroglide; pants were charmed down to at least knee-level, and nine months later, a misshapen fetus called Hell Songs was delivered by Andrew Schneider (Scissorfight, Blue Man Group, Cave In, Keelhaul).

Within seconds, it began sucking greedily at the teat of mass dissemination. It was an ugly little bastard, with an encephalitic head, and it looked suspiciously like the mailman. It shit its pants a lot, just like those goddamn art school kids, and it would not fucking shut up. So, like the socially responsible parents they are, Daughters sent it out into the world to become a twitchy, axe murderer/chronic masturbator type with a veritable laundry list of physical and mental deficiencies. Nobody hires fidgety miscreants like this anymore (not even Catholic schools), so Hell Songs returned to that wretched intersection, looking vaguely familiar to the locals, only sweatier and more viciously deranged.

Sometimes that bus stop becomes too much to withstand; sometimes he/she drinks too much and puts the lotion in the basket. Sometimes he/she forgets to take his/her medication. But that’s okay; there are some things modern medicine will never cure. He/she is looking at you right now, as a matter of fact, and he/she thinks youĂ­re kind of cute.

DAUGHTERS US Tour w/ The Locust and Cattle Decapitation!
Apr 13 2007 Rebel NYC New York City, New York
Apr 14 2007 Europa Brooklyn, New York
Apr 15 2007 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 16 2007 the Black Cat washington dc, Washington DC
Apr 18 2007 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, South Carolina
Apr 19 2007 the Masquerade (downstairs) Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 20 2007 the State Theatre St. Petersburg, Florida
Apr 21 2007 Respectable Street West Palm, Florida
Apr 22 2007 the Social Orlando, Florida
Apr 24 2007 the High Ground Metairie, Louisiana
Apr 25 2007 the White Rabbit San Antonio, Texas
Apr 26 2007 Emos Austin, Texas
Apr 27 2007 House of Rock and Roll El Paso, Texas
Apr 28 2007 The Sets Tempe, Arizona
Apr 30 2007 the Black Sheep Colorado Springs, Colorado
May 1 2007 the Waiting Room Omaha, Nebraska
May 2 2007 Otto's in Dekalb Dekalb, Illinois
May 3 2007 Frankies Toledo, Ohio
May 5 2007 the Championship Lemoyne, Ohio
May 6 2007 SMOG Bard University Annondale on Hudson, New York

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