Thursday, August 30, 2007

TEAM ROBESPIERRE Announce Album Details * Shows w/ Japanther, Numbers, VHS or Beta and more!

Announce Debut Album "Don't Tell The Scene" out November 6th on Impose Records * Shows w/ VHS or Beta, Japanther, Numbers, and more!

Brooklyn's Team Robespierre rock the super fun synth-punk, with an emphasis on the punk. Their raw, electric sound reminds me of (broken-up) bands like Q and Not U, El Guapo, and Fugazi (if Fugazi had keyboard players, that is). These five guys are the perfect band to ask to play when you want to turn your broken-down loft or vacant parking lot into an instant party space. Just have them plug in their guitar, bass and keys and watch them go for it. Fun noise will be made, with all members dishing out vocal jabs. Team Robespierre utilizes a whole mess of both machine and man-made beats, and you can certainly dance to their thumps. Just don't confuse this with dance-punk. This is more like punk-dance. You will have a good time at this show. -- OH MY ROCKNESS

Think tough beats melodic breakdowns and hot grease actually try electro-gangsta-punk. Bring a 40 and shorty to bump and grind, trip the light fandango and perhaps a two-step will be your fate to their hyphy meets hardcore scream-alongs. -- Todd P

Team Robespierre is among New York's most energetic bands with their brand of pounding, abrasive rhythms and chanted, child-like vocal melodies. -- L MAGAZINE

They may have destroyed their tour van in the California desert, but Team Robespierre built their dance-core up all over the country and the people came. Having successfully returned from their first full US tour intact (read their tour diary here for punk-rock touring 101 information overload, as The Team recount the venues and acts they're playing with along the way, including Japanther, Roxy Pain, Pterodactyl, The Deathset, Attractive and Popular, and more).

Back in the safe confines of Brooklyn, Team Robespierre have set to work on releasing their debut album. Having spent most of their summer recording Don't Tell The Scene with the help of Colin Marston (Orthrelm, Ghengis Tron, Stay Fucked), they have enlisted Kayrock and Wolfy at Kayrock Screen Printing (Ex Models, Oneida, Liars, Matt Pond) to handle the artwork and will also be working with Allen Cordell (Dan Dacon’s “Big Big” video) to produce a video for the single ”88th Precinct”

Dirty punk powered by raw synth hooks and battered dance machine beats, Team Robespierre are ringleaders of Brooklyn's DIY dance party scene, one that stands as a model for the mayhem brewing in basements and warehouses across America. Though they formed in Brooklyn during the winter of 2005, the members of Team Robespierre grew up in similar punk rock scenes in New York, Denver, Minnesota, Texas, Poland and Jersey, playing in bands like Thulsa Doom, Morning Glory and Hipster Bloodbath. But as Rex, Tom, Ty, Mike and Jim got older, their record collections expanded into noise, indie, electro and new wave. And while all (and none) of these genres might influence their sound, what comes across most when seeing these guys is their raw energy and unwillingness to separate themselves from the crowd.

The Team mashes 80s new wave and 90s hardcore into a dance-ready hybrid that comfortably shares stages with bands as diverse as Dan Deacon, Japanther, An Albatross, Leftover Crack, Parts And Labor, Best Fwends, USA Is A Monster and Kylesa. Having already embarked on three tours in 2007 and recently enlisting a drummer for their complex electro-punk arrangements, the Team felt the timing was right to record an album's worth of material.

Watch video of “Solid Gold” from the "2007: A Dance Oddessey" DVD by Torsten Meyer - also featuring Lightning Bolt, Dan Deacon, Japanther, Juiceboxxx, and Best Fwends - HERE!

"Don't Tell The Scene" Tracklist:
3. 88TH PRECINCT (click to listen!)
4. HA HA
5. Maul De Mere

Aug. 30th @ Studio B w/ VHS or Beta (FREE WITH RSVP! )
Sept. 14th @ The Chicken Hut, Brooklyn, NY (Bikes In The Kitchen Party)
w/ Japanther, Juiceboxxx
Sept. 15th @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY
w/ Numbers, Pterodactyl, Bears
Oct. 4th @Sneaky Dees, Toronto, ON
Oct. 5th @House Party, Ottawa, QC
Oct 6th @ Hemisphere Gauch, Montreal QC (Pop Montreal)
w/ DD/MM/YY, The Germans, Reykjavik!
Oct. 16th @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY (IMPOSE CMJ Party)
w/ The Deathset, DD/MM/YY

Oct 17th @ Knitting Factory, NY, NY (OhMyRockness official CMJ show)

also coming soon on IMPOSE Records:
M(etal)F(ingerz) DOOM limited edition instrumental 45
Sadaharu exclusive 7"

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