Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Variety Magazine Covers Trash Talk @ F Yeah Fest!

what the?! This is too great:

F Yeah Fest: Trash Talk
Post by Sammy JC

How can music so violent inspire such an odd sense of joyful camaraderie between band and audience? This was the juxtaposition posed by Trash Talk's thrashing hardcore set.

The entire front floor area was cleared out for a young male bonding ritual of tackling and collective screaming. Mirroring the celebration often reserved for college football national championships, twenty or more boys soon rushed onto the stage, bouncing together in a massive group huddle. The band's long-maned lead-screecher even had his mic pulled away by an overzealous fan, but nonetheless, continued to roam the stage -- shouting with a poisoned expression on his face. Chaos ensued and security guards attempted to hurl and elbow a sense of order into the crowd to no avail. The kids won.

* Trash Talk kickoff their European Tour w/ Paint it Black next week