Friday, August 10, 2007 reviews O'Death's "Head Home!"

Head Home
(Ernest Jenning)

August 10, 2007

Raucous urban hayseeds recharge down-home sounds.


This Brooklyn-based quintet's punk-rock hoedown may sound like a kitschy joke. But vocalist Greg Jamie, who howls like Neil Young and hollers like Tom Waits, exudes an odd dignity and a restless intensity, and the band never lets up, from the hillbilly stomp of "Allie Mae Reynolds" to the banjos and brass of "Busted Old Church" to the high lonesome thunder of "Only Daughter." Head Home's wailing roar may not be authentic, but it's a flat-out hoot. MACKENZIE WILSON

* we of course respectfully object to the part about it not being authentic, but hey, this is awesome, thank you!

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